Tea bouquet

Everyone loves the bouquet of tea and the fragrant smell of delicious tea. Tea is suitable for any holiday and any dish. Housewives will appreciate such a gift. Perfect for the holiday table! And if you also take a box of chocolates with you, you will have a complete set!

как сделать букет из чая на подарок

What you need to buy for such a bouquet

• 220 g corrugated paper

• Stationery corrugated paper.

• Frame.

• Use whatever you want for decoration! Satin ribbons, cones, beads, pearls, etc.

• Ribbons for decorating a tea bouquet.

• High density transparent film (not stretch).

• Tea in beautiful bags.

• Jars of honey, chocolate, anything.

• Glue gun.

• And you can also have ready-made satin flowers (not small)


• Wire.

красивый букет из чая в домашних условиях

Instructions for making a bouquet of tea

• Cut round petals from corrugated paper, and placing the chocolate in the center, glue the petals on the edges one by one in a circle. You will get a flower, and use scissors to twist the edges of the flower either inward or outward, as you wish.

• We also cut rounds from the film and glue it around the flower, creating a “skirt”.

• We attach a wire to the flower with glue, and wrap it with green corrugated paper to make it look like a branch, we do this trick with each flower.

• We connect flowers into bouquet
, and fix it with tape.

• We make a wrapper for our bouquet from thick corrugated paper, wrap the bouquet with paper, and apply tea bags to the edges of the wrapper on the inside, along the entire length.

чайный букет с кофейными зернами

The bouquet is ready, I’ll give you a TIP, I would use small packages of tea, it will be more beautiful. And yes, enjoy your tea!

Below is a video tutorial on how to make a bouquet of tea.