Paper karambit knife with 3D handle at home – step-by-step production

Each game requires certain elements. The setting is not so important, because the jungle can be an ordinary park, and the apocalypse zone can be your father’s garage. Much more important are some attributes and weapons inherent in a particular game.

The karambit knife is a rather unusual weapon that gained popularity after the release of the computer game Call of Duty: Black Ops. In addition, this knife often appears in the hands of both positive and negative characters in modern cinema. So most growing males dream of buying this item.

But can a child be trusted with a weapon? Obviously not. We bring to your attention instructions on how to make a karambit knife out of paper with your own hands.

керамбит трафарет

How to design a stencil for a karambit knife with your own hands

Finding a ready-made drawing of a beautiful knife is not so easy. Especially if you are a fan of the game and want to become the owner of an exact copy of a fantastic weapon.

In addition, many ready-made sketches can be incomprehensible for beginners; some small details and ambiguities often lead to confusion.

You can get a karambit stencil in several ways:

  • Explore the Internet. The web is filled with various stencils. Of course, you won’t like most of them or won’t understand them. But if you don’t give up, you will find exactly what you need;
  • Use a graphic editor. Modern programs make it easy to remove excess color from an image. By decolorizing the image of the knife you like, you will get an excellent finished model;
  • Draw a sketch yourself. Although it is quite complex, it is always possible to add or remove some details;

керамбит трафарет
как сделать керамбит из картона

How to make a karambit knife from paper

Karambit has a rather unusual shape due to its use. It is small in size and is designed to deprive the enemy not of life, but of the ability to reflect and immobilize.

A paper karambit knife does not have such powerful properties, but is capable of imitating and frightening an enemy. Especially in the dark.

This is a great toy option for a boy.

To create such a knife you will need a model and the materials themselves. You will need a lot of paper (at least 30 A4 sheets), so take care of this in advance. Also stock up on PVA glue and prepare a pencil with scissors.

So, let’s get started:

  • Glue more parts onto the handle to add volume. Thickness 18-20 pcs;
  • Place the fully assembled structure under the press for 2-3 hours;
  • Print out the knife drawing on a plain A4 sheet, carefully cut out all the elements and transfer to the remaining sheets. Or you can immediately print the required number of templates;
  • Let’s start gluing the elements. We recommend applying the adhesive with a brush for a cleaner look. For the main part you need to glue at least 30 parts. Glue them together with the first 10, then join them together. If desired, you can place a small load inside;
  • Thin elements are attached last, their number on average is 4-5 pieces;
  • For additional strength, a karambit knife made from a pattern can be painted.
  • We take the product out from under the press and start painting. This is a matter of taste. You can draw realistically and create something amazing and unusual. It all depends on the goal being pursued;
  • Cut out each piece. Mentally prepare yourself for the fact that this will take you a couple of hours;

как сделать керамбит из бумаги
бумага керамбит нож
как сделать керамбит из бумаги своими руками


On the Internet you can find many schemes for making this knife from various materials. The most commonly chosen materials are paper, plywood, wood and plastic. Of these materials, plywood is the strongest and most durable. Plywood is also low cost. Therefore, we recommend this particular material. If your friends tell you about a wooden knife, they most likely mean plywood.

Of course, you can make a karambit from paper, but the service life of such a knife will be short. So, let’s figure out what tools are needed to make plywood:

  • The holes will be probed with a feather drill or a ballerina;
  • Disc grinder. It can be replaced with regular sandpaper, but the process will take longer
  • Hand cutter or jigsaw. Be careful, the puzzle is not suitable for our profession;

Also stock up on PVA glue. We will also impregnate the material with glue; we recommend using bakelite. To add color, you can use either alkyd enamel or oil paint, the latter being more durable.

Any method is based on the manufacture of parts using ready-made models and connecting them together.

Various non-standard shapes of karambits are easiest to recreate from cardboard or paper, but have the lowest strength ratings. And to make a fashionable knife from more durable materials, you will have to work hard.

According to the drawings, there are two manufacturing methods:

  • In the first case, the main elements are cut out of a material 12 mm thick and fixed on 2 nozzles 4 mm thick. Sharpening the blade will take a long time, but the assembly itself is not difficult;
  • In the second case, the knife must be assembled from 5 plates, previously cut from the required material with a thickness of 4 mm. This will allow you to get the clearest possible outline of the weapon, but in reality it will look very different from the original image. This method is useful for simulating a real knife in close combat.

как сделать нож керамбит из картона
бумага керамбит нож