What is Yandex Wordstat anyway?

What is Yandex Wordstat anyway?

Yandex Wordstat is a tool for selecting keywords. Wordstat is a free service that shows Yandex search results for the last month.

The main purpose of the service is to analyze interest in the Yandex search engine on specific topics. The data obtained can be used to plan costs for contextual advertising.

Very often the service is used to select key phrases for website promotion, because based on the number of queries, one can draw conclusions about potential visitors for certain queries entered by users into the search bar.

Word selection form operators

There are a number of operators with whom you can clarify your request and get more accurate data:

  • Operator “-” (negative words). Using this operator, you can exclude certain words from statistics.
  • Operator ” ” (quotes). By using quotes, you can get statistics only for a specific phrase(s), without taking into account the phrase(s).
  • Operator “+” (plus). By default, statistics ignore all prepositions and conjunctions. Using the plus operator you can specify which statistics you want to show, including prepositions. In the query detail (Words column), the + operator is used by default in all queries that contain prepositions or conjunctions.
  • Operator “!”. Using this operator, you can get statistics without taking into account different forms of words.
  • Operators “()” (grouping) and “|” (“or”). Using these operators, you can get statistics on expressions containing one of these words. For example, if we enter “order a website (promotion | promotion)”, we get statistical data like “order website promotion” and “site promotion”.

Types of Yandex Wordstat statistics

With the help of Yandex Wordstat, data on impressions can be obtained in various forms, depending on the purpose of using the service. You can choose one of the types of statistics.

Statistics by words

On this page, the left column displays the number of impressions of ads in Yandex Direct containing the specified word and all phrases that contain it.

The right side shows statistics of queries made by users who searched for a given word (phrase).

общий вид статистики по словам от яши

Statistics by region

In this report, you can specify a region and the data will only be displayed for a specific geographic location.

региональная статистика в яндекс вордстат

Statistics on the map

Regional breakdown of the selected query and the share occupied by each region in the total number of views. In addition to Russia, Wordstat offers a detailed view of data on the map of Ukraine and the Republic of Belarus.

как включить карту в яндекс вордстате

Statistics by month

The page provides a statistical report showing queries divided by month. There are two types of data representation: absolute and relative values.

Monthly statistics allow us to forecast demand for seasonal goods and services. The report does not support operators.

месячная статистика в wordstat yandex

Weekly statistics

Shows impression statistics for a specific request, statistics are divided into weeks. As with monthly statistics, you can see relative and absolute indicators.

История запросов в Яндекс Вордстат

In weekly statistics, you cannot use operators to form queries.

Official website of Yandex.Wordstat – https://wordstat.yandex.ru/