Paper stuck in the printer, how do I get it out?

Итак, сегодня мы разберем:
• Если в принтере застряла бумага, как вытащить её, не повредив печатающую машину.
• Каковы причины застревания бумажных листов.
В принтере застряла бумага, как вытащить её без повреждений• Меры предосторожности при извлечении, бумаги из аппарата.


There can be several problems. The most common one is clogging of the inside of the printer. This can be small parts of office supplies – simply put, stationery – or clogging of small particles on the paper itself. The second option occurs, often when using cheap, low-grade paper that has been poorly treated. As a result, the paper can leave a lot of fine dust and debris that lingers on the fuser or in similar tight and cluttered areas. As a result, the printer may begin to “chew” (crumple) the paper or not print at all.

Incorrect paper weight can also cause problems. Read the printer specifications carefully to see what types of paper it can use without consequences.

Paper stuck in the printer, how to get it out, extraction methods

In fact, there are not many methods of extracting paper, but you should know a few nuances so as not to “break a hole” – in our case, the typewriter. A sheet of paper can get jammed in two places:

В принтере застряла бумага, как вытащить, если освободить прижим печки

  • At the beginning of the print path – where you can see the end of the sheet in the tray area and where the paper is inserted;
  • At the output of the print path – here you can see the sheet from the upper cover of the machine.

The first thing you need to do is unplug the printer from the power outlet.

In order to get the paper out of the device, you need to open the top compartment (this compartment may be located differently on each model, but usually it is not difficult to find): carefully examine the cover and gently pull on the places indicated by arrows. The compartment where the cartridge is located should open. Take it out. This is also not difficult to do – just pull it out. Next, be careful, because there are thermocouples inside the printer which may be hot after printing.

Paper is stuck at the printer print path input – what to do?

В принтере застряла бумага, как вытащить из струйного принтераПеред извлечением листа нужно освободить прижимной тракт – в лазерных принтерах это термопечка, в струйных – это валики подачи листа. Обычно это делается путем открытия задней крышки принтера и подниманием рычагов механики принтера, помеченных каким-то ярким цветом (оранжевым, зеленым или красным). Далее берем обеими руками за края листа и осторожно с небольшим натяжением вытягиваем лист наружу. Старайтесь не порвать лист, так как достать кусочки будет крайне сложно или вообще не выйдет.

осторожно вытаскиваем бумагу из лазерного принтера

If there is paper jammed in the printer at the output of the print path, it is not recommended to pull it toward you because there is a great risk of simply tearing it. You need to put your hands inside the machine (where we pulled the cartridge from) and grab the sides of the sheet with both hands and drag it down and toward you. The point is that the paper pulls out badly as it prints, and quite simply, in the opposite direction. After pulling out the main part of the sheet, you can pull up to pull out the bottom edge of the sheet.

Once again: pay attention to the hot elements inside the machine, do not allow the sheet to break into pieces.

If the paper does tear, carefully try to remove it from inside the printer. If this fails and the printer does not print or the paper jams again, you will have to call the service department. Also, don’t forget to put the cartridge back in the printer! I hope you now know what to do if the paper is jammed in the printer and how to get it out without damaging your beloved machine.