Our new product – Decal paper!! | Magazine of the Fair of Masters

Our new product is decal paper!! | crafts fair magazine

Introducing decal paper!

Russian manufacturer of German materials!

Special paper with a gummed layer for decals has different names: decal paper, gummed paper, decal paper, decal paper, the essence is that this paper has a special layer on which the image is applied and can later be used transfer to any surface. The only difference is what layer you apply to the image itself. This can be a topcoat varnish that is used for “hot” decals. This decal can be transferred to glass and ceramics, while the image itself is applied with a brush or through a stencil using firing paints (glass or ceramic).
For “cold” decals, for example, a transparent topcoat varnish is used; such a picture can be transferred to wood or plastic, the varnish will protect against mechanical stress; for transfer tattoos, a special glue that is safe for human skin is used.
“Hot” decal is much more resistant and durable in contrast to “cold” decal.
The production of hot decals occurs in several stages: an image is applied to the paper using firing paints, a topcoat varnish is applied over the image, dried, before transferring the decal to the surface of the product, it is soaked in water for several minutes, when the gummed layer gets wet, the decal is applied to the product with the image facing up and The paper backing is gradually removed so that there are no air bubbles left under the image, the product is dried and sent to a high-temperature firing oven, the varnish burns out and the paint bakes into the surface layer of the product.
Decal printing methods are silk screen and offset printing.
“Hot” decal is used to transfer images to mugs, glasses, bottles, ashtrays, plates, any tableware, etc.

Paper for printing cold decals on a laser printer with a transparent base.
Suitable for printing decals on any hard surface. Paper with a layer of varnish.

Tips for printing decals using decal paper

Paper for printing cold decals on a laser printer with a transparent base.
Suitable for printing decals on any hard surface.
It is not recommended to print on paper with a varnish layer if the printer is very hot (details below).
The paper is suitable for making decals on plastic, glass, ceramics, metal,
wood, paper, candles, covers for books and diaries, household appliances, sports equipment (helmets, skis), fishing rods, etc.

1. Check your printer settings to make sure the correct paper type is selected.
Printer settings: Print quality high or “label”, paper weight maximum
or from 170-220g/sq.m. Print the picture on a laser printer.
2. Cut out the image with scissors along the outline of the image.
3. Place the decal in warm water
4. After a few seconds, when the picture begins to peel off from the paper, take it out
decal (with backing) and transfer it from the sheet to the surface to be decorated.
Gently wipe the decal with a squeegee or soft paper.
5. Dry at room temperature.
The product is ready!

ATTENTION, important information!

To avoid damaging the printer drum, it is not recommended to print more than one sheet at a time!
Before you start printing, make sure that the printer has not been used for more than 15 minutes.
It is advisable that it be turned off before printing.
And his printing drum has already cooled down.
Turn on the printer. Print one sheet. Then turn off the printer and let the drum cool down again.
After this, you can turn on the printer again and print the next sheet.
If you print repeatedly, the varnish layer of the paper may stick to the hot drum and damage it! Do not use this paper for high temperature printers (such as SAMSUNG). This can lead to breakdown of expensive equipment.
Please strictly follow these recommendations. This will ensure high-quality results and reliable operation of your printer.