Epson L805 printer – photo printing factory

Epson offers photography enthusiasts
who want to have a paper copy of the picture in their archive, use the Epson L805 printer to print the photo. It belongs to the Epson Print Factory series, the main feature of which is the absence of cartridges. Instead, they use a setup with special containers for refilling ink. The combination of Epson piezoelectric printing using micro-piezo printing technology and built-in ink refill containers instead of cartridges allows for record low printing costs. One set of ink can last for 3 years of printing if you print 50 pages monthly.

Unlike its predecessor, the Epson L805 has support for a wireless Wi-Fi network, which the first model so lacked. Otherwise, it’s the same time-tested Epson L800 printer with slightly improved hardware.

Another advantage of the Epson L805 Print Factory is support for the Epson iprint application. The application works with mobile devices based on iOS and Android and supports JPEG and PDF file formats. Simply connect your mobile device to the printer via your router and you can print your photos. By the way, print resolutions
(up to 5760 × 1440 dpi) is quite enough even for printing photos from DSLR cameras.

The first of six printer lines, the Epson L805 is a color printer from the Epson Print Factory series that includes wireless Internet access. It uses water-soluble inks to print, which blend better to produce natural color reproduction on photo paper.

принтер Epson L805 является одним из лучших в своем классе для домашнего и полупрофессионального использования

Epson L805
allows you to print photos with or without margins up to A4 size. You can choose a neat border around the edge of the photo or print edge-to-edge. In this case, everything that goes beyond the format is cut off. It can also be used to print on discs (only discs will need a special surface for inkjet printing).

History of the appearance of the Epson L805 printer

The Epson L800 printer at one time made a revolution in the world of inkjet printers – a factory built-in CISS – a continuous ink supply system. Before this, there was only a cartridge ink supply system. The cartridges were 3, 5 or 7 ml and they were sold at an extremely inflated price – from 500 to 1000 rubles. Often people managed to print 20 – 50 pages and ran out of ink. It was very expensive and impractical and costly. Therefore, craftsmen began to make systems from tubes and jars. In addition, there were also refillable cartridges. Service centers provided services for refilling original cartridges. Manufacturers struggled with this – they installed chips and made refilling very difficult. And yet they gave up and made their own CISS, so that later they could sell not cartridges, but bottles of ink.

The CISS is made on the basis of the already proven T50 printer. This printer can print text and photographs up to 200 by 300 mm in size on disks with a specially prepared surface for this purpose. The white surface on the disc is most often made of paper and printed on discs using a special tray.

Now this printer costs about 20,000 rubles. – this is very expensive, but according to the manufacturer, a 70 ml bottle of paint should be enough for 1800 photos measuring 10 by 15 cm
. Of course, in reality it will be less, but not by much. Such a cartridge with paint costs about 1000 rubles. Everything changes and this amount is quite affordable for a home photo studio and study. The colors are used differently, so you have to buy about 1 bottle every six months.

Let’s look at the process of refilling the Epson L805 printer

For refilling the printer
no special skills needed. Turn off the ink supply from the printer, remove the end caps of each container, turn the ink bottle upside down and pour it into the container. Close the lid, put the unit back in place – you’re done.

оригинальные чернила для принтера Epson L805 сохраняют цветопередачу фото

Six cans are installed under a cover on the side of the printer. On top they have silicone plugs and tubes that go inside the printer to the print head.

Sometimes the cartridges loosen and you have to attach them with something. With light use, the printer can easily last more than 5 years.

To get the bottle, you need to open the box and tear off the tape on the packaging. Try not to get dirty – you can wear gloves for this.

After you unscrew the cap and tear off the sticker, you need to screw the cap back into place and break off the tip of the spout. There are special ears on the sides of the spout so that it cannot be deeply buried inside the cartridge.

как заправить Epson L805 своими руками дома

Carefully pour ink into the cartridge from the bottle. Experience has shown that it is better to underfill ink than to overfill. It is better to remove excess from the neck. That’s it, the refueling process is complete.

You need to enter the serial number found on the ink bottle into your computer. This is a kind of protection against spilling other ink.

How to save on printing on an Epson L805 inkjet printer

There are many similar inks from other manufacturers, everyone chooses which ink to use. There is an opinion that it is better to use original ink – this way the color rendition will be preserved and the print head will work longer.

Another way to save money is to buy compatible paper. Epson supplies paper measuring 10 by 15 cm in packs of 500 sheets. A popular analogue in terms of quality is Lomond paper – its cost is up to 10 times lower, and the quality does not suffer by more than 20-30%.

In an effort to save money, people also buy ink from Lomond or Inktec – according to user reviews, this ink does not clog the head and the color rendition differs slightly.

Чернила совместимые для принтера Epson L805 от Inktec

The Epson L805 printer prints not only on photo paper, but also on plain paper. It turns out that a copier is not needed and you can photocopy documents simply by photographing them and printing them at home on a printer.

Disadvantages of the printer – high cost – about 20,000 rubles. The printer itself is quite large and heavy – it’s difficult to carry it on the road. After 30-50 photos, the printer starts printing slowly. If you don’t use the printer for six months, you have to clean the head, which wastes ink.

Photo print quality is very good for home printing
, but the photo quickly fades in the light. Photos from this printer are well stored in an album. In terms of consumables, the print comes out to be very cheap.

Watch a review video of this printer and compare it with its competitor Epson XP630.