Tea bags and mail bags of craft paper

Maculatory refers to the most common varieties of waste, everywhere is used for secondary processing.If desired, you can make crafts from cardboard with your own hands, which will become an excellent material for decorating the interior.Since the list of products that are made from this type of raw materials is incredibly wide, it should be studied in more detail.

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Tea bags and mail bags of craft paper

Length: 11 cm, width: 6 cm, depth: 4 cm, height: 4 cm, material: paper, cardboard, features: for jewelry, for flowers, for confectionery, children’s theme, holiday: birthday: birthday

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  • Kraft paper
  • Paper Kraft bags and bags

IP LLC Azia Kraft in Tashkent invites to cooperate the manufacturers of bulk goods, paper packaging, bags and offers a first -class service for supplying to Tashkent and throughout Uzbekistan products of forest renewal, stone coal and cement:

· Crafts of crama for packaging cement, dry building mixtures, chemical products, charcoal, etc.

– high-quality KRAFT paper (brown) from the world’s leading manufacturer in various price segments, in any possible formats.

We will help you create a package for your product, taking into account the specific features and requirements of your consumers.

IE LLC “Azia Kraft” is engaged in supply of cement and hard coal, bagged Kraft paper. We cooperate with companies that have earned recognition in their market, such as Sas-Tobe Technologies LLP, Standard Cement LLP, Central Asia Cement JSC, Karazhira LTD.

We trust and trust us!

In this article we will tell you about what Kraft paper is. You have seen it many times, let’s say, take-away food at McDonald’s is put in bags made of this Kraft material.

Tea bags and mail bags of craft paper

Coal for barbecue is sold in bags of paper craft.It is used as a packaging or sealing material for mail.By the way, the front and inner surfaces of the sheet for corrugated cartoon boxes that serve as packaging of parcels are also craft paper.

Tea bags and mail bags of craft paper

Kraft paper is easily recognized by its brown color. The hue can range from olive to tea-colored, depending on the quality of the raw material and whether or not bleaching technology was used. Kraft paper has been produced and actively used since 1852, but about 40 years ago it was replaced by polyethylene and plastic packaging.

However, four decades was enough time for mankind to realize that the widely discarded plastic decomposes in natural conditions from 400 to 700 years. As it accumulates, it contaminates the planet and measures to collect it for recycling do not help. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch (otherwise known as the Great Garbage Patch) can’t lie – it’s 90% plastic.

Tea bags and mail bags of craft paper

Belatedly thinking about the consequences, people have become concerned about the environmental agenda. So now cardboard and kraft paper packaging is gradually winning back its former popularity.

No wonder, because even the thickest discarded cardboard dissolves without a trace in 3 years, and the usual three-layer corrugated packaging or Kraft paper completely decompose in six months and do not emit harmful substances. In addition, Kraft materials are recyclable after processing no worse than plastic. So, from the point of view of eco-conscious people, paper packaging is a natural choice.

However, in addition to environmental safety, there are other advantages of using paper craft.

Paper craft bags and packages in Tashkentriority product of our company for implementation in Uzbekistan and especially in Tashkent are paper craft bags or crafting packages. Paper craft bags are packaging for industrial and consumer goods. We offer to buy in Tashkent-valve paper bags- open paper bags,- crafting packages with lidemal Dnicraft bags are made of high-quality paper (100% sulfate cellulose), on the latest industrial equipment (Windmoeller’s units; Hoelscher Ad-8310, Ad-23779, Ad-23779, Ad-23779, Ad-2377 , AD-2390, AD-2366, Windmoeller & amp; Hoelscher AM-8115, Windmoeller & Amp; Hoelscher “Astraflex”). The quality of the packages corresponds to GOST 2226-88, GOST 24370-80. Our craft packages are designed for packaging products of the following key segments:- building materials (cement, dry building mixtures, etc.);- products of organic and inorganic chemistry,- food industry,- agriculture. Paper packages have the following main parameters:- dimensions from 32*24*7 to 100*60*21, 5cm (it is possible to retreat from standard sizes in agreement with the customer);- number of layers: from 2 to 4;- layers from different types of coatings – polyethylene, bitumed (in sewn bags- bitumen and anti-adhesion);- open and closed craft bags (with any location of the valve);- valves: petal (single, double with folding folds), cuff (single-not protruding, single protruding from laminated paper for sealing with ultrasound, a double does not protrude without or with a p/e liner);- with a ZIP-lock on a cover sheet and a field;- with perforation: by the field of bags (for each and separate layers), on the valve;- on the valve; Application of color image: up to 6 colors across the field, up to 3 colors at the bottom and valve;- packaging in piles on pallets: in paper and stretch- film;- transportation: railway transport. Our company in Tashkent offers high -quality craft packages and bags for any use.

Tea bags and mail bags of craft paper

Sale of coffee and tea packages from Kraft paper for packing 50g, 100g, 250g, 0.5 kg, 1 kg,.Craft packages for coffee, tea are sold without a window or with a window.You can order packages with an additional inner layer: foil or laminated.Standard dimensions and unlimited designs are always available in stock.For tea and coffee stores, there are constantly ready-made craft packages for 50g., 100g.and 250g.For the sale of tea, coffee in weight.

Printing on craft packages: is carried out by the method of flexographic printing in the CMYK system (full -fledged) or up to 6 colors.

To calculate the cost of printing you MUST have a Kraft package layout, separate costs are payment for the flex form.

Standard sizes of bags: 55*30*170 – 50 gr. , 70*40*205 mm – 100 gr, 22,5*8,0*5,0 – 250 gr.

For packages with non -standard dimensions, it is required to order additional shock knives and the minimum circulation increases.

Tea bags and mail bags of craft paper

Minimum batch of bags: with printing (if there is a layout) from 1,000 pcs. without printing from 50 pcs. in the presence of the office, under the order can be any desired amount. Minimum circulation for Kraft bags with a rectangular bottom from 10 000 pcs.

Labeling: from simple thermal labels (from 0.5-10 thousand) to printing on self-adhesive labels of color design with product theme (over 10 thousand).

The terms of manufacture with your seal: from 10-14 days.(excluding approval)

Tea bags and mail bags of craft paper

Tea bags and mail bags of craft paper

Read more about Kraft tea and coffee bags:

Tea bags and mail bags of craft paper

A package of craft-paper is used in the coffee market, i.e. this is an inexpensive transport packaging from the store to the house.You can easily pack on a weight right on the outlet.The EU Pack can be applied to the package, your design, logo (by customer design).For a more economical option, standard packages-craft are suitable without printing, and marking can be carried out with a label with black and white design and bar code.

Pouches with rectangular bottom in the size (length x width x height, mm):

  • 80x40x210 color – brown background
  • 80x40x170 color – brown background
  • 80x40x140 color – brown
  • And other sizes and colors

Types of paper for craft packages:

  • Brown Kraft
  • Bleached Kraft
  • Greaseproof paper
  • Paraffinized paper

For packing elite tea and EU coffee, the pack recommends buying packages with an additional inner layer of food p/e film or foil.

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Sack kraft paper in TashkentKraft packaging paper microstitched semi-stretchable (in rolls) brand SKI, SKS-60, SKS-65, SKS-70, SKS-80, SKS-90 (made by Segezha Pulp and Paper Mill) in Tashkent. Technical parameters of paper. Sack kraft paper 70, 80, 100gr (made in Sokol Pulp and Paper Mill) in Tashkent. Technical parameters of paper. Sack Kraft-paper got its name due to the German word kraft, which means power, which corresponds to the characteristics of Kraft-paper (strength and high density). In the manufacture of roll Kraft-paper, its density varies from 35 to 120 g/m2. Therefore, in addition to packaging goods (Kraft-bags, envelopes for letters, containers for coffee and other food products), Kraft-paper is used for paper twine and corrugated cardboard, packaging bags of construction mixtures, such as cement. Roll kraft paper is used to wrap fragile goods and is convenient for covering various surfaces during repairs. It is possible to put trademarks, logos and other drawings on the products from sack and wrapping Kraft-paper. Kraft-paper, besides its cheap production value, has good indicators of ecological compatibility, that is why companies pass from polyethylene packaging to Kraft-paper more and more often. Although the technology of Kraft paper appeared in 1852 in the U.S., the popularity of Kraft paper gained only in the XX century. The basis for the production of such paper is wood, namely, long-staple cellulose, which gives the sack Kraft-paper brown shade that can be removed by bleaching. Packaging Kraft paper is strong and resistant to mechanical stress, thanks to the very pulp that is boiled in sulfate, which is called the Kraft process. Kraft paper has a unique tensile strength. The porosity or breathability of the paper makes it even stronger. Porosity is needed to absorb energy when stretching Kraft paper and its value is determined in laboratory tests in Tashkent by counting the time required for 100 ml of air to pass through a sample of Kraft paper in the form of a circle with a diameter of 28.7 mm. To reduce moisture absorption, kraft paper is subjected to mass gluing. Durability in a wet condition is provided by adding resins for moisture resistance, so, Kraft-paper retains about 20-30% of durability when completely soaked in water. Such Kraft paper is called washable and is widely used in the textile industry in the manufacture of hats or other accessories. Our company has the highest quality wrapping and sack kraft paper at affordable prices in Tashkent and all of Uzbekistan.

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Bags for tea (paper, Kraft, laminated, foil)

Tea bags are used to pack leaf and scattered tea in charaduic factories, specialized stores, boutiques.Consist of craft paper (2, 3-layer), cardboard, foil.The packages retain the taste, smell of the product, protect against waking up during transportation, suitable for cauldrous printing.Additionally, you can order cardboard tubes from us, tin gift boxes for tea sets, we print self -adhesive labels.

Paper bags for tea and coffee

Tea bags and mail bags of craft paper

We accept orders for the manufacture of paper packages for tea and coffee from any type of paper.We carry out color printing on packages.When choosing a color scheme for your design, you can not limit yourself.Standard dimensions in capacity of coffee/tea: 50, 100, 125, 150, 250, 500, 1000 g.

For packaging and packaging of elite tea or YES-UPAK coffee.RU offers to buy bags with an additional inner layer of food plastic film or food foil.This will allow you to better maintain taste and aroma.Paper packages are recommended for trading in weight and coffee.

The minimum order with the seal of the logo or design is from 20,000 packages.Production time from 15 to 25 days.

The minimum order of packages of standard sizes 50, 100, 150 g without printing from 100 packages.

For packages with non-standard sizes or shaped window cutout, it is required to order additional die-cutting plates, with an increase in the minimum print run.

Delivery of paper bags to Russia: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Belgorod, Voronezh, Samara, Rostov-on-Don, Sochi, Kemerovo, Omsk, Chelyabinsk, Perm, Novosibirsk, Kazan, Krasnodar, Krasnoyarsk,. , Crimea. Kazakhstan (Astana).

Assortment for choosing a packaging for tea:

Package 21*7*4cm white in strip+p/e for 100g.tea, coffee (70g/m+20 mkn)

Paper bag under 250g, 22.5*8*5cm Kraft with a transparent strip 5. 0 cm (60gr/m+20mkn)

Package 24*9*5cm paper-craft in strip+p/e for 200g.tea, coffee (70g/m+20 mkn) with a window (circle 40 mm)

Fixators-imperials for the packages “White”, “Red”, “Gold”, “Silver”, the length of the clip 12cm.Package 21*7*4cm from craft paper in strip+metal for 100g.Packing tea, coffee (70g/m+20 mkr)

Paper bag 21*7*4cm Kraft striped + n / e under 100gr. tea, coffee (70gr/m + 20mkr)

Paper package 22.5*8*5cm craft in strip+p/e for 200g.tea, coffee (70g/m+20 mkr)

kraft) is strength. The paper is made strong by the sulfate pulping technology of the wood.

A paper bag with a built -in latch 20.5*7.0*4.0 is painted.In gold+white 100g.tea, coffee (72g/m+45g/m)

Packages with a built -in latch 18.5*8*4.5 is painted.In silver+white 100g.tea, coffee (72g/m+45g/m)

Bag with built-in clamp 18,5*8*4,5 white+white 100gr. for packing tea, coffee (72gr/m +45gr/m)

Paper bag 90*65*17, under 100/150 grams, for packing tea or coffee, unlaminated. Best sellers. Kraft bag 90*65*17 with inner lamination 100/150 grams, for packing tea. Bestseller. Kraft bag 90*65*265, 250 grams, for packing tea. Bestseller. Paper bag “sashet” brown, 195*100mm Kraft, (75gr/m)

Sale of a wide range of craft packages without a window, dimensions from 80*50*170 to 120*80*250 mm. Paper package 24*8*5cm with a rectangular window color red and green. Paper bag with a window snowflake 22.5*8*5cm with application. Paper package for tea 22.5*8*5cm, 200g. The color is green and pink. A paper bag with spring application with a curly round window 22.5*8*5cm. Festive paper bag with a round window, white, 22.5*8*5cm. A paper bag for tea, 22.5*8*5cm, with a window of a Christmas tree, laminated. Standard paper packages 21*7*4cm 100 g of tea. Paper premium package for tea and coffee, gold, for 200 gr. , 21*8*4cm

Paper bag with a heart, 20,5*7*4cm

Paper bag color bronze for tea, 21*7*4cm, without window. Paper bag 17*5,5*3cm, 50g of tea, without a window, gold and green. Kraft bag for tea 170h80h50mm, 70gr. With a window in the form of a heart. Kraft paper bag 225x80x50mm, with a window in the form of a petal. Two-layered gift bag for tea with a print design 55x30x170mm. Materials: Kraft + PE

White tea/coffee bag with a transparent window 70x40x205mm. Materials: Kraft+PET

Laminated Kraft bag for coffee or tea with lacquered stripes 70h40h210mm. Materials: Kraft+PET

Craft packets

Tea bags and mail bags of craft paper

We sell tea packaging for cheerful tea or coffee-a bag with an outer layer of craft paper.Stylish packaging is made of metallized Lavsan, which protects coffee or tea from weathering and exposure to the external environment, it has high barrier properties.

For tea and coffee shops we have a stock for sale – ready-made Kraft bags under 50gr. , 100gr. and 250g of loose coffee or tea, and colored fixatives.

Standard sizes of bags: 55h30h170 – 50 gr. 70x40x205 mm – 100 gr., 22,5×8,0x5,0 – 250 gr.

Component kraft bags consist of an outer layer of kraft paper and an inner layer of metallized lavsan or aluminum. Typically, these bags are in doy-pack or doy-pack class form.

Tea bags and mail bags of craft paper

Advantages of Crafts of Coffee and Tea packages: coffee and tea:

  • Reality and associations with eco-friendliness
  • Giving freshness to the product
  • Momentarily catching the consumer’s eye
  • Increased interest in packaging
  • Print design increases sales of branded products
  • Standing out among competitors with bright elements from EsUpak
  • Different variations of labeling: stamp, sticker, bar code

Types of crafting packages for packaging tea and coffee:

  • Doy-pack. The leading packaging type in the industry. It is a bag without side edges with a stable bottom.
  • Classic bag with a flat bottom. Characterized by side edges and a central seam at the back of the bag.

Functional purpose of the package: to protect the contents from penetration of UV rays, moisture, oxygen, foreign odors, microorganisms, insects; possibility of printing, labeling with a preprint or any other labeling on the surface of the package.

It is optimal to store natural ground coffee and coffee in grains in vacuum multi -layer bags equipped with the degassing valve.The presence of a degassing valve makes it possible to release essential oils that are formed as a result of frying, because coffee continues to be released even after packing it in a package.On the other hand, the valve does not allow oxygen to penetrate the package, protecting the contents from oxidation and thereby maintaining its original smell and taste.

Tea bags and mail bags of craft paper

Self-adhesive labels and stickers on bags

We sell self -adhesive labels and stickers for tea and coffee bags with branded design.Printing on labels from 1 color to a full -color label.Print circulation of 1,000 labels.

We also sell labels for printing at the site of packing and packaging.The minimum order from 1 roll.

Paper packages (single -layer and multilayer)

We sell both single and multi-ply tea and coffee bags in which one layer consists of shiny or matte polypropylene film reinforced with paper, which gives the bag a beautiful appearance and rigidity, and the other may be paper or film, or both layers are paper.

When determining the composition of the package, they are usually guided by the requirements for the maximum safety of the product and the ability to present it to the buyer.

To increase the shelf life of tea/coffee, we recommend foil or laminated packages.

Paper bags with a rectangular bottom for coffee and tea are usually produced by the following sizes:

Bag size, mmWeight of coffee, gramsWeight of tea, grams


*It is possible to change the geometry of the package if necessary.

Clamping clips for tea and coffee bags

Tea bags and mail bags of craft paper

Flexible wire clamps-fixers allow you to close tea bags to preserve the taste and smell of tea and coffee.Clamps for tea bags are relatively densely (but not hermetically) fix the edges, not allowing you to lose the properties of tea or coffee.Otherwise, tea will turn into straw.

Possible colors: gold, red, yellow, white.Length – 12cm.

Paper bags for tea and coffee are made in two layers, which guarantees the preservation of the natural taste of coffee beans, elite tea, and herbal fees.As an inner layer, foil, BOPP food film, or the second layer of craft paper are usually used.It is possible to make craft packages for tea and coffee with a viewing window.

Attention! When preparing layouts for offset printing on brown kraft paper, you should take into account that the colors in the template will change in reality because the paper itself is not white but brown. Also, because of the loose structure of kraft, the image becomes less vivid. If brightness and clarity are critical, EsUpak recommends ordering self-adhesive labels with color printing.

Yes-Upak.RU provides an opportunity to order the seal of the customer’s logo on tea and coffee bags made of various types of paper.

Tea bags and mail bags of craft paper

You may be interested in:

What is made from waste paper

Before finding out what crafts can be made from cardboard, you should familiarize yourself with the industrial processing of this raw materials in more detail.It is of great importance, since it allows you to save the planet’s resources, reduce damage caused by ecology, reduce the cost of goods.

Among the most popular products obtained due to the secondary use of paper can be attributed:

  • Kraft paper;
  • Insulators;
  • Egg cartons;
  • Toilet paper and its sleeves;
  • Napkins, cups and other paper utensils;
  • Corrugated cardboard.

Obviously, secondary paper processing is an incredibly important procedure that allows you to get useful products with a minimum cost.


Studying what they do from waste paper, it is necessary first of all to familiarize yourself with the simplest and most popular product.This is craft paper.It can be made without special equipment, this is a great opportunity to process recyclables at home.


It is also possible to make a natural insulation from waste paper – ecowool, which has received widespread use. It is completely safe for human health, has excellent thermal insulation properties, which has made it incredibly popular.

It is made from waste paper, which is broken down into individual fibers and mixed with flame retardants as well as other additives. The result is an environmentally friendly material with low flammability, which is especially important for use in construction.

Packaging for eggs

Finding out what is made from waste paper, you should fix attention to the packages used for packing chicken eggs.They are made of paper fiber, the basis of which is waste paper.Thanks to careful dissolution and purification of impurities, it is possible to create a completely safe and functional product.

Alexandra Yu.

Thinking about environmental issues, it is important not only to sort, but to reduce consumption.

Ask an expert a question

For the secondary use of paper for this purpose, raw materials are suitable with black print, Linovka, magazines and book products without bindings.Also, paper and corrugated cardboard are often used for the production of packaging.

Toilet paper

It is not uncommon for companies to recycle waste paper into toilet paper, which provides a quality product at a low cost. The use of recycled paper instead of wood pulp has many advantages. They include the availability of such material, ease of processing and environmental friendliness.

The waste paper mass is thoroughly shredded, then broken down into fibers and cleaned of various impurities. For the latter task, the traps that are part of the pulpers are used. After that, all that remains is to use special equipment to produce paper and wind it on sleeves.

Paper cups

The process of manufacturing disposable utensils, in particular glasses from waste paper, are largely similar to the previously described manipulations.The raw materials used for contact with food are thoroughly cleaned, which guarantees the safety of finished products for humans.

Tea bags and mail bags of craft paper

The introduction of disposable tableware into everyday life was a real breakthrough, allowing many fast-food restaurants to offer take-out meals.

Paper napkins

Among the products that are used in everyday life should include paper napkins. The process of their production is similar to toilet paper production, but the quality of the product depends directly on the equipment used and the type of raw material. In most cases tissues are produced after thorough cleaning of the initial material due to strict sanitary standards.

Cardboard bushings

Production from old paper is not limited to the above products.Tules for toilet paper are also made from paper waste.This can significantly reduce the volume of raw materials necessary for production, as well as reduce the cost of the finished product.


Among the most popular materials used to pack a wide range of goods, it is advisable to attribute corrugated cardboard.For its production, the waste paper of brands MS-6 and MS-7 is used, as well as specialized additives.In the process of manufacturing, the mass is crushed and divided into fibers, after which it is cleaned.

An important feature of the manufacture of such products is the addition of rosin glue and starch, which allow you to make the material more suitable for molding.Corrugated cardboard is everywhere used by various organizations as packaging containers, which makes its production incredibly profitable.

Roof cardboard

Tea bags and mail bags of craft paper

Waste paper products are also an excellent basis for various construction materials. An example is roofing paper, which is a thin and strong paper with a special impregnation.

It can also be used in the construction of floors as a vapor barrier material. Its use allows to reliably protect the wood from rotting, which makes roofing board incredibly popular among homeowners.

How to process paper yourself

Reprocessing paper products seems to be a rather complicated process, which is not very easy to carry out at home without the use of special equipment. Nevertheless, it is possible to make new material from it without any effort. Recycling waste paper into paper is done with the simplest of manipulations:

  • Grind the paper waste into small pieces.
  • Place the raw material in the blender.
  • Add water.
  • Grind the prepared material to a mushy consistency.
  • Strain the waste paper by spreading it out evenly on a sieve or similar object.
  • Compress the resulting mass under pressure and let it dry.


As a result, rough and thick paper is obtained.It can be used for packaging and various creative ideas.

What you can make from recycled paper at home

In addition to craft paper, using the waste paper, it is really possible to make many crafts, which allows you to use secondary material with benefit.First of all, these are various postcards that may differ in an impressive sheet thickness, which will make them unique and non -standard.

There are many other crafts that can be made from waste paper:

  • Various decorative bowls;
  • Handprints or three-dimensional images;
  • Hot food stands.

The list of such products is incredibly wide, in connection with which you should get acquainted with the simplest and most interesting options in more detail.

DIY crafts

If there is a need to make a handicraft for the garden, an excellent option would be a bulk bowl, which is easy to make at home. To do this you need to grind and prepare the raw material, as for the production of paper. Next, squeeze out excess moisture and form the mass of the bowl or other items.

After completely drying, the product will keep shape and become an excellent interior decoration.In addition, in the presence of imagination, you can get a picture of a garbage basket with your own hands, if you use clippings from various magazines and newspapers.

Whether to make products from recycled paper

The use of paper and other types of waste is rapidly gaining popularity and has obvious advantages.First of all, it allows you to re -use raw materials, which makes it possible to reduce the volume of wood production.This extremely positively affects the state of nature, which is especially important taking into account the current state of ecology.

In addition, various products made from recycled paper are low cost and accessible to a wide range of consumers.

Advantages of Kraft paper

  • The highest tensile strength and moisture resistance for paper. Actually, the word “Kraft” means “strength” in German. That is, “strong paper” – that is what Kraft paper is, according to its creators. Very often the density of Kraft paper is from 40 g till 135 g per square meter, but in some cases, for example for tags and business cards a much denser material of 300-350 g/m2 is used, which can be compared with a thin cardboard rather than with a paper sheet.
  • The material lets in air molecules, but not water, dirt and dust. That is why Kraft paper is used, among other things, as a substrate for the finish when insulating living spaces.
  • Combined with ecological safety, the water-repellent properties of the material make it ideal for packing meat, fish and other foodstuffs with high natural humidity.
  • Comfortable and aesthetic in use. Kraft paper looks vintage, if not cozy, and is pleasant to the touch.
  • This wrapping material can wrap objects of any shape and size, the only limitation is the size of the sheet or the length of the roll, and they come in different sizes.
  • Kraft paper is excellent for printing, and bleached paper – even for color printing (remember again the bag from McDonald’s). Therefore, paper wrapping is a great advertising platform.
  • Low price. Last but not least, with all its advantages, Kraft paper is cheaper than any other packaging material.

Tea bags and mail bags of craft paper

In what industries kraft paper is used

In addition to packaging, storage and transportation of goods, Kraft paper is used in a number of areas of human activity.

  • In construction, the material is used not only as insulation, but also to suppress noise. In addition, heavy paper serves as the basis for sandpaper, construction tape, foil and metallized coatings. Not to mention the fact that bags of cement, construction mixes, adhesives, mastics, etc. are made strictly from kraft paper.
  • In cooking, Kraft paper is used to make parchment for baking.
  • In medicine, paper envelopes, which allow only air to pass through, are used to store disinfected surgical instruments.
  • Marketing tries to use any surface as a selling point. Not surprisingly, such property of Kraft paper as susceptibility to printing turned out to be in demand for advertising purposes.
  • In the printing industry, Kraft paper is widely used to create brochures, booklets, magazines, book and album covers, tags, flyers and inserts, menus for cafes and restaurants, tickets and calendars.

Tea bags and mail bags of craft paper

Kraft production technology

Let’s talk about what the craft is made of.The raw materials for its manufacture are long fibers of wood pulp, in contrast to the production of ordinary paper, where the fibers are crushed.That is why craft materials are slightly rough to the touch.

To make the paper flexible, the fibers are subjected to sulfate pulping with the addition of reagents (potassium and ammonium sulfates, aluminum salt, starch, caustic soda). The wood fibers soften during a long pulping process and the pulp that serves as the material for the paper is extracted from the mixture.

After cooking, raw materials acquires a brown color, which, depending on the purpose of the final product, can be compensated by bleaching.Usually it is used if it is supposed to print color images or small text on paper.

Kraft paper production is practically waste-free – everything is used, and reagents can be used repeatedly without losing the quality of the final product. Moreover, in the production process, related substances are released that are also used in various industries. For example, rosin, which is then used to make glue for cardboard boxes, turpentine, the basis for sulfate soap, lignin for the production of nitroglycerin and solid fuel, and a number of other indispensable substances in industry.

The result is kraft material, on the basis of which several types of products are manufactured.

Types of Kraft paper

  • Sheet Paper. Supplied in blocks containing sheets of standard sizes from A2 to A5. Used mainly for packing small goods and as a gasket for filling voids in shipping containers.
  • Rolls. Rolls of paper are available in various lengths and widths. It is used where the area of standard sheets is not sufficient, for example, for packing products of unusual shape or large dimensions. The roll format is also a basic format in the construction industry.

Tea bags and mail bags of craft paper

  • Printed Kraft paper. Printed paper must be bleached to a lighter shade of brown to make prints and letters more visible.
  • Colored paper. Paper additionally colored in different colors is used for forming bouquets of flowers, in decor, for printing notebook covers and kits for creativity, including kiddie kits.
  • Kraft paper with washing. A special treatment allows to get a paper, that could stand washing and subsequent ironing without loss of its operational properties. For example, information from the paper tag on jeans is distinguishable even after many washes of the clothes.
  • Vergined Kraft paper. A special kind of paper with a visible grid of stripes – a relic of the days when half-finished sheets were dried on wire grids. It is considered particularly vintage and is used in design and decorative packaging.
  • Waxed on one or both sides Kraft paper is used in cooking and impregnated with other compositions for special purposes, e.g. for insulating transformers and batteries with bituminous components.

Tea bags and mail bags of craft paper

How to make tags for handmade products

Handmade tags are an excellent addition to your own hands.They are attached to toys, clothes, jewelry and even sweets.Handmade tags are not difficult to do.Having created such an element, you attach your soul and advertising to the subject.It is impossible to do without the second in the modern world.Absolutely every buyer will like such a business card.

Tea bags and mail bags of craft paper

There are a huge number of options for creating tags. In this article, we will look at the most interesting pieces that will complement and accentuate your work. In this article you will see the most unusual tags for handmade products. The photos will convey all the beauty of these little things. The most important thing is to know what such a business card should contain. It depends on what it is intended for.

We use ready -made templates

The simplest option is the use of ready -made templates.They can be drawn on your own, resorting to the help of graphic editors, or take from another designer.For example, jewelry tags (photos are presented below) can be of any shape.The color scheme is selected at its discretion.

For printing, it is best to use matte paper.It will be possible to write additional data on it.There are textured sheets that are distinguished by originality and memorable appearance.

Coffee tag from photo paper

Tea bags and mail bags of craft paper

This version of the tag is suitable for toys or to complement the packaging of sweet treats. First you have to work in a graphic computer program.

  • We make a table in Word and fill it out. What will be written on the tags is up to you. Print out the finished canvas with the text on double-sided matte paper. This is the first step in creating a tag for handmade products.
  • Next, you will need some finished coffee and cotton swabs. Using a napkin soaked in beverage, go over the surface of the sheet on both sides. After that, you need to give the paper some time to dry. A glossy base is not suitable for this.
  • When the workpiece has dried, use the same cotton pad and coffee to make blotches on the sheet. To do this, moisten the swabs and squeeze on the paper in random order. Now you need to dry again.
  • Repeat the same procedure with the other side of the sheet.
  • At this stage, you will need a stronger drink, you can use chicory. Using a toothbrush, you need to spray coffee on both sides of the paper. The drops will lay perfectly on the sheet.
  • Painting is over. When completely dry, you will get a very beautiful result.
  • For decoration we use small paper rosebuds. Glue them to either edge of the tag.

Crafts tag

Tea bags and mail bags of craft paper

For the manufacture of this option, you will need: a figured hole, craft paper and ordinary color, scissors, ruler, glue and contour of any color.Birks for hand-made products will look excellent.They are ideal for needlewomen who sew or knit bears.

  • Cut rectangles of paper and use a hole punch to make animal-shaped holes.
  • Cut out similar geometric shapes from the other material.
  • Glue two pieces of paper to each other.
  • When the finished pieces are completely dry, you can sign them with an outline or a pen.

Terrrh -seal

There is a piece of paper on which you can print the text and with the help of a hot iron on the fabric.This material is called thermalrinospheric paper.This type of tags will perfectly serve objects of fabric that will practically not be washed.In order to create such elements, you will need: thermalrinospheric paper, satin tape, computer, printer, scissors, iron.

Tea bags and mail bags of craft paper

On the tag you can place the name of the site, your name or surname, name of the store.

  • In the Word document, create a table and write the name. It is important to remember that the logo should be written mirrored. When everything is ready, send the document for printing on the printer, using special material.
  • Now we take a satin ribbon. It is better to take raw materials of light color, so that the letters can be seen on it.
  • Put the printed image on the ribbon, face down. Press down and start ironing until the materials stick together. Turn off the steam function to prevent the sheet from getting wet.
  • Let the tape cool and remove the top layer of paper. The inscription is glued, now you need to leave 2 cm on the edges of the strip for folding. The finished decorative ribbon is sewn onto the piece.

This kind of tag printing for jewelry is not suitable. For this option, it is better to use other options.

Tea bags and mail bags of craft paper

Birch embroidered

Unlike the previous version, this one is good because it can be ironed and washed. To create this tag, you will need: fabric (better if it clearly shows the thread weave, it will simplify the embroidery), thread, needle, scissors.

We cut out a rectangle from matter.We make a scheme of inscriptions, for this we draw each letter with crosses.We proceed to embroidery on the fabric.The inscription can be decorated with different elements (such as underlining) or decorated with embroidered flowers.Then fold the fabric in half.We bend and sew the product.We turn the tag and sew on the desired product.This option is very convenient and simple.It lends itself to washing and ironing.There are no minuses in it, you only need a little of your time to make a tag.

Cardboard-tone tag

There can be fabric tags for handmade items. The template is presented below. You will need: cardboard, fabric, glue and a pencil.

  • We take cardboard and draw a sketch of the applique on the smooth side. You can choose absolutely any shape of the future business card. We chose the simplest, but no less spectacular. We cut small triangles out of scraps. They will be used as flags. Three decorative elements look good. Glue the geometric shapes down with a corner. It is better to make a ribbon of flags in the middle of the tag.
  • Decorate the tags with warm wishes for your clients. Ribbon for attaching to the products can be made from harness or satin fabric.

Tea bags and mail bags of craft paper

Cardboard and felt tag

This kind of product is done very quickly. To make a few tags, you will spend no more than 15 minutes. Cut out different colored shapes from felt, which will imitate fruits and vegetables. Sew them to the cardboard tags. Such business cards will decorate any product. They look bright and original. Of course, it will have to work hard to create them. But the joyful faces of customers will be your reward.

Boxes of salt dough and solidifying clay

Handmade tags can be made of salt dough.They can decorate gifts for New Year’s holidays.

Tea bags and mail bags of craft paper

And from hardening clay you can make tags, for example, on the sea theme. This raw material is inexpensive, so you do not have to spend too much. To make such business cards you will need: clay, lace, figures, shells, molds for baking cookies, rolling pin, board.

The manufacture is simple.We take clay (dough), roll out and cut out the figures.We make prints on them and most importantly – do not forget about the hole.The more uniformly you roll the mass, the more you get tags.Basically, about 15 large and 10 small products come out from one pack.The average price is four rubles per one thing.

When the clay dries, treat the edges with a skin and, if desired, can be decorated with acrylic paints or pillows for a stamp.

Clay tags are slightly bent after they are completely dry, while dough products remain flat. Working with the second option is much easier. They can be used as jewelry tags.

Lace and cardboard

Tea bags and mail bags of craft paper

As you can see, any kind of tags can be handmade. The pattern is geometric shapes. They are decorated at your discretion. Of course, the design is influenced by the product itself, which is sold. If you do not have time or desire to do something original, you can always glue paper with text on ordinary cardboard.

Now our tags are ready. Choose any option, and then you can make a statement by complementing your products. The most important thing is that there is nothing complicated about making such business cards, and the result is justified. Tags for handmade products will always stand out at the fair of applied arts and crafts. But we suggest not to be such boring needleworkers. It is better to take ordinary cardboard and glue a lace of paper on one side. You can arrange to print tags for jewelry, but these will look more attractive.

A very quick way to make a tag

Good afternoon, residents of the fair!

I want to bring to your attention a very simple, quick and economical way to make tags for my products.

There have already been many workshops on this subject, so please don’t swear. I think there is an innovation here.

So you will need:

1 sheet of colored cardboard (you can velvet paper, it will be even better), for the “inside of the tag”

Another 1 sheet of either colored cardboard or colored paper, if the ink is lubricated from the cardboard (it all depends on the printer and the type of ink) can be white, at your discretion, for the front side on which we will print tags.

Bilateral adhesive tape (sold in construction stores, linoleum is glued to it)

Simple and curly scissors

Ribbon yarn, or ordinary yarn, or satin ribbon.

We take our sheet of cardboard (I did not have velvet paper)

And the second sheet of cardboard or colored paper.We print our tags on it.In the case of glossy cardboard, you need to dry the ink very well.

Or on paper (as not all ink sticks to cardboard)

Next, on the first sheet of cardboard (the underside of the tag) stick solid strips of double-sided tape, removing the protective film on one side only for now. Glue it to the unpainted side.

Now remove the protective film from the other side of the tape

Next, we glue our printout (second, front sheet of cardboard or paper).We connect our two halves.It is on bilateral tape that everything sits perfectly (this is especially true when we use paper)

And cut the tags.Like this.

We take curly scissors, round the corners.

This is how tags look from one and the other sides

And that’s how the paper version-

It remains to make a hole with a hole punch and pull a ribbon (yarn, satin ribbon, whatever. I have a gold ribbon yarn)

And another option

It’s done. It took me about 20 minutes, not counting the drying of the ink.

I like the result.I hope someone is useful.

Having read it to everyone – thanks.

I supplement, later.I still got to the store with stationery, and bought velvet paper.Moreover, I used it on both sides, I also printed it on it.That’s what happened.And for Oshup, super!

Handmade tags on templates for printing

Each needlewoman, doing a thing with her own hands, wants her product to attract attention and be unique.But a unique style when creating work and beautiful packaging is sometimes not enough.Handmade tags will help attract the attention of the buyer.This is a kind of business card.In it you can display the contact details of the master, information about the product, or write a wish to the buyer.

Manufacturing at home

Tags are a kind of way to advertise your creativity, which is impossible to do without for needlewomen in today’s world. They can be added to any handmade craft, whether it is a toy, clothing or baking. It is not difficult to make labels with your own hands at home, and such a card will please any customer and distinguish the master with his work from the multitude.

There are many methods for making handmade product tags. You can print off-the-shelf versions on a computer or create your own design entirely. The appearance and content of the tag vary depending on its purpose.

The use of ready -made templates

The easiest way to create a tag is to choose a ready-made template and print it on a computer.Labels can differ not only in internal content, but also in form.They are:

  • Round.
  • Oval.
  • Rectangular.
  • Rhombus-shaped.
  • Shaped (in the shape of hearts, stars, or clothing details).

For printing, it is better to use matte paper on which you can then write the information by hand.

Ready-made tags: handmade, printable templates may look like this:

Tea bags and mail bags of craft paper

Tea bags and mail bags of craft paper

Tea bags and mail bags of craft paper

Tea bags and mail bags of craft paper

Tea bags and mail bags of craft paper

Even more options can be found on the vast expanses of the Internet.

Do -it -yourself labels

Birochka for handmade products, the templates of which are made on their own layout and design, will confirm the uniqueness of the master’s products.They will show the potential buyer that Hend Made is not just a job, but a matter in which part of the soul is invested.Such clothes are made with love and last longer.

To create labels at home, cardboard is most often used.But for hand Made also use:

  • Leather pieces.
  • Kraft cardboard.
  • Embossed cardboard with patterns.
  • Plastic.
  • Tight paper.

Labels made of leather are stronger, but such material is expensive and it is more difficult to work with it.It is advisable to create such tags for expensive creations Hend Made.Plastic tags have maximum resistance to environmental exposure, but few of the masters have the opportunity to work with them at home.

It is important that the design of the tags is combined with the creation of the needlewoman. This plays an important role in business development. For example, if gifts for a newborn baby are meant, then the label can be made in the form of a pacifier, a stroller or a teddy bear.

The second most important condition is the correct selection of the color palette. Color affects the psychological state of a person, so the choice must stop at that shade, which will cause positive emotions and a desire to buy products.

You can differ in originality if you make a tag of the same material as the handmade product.This makes it clear to potential customers that the master was seriously seriously treated to work, and it was thought out to the smallest detail.

Step-by-step master class

Having decided on the materials, you can proceed to the creation of the tag.Some craftswomen come up with their own font for decorating the front side of the label, but it is better not to get carried away with this – handmade, the inscription may be unreadable.

Coffee tag from photo paper

Such a tag can be attached to toys or in addition to the package with sweets. To make it you will need:

  • Matte paper.
  • Prepared coffee drink.
  • Cotton pads.
  • An old toothbrush.
  • Small paper rosettes.
  • Glue.

The first thing to do is to make a label layout on your computer. This can be done in Word, Power Point or other graphic editor. The text is entered as desired, as it is only necessary to outline the fields and fill in manually later. The finished template is printed on matte paper.

The painting of the product is carried out in two stages:

  • Use a cotton pad and coffee to go over both sides of the workpiece, leaving divots in random order. Next, the tag should be allowed to dry.
  • Using a toothbrush, leave a splash of stronger drink (you can dilute chicory). These actions are repeated for both sides of the sheet and then left to dry.

To complete the work, all that is left is to glue the paper rosettes to any corner of the tag and be happy with the result.

Tea bags and mail bags of craft paper

Terrmotransfer sheets and ribbons

Such tags can be hung on clothes made with your own hands.To create this option are necessary:

  • Thermal transfer paper.
  • Laser printer.
  • Ribbon.
  • Scissors.
  • Iron. It is important that the width of the layout does not exceed the width of the ribbon. It is convenient to print several tags at once, filling an entire A4 sheet with them (this will produce less waste).

It remains to transfer the image from the thermal transfer paper on the ribbons. To do this you need:

  • Cut out the templates.
  • Attach to the ribbons.
  • Iron with a hot iron.

Cut the tags to the right length and attach them to the garment. It is better to sew such a label on a knitted sweater, and glue it to a woven garment. It is not recommended to wash such a tag at temperatures over 60 degrees, so that it retains color longer. You can glue a layer of thermal film on top for more durability of the pattern.

Such a tag can display the name of the site or store, as well as contact information for the needlewoman.

Cross -stitch on fabric

Another handmade option is to make a tag out of fabric and embroider a cross-stitch pattern on it. Such items can be safely ironed and washed. To do this kind of work you will need:

  • Cloth on which the fibers are clearly visible.
  • Colored thread.
  • Needle.
  • Scissors.

Rectangles of the right size are cut out of the fabric, but it should be taken into account that in the end they have to be folded in half. A pencil draws crosses, marks the places of letters and future stitches. Embroidered pattern. Labels are folded in half, turned out and stitched edges. Everything is ready, the only thing left is to attach them to the product.

You can take an embroidered piece of fabric and attach it to cardboard, making it double. So it will look even more original. In this style, you can make a tag for a New Year’s gift, adding a few decorative elements to it.

You can create any kind of tag, it all depends on the imagination of the author. They can be made of clay, felt or salt dough, decorated with lace or draw your own pattern. Handmade labels will help to stand out in the arts and crafts market and please the customer.

Originally posted 2018-04-18 12:54:55.

Features of craft paper for packaging

  • Available in sheets (from 660×500) or rolls (from 60×10 m);
  • Color performance – Kraft, white, with printing;
  • Purpose – the production of bags, envelopes, sacks and other paper products, packaging for industrial, food products, souvenirs and gifts.

Kraft paper is environmentally safe, resistant to damage, tearing material, which finds the widest practical application in industry, trade, domestic sphere.

Crap paper for packaging is available

  • Individual and corporate customers from any region and locality of the country;
  • At a competitive price (exact prices are listed in the product description);
  • Wholesale or retail – from 1 package or roll;
  • With delivery by courier, mail or transport companies all over Russia (self-delivery of Kraft packaging paper from our warehouse in the Moscow region is available).

How to make and pay for an order?

You can buy the necessary amount of any Kraft paper for wrapping in the official online store.

Payment of products is carried out in cash upon receipt, by bank cards, transfers or electronic money when forming a remote application.

We provide the following guarantees

  • Delivery time of purchased Kraft paper is 1-3 weeks;
  • Damaged goods or goods that do not meet customer requirements are subject to exchange in accordance with the contract and the law protecting consumer rights (refunds are possible after submission and consideration of the appropriate application);
  • We offer significant discounts to regular buyers and customers of large batches of Kraft paper (there are also regular campaigns).

Useful recommendations

The passage of a simple registration procedure on our website will simplify the process of re -acquisition of any product due to the lack of the need to fill out personal, contact details and details.

At the same time, 100% preservation of the confidentiality of the information provided is ensured.

Qualified managers will help you choose, order and get a gift craft for the most convenient way.

You can ask for advice through online chat, by phone or by e-mail.

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