Paper boat: >15 origami diagrams, step-by-step DIY instructions

Boat folding patterns for beginners

A classic paper boat using the origami technique – the simplest option – is folded according to the following pattern:

  1. A rectangular sheet located vertically is folded in half.
  2. The resulting blank is placed with the fold point up, and both upper corners are bent to an imaginary center line vertically, so that a narrow unused strip remains at the bottom.
    Как сделать корабли из бумаги своими руками, с парусом. Пошаговая инструкция
  3. The bottom strip of the top layer of the workpiece is bent upward, then the rectangle is turned over to the other side and the second strip is bent.
  4. Using corner bends, the folded strips are fixed in one position.
  5. Then the workpiece is opened from the inside and folded into a square by placing its parts on top of each other so that the initial fold becomes the diagonal of the resulting square. After folding, the corners straighten.
  6. Now the top sheet of the resulting square piece, lying in the diamond position, is bent diagonally to match the opposite corners.
  7. The workpiece is turned over to the other side, then the same action is performed. At this stage, the square turns into an isosceles triangle.
  8. Next, the triangular blank is opened from the inside by combining opposite corners and again turns into a square.
  9. The ship unfolds from a square blank – for this, the upper corners are pulled in opposite directions at the same time.
  10. The middle straightens out, and a simple paper boat can be launched into a pond.

There is another option for folding a boat for beginners, it is the simplest, and as a result of five minutes of work you get a yacht:

  1. On a square sheet of paper of any color, you need to fold it horizontally diagonally.
  2. Now a vertical valley fold is performed.
  3. An imaginary line is drawn in the lower triangle, as shown in the diagram, along which the fold occurs.
  4. The bent part of the triangle is bent, returning to its original position. Once the folding technique is mastered, steps 3 and 4 can be simplified into one by simply folding the desired part of the triangle.
  5. Now, along the marked lines, you should make “valley” bends, carefully straightening the right angle, which is located below the marking.
    Как сделать корабли из бумаги своими руками, с парусом. Пошаговая инструкция
  6. Using glue, the 2 parts of the yacht are connected to each other, then the bottom and hull are carefully straightened so that the product becomes stable.

If you complicate the previous diagram a little, you might end up with an ocean liner:

  1. On a square sheet of paper of any color, you must make 2 diagonal folds, thus marking 4 triangles.
  2. Then you need to bend the upper corner of the square blank, arranged in a diamond shape, towards the center.
  3. Now the same corner is bent again, only in the opposite direction.
  4. And once again the corner, only this time smaller in volume, needs to be folded back towards itself. When the technique of folding the boat is mastered, steps 2-4 are simplified into one step, folding occurs with a triple zipper.
  5. Next, the left side of the workpiece is folded in such a way as to cover the right side.
  6. Now you need to mark an imaginary line, as shown in the diagram, for folding the lower parts of the workpiece into a “mountain”. Then very carefully straighten and bend the corner located below the line. After this, the parts of the workpiece indicated in the diagram need to be bent along the intended line “mountainwise”.
    Как сделать корабли из бумаги своими руками, с парусом. Пошаговая инструкция
  7. The bent corner is carefully smoothed out, and the workpiece is turned in the desired direction.

: master class “two-pipe boat” using the origami technique

Elena Puchkova

Master class “Two-pipe boat” using the origami technique

Мастер-класс «Двухтрубный кораблик» в технике «оригами»

In classes on cognitive development, the children of the preparatory group and I “travel” a lot
across countries and continents, seas and oceans. And of course, at the same time we “use”
different types of transport. Very often we have to build ships and steamships
, since water barriers in the form of seas arise on our way. We recently visited the resort cities of the Krasnodar Territory, and since the cities are located on the Black Sea coast, we needed water transport for excursions. I invited the children to try themselves in the art of origami and make a two-pipe boat

– the art of folding paper figures without scissors and glue. Origami is a Japanese word
, and it is translated as “folded paper”
. It was the Japanese who were the first to make different figures out of paper.

Using origami
Fine motor skills develop, fingers are trained, and children’s speech develops. Finger training prepares the hand for writing. The movement of the hand and fingers becomes precise and coordinated.

Master class
« Two-pipe boat

in origami technique


• Introduce children to methods of transforming a square, develop spatial orientation

• Develop the ability to act with verbal instructions from the teacher

• Develop fine motor skills

• Cultivate hard work, the ability to finish a job

We need
: Square shaped colored paper.

Paper boat: >15 origami diagrams, step-by-step DIY instructions

1. Find the middle of the square, mark it with a simple pencil and fold the square twice diagonally.

Paper boat: >15 origami diagrams, step-by-step DIY instructions
Paper boat: >15 origami diagrams, step-by-step DIY instructions

2. Fold all corners towards the center.

Paper boat: >15 origami diagrams, step-by-step DIY instructions
Paper boat: >15 origami diagrams, step-by-step DIY instructions

3. Turn the new square with its back side facing you and bend the corners to the middle again.

Paper boat: >15 origami diagrams, step-by-step DIY instructions

4. Repeat this action 2 more times.

Paper boat: >15 origami diagrams, step-by-step DIY instructions

5. Now we take out the pipes and stern.

Paper boat: >15 origami diagrams, step-by-step DIY instructions
Paper boat: >15 origami diagrams, step-by-step DIY instructions

6. Our boat is ready to sail

Paper boat: >15 origami diagrams, step-by-step DIY instructions

: master class in origami technique “fun boats”

Olga Sinegubova

Master class in origami technique “Jolly Boats”

toy, gift.

Мастер-класс в технике оригами «Веселые кораблики»

Making crafts using the origami technique.


improve children’s constructive skills through working with paper;

concentrate attention, follow verbal instructions;

cultivate diligence, accuracy, the desire to complete the work started;

enrich the gaming experience;

develop creativity, imagination, fantasy.

Required material:

1. Squares of colored paper, double-sided or single-sided.

2. Multi-colored paper for decoration.

3. Scissors.

4. Glue.

5. Felt pens, wax crayons, paints.

6. Pencil or wooden stick.

Step-by-step manufacturing process:

1. Fold a square of paper diagonally and unfold it.

Paper boat: >15 origami diagrams, step-by-step DIY instructions

2. Fold the sides diagonally (basic kite shape).

Paper boat: >15 origami diagrams, step-by-step DIY instructions

3. Fold the workpiece in half, connecting the corners.

Paper boat: >15 origami diagrams, step-by-step DIY instructions

4. Turn over.

Paper boat: >15 origami diagrams, step-by-step DIY instructions

5. Sides to midline.

Paper boat: >15 origami diagrams, step-by-step DIY instructions

6. Raise the sail at a right angle.

Paper boat: >15 origami diagrams, step-by-step DIY instructions

7. Screw the bow of the ship onto a pencil.

Paper boat: >15 origami diagrams, step-by-step DIY instructions

8. We made this boat from single-sided paper. The sail turned out white.

Paper boat: >15 origami diagrams, step-by-step DIY instructions

9. Decorate the boat, draw a funny boat.

Paper boat: >15 origami diagrams, step-by-step DIY instructions

Children’s creativity.

Paper boat: >15 origami diagrams, step-by-step DIY instructions
Paper boat: >15 origami diagrams, step-by-step DIY instructions
Paper boat: >15 origami diagrams, step-by-step DIY instructions

The craft is very easy to make. Children
they really love making this boat.
Sometimes they make a whole flotilla. And then they play… If you blow on the sail from behind the boat, it will float on the waves.

“A boat is running on the waves,

Today here, and tomorrow there.

And let it be made of paper,

He has the same amount of courage,

Like huge ships” A. A. Karelin.

: master class on constructing a “steamboat with two pipes” out of paper using the origami technique in the preparatory group

Galina Babenko

Master class on paper construction using the origami technique “A steamboat with two pipes” in the preparatory group

: teach children to make a steamboat with two pipes using the origami technique



• develop the ability to follow oral instructions;

• teach various techniques for working with paper

consolidate children’s knowledge of basic geometric concepts
: square, triangle, corner, side, vertex, etc.;

• enrich the child’s vocabulary with special terms;

• create compositions with products made from paper


• develop attention, memory, logical and spatial imagination;

• develop fine motor skills of the hands and eye;

• develop artistic taste, creativity and imagination of children;

• develop in children the ability to work with their hands, accustom them to precise finger movements;

• develop spatial imagination.


• cultivate interest in paper construction

• create a work culture and improve work skills;

• teach accuracy, the ability to use materials carefully and economically, and keep the workplace in order.

Magic activity

For hands and for mind

And the perception of the world –

Wonderful country!

Fantasies are subject to

Paper sheets –

For home and as a gift

And just for the game.

But, the main wealth,

What, creating beauty,

A simple piece of paper will help

Create yourself!

Art origami – a mystery
, and it attracts every child with incredible transformations. It’s not even a trick, it’s a miracle! In a piece of paper
many images are hidden. In the hands of a child paper comes to life
. How much joy, how much delight! Children experience feelings of emotional comfort, a sense of the joy of childhood, and an incomparable feeling of satisfaction from handmade crafts. Such a toy is dear to the heart, people talk to it, play with it, and keep it carefully. Paper
toys are making more and more friends. This art has everything that would draw a child to climb to the very top of the ladder of creativity and make this climb excitingly interesting.

Today, many people all over the world are interested in art « origami

, so I, along with the children, happily immersed myself in his magical world.

For my master class, I chose a steamboat with two pipes using the classic origami technique
, in which the craft is made from a square sheet of paper without glue and scissors

Sea, seagulls, ships

They hear my whistle in the distance.

The port remained astern,

The way home will be long.

Proudly I sail forward!

My name is …. ( steamship

Materials and equipment
: sample steamship
, made by the teacher, sheets of white square paper
, colored pencils, felt-tip pens

Model execution sequence

To complete this model of a steamer
take a square sheet of paper
. I used white paper
, for colorfulness steamers
and their variety it is necessary to use colored paper

Step 1

Fold a square sheet of paper diagonally
, ironing the fold line well. Then we fold the sheet diagonally again to mark its center using the intersection of the diagonals.

Мастер-класс по конструированию из бумаги в технике оригами «Пароход с двумя трубами» в подготовительной группе

Step 2

Fold the corners of the square to the marked center. Iron the folds well. You will get a square.

Paper boat: >15 origami diagrams, step-by-step DIY instructions

Step 3

Turn the square over with the laid elements facing down and once again fold the corners towards the center.

Paper boat: >15 origami diagrams, step-by-step DIY instructions

Step 4

Once again we turn the resulting square over and again fold its corners towards the center (in total we fold the corners of the squares towards the center three times, turning the part over each time).

Paper boat: >15 origami diagrams, step-by-step DIY instructions

Step 5

Turn the part over again. We bend two of the four corners, forming pipes
. Smooth out the folds.

Paper boat: >15 origami diagrams, step-by-step DIY instructions

Step 6

Pulling the two remaining corners, we unfold them, simultaneously folding the figure in half. Straighten the resulting steamer

Paper boat: >15 origami diagrams, step-by-step DIY instructions

Step 7

Steamboat with two paper pipes is ready

Paper boat: >15 origami diagrams, step-by-step DIY instructions
Paper boat: >15 origami diagrams, step-by-step DIY instructions
Paper boat: >15 origami diagrams, step-by-step DIY instructions
Paper boat: >15 origami diagrams, step-by-step DIY instructions
Paper boat: >15 origami diagrams, step-by-step DIY instructions
Paper boat: >15 origami diagrams, step-by-step DIY instructions
Paper boat: >15 origami diagrams, step-by-step DIY instructions
Paper boat: >15 origami diagrams, step-by-step DIY instructions
Paper boat: >15 origami diagrams, step-by-step DIY instructions
Paper boat: >15 origami diagrams, step-by-step DIY instructions

Guys, let’s decorate your ships with stars
, we will draw portholes on the body and color them with colored pencils. Look what beautiful steamers you have made
! Just like the real thing! Let’s send them on a great journey across the seas, and we ourselves will wait for their return home! Have a nice trip, ships

My steamship will sail

To distant lands!

The horn buzzes merrily,

And the pipe smokes

The sun is shining high,

The wind is driving the clouds,

The steamer will not catch up

No robber!

Overboard the wave sings

The song is barely audible,

And the steamer rushes

Jumping along the wave!

: greeting card for Defender of the Fatherland Day “ship”. master class

Larisa Savchuk

Greeting card for Defender of the Fatherland Day “Ship”. Master class

Поздравительная открытка ко Дню защитника Отечества «Кораблик». Мастер-класс
Paper boat: >15 origami diagrams, step-by-step DIY instructions

The master class is designed for preschool children for teachers and parents.

as a gift for the holiday on February 23, decorating the interior of the room.

making a DIY greeting card for the holiday of fathers and grandfathers


– develop the ability to make cards with your own hands;

– develop aesthetic and artistic taste, creative abilities of children;

– improve application skills;

– to cultivate independence, accuracy, love for loved ones

Required material:

– silver, golden, brown cardboard;

– white and colored paper (yellow, red, blue);

– scissors, simple and with zigzag blades;

– printed congratulatory poems and inscriptions “Happy February 23”;

– glue – pencil.

Paper boat: >15 origami diagrams, step-by-step DIY instructions

Sequence of making a postcard:

Draw templates on cardboard and cut them out.

Paper boat: >15 origami diagrams, step-by-step DIY instructions

Make blanks for the base of the card:

– fold a sheet of golden (silver) cardboard in half,

– cut a round hole with a diameter of 8 cm on the front side of the base,

– glue a sheet of yellow paper

to the right inner side of the postcard

Paper boat: >15 origami diagrams, step-by-step DIY instructions

Using the template, prepare all the details for the card, cut out inscriptions and congratulatory poems

Paper boat: >15 origami diagrams, step-by-step DIY instructions

Glue a poem, an inscription and a star on the inside

Paper boat: >15 origami diagrams, step-by-step DIY instructions
Paper boat: >15 origami diagrams, step-by-step DIY instructions

On the front side of the postcard, place an image of a boat sailing on the waves.

The greeting card for February 23 is ready!

Paper boat: >15 origami diagrams, step-by-step DIY instructions
Paper boat: >15 origami diagrams, step-by-step DIY instructions
Paper boat: >15 origami diagrams, step-by-step DIY instructions

Birthday in a pirate style – a do-it-yourself chest made of cardboard

YO-HO-HO! Do you love pirates?

My son loves them very much and decided to celebrate his fourth birthday in this style.

We spend the summer at the dacha, but since it is not on the seashore, it was decided to transform the site into a small pirate cove!

The morning began with turmoil, while the main pirate was sleeping, work was in full swing: the trampoline was turning into fishing nets, they were looking for a place to moor the ship, hanging flags, pulling the sails, and goodies were placed on the veranda – the hold.

When the entire pirate crew had gathered, they were given pirate accessories (hats, sabers, belts, bandanas)

The team members then went in search of the treasure. They were faced with difficult trials, which the team coped with honor.

After completing the tasks and successfully finding the treasure, the pirate team went to celebrate their victory.

  • We started preparing much in advance to purchase everything we needed in Moscow.
  • First of all, I started preparing the scenery and, I want to say, it took quite a bit of time. What we had :
  • imitation of a pirate ship from a refrigerator box, painted with regular gouache
  1. Cardboard anchor with gold paint.
  2. Flag – cardboard primed with black paint, cut out and glued on the Jolly Roger.
  3. Rope – a thick rope, folded in half and twisted.
  4. Cardboard steering wheel. The process of its creation

As you can see in the photo there was a large number 4, which was glued for a long time and painfully, fell apart and was re-glued. Secure with skewers, like the ship))

There were a lot of garlands and flags

Large pirate flag ordered from Ali Express here
Корабль из коробки своими руками

Garland of ribbons

  • The table toppers were printed on a color printer and then carefully cut out and glued to toothpicks and skewers.
  • The chest was made of cardboard according to this master class
  • And here’s what we got:
  • What may be useful: beads, as treasures, plastic or chocolate coins, sabers, muskets, figurines of boats, compass, ropes, nets and everything related to the marine theme.

The competitions were quite simple. In principle, any competition can be played on one topic or another, just add a little imagination.

1. They tested the accuracy of team members by throwing the ball into the basket.

2. Walking across a bridge over a sea infested with sharks – walking on a plank.

3 . Every pirate should be able to bandage wounds – they wrapped their arms, legs, and then what turned out to be toilet paper. This is for us adults, this is an old boring competition from weddings and anniversaries, but the children had a lot of fun, especially getting out of it.

  1. 4. Quiz, with questions on the pirate theme (what is the name of the skull, what did pirates drink, etc.)

5. Game Storm-Calm. When there is a storm, everyone sits down, when there is calm, they get up. The oldest pirate tried to confuse the crew by showing movements that did not correspond to his words.

6. Game Water-land: a hoop is placed on the ground (a circle is drawn) – an island, inside it is land, outside is water. Participants stand inside the circle, on land, then follow the commands of the leader, who pronounces either “water” or “land”! At the same time, participants leave the circle and then enter again. The presenter constantly confuses the participants by repeating the same command and speeding up the pace.

7. Finding treasure using an old map.

  • Below are ideas that may be useful when organizing a holiday (photo from the Internet).
  • Regarding the appearance and pirate attributes
  • Aqua makeup
  • Any scarves can become bandanas
  • A pirate hat can easily be made from cardboard

Cardboard saber. You can organize a creative competition, cut out sabers in advance and give them to children to decorate.

  1. You can also make a pirate hook yourself
  2. Black tag made of cardboard or fabric and elastic.
  3. Vest
  4. Decor
  5. Table setting ideas and cakes
  6. Photo props
  7. Printable flags here
  8. Toppers here
    If you don’t have time to make all sorts of pirate gadgets, you can easily buy them in online stores, or, for example, here

In conclusion, I would like to say that you don’t bother too much, like I did))).

Judging by experience, all sorts of little things are not very important for children, they need ambience and fun, and if there are toppers on the table or a garland on the wall, this is more important and noteworthy for adults.

A headband, a stick, if you don’t have a saber, in your hands, and go ahead, conquer the warm southern seas, fight evil sharks and look for treasure. And, of course, a cake with ten candles, or better yet 10 cakes with 1 candle, depending on who you like

After the holiday, the ship, chest and everything else did not go for disposal, but were useful for games))

How to make a waterproof paper boat

How to make a ship out of paper so that it does not get wet and does not sink in the water:

  1. 1st method – tape.
    It is necessary to cover the body and bottom of the paper boat with tape, both outside and inside. If during processing with tape it becomes necessary to form seams, they must be made minimally vulnerable. To do this, strips of tape should be placed a few millimeters on top of each other so that water cannot penetrate into the joints between them for as long as possible.
  2. 2nd method – several layers.
    A multi-layer boat will take much longer to get wet than a regular two-layer boat. To make it, you need to take not 1, but 2 sheets of paper, and then fold it according to the diagram. Such a boat will turn out to be denser; more layers will make it heavier, so the bottom should be made very wide.
  3. 3rd method – wax (paraffin).
    It is this product that can protect the paper well from getting wet. It is necessary to light the candle and wait a little while the wick flares up and melts the wax to a liquid state. After this, wax should be dripped onto the boat, immediately spreading it over the hull using your fingers. All areas of a homemade vessel need to be lubricated: both external and internal. Do not use too much wax – it can weigh down the product and make it unstable. корабль из овощей

  4. 4th method – Vaseline oil.
    Using a brush, this product should be applied to the bottom and lower part of the boat’s hull, then allow the product to dry a little.
    Как сделать корабли из бумаги своими руками, с парусом. Пошаговая инструкция

    5th method – glossy sheets.
    A boat made from glossy magazine sheets will last a little longer on the water without harm than one made from plain paper.

  5. 6th method – PVA glue.
    It must be poured into a jar or glass, and then applied to the bottom and body of the paper vessel using a brush, and then allowed to dry completely in a warm place.

  6. How to make a boat from scrap materials | 50 photos of ideas for making boats

  7. What boy doesn’t like to launch boats? Website “Mom can do anything!” I have collected for you 50 ideas with photos on how to make a boat with your own hands from scrap materials.

    Paper boat

    We all made paper boats as children. These are easy to make, and the material is always at hand. And if you take not just paper, but for example packaging from sheets for a printer, then the ship will last on the water for several hours!

    кораблик из бумаги схема

    схема как сделать кораблик из бумаги

    Plastic bottles

    In the modern world, plastic is used everywhere and finding a similar bottle for making a boat is not difficult. как сделать кораблик из бумаги своими руками

    кораблик из пластиковой бутылки

    парусник из бутылки

    A shampoo bottle is also useful for making a sailboat. Pierce it with a wooden skewer, attach a paper sail and your ship will be unsinkable.

    маленький кораблик

    кораблик из бутылки от шампуня

    Vegetable Ship
    Vegetables can also be considered improvised materials and it is just as easy to make a craft from them.
    Cut out the middle of the zucchini, scoop out the flesh, insert a stick and use a piece of paper to make a sail. Add details: cut small windows, make a sailor from carrots and potatoes. парусник

    поделка корабль из овощей

    интересная идея для изготовления корабля из овощей

    поделка корабль из кабачка


    A boat can be not just a craft, but also an option for serving a dish. Surely the kids will want to eat this one 🙂

    корабль из дыни

    сервировка блюда из овощей

    You’ve probably accumulated a lot of Popsicle sticks over the summer. It’s time to make crafts out of them. Wooden sticks will be an excellent building material. Paint them in different colors and start making them.

    из палочек от мороженого

    кораблики из палочек от мороженого

    плот из палочек


    Поделка корабль из палочек

    If you don’t have Popsicle sticks, just go to your nearest park and collect small twigs. Fasten them together with a rope, add a sail and the boat is ready.

    кораблик из веточек

    It’s autumn and that means it’s time to make boats with sails from leaves. They can be easily attached using a heat gun or a piece of plasticine. Here are some ideas:

    корабль из осенних листьев

    маленький кораблик из осеннего листа

    скорлупа от грецкого ореха

    кораблик плывет по ручью

    Very beautiful and comfortable boats are made from tetra pack packaging. You can easily put your children’s favorite toys in them.

    корабль от упаковки тетропак

    And this is a detailed diagram for making a pirate ship from kefir or milk packaging. It is in English, but generally understandable. как сделать корабль из упаковки от кефира

    маленький кораблик из упаковки от молока

    A large cardboard box can easily be turned into a ship for your child to captain.

  8. Using a smaller box, make a sailboat for his toys. из картонной коробки

    You can turn any unnecessary object that can float on the water into a boat. For example, coconut shells. Place a couple of sheets of paper on a wooden skewer and secure it inside the shell. корабль

    You can also make small boats from Kinder Surprise eggs and walnut shells. кораблик

    идея как сделать кораблик

    разные кораблики

    Add a spectacular sail to the paper ship for great beauty. кораблик из бумаги

    картонный кораблик

    Wine corks are an excellent material for making small rafts. They do not sink and swim well, and are also very small and can even fit in a jar. пробка

    маленькие корабли из пробки

    маленький кораблик из пробки

    из крышки

    корабль из крышки

    Egg trays turn into spacious ships. In their recesses you can easily place both Kinder Surprise toys and cute little animals. корабль из лотков от яиц


    A ship can be made from almost anything, even ice. Pour water into an ice container, insert the sticks and place in the refrigerator for a couple of hours. Make two holes in a sheet of paper with a hole punch, take out the boats and put the sheet on a stick, the sailboat is ready. из кусочков льда

    A few more ideas for making a ship from scrap materials: из пустых упаковок

    красивый корабль

    ребенок запускает парусник


    парусная яхта


    из ткани


    How to make a ship out of wood кораблик из бумаги схема
    как сделать кораблик из бумаги своими руками We will need:
    Sheet of paper, pencil, linden or birch board, jigsaw, hatchet, chisel, roll sticks, toothpicks, fabric for sails, PVA glue, Moment glue, file, sanding disc

  9. So, let’s get started:

    From paper we cut out a rectangle 18 by 6 cm in the shape of a ship (like a top view).
    We trace this blank on a wooden board approximately 2 cm wide. корабль из овощей
    We cut out two such parts with a regular or jigsaw.
    Sand one side of each part.
    We glue them together with PVA glue, fasten them with rubber bands for additional fixation, go through the seam with glue, and put a weight on top.
    While the glue dries, we will make the mast and other small parts.
    Take a board 15 cm long, about 1 cm wide, plan it with a knife, giving it the shape of a cylinder, and grind it with a file. This will be the mast. We make 3 of them. схема как сделать кораблик из бумаги

    We retreat 3-4 cm from the bow of the ship and draw a line from the lower blank to the upper corner of the upper blank, it looks like an upturned bow of the ship.
    We saw off the excess material along this line, first on one side, then on the other.
    At the bottom of the boat, draw two lines along the length, departing 2.5 cm from the edges.

    Along these lines we cut off the excess material with a hatchet, thereby giving the bow of the ship a suitable shape.
    We sharpen the hatchet harder, removing excess material.
    We measure 4 cm from the stern of the ship, draw a line to the seam and saw it. кораблик из пластиковой бутылки
    The ship’s hull is ready, we sand it on all sides.
    At the top of the blank, where the deck is supposed to be located, draw a rectangle. парусник из бутылки
    Take a chisel and make a recess along the lines of the rectangle.
    We make three holes on top of the ship.
    маленький кораблик Take 3 masts. You can use chopsticks for eating rolls and sushi as an alternative to homemade masts made from a plank.

    We glue 4 toothpicks to each mast for instant glue.

    We fix the masts to the ship’s hull using PVA glue.
    We cut out the sails from fabric (coarse fabric, like burlap, will look great if you plan to paint the ship dark and varnish) and glue it on PVA. кораблик из бутылки от шампуня

    We paint the ship with acrylic paints. Paint with light colors first, then dark ones. You don’t have to paint it, but coat it with a special wood varnish. It will be even more impressive.

    The sailboat is ready. You won’t be ashamed to give it as a gift or leave it at home as an interior decoration.

    How I make my ships

    Hello masters and craftswomen. I created this blog at the request of the girls, so I called it mini MK, most likely these are some explanations of the sizes, and I want to talk about some details of the process of making ships and sails.

    Yes, there is a lot of MK on the Internet and I have already written to the girls about this before (maybe someone will say that there is nothing new here…), but they ask questions and it is not difficult for me to share the answers with you.

    Using this template, I cut out a shape from polystyrene foam, before the ships were much “potbellier” (which didn’t make me very happy) – they turned out to be “puffy” because all my ships, or rather, had a present hidden inside (you know what kind) )))). Over time, I changed the template and made it a little narrower.

    I hope you can figure out the sizes

    This is what the bottom of the ship looks like. I pick out the hole with a knife, then with a joint or a cutter (these are small knives for wood carving).

    Of course this work is the most dreary………

    Height – 8 cm.

    The photo shows 2 parts 4 cm thick glued together, then I cut out the top part-lid using the template. Then I bring the workpiece to the desired shape, I showed with a dotted line that you can cut the foam at this angle, but just don’t overdo it, because. you can make a hole))) (this is if you make a ship with “stuffing” as in my case….

    Then we sand with a coarse sandpaper (I do this over the bathtub, I collect large waste and throw it away, and I simply wash off the small ones with water, and there is practically no dust), then I level it with a fine sandpaper. The ship takes on a symmetrical shape and becomes even.

    I’ll say right away that the photos will be from different manufacturing processes of my ships. This is an example of what glued blanks look like, which we will further bring to mind….

    The height of the ship’s base is 12cm.

    I’m giving you templates for sails, lately I’ve been making this exact shape, but you can also make rectangular ones (shown with a dotted line), I indicated the dimensions, maybe someone will find it useful

    I make sails from both mesh and organza, and I always glue the edges on both sides, they hold their shape and the sails turn out neat. Thanks to Irina Tsibun for the tips in her MK, I iron the sails through damp gauze, then the glue sticks well to the materials (just don’t overexpose)

    Using a soldering iron (purchased at a fixed price), we burn holes – they turn out smooth, neat and the right size.

    For masts I use wooden skewers, or supports for plants (the same fixed price has them) or a more expensive option – whips for extending fishing rods (in fishing stores). If the sticks are short for the mast, you can extend them and wrap them with strips of corrugated paper.

    I cover my ships with corrugated paper, metallized corrugated paper, bamboo napkins – thanks to Lenochka Konopleva for the idea with bamboo napkins

    I use this kind of braid, the narrow one holds the masts, I decorate the details of the ship with the middle ones, and I cover the joints with the wider ones, thereby hiding all the defects

    example of how I decorate a compartment for a gift

    liked using lace

    and this option

    • Well, this is just part of the decor with which I decorate ships.
      Here you can give free rein to your imagination))))))))
    • You can make a steering wheel from wire, or from chocolate. medals, and I also used souvenir medals, they also look interesting


    I’ll show you how to attach the candies.

    came to the conclusion that candies should be made in loop holders, because… when they want to eat the candy, an ugly hole will form in its place, and no matter what it is, these places will be closed by such loops (I think it looks much more aesthetically pleasing than a damaged ship)

    and this option

    This is how I make loops: I wrap the candy with ribbon so that the candy can be easily pulled out; I glue the ribbon ONLY to each other, I don’t glue it to the candy. Then I glue the loop to the base of the ship, that’s all

    The sails in 1 photo are fastened with glue only the corners together, and you can fix them in the place where the masts pass in the sails, you can also fix them by wrapping a narrow braid under each sail. I glue the sails together for 2 photos, then fix them with skewers

    Paper boat step by step: origami boat from childhood

    Кораблик из бумаги

    Detailed instructions with photos, a simple paper boat for children and more.

    I learned to make this origami boat as a child. In early spring, with the appearance of streams, we mercilessly tore off the leaves from our notebooks to make a paper boat and compete on its speed or range. I can make it at any time, even with my eyes closed. Until now, when I am forced to wait for something, if a rectangular leaf falls into my hands, it immediately turns into a boat, to the delight of my children or those around me. I hope I have convinced you of the importance of the ability to make origami
    boat? smile
    Then let’s get to work.

    Prepare a rectangular piece of paper. The size can be absolutely any.

    Кораблик из бумаги

    Fold it in half.

    Кораблик из бумаги

    The next step is optional, it only serves to determine the middle. But at the initial stage you can turn it on. Fold the paper again, for example, from right to left.

    Кораблик из бумаги

    Open the paper, fold the right and left corners down, aligning the sides with the fold in the middle.

    Кораблик из бумаги

    There will be double paper at the bottom, take the top one and also point it up, making a fold along the underside of the corners.

    Кораблик из бумаги

    Do the same steps with the bottom of the paper on the reverse side.

    Кораблик из бумаги

    If there is excess on the sides, fold the corners into the middle on one side.

    Кораблик из бумаги

    On the other.

    Кораблик из бумаги

    Open the sides at the bottom of the resulting triangle.

    Кораблик из бумаги

    Carefully connect the right and left corners together.

    Кораблик из бумаги

    There will again be two pieces of folded paper at the bottom, fold one side up.

    Кораблик из бумаги

    Then the second one, connecting the lower corner with the upper one.

    Кораблик из бумаги

    And again we have a triangle. You also need to do the same actions with it as last time. Open its doors slightly at the bottom.

    Кораблик из бумаги

    Open further and connect opposite corners.

    Кораблик из бумаги

    Two triangles are formed on the sides. Pull them to the sides.

    Кораблик из бумаги

    Stretch it completely, simultaneously adjusting it with your fingers and bending the sides. That’s it, the origami paper boat is ready. Despite the long description, it can be done in a matter of seconds. The main thing is a little practice and remembering the sequence of actions.

    Кораблик из бумаги

    оригами кораблик

    The flag is made from a toothpick and a rectangular piece of paper glued to it, with slits on one side.

    Кораблик из бумаги

    Colored paper boat

    This most popular summer-themed craft can be created not only using the origami technique. This master class features such a bright sailboat!

    Required materials:

    • colored semi-cardboard in red, yellow and blue;
    • skewer;
    • glue;
    • scissors;
    • ruler;
    • marker;
    • pencil.

    Create the frame of a sailboat. To do this, take blue half-cardboard and cut out two identical strips with dimensions of 18 x 2.5 cm. Paper boat: >15 origami diagrams, step-by-step DIY instructions

    Using a ruler and pencil, divide each strip into three equal parts. We bend in those places.

    Glue the two parts of the boat base together along the sides.

    Next we will create a small part of the ship’s deck. We use blue half-cardboard again.

    Cut out a small rectangle. We measure 1.5 cm from the sides for gluing.

    Bend along vertical lines and glue the part into the middle of the ship between the bases.

    Now we will prepare a wooden skewer and two pieces of yellow sheet of different lengths to create sails.

    Create small holes in each rectangle. We insert a skewer through them.

    Cut out a small square from a red sheet. Glue it to the deck. We make a small hole along the diameter of the wide part of the skewer. We insert it.

    Now we cut out a beautiful flag from a red sheet that will flutter in the wind. Use a black marker to highlight the contour lines.

    Glue the flag to the highest point of the sailboat.

    Using a black marker, add portholes and other important details on the paper boat.

    A wonderful paper boat is ready for sea voyages! On the deck you can place small toys of pirates, sailors and the ship’s captain.

    Making an applique – paper boat

    Another craft option.

    See a detailed master class on paper boat applique here.

    Origami sailboat

    To make a ship decorated with two sails, you will need a square sheet of single-sided colored paper. Thanks to just such a sheet, the result is a ship with sides painted the same color and snow-white sails.

    The process of making a sailboat:

    1. First you need to make bends on the square workpiece vertically and then horizontally. You should end up with a large square, divided by folds into 4 small squares. Now the same action should be done diagonally.
      Как сделать корабли из бумаги своими руками, с парусом. Пошаговая инструкция
    2. Next, you need to place the workpiece in front of you in a diamond shape, the white side up, and bend the “valley” of 2 opposite corners (upper and lower) into triangles towards the center. The result is a design in the form of 2 triangles, on either side of which there are 2 rhombuses.
    3. Then a bend is formed horizontally in the resulting workpiece.
    4. When returning the structure to its original state, it is necessary to simultaneously fold the left rhombus so that its horizontal diagonal moves to a vertical position and then bends inward. Thus, the left diamond should be reshaped into a triangle, fixed by a fold between the upper and lower rectangle.
    5. Now we have a parallelogram with a triangle on the left. Its right corner must be folded with the diagonal of the former rhombus inward. You should get a blank sketched in point 6 of the diagram, which represents 2 triangles – upper and lower, with the upper one consisting of 2 small ones.
    6. The small triangle on the left is a large sail, and the right one needs to be reshaped into a small sail. To do this, it should be bent with a zipper, as shown in paragraphs 6-7 of the diagram.
      Как сделать корабли из бумаги своими руками, с парусом. Пошаговая инструкция
    7. The zipper fold needs to be hidden between the sides of the future sailboat. And below, along an imaginary line, it is necessary to make “mountainous” bends into the structure to form the bottom of the vessel. At the end, the bottom must be carefully straightened so that the sailboat floats better.

    Step-by-step master class on a boat made of paper tubes

    This is a completely new level of skill, requiring perseverance, time, and patience. To do this, strips are pre-cut from paper, wound onto a long knitting needle, secured along the edge with glue, dried and covered with stain or varnish. And then the wicker weaving technique is used.

    To create a ship similar to the ship from the book “Scarlet Sails”, you need:

    • Make a stencil for the bottom by cutting out a piece of regular paper 29.5 cm long by 7 cm and rounding it on one side like the bow of a ship.
    • Using a stencil, we cut out the base from plastic, transferring the drawing with a pencil. We make two such parts, the second one is a little smaller.
    • Along the contour of the larger workpiece, we make holes with an awl every 1-1.5 cm.
    • Insert ready-made paper tubes into the holes.
    • Fold one tube in half, take it by the corner tube, weave along the contour, tracing the strip alternately in front and behind.
    • Repeat the process, forming two rows of stripes.
    • Then we make a fold. To do this, we bring the protruding tube behind the next one and bend it inward. We do this with the remaining strips of paper
    • Coat the edges with PVA glue, let it dry for a day or two, then cut off the excess edges.
    • We take two tubes, insert one into the other, fold them, wrap them around the corner base, and intertwine them with paper vines using the same technique.
    • If the tubes end before the row is completed, add material by inserting another one into the end of the tube.
    • After weaving the first row, we place the second stencil (smaller in size) inside the craft. It will help maintain the shape of the craft while working. It is convenient to place a limiter (flat box) on the bottom and a small weight on top.
    • We continue weaving. If desired, you can add several rows of a different color and use other techniques. For example, start the tubes not at the first, but at the third base.
    • We attach clothespins through one base and continue weaving over them.
    • We arrange the stern in two rows. To do this, simply bend the vine back and continue weaving
    • Coat it well with glue, let it dry, remove the clothespins – we get a beautiful pass in the weaving.
    • We make a bend from the bow to half of the ship. As we approach the middle, we try to press the tubes down. Near the “stern” we raise the tube higher and continue working.
    • Repeat on the other side.
    • We fix everything with glue, cut off the extra tubes – we get the base of the ship.
    • Take four tubes and move them in different directions. Now we place each tube in turn on the adjacent one – this is a spiral weave for the steering wheel. All that remains is to connect it into a ring and arrange it.
    • We cut out parts for the stern and bow from plastic.
    • We additionally coat the blank with varnish, decorate it with a steering wheel, ladders made from the same tubes, pieces of red fabric with bases made from pieces of tubes placed on a glue gun.

    Ship drawings

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    Paper boats proudly sailing along spring streams are constant companions of our childhood. Hastily folded from torn notebook sheets, newspapers and even chocolate foil… Feeling nostalgic?

    Passionate about building our cruisers, we didn’t even know that we were touching the now fashionable art of origami. So the inclinations for this creativity are inherent in each of us from childhood.

    Can you make a boat out of a landscape sheet right now? Or has a once in-demand skill gradually been lost? No problem! We have prepared a wonderful selection of schemes for both experienced and novice shipbuilders. You will not only learn how to make a boat out of paper, but also replenish your creative treasury with ideas for unusual crafts.

    How to make a beautiful paper boat: tips and reviews

    You will get a beautiful boat if you decorate it additionally.

    • What is a ship without a flag? Make a flag out of colored paper and glue it to the boat
    Цветные кораблика из бумаги с флагами
    Colored paper boats with flags
    • Use felt-tip pens to draw portholes on the sides of the ship, or you can draw passengers in them too
    Кораблик из бумаги с иллюминаторами и флагом
    Paper boat with portholes and flag
    • If you use single-sided colored paper, your boat will come out very original and beautiful, because… will be partially painted in the selected color
    Схема классического кораблика из односторонней цветной бумаги
    Scheme of a classic boat made of single-sided colored paper
    • You can come up with some kind of light cargo in the boat, then it can transport it without drowning
    • A sailboat can be installed near a ship using a simple toothpick, and the sailboat itself can be made from anything: pieces of fabric, colored paper with drawings, foil paper, leaves from trees, multi-colored napkins, etc. as far as imagination goes
    Кораблик из газеты с парусами
    Newspaper boat with sails