Paper-based wallpaper – disadvantages and advantages

Paper-based wallpapers are the most popular due to their low cost and ease of use.

Disadvantages of paper-based wallpaper

The disadvantages of such wallpaper include rapid abrasion and loss of color, especially when exposed to direct sunlight. Short life
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Umagi is also a drawback that manufacturers are trying in every possible way to eliminate by covering the wallpaper with additional coatings.

Advantages of paper-based wallpaper

Among the obvious advantages of this wallpaper are the following:

1. Variety of colors.

2. Attractive appearance of the room.

3. Minimum cost.

4. Material safety.

5. Ease of use.

If paper-based wallpaper was purchased in advance before the planned renovation, then it is necessary to store the rolls in a dry room, protected from sunlight. Rolls are placed in a vertical position away from pipes and heating radiators.

Rules for caring for paper-based wallpaper

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To clean paper wallpaper from dust, you can use a vacuum cleaner using a small brush attachment or a dry rag.

If small stains appear, they can be removed with soap suds applied to a rag. The rag should be applied to the area of ​​contamination and held for several seconds. After this, remove the stain with gentle movements.

Paper-based wallpaper is environmentally friendly and easily breathable, so it can be used for children’s rooms. Small dust stains can be removed from the surface using a regular white paper eraser.

Paper-based wallpaper: types and scope of their application

Depending on the manufacturing technology, paper wallpaper can be textured. On their outside there is an embossed design or pattern.
On the wall, such wallpaper looks like decorative textured plaster. These types of wallpaper are produced in white, but you can purchase material for painting and change the color of the interior as desired. обои на бумажной основе бывают разноцветными и дизайнерскими

Today you can find wallpaper of various textures and colors. You can choose a material that imitates marble, crumpled fabric, silk, or wood. Such wallpaper will help give the apartment uniqueness, and will also help realize a wide variety of design ideas.

As a rule, such material is used only in dry rooms. If you want to wallpaper your kitchen or bathroom with paper-based wallpaper, it is better to choose washable types. In apartments with very young children who actively explore the world around them and draw on all surfaces, it is not recommended to use paper wallpaper. It is better to glue washable wallpaper or protect paper-based wallpaper with film or varnish.