Rolling paper and its characteristics

One of the important components of cigarettes is a special thin tissue paper – rolling paper. With its help you can roll up a tobacco tube or, as they say, a “roll-your-own” cigarette. Paper is different from paper. It may differ in material, size, color and even taste and aroma.

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Which brand of paper should I choose?

There are quite a few popular brands of rolling paper. We recommend Party in House
or Smoking
. They are the best in quality and composition – made from natural ingredients. Other manufacturers are also suitable for everyday use – the main thing is that the storage conditions are met. After all, the choice of paper is important – the smoker inhales its combustion products into his body.

Paper size for rolling papers

There are several sizes of cigarette paper: double wide or single narrow. The size of the paper depends on the size of the future cigarette and accordingly depends on the amount of tobacco taken.

Types of rolling papers

Rolling papers also vary in appearance. There are 3 main types of tissue paper:

  • Classic – an ordinary piece of paper; какую бумагу для самокруток выбрать
  • Paper with cut corners – this kind of paper is very easy to twist by hand;
  • Pocket. Very suitable for beginners, when you can simply put the tobacco in and easily secure it with your hands.

Usually there are from 24 to 300 sheets of paper in one box. There is paper that is rolled into rolls. In this way, companies sell ready-made rolled products.

Tissue paper material

The main materials for making rolling paper are wood, hemp, corn, bamboo and rice straw. Most common hemp paper
and rice straw.

I suggest you choose rice paper. Among its advantages are the following: no odor that interferes with the smell of tobacco; thin sheets of paper leave little ash. Cellulose is used for transparent paper. Other materials are used extremely rarely.

Thickness of rolling paper

If you are a beginner, it is better to buy thicker paper. With it, there is less chance that the rolled-up cigarette will break. Experienced smokers choose paper that is thinner, sometimes almost transparent. Fans of tobacco mixtures also use thick paper. It makes tobacco burn better. For other mixtures, choose thin paper. It affects the taste less.

Paper glue – is it necessary or not?

You probably noticed on some types of paper there is an adhesive part. This can help you tighten the connection together with ease. People are constantly wondering if these products are safe to smoke. They are absolutely safe, because the adhesive layer on such papers is made of sugar.

The smell of rolling papers

The leader in the production of aromatic rolling papers is Juicy Jay’s
. They have over 30 tissue paper scents to choose from. The most popular scents are tropical fruits, vanilla and coffee.

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Tissue paper color

If previously you could only buy white paper, now the variety of shades is endless. There is even paper that glows in the dark. It looks great, especially in youth companies and in the hands of wealthy ladies.