Tea box crafts

After tea there are always cute little boxes that can be used for different purposes. Therefore, you shouldn’t throw them away, but rather make a lot of interesting crafts. Such products will turn out to be very useful and necessary, and also quite cute.

You will only be surprised how original and unique crafts from simple tea boxes will turn out to be.

коробка для чая

Try to use the boxes for their intended purpose and make a whole tea set out of them. Start by cutting out a small circle from the box. It should match the cup size.

Now you need to take pre-prepared yellow tea bag tags and paste them around the cardboard in a circle. Gradually build up the mass with tags so that you have a sun. This craft is intended as a stand for a hot cup

Make a house for tea bags from a small tea box
. Instead of a window, cut out a heart through which you will take out tea bags. Make a napkin stand from a wide box. To do this, cut off the side walls of the box, and give the front and back walls a beautiful outline. Thanks to this tea set, tea drinking will become much more enjoyable.

домик из чайной коробки

Tea boxes can be used as organizer for small parts
. Wrap the box in a beautiful fabric and store your needle case, thimble and other sewing accessories there.

Try covering a box with beautiful wrapping paper and putting stationery in it. You can store a sharpener, stapler, eraser and much more in it.

Tea box crafts

Tea boxes make a very convenient cosmetics organizer
. To do this, you need to prepare two boxes of different sizes and cut off the top part of them. Now connect the large and small packages using double-sided tape.

поделки из бумаги

Decorate the double organizer with decorative cord using beads. The large compartment can be used to store powder and eyeshadow palettes, while the small compartment is good for storing brushes and pencils.