Today you will learn how to fold paper napkins on a holiday table

The festive table should not only be tasty, but also beautiful. Proper small dishes and cutlery, tablecloths are the key to success for a housewife. The table can be decorated with original cut fruits, as well as ordinary paper napkins in an original design. In the rest of this article, we’ll talk about how to fold paper napkins beautifully.

It should be noted that for formal celebrations it is better to choose fabric, it looks larger and adds some charm to the atmosphere at the table. A family feast or a modest table with friends will be more suitable with light tones of napkins and cheerful paper napkins, which will be on your table  not only a hygiene product, but also an interesting decor.

Rules and patterns for folding paper napkins

When choosing the shape of future origami masterpieces, they should be based on the age range of the guests and the hero of the occasion for whom the party is being held.

There is no need to lay them too deep. Still, the direct purpose of the napkin should come first and they should unfold without difficulty. Paper napkins should match the color of the dishes and tablecloth.
Towels can be placed in a glass, in a napkin holder, or placed on plates.

Practice in advance so that before the holiday itself you can quickly fold all the napkins, because in addition to this, serving, preparing and displaying dishes is required. In addition, the hostess needs to put herself in order before the guests arrive.

Folding napkins in different ways

Sometimes patterns from books on needlework or from the Internet are very confusing and incomprehensible patterns for folding napkins. The sheer number of signs and symbols is overwhelming and discourages anyone from trying to fold paper towels and place them in the top tray. But don’t despair, because there are several basic methods, the mastery of which does not require a diagram. Just follow the execution plan exactly to fold beautiful paper napkins.

Napkin folding “Tube”

бумажные салфетки складываются трубочками и вставляются в стакан

If you plan to put napkins in a glass, you will like the tube design. To make neat napkin tubes:

    • Unfold the napkin;
    • Fold the paper napkin diagonally into a triangle;
    • Turn the triangle so that its top is at the top in the plane of the table on which you bet;
    • Now carefully screw the corner three fingers from the right corner;
    • As a result, you will get tubes with a flat base and a beveled end on top;
    • The napkin tubes can be bent outward and the napkins can be placed in a glass.

      Napkin folding “Accordion”

бумажные салфетки легко складываются гармошкой

When thinking about how to beautifully fold napkins in a napkin holder, pay attention to the following methods. You can arrange the napkins in an accordion pattern. Consider the accordion pattern:

  • Unfold the napkin completely;
  • Fold the paper into an accordion shape. The edge should remain about 2 cm;
  • Fold the accordion in half and insert it into the napkin holder. To make it all look beautiful, there should be a lot of these accordions in the napkin holder, while they will hold each other and not lose their shape.

Napkin folding “Heart”

бумажные салфетки можно сложить в виде сердца

The easiest way to fold napkins beautifully is with a “heart.” To do this, simply fold the fabric until it is the size you want.

To correctly and beautifully fold paper napkins in the shape of a heart:

  • Unfold the paper and fold the square in half.
  • Wrap one end of the napkin behind the other and do the same with the other;
  • Turn the workpiece over and bend the corners a little;
  • All this can be ironed so that the seams are even and do not unravel;
  • All that remains is to put this beauty on a plate and put it on the table.

Other napkin folding patterns

Scheme “Lily”

    • Fold the unfolded napkin into a triangle;
    • Fold the corners of the base of the triangle together with its upper part;
    • Fold the resulting quadrilateral on the horizontal axis. You will get a triangle again;
    • The right and left corners are connected to each other at the back of the figure. The result is a three-dimensional composition;
    • Pull the top corners in different directions.
    • You can make another move and make a “trail” of Lily.
    • For this purpose, fold the back side parts at the top corner and turn the corners that were mentioned in the previous paragraph. This design will effectively decorate the holiday table.

бумажные салфетки сложенные в виде лилии

Scheme “Cradle”

  • Fold the napkin in half twice;
  • Fold the upper corners of the quadrangle symmetrically;
  • Turn the napkin over and fold it into a bag shape;
  • The cradle is ready.

Paper napkins according to the premium “French envelope” scheme

бумажные салфетки красиво складываются французским способом

This cutlery decoration adds formality to your holiday table.

  • Fold the napkin twice. The result should be a workpiece with an area 4 times smaller;
  • From the upper right corner, peel back three layers;
  • Put the layers back in place, folding the corners;
  • Place the right and left sides on top of each other;
  • Turn over again and insert a fork, knife and spoon into the resulting pocket.

It’s so easy and simple to create a cozy atmosphere using paper napkins. By following the recommendations, you can easily apply these patterns to your holiday table. But if you add something of your own to the main methods, then surprise
guests with fresh ideas and their imagination.

Five more simple and beautiful patterns for folding paper napkins for the holiday table are shown in the following video.