Large format printing

Large format printing allows you to create a bright, high-definition image, and, most importantly, non-standard formats and large scales. Moreover, the fragments used as outdoor advertising can be of any size thanks to a special soldering method.

 Large format printing – its types and main advantages

The two main types of large format printing are:

• printing for banners, serving as outdoor advertising;

• in the format of a small sign or poster.

The fundamental point for outdoor advertising is its size, which, as a rule, is rather large and attracts the attention of others with its scale and brightness. Such banners are distinguished by large symbols and font. When producing this type of advertising, materials are used that differ significantly in quality. Also, the quality of the canvas itself is an order of magnitude higher, in contrast to interior advertising. For printing in small formats, a less stable canvas and dye are used, but the print quality is unquestionable.

принтер для широкоформатной печати

Wide format printing is necessary not only for advertising material, but is also actively used for the design of shops, bars and cafeterias. A unique and vibrant design will not leave the desired audience unattended and will help the customer actively promote their products and services.

Such a seal is used to attract the audience to an upcoming event, holiday, celebration, and inform about promotions and discounts. Leaflets, flyers, invitation cards, and introductory booklets are also used for this purpose.

 Outdoor Printing Options

Among the universal diversity, several variations of advertising media can be distinguished:

• streamers and large format banners. This type of printing gained popularity due to its versatility in use. The image is applied to a special canvas, which is used to decorate buildings, window openings, shopping centers, parking lots, stadiums, concert halls;

• advertising panel. A kind of universal panel, made of banner canvas, but stretched over a special metal frame, is mounted on the facade of a building, shopping center, hypermarket;

• billboards are a common and familiar type of outdoor advertising. These are advertising billboards that can be found along highways or city roads and roads. The printing format is standard for billboards 3x6m or larger structures 3x12m.

широкоформатная печать в интерьере используется для украшения и оформления помещений

Today it is impossible to imagine outdoor advertising without Billboards. Such advertising is an effective and economical way of advertising and design of retail spaces.

Large format printing
– this is printing on a wide-format printer
. The main feature is the large droplets, size and low resolution (360 dpi – dots per inch). As a result, printing is used in places relatively remote from the human eye (most often on building facades). The advertising banner does not lose its appearance for a long time, thanks to the use of wear-resistant and frost-resistant materials.

Interior print
– this is a method of printing
, which is used to print images at photographic quality (720 to 1440 dpi). In this type of printing, Eco-solvent ink is used, thereby the printed product is more environmentally friendly. But again, it is not resistant to atmospheric influences and direct sunlight. For this reason, interior printing is used to produce products that are located indoors.

Materials required for large format printing

  •  Banner
  •   Paper
  •  Adhesive tape
  •  Wet mesh
  •  Canvas
  •  Wallpaper
  •  1 mm polyester glass.

See how large-format printing is done in a special video.