Production of paper bags as a business

Business in the production of paper bags, is it relevant? Nowadays, people are increasingly keen to take care of the environment and their health. They try to purchase natural, ecological products and things for general use. Synthetics are being replaced by cotton, hamburgers are being replaced by vegetarian food, and electric cars are slowly being replaced by fuel-burning cars. Therefore, we can safely say that business on natural products is relevant today. This article describes in detail one type of business in the production of environmentally friendly material, namely the production of paper bags.

Advantages of paper bags and their production

Paper bags are better than their plastic counterparts. Take even the fact that bags made of paper decompose in the soil much faster than polyethylene. A big plus of eco-friendly bags is also the way they keep food in its original state. For example, such as coffee or flour. And such a thing as charcoal for frying is completely unsuitable for storage in plastic. A plastic bag cannot boast of these properties.

The good thing about the production of paper bags is that it does not require any special area for production; such bags can be made almost anywhere. Also, you don’t have to spend money on production: you don’t need expensive raw materials, and paper and cardboard are available in all regions at reasonable wholesale prices.

бумажные пакеты очень выгодны для производства и бизнеса

A plant with such production will have a stable high income, provided there are regular customers for the products. And finding them won’t be difficult: large supermarket chains have begun to use paper bags very often. Fast food kiosks and small cafes also use this material as product packaging.

How much does a ticket cost for the production of paper bags

Of course, you can talk endlessly about the benefits of environmental materials, but information about the cost of organizing a paper business is still the most intriguing. And many will stop at this stage, since a business producing something always requires considerable investment.

You will have to pay a minimum of 2.7 million rubles for opening and developing a business and, with maximum production, 9.3 million rubles. Namely, you need to spend money on the following items.

1. Equipment, you can’t do without it. The cost of a small, semi-automated workshop is about 1 million rubles, and a full-fledged automated complex will cost about 6 million rubles.

2. Consumables. With a normal production volume, which is about 150 thousand bags in 22 working days, 200–350 thousand rubles per month will be spent on raw materials.

3. Pay wages to hired workers, and there will be about 4-10 of them with an average salary of 10 thousand rubles; salaries will cost from 480 thousand to 1.5 million per year

4. About 300 thousand rubles will be spent on advertising – the engine of progress.

5. For rent of production premises. In a medium-populated city, rent will cost approximately 450–900 thousand rubles per year.

6. Additional expenses. Payment of utilities, equipment repairs, transportation costs – about 300 thousand rubles will be spent on all this.

бумажное производство требует применения станков

Equipment for the production of paper bags

As noted above, the price of equipment may vary. It all depends on the capabilities of the equipment, whether it is new or used, the manufacturer’s brand, and the cost of transportation.

A small machine for the production of paper bags can be purchased for a million rubles, and if it is used, then less than 700 thousand rubles.

An automated line, even used, will cost from 2 million rubles. Therefore, with relatively small financial resources, it is better to buy a semi-automated line, and as the enterprise develops, purchase additional equipment.

So, what equipment will you need for paper

1. Machine for gluing paper pipes. For example: UBT-200M.

станок УБТ-200М для бумажного производства

2. Apparatus for gluing edges and forming a bottom. For example: DU-4913.

ДУ-4913 один из дешевых вариантов для изготовления бумажных пакетов

3. Machine for stitching
edges and tape stickers. For example: TP201Y.

TP201Y станок для прошивки бумажных пакетов

This is all the basic equipment for the production of bags. Having these machines, the plant can produce from 200 to 400 bags per day. Further, when expanding the enterprise, to increase income you should purchase: a special puncher, specialized tools for making adhesive material, a press, and a machine for printing logos.

Paper raw materials

There will be no problems with the purchase of raw materials in this business. Any paper is suitable as a consumable: the thicker the better. Bags can be produced from waste paper, and this will significantly reduce the cost of raw materials. You can organize a special point for receiving secondary raw materials. For strength, you can glue the paper in several layers.

Paper business revenue

The production of environmentally friendly paper bags is a profitable business. The income at the initial stages will be relatively large – about 200–500 thousand rubles. Further, as the enterprise grows, profits will also increase. The approximate payback of the enterprise will be from one to one and a half years.

The approximate price per ton of cardboard or paper is 35 thousand rubles.

One package requires 0.9 g of raw materials with a worker’s monthly salary of approximately ten thousand rubles.

ручной труд при производстве бумажных пакетов очень востребован

The cost of the package is 3.23 rubles. with a retail price of 15 rubles. Income from one package – 11.77 rubles.

In a month, with average production, 150 thousand bags will be ready. Rounded revenue – 1.5 million rubles. If you subtract all monthly expenses, you get about 900 thousand rubles.

As you can see, the production of paper bags is a very profitable business, so you can start drawing up a business plan right now.

Below, watch interesting videos on the production of paper bags.