What can you create with your own hands, using Kraft paper?

Paper bags are used everywhere, in stores, cafes, supermarkets, production facilities. It is not difficult to buy paper bags, because people think up different ways of their non-standard use. How else can Kraft paper be used besides wrapping clothes or pizza, flowers, presents or medicine in it? Why Kraft paper? It is made of natural materials, namely cellulose (recycled wood). Because it is safe, and can be used for any purpose. The material does not pollute the planet and is recyclable, easy to dispose of. Buy paper bags in bulk in Yekaterinburg, where our production is located. We offer paper in any quantities, assortments and designs.

What can you create with your own hands, using Kraft paper?

Unusual application of kraft paper and bags Kraft paper cards Kraft paper cards will look original and unusual. You can glue on them three-dimensional applique of flowers, letters, patterns. Stickers of gold and black colors contrast with the wood-colored paper. And you can also complement the card, made by hand from Kraft paper, lace, decorative ribbons. Also looks interesting perforation. In envelopes from Kraft paper you can not only send correspondence or give love notes, but also give money or express gratitude.

What can you create with your own hands, using Kraft paper?

The decoration and decor of the room from craft paper make interior items that are useful in everyday life:

  • The paper is thick, so it is used to create

From the wood packaging make your own hands that corner

What it is?

The term kraft paper comes from the German word kraft, which literally translates as “strength. What is meant, of course, is the strength required to tear this strong material. Chemically speaking, it is a kraft pulp that splits into long fibers. The initial mass of raw material is subjected to a gentle boiling process. This technology is called the Kraft process.

To understand what the craft paper looks like, just look at the picture with its image as a background.Such material is becoming more and more in demand in the 21st century due to environmental considerations.Modern consumers have long appreciated its convenience and practicality.There are no toxic components in the craft paper.It costs relatively inexpensive.

The usual density of this material ranges from 0.07 to 0.09 kg per 1 m2. These figures are enough to be used for packaging purposes without any risk. Kraft paper began to be produced back in 1852. It was created originally in the United States, where the delivery and storage of large amounts of products in baskets or cloth bags were not convenient for trade. It is worth noting that the earliest bags were not strong enough, and only since the 1860s have they found a solution to this problem.

For a long time, kraft paper has been widely used

In terms of strength, the craft paper noticeably ahead of the wrapping and packaging paper of the traditional model.It is much better opposed by breaking efforts and pierces worse.

This material is excellent air permeable and water absorbent. It guarantees insulation from sunlight, dust and dirt. The field of application is very wide. In addition to pure coniferous wood, mixed raw materials can also be used in the production process. The finished product is delivered in rolls or in sheet format, depending on the nuances of the application. Packaging reinforced paper is mainly supplied in the form of bags. They can be equipped with transparent windows. Sometimes there are variants with sturdy handles, or made in sachet format.

The color of the material can be flexibly varied. Dark (including black) versions are valuable for texts with light fonts. In its pure form Kraft paper does not tolerate moisture. In this sense it is almost inferior to writing paper. However the problem is successfully solved by creating a special protective layer. Absence of foreign substances in composition enables to provide complete safety for people. Under normal conditions of use this material is stable – it is only necessary to protect all its types from getting wet.

Upon receipt of such a product, technology must pay great attention to a reduction in the concentration of lignin to a minimum.Ideally, only traces or even less should remain.The basic equipment in the workshop is a flat -sectional machine.Initially, they create a single -layer paper product.The mobile grid of a large length is covered with a mass that is cleaned in advance of garbage and other extraneous inclusions.

The cells allow the water to escape. The solids, on the other hand, remain on the surface of the mesh. Pressing and squeezing removes much of the excess moisture. But one still cannot do without additional drying. To dry the pulp help fabric cylinders, inside which are hidden heating elements; only after drying is allowed to pack into sheets or rolls.

All about craft paper

  • What are they?
  • Varieties
  • Manufacturers in Russia
  • Where is it used?

It will be very useful for many people to learn everything about craft paper about what it is, in general, craft paper.It is worth dealing with sheets of A3 and A4 format, other sizes.Additionally, it is required to clarify the features of bag, self-adhesive, designed for printing and other varieties of craft paper.


Paper is dense, so it is used to create roller blinds with their own hands. Such curtains will protect from sunlight, in addition, they are natural and do not emit harmful substances. In manufacturing in Yekaterinburg we offer to order any size kraft paper and apply the necessary decor on it or leave natural light. Ω Kraft paper looks interesting in interiors because it is associated with nature, has a wood shade, though it can also be white. It is the best for carving snowflakes or other decorations. Ω If you don’t have a beautiful

Verified Kraft paper is produced by a complex technology. It is subjected to waxing as well. The outer surface of the cloth is always smooth and devoid of the slightest roughness. On the underside, the color and texture are the same as those of classical products. This material is also used for packaging work and in needlework.

The bleached products are considered the highest level. A typical raw material is taken as the basis and thoroughly bleached. The surface of such kraft paper is even and smooth. This product is not prone to crumpling, very resistant to contact with high humidity and sunlight. The application area of bleached material is extremely wide. Only unbleached material is produced for mass packaging. In its manufacture fibrous waste is used additionally. It is the most affordable product. Sack kraft paper is created from 1 to 6 layers. The density of individual layers can vary greatly.

Sometimes the material is laminated and bitamy, and also subjected to microcriptment and covered with foil.Such processing allows you to increase stretchability.Additionally, the resistance of the mechanical load and protection against ultraviolet radiation increases.

Kraft cardboard is particularly strong and stable.


It is made according to strictly defined standards.Most often, products in sheets are intended for packaging needs.The standards determine the size of the supplied goods.Mostly used craft paper formats are used:


In this case, a roll with various width and length may be implied.This circumstance allows you to use the material for both industrial and domestic purposes.Such wrapping products helps to pack even fragile, large -sized products.Rolled craft paper is also used in repair work (both on cars and at construction facilities) to guarantee protection from falling paint where it is not needed.Another application is possible.

For print

Alternative name – craft paper for the printer.Sometimes after applying the image is used in the production of bags, bags and other containers.This allows you to guarantee excellent marking quality.And also printed material is needed to do:

  • Gift wrapping;
  • Advertising flyers;
  • Creative crafts;
  • Menus;
  • Business cards.

The advantage over conventional paper is that relatively little ink is needed to create text or images. The total cost of a print order will be low. Consumers can vary shades and textures as they see fit.

There are quite a few companies engaged in Kraft printing. Most of the time it takes from 3 to 5 days to make a run order.


More often than not, such beautiful products are used in gift wrapping. It is mostly shipped in 10-kilogram rolls and 50-sheet packs. One or two colors are possible. In the second case, one side is more intensely colored than the other (for example, when a combination of red and pink colors). In the one-color version, the pigment is applied only to one side, while the other side is left without additional decoration.

  • White;
  • Dark blue;
  • Green;
  • Red;
  • Black;
  • Light yellow;
  • Silver kraft paper.

Self -adhesive

This material is often used for cutting and printing. It goes on stickers, tags and nameplates. Cutting with plotters is not difficult. The coating is formed from silicone or polyethylene. The first option is preferred because it makes it easier to separate the backing.

The features of the glue and layers used are determined by how the finished product will be used.Both a very light and too difficult tear -off can violate the process of automatic labeling.Crap-paper before use in etiquette is usually laminated.Basically, it is needed to protect adhesive mass.Such protection is applied to the base itself.


This product is often called ecological packaging of the 21st century.It is supplied in rolls.Depending on the design solution, cell craft paper has a white or gray color, and other colors are also occasionally found.Such a product is very effectively maintained by fragile and unstable goods during transportation.

In protective properties, it is close to the air-bubble film, but markedly superior to it in strength; similar products are also in demand in homemade vintage decor.

Manufacturers in Russia

From the wood packaging make their own hands anything for interior decor – butterflies, flowers, feathers, and more. Someone manages to create even lampshades out of it. Kraft paper holds its shape well, it is dense and resistant to moisture. Now with Kraft paper a

  • Kondopoga enterprise;
  • Sokolsky PPM;
  • Kommunar PJSC;
  • Svetogorsk PPM;
  • Mariysky PPM.

The Kondopoga plant has been operating longer than any other Russian manufacturer.He supplied the craft paper in the late 1920s.PJSC “Kommunar”, in the Leningrad Region, is distinguished by a wide variety of assortment.However, in Mari El there is an even more diverse production.And the Karelian plant “Svetogorsk” – leads in technological equipment.

Where is it used?

In the packaging of food, dishes, the packaging material of gray or brown color is mainly used. But on this, the field of use of craft paper is not exhausted. A vivid example of non -standard use is the practice of artists. This material is suitable for creating pencil sketches no worse than high -quality Whatman. Of course, not a single artist will carry a pack of volumetric sheets with him. The way out was found in making a notebook with your own hands. It can have an arbitrarily chosen format – if only carrying with itself is not difficult. However, craft paper is suitable not only for drawing. Packing paper is almost indispensable in kitchens.

With its help, it is easy to organize storage of products.But such material is suitable as a protective coating.It is able to effectively import moisture, water vapors, plant and animal fats.Preparing to move to the apartment or in a private house, you can wrap fragile items into such a shell.Ceramics and glass then have more chances to get to the whole address.

The properties of craft paper were evaluated in the food industry, in other industries.There, she has long become ordinary raw materials for the production of bags, bags with various packing volumes.However, there is another narrow -professional application – for sterilization of medical devices.We can talk about both materials and surgical, dental and other tools.An alternative solution is packaging gifts.

This approach is good if the traditional cardboard box does not suit you or is not reliable enough. Most of the beautiful gift boxes are made just on the basis of Kraft paper. It is both strong and presentable. By the ratio of these parameters other ordinary materials are far inferior and can hardly be regarded as a sensible alternative.

In industrialized states, craft packaging, safe for the natural environment, confidently replace polyethylene containers.

In a number of countries, in general, legislative prohibitions on the use of non -ecological packages have been adopted, and lists of goods that are allowed to be sold exclusively in paper containers have been introduced. Even the most sophisticated image is easily applied to such a surface, which is very useful in terms of branding and is not too expensive. Such a solution allows, among other things, to fulfill all the requirements of the legislation to report to consumers of various information. Crap paper is also good for packing various colors. Bouquets, including roses and elegant gladioli, are preserved in it very steadily.

Of course, such protection is not bad to move asters, eye-catching chrysanthemums and all other varieties of flowers, which are only used for decoration purposes, as gifts. But this is also not the end of the application area of such material. It is needed paint industry, where it is used as a substitute for protective paper. At home, you can still get by with a little-assembled newspaper, but in the production of paints and enamels you need a more elaborate protection.

Such raw materials are also in demand when producing decorative bags. It can also be used for packaging, along with flowers and foodstuffs:

  • Furniture;
  • Book;
  • Magazines.

Crafts can be released for the manufacture of various ribbons and threads.Cardboard corners made from it perfectly protect the edges of the pallets from transportation deformations.

The strength of the substance is sufficient so that even car pillows are obtained from it.

Even world-class designers appreciate the aesthetic appeal of the material. The application of drawings and printed texts allows you to get strong, durable business cards.

Alternative printing:

  • Menus in restaurants, cafes and canteens;
  • Posters;
  • Advertisements;
  • Advertising booklets and flyers.

Professional grade sketchbooks, tags for goods and cargo in warehouses, for luggage at airports and train stations can also be made of Kraft paper. Returning to plants, it is worth emphasizing the usefulness of this material for covering them with the onset of the fall and winter season. It is logical, therefore, that they are trying to use it in the insulation of capital buildings. Expert studies have confirmed the high thermal protection characteristics. In combination with strength and reliability, they make this solution a justified choice even for administrative buildings and large residential complexes.

Reflective kraft insulation works even more efficiently. It involves either laminating or creating a metal layer. In some cases, it is even used as a hard paper floor. It is quite reasonable to use it as wallpaper. With competent wallpapering in this way, you can not doubt the reliability and long life of the decorative coating.

In addition to the listed areas, it is worth calling:

  • Sterilization of cosmetic tools;
  • Packing loose building materials;
  • Making cooking parchment;
  • Making corrugated cardboard (convenient for packing household appliances and other portable electrical equipment);
  • Producing brown twine (it may not be very durable, but it is very aesthetically pleasing).

Crap paper is also used in the winery.Packing bottles in a strong container, you can repeatedly reduce the risk of damage to them during transportation.Graceful images that can be obtained on such a surface look quite attractive.Some wine boutiques purchase bags with comfortable twisted handles.But in order to complete the topic, you must return again to construction and repair, or rather, to the use of hardened paper for vapor barrier.

In its pure form, of course, it is not used.However, combined film solutions are quite widespread.The paper steam -protective barrier is well isolating mineral wool or ecowata from the influence of the external environment.It also perfectly tolerates significant mechanical loads.This solution is recommended not only for walls, but also for the pitched roof.The mount is carried out from the inside of the insulation.The polymer layer should remain on the side of the room.All joints are carefully glued with tape.

In the attic and in wet rooms, a gap of 20-50 mm between the finish and the steam barrier is left.Such a gap is quite sufficient to exclude negative effects.

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