Paper for business cards – which one to choose

What kind of materials are not used by business card manufacturers these days? Metal, plastic, and even wood and chocolate are used. But the classics, proven over the years, have been, are and will be printed on paper. But we will now look at what types and grades of paper are best to use for printing ultra-modern business cards.

The most common option is coated paper

. Its perfectly white surface allows text and images to run smoothly, and colors are vibrant and rich. This is the most affordable in terms of price
, thick paper, well suited for formal business cards.

Linen textured paper

Probably also became a classic of the genre. There are certain features when using it. For example, don’t use fonts that are too small. Texture can “eat” part of the text or image details. It is better to choose contrasting colors.

Cover paper

Latex coating on both sides of a sheet of paper makes this luxurious. It has a rose petal-like feel that is matte yet smooth. This paper is for aesthetes.

Paper “magik”
attracts with its metallic shine. A business card made from it looks very respectable, and at the same time strictly. They are expensive, but this business card always stands out compared to its competitors.