Paper boat: photos, videos, step-by-step instructions, ideas, examples

Paper boat – DIY yacht

Бумажный кораблик. Как сделать бумажный кораблик?

Do you want to feel real speed and ease on the waves? Then it’s better to make a dashing paper yacht. If desired, you can decorate it with paints and paste it with fashionable stickers. Бумажный кораблик. Как сделать бумажный кораблик?

If you trim the top of the sail a little with scissors, you will get a real liner.

DIY paper sailboat

Бумажный кораблик. Как сделать бумажный кораблик?

Would you like a calm, romantic walk along the waves? Then paper sailboats are best suited for this. Бумажный кораблик. Как сделать бумажный кораблик?

The sail and the boat itself can be a single design – then the boat will be more reliable and will be able to sail even in windy weather. Бумажный кораблик. Как сделать бумажный кораблик?

If the sail is a separate part of the boat, then it is better to sail through puddles in calm weather. The paper sail is attached to the boat using a toothpick. Бумажный кораблик. Как сделать бумажный кораблик?

To make the sailboat beautiful, you can decorate the sail with multi-colored paints, pencils or felt-tip pens.


Origami received a powerful impetus in its development in Japan. As strange as it sounds, this happened because the Japanese are quite religious people. They drew a parallel between the art of origami and the philosophy of Buddhism. In Buddhism, it is customary to observe the beauty of the world around us. Paper crafts, many of which are quite elegant, were perfect for this.

If you translate the name of “paper” art from Japanese, you get “ori” (folded) and “kami” (paper and god – this word has two meanings). So figure it out as best you can.

Japanese aristocrats, connoisseurs of everything elegant, became great experts in origami

Children were taught this business from childhood, no matter who you were – a courtier or a servant – everyone had to be able to fold crafts from paper. For example, an ordinary note could be folded in several different ways, and the recipient, even before reading it, could understand what the mood of the sender was

Later, art gradually began its journey and continued to gain high popularity among ordinary people. Thanks to this, many new and different techniques have emerged. In Japan, this art is passed down only through the female line from generation to generation, and it has already become a tradition.

After the Second World War, origami appeared in America and Europe, where it immediately became popular and found a response in the hearts of people.

What materials are needed to make origami?

To create classic origami, you only need a sheet of paper, and the use of scissors and glue is prohibited. However, with the advent of new schemes and ideas, it was necessary to break these rules.

First of all, of course, the paper itself.

It should bend well. Choose thin, clean, non-creased paper. Based on what the craft will be, be attentive to the color (green – frog, Christmas tree, etc.)


PVA will do. For neatness, use a napkin.


They are necessary for gluing parts. Choose brushes of several sizes. For large and small parts. After completing the work, do not forget to rinse the glue from the brushes so that they can be used comfortably in the future. Dry with the pile facing up.

Colored pencils and markers.

They will be needed for additional decoration of the craft if you need to draw something.

How to make a paper boat with a sail?

The sailboat is very easy to make, so you can do it with your kids. They quickly master this activity and enjoy folding the boats themselves.

  1. Take a square piece of paper, fold it in half and straighten it out. Repeat this on the other side. So you marked the necessary lines and got the center
  2. Bend the corners of the sheet towards the center
  3. Fold the corners again and turn them back
  4. Fold down the bottom left and right corner
  5. Then do the same with the top corners
  6. Turn the resulting book over to the reverse side
  7. Fold diagonally, make a slide from the resulting fold
  8. Fold the resulting square again diagonally
  9. Your sailboat is ready
Схема кораблика с парусом из бумаги
Diagram of a boat with a paper sail

Here are more diagrams with step-by-step images, according to which you can easily make a sailboat from a sheet of paper.

Схема кораблика с парусом из бумаги
Diagram of a boat with a paper sail

How to fold a paper boat into a checkered pattern

Making a ship from checkered paper is easier than from paper without marks: straight horizontal and vertical lines are clearly marked on checkered paper.

The craft is put together in this order:

  1. A regular notebook sheet in a cage is folded in half horizontally.
  2. The center is marked on the resulting rectangle. The upper corners of the rectangle are folded towards the center line.
  3. The upper and lower rectangles are bent upward, their corners are folded along the edges of the triangle.
  4. The triangle unfolds and folds into a square, the lower corners are folded along the center line in different directions, smoothed out.
  5. The triangle opens again to form a square.
  6. Open the figure, pulling the top of the workpiece in different directions, straighten the ship.

Table with an estimate of the difficulty of making ships from paper:

                 Name of craft Difficulty level
Yacht 1
Classic Ship 2
Large ship 2
Steamboat with two pipes 2
Ship with two sails 2
Ocean liner 1
Speedboat 3
Catamaran boat with two hulls 2
Boat 2
Large origami boat 3

Making paper ships is a fun and educational activity. Almost any basic model of a ship can be made from paper. There are many different master classes on the Internet with detailed descriptions and photos that can easily be used to make such a craft.

Boat – a simple diagram for preschoolers

Origami masters offer several ways to make a boat out of paper. A simple option that a preschooler can handle in 10 minutes is given below. For work, prepare a paper square and stationery scissors.

Схема лодки из бумаги.
Scheme of a paper boat.

How to make a paper boat step by step:

  1. Bend the square along the horizontal and vertical axes to obtain work marks. Open it up.
  2. Bring the edges to the horizontal axis on the side opposite the main fold so that it looks like an accordion of 4 parallel lines.
  3. Fold the edges over. Move all corners equally to the central horizontal axis. Then bend the corners again, focusing on the vertical axis.
  4. After folding the workpiece, open it. The result is something like a boat, but without clear lines yet.
  5. To make the boat smoother and more beautiful, bring the bow and stern to the main axis. You will get a hexagon, press all its folds with your finger.
  6. Bend the opposite corners of the hexagon equally, retreating about 5 mm.
  7. Open the workpiece. Bend the sides on both sides towards the main axis.
  8. Run your finger carefully along the inside corners on each side until they become clear, so that the bottom of the boat appears.
  9. Open the finished craft. Straighten the sides if they are wrinkled.

Origami boat with step-by-step folding photos

  1. Take a piece of paper of any size and make a square out of it by folding it diagonally and cutting off the excess paper. Your square should be folded into a triangle.

    Paper boat: photos, videos, step-by-step instructions, ideas, examples

  2. Fold one of the corners of the triangle towards the opposite side at a slight angle. This will be the top of the boat.

    Paper boat: photos, videos, step-by-step instructions, ideas, examples

  3. Open the square and reverse fold it to create the sides of the boat. At this point your boat is ready.

    Paper boat: photos, videos, step-by-step instructions, ideas, examples

  4. You can decorate it with paints, sparkles if desired, write a name, etc.


Two bills can be used to make a sampan boat, a type of flatboat with a canopy that is widespread in China. These small boats amaze with their versatility, depending on the needs of the owners, turning into housing, a mobile shop, a fishing “trawler” or a workshop.

Step by step instructions:

  • Place the bill with the long side facing you. Fold in half from bottom to top. Let’s reveal.
  • Fold the bottom and top edges towards the center.
  • Bend all corners towards the center line.
  • Repeat the action again. We make sure that all folds are precise and neat.
  • Fold the corners again. The edges should lie evenly along the center line.
  • Now fold the triangular flaps at the top and bottom towards the center.
  • We push all the folds along the horizontal axis.
  • Carefully turn the workpiece inside out until the inside becomes a convex bottom.

To make a canopy, just fold another bill in half twice. We insert its ends into the side edges of the boat.

Another traditional Chinese vessel is often assembled using the origami technique. This is a sailing ship known as a junk. Light and maneuverable ships with two or more masts first appeared in the early Middle Ages and have survived almost unchanged to the present day. They can often be found on the rivers of China, as well as neighboring Vietnam and Korea.

A Chinese boat made of paper floats no worse than its real prototype. You can easily verify this by making it yourself step by step using the video tutorial:

Original ideas with paper boats

A paper boat can not only float along streams, but also become a decoration for a desk, part of a holiday table setting, an invitation card for a child’s birthday party, and even an unusual candy bowl.

Paper boat: photos, videos, step-by-step instructions, ideas, examples

Master classes – How to make boats with your own hands
Paper boat: photos, videos, step-by-step instructions, ideas, examples

Master class – DIY boat

Step-by-step master class on a boat made of paper tubes

This is a completely new level of skill, requiring perseverance, time, and patience. To do this, strips are pre-cut from paper, wound onto a long knitting needle, secured along the edge with glue, dried and covered with stain or varnish. And then the wicker weaving technique is used.

To create a ship similar to the ship from the book “Scarlet Sails”, you need:

  • Make a stencil for the bottom by cutting out a piece of regular paper 29.5 cm long by 7 cm and rounding it on one side like the bow of a ship.
  • Using a stencil, we cut out the base from plastic, transferring the drawing with a pencil. We make two such parts, the second one is a little smaller.
  • Along the contour of the larger workpiece, we make holes with an awl every 1-1.5 cm.
  • Insert ready-made paper tubes into the holes.
  • Fold one tube in half, put it behind the corner tube, weave along the contour, tracing the strip alternately in front and behind.
  • Repeat the process, forming two rows of stripes.
  • Then we make a bend. To do this, we bring the protruding tube behind the next one and bend it inward. We do this with the remaining strips of paper
  • Coat the edges with PVA glue, let it dry for a day or two, then cut off the excess edges.
  • We take two tubes, insert one into the other, fold them, wrap them around the corner base, and intertwine them with paper vines using the same technique.
  • If the tubes end before the row is completed, add material by inserting another one into the end of the tube.
  • After weaving the first row, we place the second stencil (smaller in size) inside the craft. It will help maintain the shape of the craft while working. It is convenient to place a limiter (flat box) on the bottom and a small weight on top.
  • We continue weaving. If desired, you can add several rows of a different color and use other techniques. For example, start the tubes not at the first, but at the third base.
  • We attach clothespins through one base and continue weaving over them.
  • We arrange the stern in two rows. To do this, simply bend the vine back and continue weaving
  • Coat it well with glue, let it dry, remove the clothespins – we get a beautiful pass in the weaving.
  • We make a bend from the bow to half of the ship. As we approach the middle, we try to press the tubes down. Near the “stern” we raise the tube higher and continue working.
  • Repeat on the other side.
  • We fix everything with glue, cut off the extra tubes – we get the base of the ship.
  • Take four tubes and move them in different directions. Now we place each tube in turn on the adjacent one – this is a spiral weave for the steering wheel. All that remains is to connect it into a ring and arrange it.
  • We cut out parts for the stern and bow from plastic.
  • We additionally coat the blank with varnish, decorate it with a steering wheel, ladders made from the same tubes, and pieces of red fabric with bases made from pieces of tubes placed on a glue gun.

A simple recipe for zebra pie with sour cream in the oven at home

The next option is one of the best, almost everyone knows it too. I’m sure you are familiar with him too. Here, instead of kefir, sour cream is used, and instead of vegetable oil, butter.

We will need:

  • egg – 4 pcs.
  • sugar – 250 g
  • sour cream – 250 g
  • butter – 0.1 kg
  • vanillin – to taste
  • baking soda – 0.5 tsp vinegar to extinguish
  • baking powder – 1 tsp
  • flour – 320 g
  • cocoa powder – 2 tbsp 1-2 tbsp milk to thin the dough

Cooking steps:

Step 1.

Break four eggs into a bowl.

Step 2.

Add sugar and whisk. Add vanilla to taste and sour cream, beat again.

Step 3.

Next, add the butter, first melt it in a water bath.

Step 4.

Suppress the baking soda in a bowl of baking soda. Add slaked soda to the dough, stir.

Step 5.

Mix flour with baking powder and add to the egg-butter mixture. Stir with mixer whisks.

Step 6.

Divide the dough into 2 equal parts, add cocoa powder to one and pour in milk so that the dough is not thick.

Now spoon the dough into the mold, alternately a spoonful of white dough and a spoonful of chocolate dough.

Step 7.

Using a stick, make a drawing as shown in the photo.

Step 8.

Bake the pie in the oven, which you preheat. Set the temperature to 180 degrees. Cooking time: 40 minutes. Check readiness with a skewer; if it is dry, then the cake can be removed from the oven. Bon appetit!

Method 1. simple paper boat. step by step production.

To solve the problem of how to make a paper boat according to step-by-step instructions, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1. Take a landscape sheet, most often it is in A4 format. This material is denser than regular paper, so the product will have a rigid shape and beautiful appearance. We bend this sheet in the middle along the narrow side.

Step 2. Fold the resulting blank again along the short side. And then we turn it back.

Step 3. We connect the corners at the fold of the folded sheet together.

Step 4. Bend the rectangle upward at the bent corners.

Step 5. Turn the workpiece to the other side and bend another rectangle. We bend the corners of the folded strips on both sides to form a triangle.

лучшая инструкция по складыванию корабля самостоятельно

Step 6. Next, according to the instructions, you need to open the paper blank from the inside and connect the corners. The result should be a square.

Step 7. Bend one of the separate corners up. We perform similar actions with the other angle to form a triangle.

Step 8. Open the bottom again and connect the opposite corners. Now you need to pull the corners at the top of the triangle to open the boat. To do this, one hand takes one bent end, the other takes the second.

Step 9. For stability, you can slightly expand the base of the paper boat. And now the amazing paper ship is ready!

готовый кораблик из бумаги любого размера

Any child can easily make such a boat with his own hands under the supervision and help of adults.

To get a more complete picture, you can watch various videos on how to make a paper boat, which contain step-by-step video instructions. But if an adult is involved in making the model, then you can use all kinds of origami schemes.

Zebra cake according to the classic recipe with Soviet-era kefir

This option is my most faithful and correct. I’ve been baking with it for years now. At the same time, the recipe is simple and easy. Nothing supernatural or difficult. Prepares quickly. I advise everyone to start with this option.

We will need:

  • egg – 4 pcs.
  • granulated sugar – 150 g
  • snowball or kefir – 150 ml
  • vegetable oil – 100 ml
  • baking powder – 10 g
  • flour – 280 g
  • cocoa – 2 tbsp
  • tangerine and orange – optional, zest


Step 1.

Peel the tangerines and oranges, this is what we will need next.

Important! If you don’t like citrus fruits and don’t want to use zest in this cake, you can skip this step.

Step 2.

Grate the orange and tangerine skins on a fine grater. I got about 1-2 tbsp

Step 3.

Break the chicken eggs, use both whites and yolks.

Step 4.

Next, add granulated sugar and stir.

Step 5.

Pour in kefir or snowball. Mix everything well again.

Step 6.

Then add vegetable oil. Stir until smooth.

Step 7.

Then add half of the total amount of flour.

Step 8.

Add baking powder, I used a whole sachet (10 g).

Step 9.

Mix everything well again, add the rest of the flour.

Step 10.

The dough should not be too liquid. You have been given the correct proportions, take exactly as much as prescribed.

Step 11.

Then divide the finished dough into two parts, do it by eye.

Step 12.

Add citrus zest to the first bowl and stir. In the second, add cocoa powder and a couple of tablespoons of milk, as the dough will thicken due to cocoa. And mix well too.

Step 13.

Next, take your pan and line it with parchment paper. Place a glass in the middle.

You can do without a glass, but I decided to experiment this time.

Step 14.

Alternately start pouring the dough, then white, then chocolate.

Step 15.

Use a stick to make a pattern. Stretch it from the middle to the edges of the line.

Step 16.

Bake the finished pie in a well-heated oven. Set the temperature to 180 degrees, 40 minutes.

Step 16.

Sprinkle the finished cake with powdered sugar. If desired, of course, you can soak it and pour cream over it. But this time I didn’t want to split hairs, but to do just that. Cool the pie and eat with tea. Bon appetit!

How to make a beautiful paper boat: tips and reviews

You will get a beautiful boat if you decorate it additionally.

  • What is a ship without a flag? Make a flag from colored paper and glue it to the boat
Цветные кораблика из бумаги с флагами
Colored paper boats with flags
  • Use felt-tip pens to draw portholes on the sides of the ship, or you can draw passengers in them too
Кораблик из бумаги с иллюминаторами и флагом
Paper boat with portholes and flag
  • If you use single-sided colored paper, your boat will come out very original and beautiful, because… will be partially painted in the selected color
Схема классического кораблика из односторонней цветной бумаги
Scheme of a classic boat made of single-sided colored paper
  • You can come up with some light cargo in the boat, then it can transport it without drowning
  • A sailboat can be installed near a ship using a simple toothpick, and the sailboat itself can be made from anything: pieces of fabric, colored paper with drawings, foil paper, leaves from trees, multi-colored napkins, etc. as far as imagination goes
Кораблик из газеты с парусами
Newspaper boat with sails