Twine and cardboard basket

Convenient baskets must be present in the household. These laconic containers are quite convenient and are also made from natural materials. Baskets can serve as a container for various items, or they can simply be decorative elements.

Try weaving baskets with your own hands using various materials. Firstly, it is absolutely not difficult, and secondly, the materials are very accessible and do not require large expenses.

дно корзинки

You can try to weave a basket from a rope. Often they use jute twine, which is easy to purchase at hardware stores.

To prevent the basket from looking too strict, you can decorate it with all kinds of lace, satin ribbons, rhinestones and other decorative items.

Thanks to the decorative elements, the basket can be made as a thematic option. For Easter, you can decorate it with Easter decor and fill the basket with Easter cake and Easter eggs. For the New Year, place snowflakes on the basket, putting Christmas tree decorations inside.

корзина из шпагата

To make a basket, purchase a roll of twine, glue and many other elements. Depending on what kind of basket you want to make, you can stock up on wire, a flowerpot, beads
etc. First you need to cut out the base from cardboard. Usually the base has a round shape and is drawn with a compass on cardboard or thick paper.

Next, twine is included in the process, which is very carefully glued in a spiral on both sides of the bottom. The twine should fit tightly so that there are no gaps between the spirals.

почти законченная корзина

To ensure that the twine sticks well, it is applied with a press. The walls of the basket are cut out of cardboard in small segments, which individually are also tied with twine. All elements are fastened with wire, which is hidden between the turns of twine.

корзина из шпагата

The top edge of the basket can be trimmed with a lace strip. If desired, you can cover the back of the basket with fabric. If the basket will serve as decoration, you can put a vase of flowers in it. And on the farm it is useful for all kinds of household items.