Tishyu paper, what is it?

Today we would like to talk about a popular paper that is loved by many people – this is tishyu paper. In this article we will find out what tishyu paper is and consider it:

  • Composition and properties of tishyu paper.
  • The uses of this type of paper.
  • Where you can specifically buy such paper.

Tishyu paper what is it?

Нежные, можно сказать воздушные, листы бумаги, которые могут иметь практически любые расцветки и изображения – так выглядит стандартная тишью. Её так же могут называть папиросная бумага.Бумага тишью что это такое

The composition and production of paper is quite similar to the production of conventional office paper. In the form of raw materials, mainly used wood species of conifers. The wood is extracted from the pulp and bleached.

Tishyu paper is used in a variety of applications, but the most popular one is wrapping gifts. Due to its unique properties, this paper can be placed almost inside any package. Not uncommonly tishyu can be found in boxes of shoes. The paper perfectly takes any shape when wrapping and wrapping goods.

Tishyu paper, what is it?

It is pleasant to the touch and looks nice even when wrinkled. Many people like the way it rustles when unpacking souvenirs and presents. It is worth saying that such paper has some anti-shock qualities, as its folds can protect glassware from damage. Tishyu gives a special luster to gifts and expensive purchases.

Tishyu is also used in cosmetics, expensive clothes and flowers. It acts as an additional accessory that properly emphasizes and decorates the product.

Tishyu paper, what is it?

I hope that I was able to fully answer the question: Tishyu paper – what is it.

Where can I buy tishyu paper?

The most acceptable way to buy tishyu is online shopping. Agree that it’s not very convenient to run all over town, scouring stationery stores and markets in search of the color or pattern you want. It’s much easier to choose the colors you want at home – with the help of a computer and the Internet.

Стоит добавить, что при поиске интернет-магазина, желательно учитывать город в котором Вы проживаете и соответственно подыскивать удобную интернет-площадку. Так можно неплохо сэкономить, не переплачивая за разноцветная тишью применяется для декора и украшенияпересылку и уже на месте, в прямом смысле слова, пощупать и оглядеть выбранную бумагу.

Also, when choosing via the Internet, note that the colors may not match reality, and all because the monitor or smartphone screen can display different shades of paper.

Make your own masterpieces with tischyu paper, decorate, decorate your apartment, please your loved ones with unique gifts, let your life be bright as tischyu colored paper.

A short video on how you can quickly and easily make a beautiful flower from Tishyu paper: