Wood wallpaper

Wood wallpaper has the appearance and texture of wood. The decoration of most apartments a few years ago maintained almost the same style everywhere. Now the approach to the design of premises has changed, facilitated by new technologies. Even the walls, which are one of the most important areas, were not an exception. The natural pattern of wood-look wallpaper will be an excellent addition to any interior. And wallpaper with trees for a nursery is also a good solution.

Application of wood wallpaper

There are various options for images and decor. Each buyer himself chooses wood-effect wallpaper for a bedroom or children’s room, which he considers most suitable. The choice depends on what style was originally intended. Everything must be taken into account together: individual rooms and the room as a whole. It is important to understand the characteristics that interior items have.

сочетание цвета дверей и стены в спальне

The usual version of wood wallpaper

This is a type of decor for a bedroom, kitchen or nursery, known to everyone. The wood-effect wallpaper itself can be paper, non-woven or vinyl. They are printed with a wood pattern, images simulating a cut of wood or flowering branches or trees. The buyer chooses what suits a specific interior. Manufacturers are now releasing completely different collections. It’s easy to make a wood-look interior with your own hands.

Vertical ornaments look better in rooms with a large area. For a bedroom with a low ceiling, vertical patterns are known for their ability to visually increase the height of the walls. At the same time, the room seems more compressed.

деревянная стена в спальной комнате

Light colors in the room are the optimal solution for objects where there is not enough natural light. The main thing is that the images themselves are not dark. A bedroom or living room will be perfectly complemented by paintings with exotic trees like bamboo or cypress.

Types of wooden wallpaper

Vinyl stickers

Stickers for children’s rooms in the interior can be different, but vinyl is the most widely used. On more or less light walls, designers recommend using dark stickers. The texture on the surface should not be too pronounced. Otherwise, the fastening cannot be made strong.

изображения деревьев на стенах спальни или детской комнаты

It is difficult to use stickers on liquid wallpaper. After all, this type of coating resembles plaster in its technical characteristics.

Wood-effect photo wallpaper

Modern photo wallpaper with images of wood texture is a good alternative to classic solutions in the living room or bedroom. They are different from traditional materials. Usually they are glued either to one of the walls or to a separate area. It will help to divide the room into several zones, each of which has its own purpose.

обои под деревянный спил на кухне

Photo wallpaper can be purchased either ready-made or made to order. Designers will help you decide on a design or image.

Where is wood-effect wallpaper most often used?

1. Premises in a country cottage, in the country.

2. Corridor or hallway.

3. Dining room, kitchen.

We make drawings ourselves

You can make imitation forest trees for a children’s room yourself. Simple stencils are enough to get the job done. They are easy to make in the interior with your own hands, or they can be purchased in specialized stores. This is a relevant solution in the absence of special skills.

Other features of wood wallpaper

Images of forests and trees in the room calm and calm us. Therefore, they are suitable for decorating a living room or bedroom. This is an additional incentive for the development of mental, creative abilities, and spiritual growth. Have a beneficial effect on children.

фотообои с ветками деревьев в спальне

Original and interesting appearance in any interior. There will always be images that fit into the space.

Popular wallpaper images

1. Simple painted trees in the interior on the wall. No realism, graphic and stylized pictures. Almost complete absence of flowers and leaves; the use of one or a maximum of two colors is allowed. A good decoration for the living room and dining room, nursery, office, bedroom.

зимнее дерево на фотообоях

2. Decor with birch. They increase the space visually and add spaciousness. An important effect is the creation of a vertical direction.

изображение берез на обоях в спальне

3. You can make palm trees in the interior on the wall. A current solution for the living room and bedroom.

4. Olive tree. One of the main symbols of Italy. Fits perfectly into a Mediterranean interior.

5. Orange tree in the interior on the wall. Tree of fertility and love. Responsible for mutual understanding between loved ones and offspring. The dining room and kitchen are the best rooms for such a pattern.

апельсиновое дерево на стене в гостиной

6. Imitation of wood in the interior with your own hands on the wall. Almost a complete copy of natural material.

7. Images with flowering trees. According to Feng Shui, longevity and health are brought by peach. Sakura is a symbol of love and renewal. The apple tree creates an atmosphere of spring awakening.

сакура на обоях в спальне

8. Volumetric money tree on the wall. The main symbol of wealth.

денежное дерево на обоях в приходей

9. Tree of life. A life-affirming symbolic image is well suited for a bedroom, recreation area or study.

семейное дерево из бумаги

Wallpaper as a finishing material

Paper is the most popular finishing material for wall decoration. Sold in water-repellent rolls intended for painting. If handled properly, fresh paper without defects will last at least 5-6 years.

обои под дерево в декоре гостиной

You can decorate non-woven or vinyl wallpaper with trees. The best option is to apply vinyl to the non-woven layer. This will help to obtain a high-quality coating that is not affected by ultraviolet rays. During installation, this material will not stretch and will not let moisture in. It will remain hypoallergenic and waterproof.

Wallpaper installation

Having a flat and smooth surface on the wall is becoming a mandatory requirement for decoration. Then the fastening will be reliable. It is necessary to remove the layer if the surface is already covered and painted. Only some materials can be glued over old ones. A homemade scraper and a metal spatula will help clean the surface.

During operation, metal spatulas become bent. Because of this, the workflow can be difficult. It is necessary to trim the blade to avoid such problems. It is allowed to leave only 2-3 cm from the original length.

утро в лесу на обоях в гостиной

The presence of even small islands with old finishing before the start of decoration is unacceptable. But the use of a scraper leads to the formation of small grooves. After this, cracks that were previously hidden from prying eyes open.

монтаж бамбуковых обоев

The surface is suitable for further decoration if the crack opens no more than two millimeters and the depth of the groove is no more than 1 mm. The glue will easily cover these small irregularities.

Natural wood wallpaper

You can also put images of the forest on them. One of the types of decor is wood-effect wallpaper veneered. Manufacturers apply thin strips of veneer onto thick paper, each of them 6-26 cm wide. The material looks like natural wood, but its plasticity is not inferior to other modern materials.

обои из бамбука

Thanks to the flexible paper base, such wood-effect wallpaper can be easily joined with your own hands, even with an uneven surface. The permissible radius of curvature is up to 2 cm. There is a joint between the rolls, but it remains barely noticeable. It’s easy to wallpaper even the ceiling with your own hands.

There are also MDF or chipboard boards, which are called cladding panels. An option suitable for DIY finishing in the bathroom and kitchen. Thanks to the dense varnish coating, moisture never penetrates inside. The quality of the wall under such panels does not matter. Installation is carried out on an aluminum profile or on a wooden sheathing. A space is formed between the surfaces; wires can easily be hidden there. If the panel is thin enough, it can be glued directly to the wall.

обои под дерево в интерьере

In practice, wooden profiles are also used. Metal holders are installed on the wooden sheathing. But ordinary self-tapping screws are also suitable for this. Installation is carried out on a horizontal, vertical or inclined plane.