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Resize images online with resizepixel

There are a wide variety of image editing software with all kinds of features like 3D rendering, AI image processing, etc. Almost all of these tools offer basic image editing features including image resizing.

However, modern software can be expensive and difficult to use due to training requirements. For most users looking for a free and easy-to-use online photo resizer app, ResizePixel may be the solution.

ResizePixel app provides a simple yet powerful service to resize an image in pixels. You can resize PNG, JPG, GIF, WEBP, TIFF and BMP images with the convenient option to keep the original aspect ratio. To make your image file even smaller, try changing the image size in KB/MB.

How to change image size in pixels

You can change the image in pixels using any graphic editor: Photoshop, Paint, etc.

Let’s take Paint as an example, because it is present on all computers with the Windows operating system installed.

To change the image size you need:

  1. Open Paint;
  2. In the top toolbar, select the “Resize” function;
  3. In the window that opens, set the switch to display the size in pixels;
  4. And then specify the horizontal and vertical values ​​you need.
    Изменить размер изображения в пикселях

It is worth noting that if you try to enlarge the original image measuring 600 by 600 pixels, it will enlarge, but the number of pixels per inch will be reduced, which will inevitably lead to a loss of sharpness, the quality will deteriorate significantly and you will see a blurry image on the monitor .

How to view image resolution, photo

Viewing the resolution of an image in pixels is quite simple, because all information about it is stored in its properties.

Instructions for viewing the image size in pixels on a computer:

  1. Right-click on the image;
  2. In the context menu at the very bottom, select “Properties”;
    Свойства картинки, изображения, фото
  3. Go to the “Details” section;
  4. Below the image information will indicate: resolution, width and height in pixels. In this example, the image is 600 by 600 pixels.
    Узнать размер изображения, количество пикселей на фото

How to find out the size of an image in pixels on your phone:

  1. Open photo in image gallery;
  2. Open an additional menu by clicking on the icon with 3 horizontal dots;
  3. Select “Details”;
    Свойства фото на телефоне, подробности
  4. On the page that opens, the “File” column will indicate the size of the image in pixels.
    Разрешение изображения на телефоне

How to count the number of pixels in an image

If you need to find out how many pixels are in an image in total, then it’s easy to calculate: just multiply the width by the height. Those. if the image has a width of 600 and a height of 600, then multiply 600 * 600 and get 360000 px.

How to find out the size of a picture

There are several different image formats. Once you know the format of the image and its size, you can wisely use it for posting on your own website. For example, did you know that for pictures with few sharp transitions it is better to use the JPG format, and for photographs with increased sharpness – the PNG format?

This article will discuss ways to find out the size of a picture, the main graphic formats that are used on the Internet, and their differences. The most common image formats include JPG, PNG, SVG and GIF.

Due to the characteristics of different formats, each specific picture may be a good option in one situation and a bad option in another. In addition, once you know the size of the image, you can decide whether it is worth uploading it to the site – depending on how much the image weighs, it can have a positive or negative effect on behavioral factors.

Too large images will interfere with fast loading of the site, and thereby increase the bounce rate, worsening the site’s ranking in search results. Low-quality, uninformative and poorly attractive images will also negatively affect the promotion of an Internet resource in search engines.

Using a large number of photos can also worsen the site’s ranking, so you should wisely select the sizes and compress the necessary images, trying not to lose quality.

Knowing the size of pictures is important because their weight affects the loading speed of the site, which in turn affects promotion.

To find out the weight of a photo saved on your computer, just look at its “Properties”. Right-clicking on the image and selecting the appropriate item in the context menu will display a corresponding window with information about the width and height of the photo in pixels. The resolution in DPI will also be shown here.

if you need to know the size and resolution of several images at once, open the “View” tab, then select the “Details” format and check the “Resolutions” box. This will let you know the size of each picture.

To find out the size of a photo posted on the site, use the following instructions:

  1. If you are using the browser Mozilla Firefox
    — right-click on the picture, then select “Image Information” from the context menu. This action will display an information window that will show the original size of the image and its modified version that is used on the site.
  2. If you are using the browser Google Chrome
    — right-click on the image, then select “View element code” from the context menu. In the window that appears after this, the size of the picture will be visible (on the right side in a colored frame). Or hover your mouse over the selection in the right window, then the image size will appear above the selected image.
  3. In modern versions of the browser Opera
    You won’t be able to find out the image size using the built-in tools. But there is a way out! Install the add-on “ Classic Images”
    , with which you can find out the type, size, resolution and address of the picture. The algorithm of actions is the same as in the Firefox browser – right-click, then select “View image properties”.

Nowadays there are four main graphic formats used on the Internet – JPEG, PNG, SVG, GIF. Each of them has its own characteristics and is used for certain situations. Let’s look at each image format in more detail.

The most common image format. Best suited for photographs and pictures without sharp transitions. When compressed, it may lose quality, which is why the user is offered a choice of several options for the final quality (high/medium/low).

The second most popular format. P NG is often used for graphic pictures and illustrations. A distinctive feature of this format is that when the image is compressed and enlarged, it does not lose quality. In addition, it is actively used for pictures with sharp, not smooth transitions.

This format is used for two-dimensional vector graphics and is widely used throughout the world. It is especially popular when developing modern websites. SVG files take up much less space compared to images saved in other formats.

The main disadvantage of this format is that it is quite difficult to create complex objects that cannot be described using geometric shapes.

Takes up a lot of space and can slow down the site on weak computers. However, it is used to create GIF animations. This format can be useful when used in instructions or other content formats in which it is important to demonstrate the step-by-step completion of a task.

It is important to know the size of pictures for internal website optimization. Reducing the size of the images used will increase the site loading speed, which will have a positive effect on SEO. It’s important to try to reduce the size of your images without losing quality, and you also need to know which image format will work best for your situation.

To find out the image size, most often you just need to right-click and select the appropriate context menu item. The Opera browser may require the installation of an additional extension.

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How to make a png image smaller?

The online service supports all popular graphic formats, such as jpg, gif, bmp and many others. Including, you can easily resize an image in png format. It is treated by the application in the same way as other file extensions.

How to reduce the size of a photo if it is very large?

This service can work even with very large images. With its help, you can reduce the width and height of an image to even several thousand pixels. There is no scaling provided in this case, that is, you will see and reduce the size of the original photo, which will allow you to see the real potential scale.

Image cropping

This is the next resizing option. To use it, find the “Frame” tool in the panel. After selection, a line for working with this function will be displayed on the top panel. First you need to choose the proportions by which you want to trim. These can be standard (for example, 4×3, 16×9, etc.) or arbitrary values.

Next, you should choose the grid type, which will allow you to more competently crop the image in accordance with the rules of photography.

Finally, you need to drag and drop to select the desired area of ​​the photo and press the Enter key.

Privacy Policy.

Our service is used by people who need to make their photos smaller. Therefore, a reasonable question arises: will personal photos fall into the wrong hands? We hasten to reassure you. Absolutely all images that you upload to the site are deleted automatically after it is closed.


As you can see, the result is obtained in literally half a minute. You can save the final image, like any other, in the format you need.

Method 1: imgonline

IMGonline is the only Russian-language online service that provides the ability to quickly and without any difficulty change the size of a photo in centimeters. During processing, you are asked to select additional parameters that will be useful to certain users.

Go to the IMGonline online service

Method 2: imresizer

The next online service is more convenient to manage, but it does not have the same flexibility in picture settings as was shown above. Instead, it is suggested to rotate the image, crop the excess and select the optimal resizing mode, which happens like this:

Go to the ImResizer online service

  1. On the main page of ImResizer, which will open after clicking on the link above, select the section “Upload”
    and start uploading your photo.
  2. Переход к загрузке изображения для изменения размера в сантиметрах через онлайн-сервис ImResizer

  3. Select it through Explorer or simply drag it onto the tab.
  4. Загрузка изображения для изменения размера в сантиметрах через онлайн-сервис ImResizer

  5. Next, move to the section “Resize”
    through the top panel.
  6. Переход к разделу для изменения размера изображения в сантиметрах ImResizer

  7. If you want to leave automatic selection of proportions based on DPI, check the corresponding box, and then specify the appropriate unit of measurement for resizing the photo.
  8. Выбор единицы измерения для изменения размера фото через онлайн-сервис ImResizer

  9. Set new values ​​for height and width, and then click “Resize”
    . Now is the time to do other editing steps if necessary, and then you can move on to saving.
  10. Изменение размера фото в сантиметрах через онлайн-сервис ImResizer

  11. Mark with a marker the item with the format in which you want to download the photo, and then click “Download”
  12. Применение настроек после изменения размера фото в сантиметрах в ImResizer

  13. After downloading is complete, open the picture through any convenient viewer and make sure that you are completely satisfied with its appearance.
  14. Скачивание фото после изменения размера в сантиметрах в онлайн-сервисе ImResizer

Method 3: imageresize

The latest online service for our material is ImageResize. Its peculiarity is that the size in centimeters cannot be changed manually. Instead, a template is selected, where the corresponding parameters are specified.

Go to the online service ImageResize

  1. On the ImageResize main page, click on the button “Select file”
  2. Переход к выбору фото для изменения размера в сантиметрах через онлайн-сервис ImageResize

  3. Similarly, upload the image through standard Explorer.
  4. Выбор фото для изменения размера в сантиметрах через онлайн-сервис ImageResize

  5. Open the drop-down menu “Custom Size”
  6. Открытие меню для выбора размера фото через онлайн-сервис ImageResize

  7. Check out the options here. The ratio in pixels is indicated in brackets next to each size in centimeters, so finding a suitable option will not be difficult.
  8. Выбор размера фото в сантиметрах через онлайн-сервис ImageResize

  9. Additionally, you can crop the image or see what resolution it has in pixels.
  10. Дополнительные настройки фото в онлайн-сервисе ImageResize

  11. All that remains is to click on the button with the format suitable for downloading.
  12. Скачивание фото после изменения размера в сантиметрах ImageResize

  13. The picture has been successfully uploaded to local storage and is available for viewing.
  14. Открытие фото после изменения размера в сантиметрах через ImageResize