Together with the children we make a funny caterpillar from the cartoon

Caterpillars are not just clumsy worms, they will one day turn into a beautiful butterfly. They are also cheerful and always chewing something. This is probably why children like them so much.

Let’s learn how to make a fun and mobile paper caterpillar with your own hands, which children will play with with pleasure.

гусеница из бумаги


To have fun and usefully spend time, my child and I will make a simple caterpillar applique from handmade circles.

For work we will need a thick sheet and colored paper. Cups can be of different colors or to choose from.

The cut-out blanks must be glued to one sheet of paper so that one circle fits into the next.

To bring the character to life, let’s draw his eyes, smile and glue horns from colored paper.

Such work can also be useful for a child because during the process it is possible to repeat the names of colors.

With children already skilled in card design, this app can be upgraded to be 3D.

As a result, you will get a funny ring worm.

картинки с изображением головы гусеницы для детей

For work, we will prepare 10 multi-colored strips of paper. If you are in doubt what size they should be, a rough guide: 2cm × 8cm.

Now take a glue stick and glue the strip rings.

For the base of the applique, cut out a sheet of thick green paper or cardboard. For realism, let’s draw veins on it.

Glue the first ring to the base of the sheet, then you can glue the rings. To transmit movement in the center, you need to slightly raise the track body.

We animate our caterpillar again, draw a muzzle and glue the antennae.

гусеница из кружков

Construction of a paper caterpillar

Paper construction develops a child’s imagination, perseverance, accuracy and ability to work with form. The lesson brings joy and positive emotions, and the result of the work will be a craft that the child can then play with.

Cartoon caterpillar engine

For this creativity we will need round blanks in yellow and green colors.

All parts except one need to be folded in half.

Let’s start making the caterpillar body. We make a train by gluing overlapping circles together. When there are no more folded parts left, we glue the remaining circle, this will be the head of our caterpillar.

We give life to our caterpillar by drawing its eyes and mouth. Glue on funny horns. For the eye, you can use special blanks purchased with a movable pupil. The children’s paper toy is ready.

аппликация гусеница из цветной бумаги

Caterpillar with moving body

To create it, we will need two sheets of colored paper in contrasting colors, glue, scissors and felt-tip pens.

First of all, let’s take the body of the caterpillar. Take a rectangular sheet of paper and fold it to one side by about 1.5-2 cm.

On the other hand, we begin to draw horizontal lines at a distance of approximately 5-7 mm from each other. Then we make cuts along these lines.

The result is thin strips, which now need to be glued to the other edge.

You should end up with a structure that looks like a spring.

To make the head we use two oval blanks of a contrasting color. On one of them we draw a muzzle and glue the first white one on one side, the second one on the other.

The mobile insect is ready. You can play.

гусеница из бумаги

Other materials for crafts

You can use more than just paper to make cartoon caterpillars.

Interesting work gets:

  • chenille thread
  • salt dough
  • foliage
  • threads and pompoms
  • beads
  • cocktail straws
  • bushings
  • plasticine
  • vegetables and fruits
  • bags and boxes for Kinder Surprise eggs.
  • natural material

If your kids love this insect, experiment, get creative, and maybe you’ll come up with a new caterpillar idea.

как сделать гусеницу из бумаги своими руками
как сделать гусеницу из бумаги
гусеница аппликация
гусеница из цветной бумаги
гусеница из цветной бумаги
гусеница из кружков

Accordion caterpillar. Algorithm of actions

To make a movable caterpillar like an accordion, we will need: scissors, glue, double-sided colored paper of two colors.

Creation algorithm:

  • when the length runs out, you can insert more parts, it all depends on the length you want
  • you should get an accordion
  • alternately stack the strips on top of each other
  • cut out a head from paper of a different color and glue on the eyes
  • take 4 strips and glue them at an angle of 90°
  • glue the muzzle onto the accordion
  • cut a sheet of colored paper into strips 10 mm wide

гусеница из бумаги

What are the techniques for working with paper

Paper is one of the available materials for children’s creative crafts. There are many techniques for working with this material.

First, of course, the application, there are also many types of it.

For example: planar, geometric, tear-off.

You can also work with napkins. When working with this material, the following techniques can be used: decoupage, paper art, lining.

Cutting technique: kirigami and vytynanka.

Also popular are such types of techniques as: paperthol, quilling, scrapbooking.

A large amount of work can be done using the origami technique. Also here you can distinguish several subspecies: wet, modular, arrow-shaped, kusudama balls.

In a word, you can create endlessly from paper if you want.

картинки с изображением головы гусеницы для детей

Paper caterpillars. The best ideas.

Children’s creativity is unique. We can offer our ideas for inspiration only, and you can create something of your own. Think, do, play.

аппликация гусеница из цветной бумаги
гусеница из бумаги
как сделать гусеницу из бумаги своими руками
как сделать гусеницу из бумаги