Paper crown for a matinee in half an hour

Usually parents do something with their children only after a teacher or elementary school teacher assigns them the task. However, this activity is not only useful, but also fun. A pattern for cutting out a crown will simplify the process and tell you how to make the craft more interesting and attractive.

Why use a crown template?

Even the most primitive option, which does not require additional decorations, will be a great way to spend your free time. For adults, handmade jewelry looks ridiculous, but in the eyes of a child, everything looks different. Crowns made of foamiran or any other paper materials are used during games and holidays. Sometimes these decorations are made to highlight a child (for example, a birthday boy) or, conversely, to emphasize the uniqueness of each member of the group.

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Children are taught to work with special (not sharp) scissors from the age of 3; older children already know how to follow the outline, wrap paper, use a pencil and ruler. Even when using a crown stencil, this activity has a positive effect on the child’s development:

  • Imagination and imaginative thinking develop as the child creates a unique craft.
  • During this lesson, they learn geometric shapes and primary colors along the way by saying these points.
  • Children always rejoice at the opportunity to create something with their own hands, so their mood improves.
  • If a sketch is created in advance, fine motor skills, speech (when discussed with a parent), accuracy, and coordination improve.
  • Experience with glue, scissors, paper and brushes has a positive effect on the further development of these skills; they will definitely be needed at school.
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Typically, such crafts use not only a crown pattern, but also felt-tip pens, pencils, scissors, glue, decorative elements and paper or cardboard as the main material.

How to make a cardboard crown with your own hands?

Let’s look at several master classes to make the choice possible. It is not recommended to make this decision on your own, since in this case the child will lose the opportunity to show creativity and will simply repeat everything as in the lesson.

With cotton rim

Imitating fur will diversify the skill and make it stand out from the crowd if such a task was assigned to all children in the group. Sequence of actions:

  1. Print out the crown stencil and cut it out along the outlined outline.
  2. Trace it on cardboard or other colored material.
  3. Glue the 2 parts together and secure a small piece of fabric inside. Burlap or felt will do; they are only needed to keep the crown from falling off the head.
  4. Decorate the accessory with rhinestones, sequins or simply paint it.
  5. Apply a small strip of glue at the bottom and attach a cotton pad to it. If the white shade does not suit you, first moisten it with water and paint of a suitable color.
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Sometimes the cotton wool is replaced with a strip of decorative fur. On crowns made of foamiran, this ornament looks very organic, as it turns out to be completely velvet.

With flower

This option is created specifically for girls. They will be able to show their creativity and show their parents exactly what they like.

  1. Together with your child, choose the crown stencil you like, show at least 3-4 options.
  2. Trace the outline on the cardboard, then cut out, but only on one side.
  3. Attach an elastic band to it – a universal accessory.
  4. Create a pattern and paint it with glue and sprinkle glitter on top.
  5. Shake off excess glitter or brush off.
  6. Glue the artificial flower in a place convenient for you.
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It is more interesting for girls to work when, in addition to the pattern for cutting out the crown, several design options are offered. The flower is usually taken from a hairpin or brooch. If you don’t want to sacrifice your things, then they are made of paper or replaced with a printed/drawn pony, your favorite cartoon character, etc., a lot depends on the child’s hobbies.

From a paper plate

One of the easiest ways to make your own crown and still get the kids involved. This option is suitable for a small master class at a children’s party or school tea party. Processing requires a minimum of effort, materials used and at the same time guarantees results.

  1. Take a disposable paper plate, you won’t need a template for the crown here.
  2. Using a ruler, draw 4 star-shaped cross lines there.
  3. Having punched a point in the central part, use scissors to follow all the contours.
  4. Color the plate with paints or markers, then glue on rhinestones or other decorations.
  5. Remove all parts to make decoration.

как сделать бумажную корону

Cutting a piece like this out of paper or cardboard will require some skill, so it’s best to show an adult how to punch a hole in the middle of the cardboard first, and then start cutting from there.

For a princess or prince

Another easy way to make your child stand out from the crowd. The principle of operation is almost the same, for crafts they use a template or simply take a roll of toilet paper / paper towels. The height of the accessory depends on what the child has chosen. At the same time, tall crowns are generally more suitable for girls, and slightly shorter and wider ones for boys.

контур короны

When using a template, the craft is rolled into a cylinder, and in the case of a sleeve, the sharp ends are cut off. At the same time, it is worth telling your child that symmetrical products look neater. As a decoration, the crown is coated with silver or gold spray paint. The accessory is attached to the child’s head with an invisible or thin elastic band; for girls, it is glued to the bezel.

To cut out a crown or any other element from paper, you should first talk with your child about safety precautions and remember the basic rules for working with scissors. It is better for parents to cut out the parts themselves from a material that is too dense so that the child does not get hurt.