Parchment paper in the household

How do housewives use parchment paper? Usually it is used to cover a baking sheet or baking dish. It’s not for nothing that it’s called baking paper or baking paper. In cooking, this is truly an irreplaceable thing, because such a substrate does not allow moisture and fat to pass through, which is why baked goods are easily removed from any form, and the dishes do not need to be washed.

Baking paper is a young invention. It is found in almost every home. This material is made from special porous filter paper. In the process, part of the cellulose is destroyed, the pores “close” and the material acquires the properties for which it is valued. It allows you to maintain the ideal shape of baked goods, and does not require lubrication when preparing fatty products.

запекание сдобы и трубочек с помощью пекарной бумаги

Due to its universal qualities, baking paper is also used as packaging material in pharmacology and technology. As you can see, the range of uses of “culinary parchment” is much wider than it seems at first glance. And if you are a practical housewife, then you probably know how else you can use it at home. If you don’t know, here are some useful examples. Some of them are actually amazing.

Parchment paper for food storage

Baking paper is good not only for cooking, but also for packaging food. For example, for better storage, you can wrap sandwiches, ready-made meat or fish dishes, as well as culinary products.

подача блюд в пергаменте

Cheese is stored especially well in it – much better than in the packaging in which it is sold. It is better to immediately remove it from the film after opening and wrap it in parchment paper. This way the aroma and taste of the dairy product will last longer, and it will not spoil for a long time.

запекание мяса и продуктов в пергаменте

Tip: if you have divided the minced meat into portions in advance or have already formed cutlets from it that you want to freeze, use baking paper to separate the portions from each other. The same applies to storing food in the refrigerator, if you need to prevent them from mixing in a common container. To do this, it is very convenient to fold them in rows, between which make a layer of baking paper.

Wrapping jam jars

Sweet drops constantly flow down from an open jar of jam or honey, which sometimes end up on the table. To prevent this from happening, the open jar should be wrapped
parchment paper.

оборачивание еды в пергамент

The best way to do this is to cut out a large square, place the jar right in the center, and then lift up all the edges. It is easy to secure the wrapper with just one rubber band or by wrapping thread around the neck. Now, even if the jam flows down the glass, it will not stain the surface on which you store the treasured “sweet” jar.

Keeping your microwave clean

Another great way to use baking paper in the kitchen is to protect your microwave from greasy splatters while heating food. All you need to do is simply cover the dishes with a piece of baking paper before turning on the heat.

как упаковать пищу в пергамент

You can even form the paper into something like a lid or cap if you need to cover flat plates rather than deep containers. The result is excellent: the microwave is clean, and there is no harm to food, because parchment paper for food is completely safe.

Extending the life of an iron

Old irons, as a rule, begin to glide poorly over fabric over time. To restore this property to them, just rub the sole of the iron with crumpled parchment paper.

как ухаживать за утюгом с помощью пергамента

If the surface of the iron not only does not slip, but also looks dirty, you can clean it by pouring a good layer of salt on baking paper and ironing it thoroughly. However, remember, no matter how much we want to save money and preserve the life of an old thing, we are talking about an electrical appliance.

Advice: if the iron becomes unusable, get rid of it.

Development of children’s creative potential

The same tandem (iron and parchment paper) can be used to create creative works with children. All you need is wax crayons, which melt easily from heat, and a sheet of thick paper. As a result, you will be able to draw a very unusual “fused” pattern.

рулон пергаментной бумаги

The first step is to make crumbs out of crayons (you can grate them). Then, using shavings of different colors on a sheet of paper, you should lay out the outlines of an object. You can first draw the design with a pencil, and then fill it with crumbs from wax crayons. An iron will help fix the picture. The drawing must be carefully covered with parchment paper and ironed. The crayons will melt and you will have an original artistic masterpiece.

Saving a wet book

Everyone knows that a wet book is unlikely to be helped by anything. If you accidentally spill water on the pages, they will never be straight. Books almost always become deformed when drying. In fact, they can be dried without bending or waves, if the damage is minor and you have in your household
there is parchment paper.

обернуть намокшую бумагу в пергамент

You just need to carefully separate the pages and put baking paper between them. This method is only suitable for non-critical damage: if you spill a glass of water or get caught in the rain. If the book has completely fallen into water, the process of drying it will be much more difficult.

Care of chrome surfaces

Shiny faucets in the bathroom and kitchen look very beautiful and stylish. The thin chrome coating, which is applied electrolytically, not only gives the faucets an attractive appearance, but also protects their surface.

уход за фаянсом с помощью пергаментной бумагой

Therefore, it is important to keep this top layer clean. This will ensure long service life for faucets, as well as any other products with a similar coating. Waxed parchment paper will help maintain the original shine and shine. After contact with chrome surfaces, it leaves a thin protective layer on them. By wiping the taps or refrigerator handles with it, you can protect them from possible contamination

By the way, baking paper also helps remove traces of grease stains from stainless steel items. Housewives who have stainless steel pots among their kitchen utensils should take note of this information.

Protecting shelves from dirt

One of the easiest ways to use parchment paper is to protect smooth surfaces from dirt, dust and grease. In the kitchen there is always a shelf or cabinet on which grease from cooking settles and attracts small particles of dust and dirt. As a result, such shelves have to be constantly washed and wiped.

как защитить полки и пол от пятне с помощью пергаментной бумагой

But you can lay baking paper on them, which will serve as a tablecloth. When you see that the bedding is stained, it is easy to replace it with a new one. It’s much easier than constantly cleaning dirty stains. For the same purpose, baking paper can be used in the refrigerator, covering the bottom of the lower drawers or hanging shelves with it.

Preventing paint from drying out

You bought a can of paint, used half of it, and saved the rest for emergencies. To prevent the paint in the jar from becoming covered with a film for a long time, place a piece of parchment paper over the hole before closing it with the lid. It will prevent air and moisture from penetrating under the lid. When you decide to use the paint again, its structure will still be the same homogeneous, without a film, which often causes lumps to form.

Tip: If you work with paint frequently and need to keep your brushes dry during breaks during the day, wrap them in parchment paper.

Pet care

If you have pets, you’ve probably noticed that when you pet them, the fur of a cat or dog sometimes produces an electric shock. This is unpleasant not only for people, but also for the animals themselves. What to do to prevent your pet from becoming “electrified”? Believe it or not, you can pet your pet with a piece of parchment paper. This is believed to help remove static electricity from the fur.

Lightning Recovery

Parchment paper even solves the problem of a sticking zipper. All you need to do is rub the problem area with waxed baking paper. Due to its impregnation, it lubricates the zipper with a thin wax layer, restoring its ability to slide. This method works both with zippers on clothes and shoes.

пергаментная бумага для ухода за молнией

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