Top 10 best origami cat crafts

Children’s paper crafts are an interesting and educational activity that focuses attention, develops perseverance, and develops creativity and imagination. Origami is simple, which can be assembled together with children, and more difficult – for schoolchildren and adults. But in any case, the main thing is the desire to make an interesting and cute craft from a simple sheet of paper. One of them is a cat, a cute animal loved by older children. In this article we will look at a paper kitten and how to make it with step-by-step instructions.

как сделать оригами кота из бумаги

How to make an origami cat out of paper

как сделать оригами кота

There are different types of cats made from origami paper, in a sitting, standing or lying position, it all depends on your imagination, the simplicity of the craft lies in the fact that for implementation you will need a minimum of materials that are in every home:

  • scissors;
  • For convenience, you can take a bent bone.
  • colored square paper or separate sheet;
  • markers and a pencil;

оригами бумажный котик для детей

Origami cat step by step

бумажный оригами котенок

So, all the elements are ready, all that remains is to figure out how to make a cat out of paper. Further step-by-step instructions.

оригами кошка диаграмма

  1. The paper can be any color you have on hand or you like yellow, blue, purple, etc. Fold the paper in half, if the sheet is on one side, then the color inside and draw your finger along the line. For convenience, the action can be repeated several times. Then we cut out the middle, from two strips you can make two cats.
  2. Fold one half horizontally, then turn the paper over and fold the edge one way and then the other. The result was an “accordion”.
  3. We disassemble the fold and bend the corner, process the folds well, then disassemble the paper. On top we have a triangle of folds.
  4. Fold the top at the intersection of two lines, bend the edges and corners with your fingers, these will be cat ears. Lightly press the center of the paper and push the top down between the ears, forming a forehead, it will be triangular.
  5. Now fold the workpiece in half again, take a sheet of paper and lay the fold, that is, make it tightly, but not along the entire length, but to the ears. Let’s do the same thing, on the other side, make sure that the edges are even.
  6. Take it to an empty place and open the ears, turn them and press lightly, forming a cat’s face. Lightly line the edges of the triangles with your fingers to make the face symmetrical. So, we make ears, form folds and fold them, we get ears that stick out.
  7. Turn the piece over and fold the top of the head between the ears, draw well along the fold, you get a small strip, while straightening the kitten’s ears.
  8. Fold the long part of the piece so that the edge reaches the top of the head, work out the fold with your finger, now open the paper and fold it in half. We make a central “mountain” fold, for this we take two folds with our fingers, take them from both sides, that is, the folds go as they were originally, in the center we get a slide, it stretches out. Then press with your fingers and get a right angle.
  9. Now we make an origami cat’s tail so that it is more stable, to do this we roll the edge into a roll, then open and form the tail, slightly bending it, it will rest on it.
  10. We tilt our head to the side and slightly open the center, we get paws. The origami kitten is ready, you can collect a collection of cats of different colors or try to collect it according to a different pattern.

Let’s try to assemble another origami cat from paper with a beautiful face.

оригами бумажный котик для детей

  1. Take a square sheet of paper to make the cats fun and interesting, choose a bright color and fold it in half in the shape of a triangle, ironing the folds well.
  2. Then we add both corners to the center, we get a square. Then we bend the right and left corners, but not all the paper, but only the top layer, we get ears. Fold the resulting corner between the ears. The corners also protrude from the bottom of the ears; we fold them onto the muzzle. We bend the remaining corner from bottom to top, but do not close it.
  3. Take a marker, paint over the ears and draw stripes on the forehead, choose the color of the paper, if the cat is blue, then a marker of the same color. Using a simple white pencil, draw the eyes, nose and mustache. We paint over the pupils with a black marker and outline the axis of the eyes; for convenience, you can use a spirograph (a children’s ruler with circles of different diameters).
  4. We form the body, turn the origami upside down and put the corners inward, we only get the cat’s face. We take another square sheet and fold it in half, open one edge and fold it along the inside of the line, unfold it and fold it again, each time only in half.
  5. Then we unfold and fold the paper in half again, pressing through the folds formed on one side with our fingers to align the line. We unfold and fold half of the half, we get three folds, just like on the other side, only crosswise.
  6. Fold the two edges along the lines to form a triangle or “roof”, turn the sheet over and also fold the two edges. We turn the piece and fold the square into a triangle, unfold and fold the two halves, the bottom of the triangle remains free, open it slightly and bend it inward.
  7. Next, fold the lower corners and bend them, unfold the lower part of the body and bend them inward.
  8. In the middle we have two sheets that unfold, we form their legs, fold them from the bottom, we get a “boat” shape, these will be the legs.
  9. Take the marker again and color the cat, leaving the paws intact. We insert the head into the body and paper origami is ready. The cat can be placed on a shelf as an addition to the interior or for coolness.

как сделать котенка из бумаги

Origami cat photo

The world of origami is diverse, you can use your imagination and create different cats, in color, size and shape.

бумажный оригами кот
оригами кошки

No more paperclip folds and store small or large items with legs and tails, the same color, or use different colored paper and markers.

оригами бумажный кот

The photo shows how to make origami and what types of cats there are.