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In this section we will discuss what cartridge refilling is. It is worth saying that black-and-white and laser and color inkjet printing are most often used for printing on photo paper at home, so we will fill the cartridges for them. It is better to learn how to refill the printer cartridge yourself – then we will not spend money on disposable cartridges.

What are the paper markings and what do they mean –

Какие есть маркировки бумаги и что они означают —

What affects paper quality? First of all, the paper used affects the device in which it is used (printer, MFP), it is very important to select consumables in accordance with the requirements of the device. Rough and hard paper will cause wear on the pick roller. It is more difficult for the roller to grip …

About office paper and its use

Об офисной бумаге и ее применении

What is paper weight? In general, a measure of paper density is the number of grams per square meter of sheet surface – g/sq. m. This formulation is confusing because it does not mean density, but the ratio of mass to the area of ​​a paper sheet. It turns out that it is more correct …

Photo formats dimensions for printing in cm, for documents

Форматы фотографий размеры для печати в см, на документы

Introduction We come across the term “format” when printing photographs. Of course, they can be printed in any size and with any aspect ratio. For example, you can stretch or compress it yourself in Word and print such an image. But will this printout look high quality or even adequate? To avoid ambiguities and inaccuracies, …

How to refill a laser printer cartridge yourself

Как самому заправить картридж для лазерного принтера

Greetings! Today I’ll try to tell you in a nutshell how to refill a laser printer cartridge yourself. Laser printing has long ceased to be a luxury and a laser printer is in almost every home, or at least available to many for purchase. As a rule, for home use for school or household printing, …

Epson L805 printer – photo printing factory

Принтер Epson L805 — фабрика печати фотографий

Epson offers photography enthusiasts who want to have a paper copy of the picture in their archive, use the Epson L805 printer to print the photo. It belongs to the Epson Print Factory series, the main feature of which is the absence of cartridges. Instead, they use a setup with special containers for refilling ink. …