Origami paper boat: postcard with a boat and a map (10 photos and videos)

Boat folding patterns for beginners

A classic paper boat using the origami technique – the simplest option – is folded according to the following pattern:

  1. A rectangular sheet located vertically is folded in half.
  2. The resulting blank is placed with the fold point up, and both upper corners are bent to an imaginary center line vertically, so that a narrow unused strip remains at the bottom.

    Как сделать корабли из бумаги своими руками, с парусом. Пошаговая инструкция

  3. The bottom strip of the top layer of the workpiece is folded upward, then the rectangle is turned over to the other side and the second strip is folded.
  4. Using corner bends, the folded strips are fixed in one position.
  5. Then the workpiece is opened from the inside and folded into a square by placing its parts on top of each other so that the initial fold becomes the diagonal of the resulting square. After folding, the corners straighten.
  6. Now the top sheet of the resulting square piece, lying in the diamond position, is bent diagonally to match the opposite corners.
  7. The workpiece is turned over to the other side, then the same action is done. At this stage, the square turns into an isosceles triangle.
  8. Next, the triangular blank is opened from the inside by combining opposite corners and again turns into a square.
  9. The ship unfolds from a square blank – for this, the upper corners are pulled in opposite directions at the same time.
  10. The middle straightens out, and a simple paper boat can be launched into a pond.

There is another option for folding a boat for beginners, it is the simplest, and as a result of five minutes of work you get a yacht:

  1. On a square sheet of paper of any color, you need to fold it horizontally diagonally.
  2. Now a vertical valley fold is performed.
  3. An imaginary line is drawn in the lower triangle, as shown in the diagram, along which the fold occurs.
  4. The bent part of the triangle is bent, returning to its original position. Once the folding technique is mastered, steps 3 and 4 can be simplified into one by simply folding the desired part of the triangle.
  5. Now, along the marked lines, you should make “valley” bends, carefully straightening the right angle, which is located below the marking.

    Как сделать корабли из бумаги своими руками, с парусом. Пошаговая инструкция

  6. Using glue, the 2 parts of the yacht are connected to each other, then the bottom and hull are carefully straightened so that the product becomes stable.

If you complicate the previous diagram a little, you might end up with an ocean liner:

  1. On a square sheet of paper of any color, you need to make 2 diagonal folds, thus marking 4 triangles.
  2. Then you need to bend the upper corner of the square blank, arranged in a diamond shape, towards the center.
  3. Now the same corner is bent again, only in the opposite direction.
  4. And once again the corner, only this time smaller in volume, needs to be folded back towards itself. When the technique of folding the boat is mastered, steps 2-4 are simplified into one step, folding occurs with a triple zipper.
  5. Next, the left side of the workpiece is folded in such a way as to cover the right side.
  6. Now you need to mark an imaginary line, as shown in the diagram, for folding the lower parts of the workpiece into a “mountain”. Then very carefully straighten and bend the corner located below the line. After this, the parts of the workpiece indicated in the diagram need to be bent along the intended line “mountainwise”.

    Как сделать корабли из бумаги своими руками, с парусом. Пошаговая инструкция

  7. The bent corner is carefully smoothed out, and the workpiece is turned in the desired direction.

: master class “two-pipe boat” using the origami technique

Elena Puchkova

Master class “Two-pipe boat” using the origami technique

Мастер-класс «Двухтрубный кораблик» в технике «оригами»

In classes on cognitive development, the children of the preparatory group and I “travel” a lot
across countries and continents, seas and oceans. And of course, at the same time “we use”
different types of transport. Very often we have to build ships and steamships
, since water barriers in the form of seas arise on our way. We recently visited the resort cities of the Krasnodar Territory, and since the cities are located on the Black Sea coast, we needed water transport for excursions. I invited the children to try themselves in the art of origami and make a two-pipe boat

– the art of folding paper figures without scissors and glue. Origami is a Japanese word
, and it is translated as “folded paper”
. It was the Japanese who were the first to make different figures out of paper.

Using origami
Fine motor skills develop, fingers are trained, and children’s speech develops. Finger training prepares the hand for writing. The movement of the hand and fingers becomes precise and coordinated.

Master class
« Two-pipe boat

in origami technique


• Introduce children to methods of transforming a square, develop spatial orientation

• Develop the ability to act with verbal instructions from the teacher

• Develop fine motor skills

• Cultivate hard work, the ability to finish a job

We need
: Square shaped colored paper.

Origami paper boat: postcard with a boat and a map (10 photos and videos)

1. Find the middle of the square, mark it with a simple pencil and fold the square twice diagonally.

Origami paper boat: postcard with a boat and a map (10 photos and videos)
Origami paper boat: postcard with a boat and a map (10 photos and videos)

2. Fold all corners towards the center.

Origami paper boat: postcard with a boat and a map (10 photos and videos)
Origami paper boat: postcard with a boat and a map (10 photos and videos)

3. Turn the new square with its back side facing you and bend the corners to the middle again.

Origami paper boat: postcard with a boat and a map (10 photos and videos)

4. Repeat this action 2 more times.

Origami paper boat: postcard with a boat and a map (10 photos and videos)

5. Now we take out the pipes and stern.

Origami paper boat: postcard with a boat and a map (10 photos and videos)
Origami paper boat: postcard with a boat and a map (10 photos and videos)

6. Our boat is ready to sail

Origami paper boat: postcard with a boat and a map (10 photos and videos)

Origami paper: the best choice

The main advantage of this technology is that no additional tools are required to use it. And it doesn’t matter whether simple folding patterns are used or not.

The only thing you need to purchase in advance is paper. It only takes a few minutes of free time and a great desire to create a paper figurine.

There is no need to buy any other instruments, so we can say that this hobby cannot harm your financial well-being.

But this does not mean that the choice of the only tool, which is paper, should not be taken seriously. This is a common mistake that people make when just starting to learn the art of origami.

It is important to remember that it is permissible to use not only ordinary white paper, but also colored sheets, which can be freely purchased in specialized stores for artists.

Of course, each person can choose the color of paper that he likes best to create his ideal figurine. However, it is best to use those sheets whose front and back sides are different. This will help greatly simplify the process.

Because while folding the sheets, it will be clear which side the person is currently working on. After all, by mixing up the front and back sides, you can completely ruin the craft.

It is equally important to choose the correct paper thickness. Do not use sheets that are too thin. It is only at first that it seems much easier to work with them.

In reality this is not so, and this becomes clear already in the process of work. After all, thin paper tears very easily. Only masters who have already managed to get used to it and have acquired enough skills and knowledge can work with it. Beginners will not be able to achieve a positive result.

Making a sea postcard (step 2)

Now you will need a postcard blank, cord, mesh and a boat.

Основа открытки, сетка, кораблик
Postcard base, grid, boat

Let’s see where it’s best to place the boat on the postcard.

Ищем место для композиции
Looking for a place for a composition

Glue the cord to the mesh, and glue the boat on top.

Приклеиваем шнур, сетку и кораблик
Glue the cord, mesh and boat

Tear off a piece of the card. You can print out an antique map or a battle map. It would be better if there were more seas on it, so that the theme of navigation would be preserved. Don’t try to make a smooth edge, let it have an antique effect – that’s the beauty of it!

Кусочек карты
Map piece

Take the base of the postcard and randomly glue the card.

Приклеиваем карту
Glue the card

Cut off the excess card.

Излишки карты отрезаем
Cut off excess card

Even the blank postcard itself looks amazing.

Заготовка открытки с картой и морем
Preparation of a postcard with a map and the sea

Take a blank boat with a mesh and cord and glue it to the card.

Приклеиваем кораблик с сеткой и шнурком 1
Glue the boat with mesh and cord 1

We glue sequins on the boat – windows.

Приклеиваем пайетки
Glue the sequins

An origami paper boat sails across the endless sea towards new adventures!

Оригами из бумаги кораблик
Origami paper boat

How to fold a boat step by step

  1. To make a boat you will need a rectangular sheet of thick paper.
  2. It is better to place the sheet vertically in front of you.
  3. Taking its upper corners, you need to connect them with the opposite lower ones.
  4. Having aligned the upper and lower parts of the sheet, it remains to carefully smooth the fold line. Further in the process of work it will no longer work. This is how we got the blank for work. It is necessary to mark the middle on it.
  5. The workpiece is placed vertically in front of you. Its angles are aligned as in the first case. Having outlined and ironed the additional fold of the workpiece, you need to unfold it.
  6. Now it needs to be placed with the main fold up.
  7. During the preparation process, the stage of marking several guides of the working square was deliberately omitted. By slightly lifting the front part of the workpiece above the bottom, it is necessary to form an isosceles triangle by tucking the side elements of the folded sheet into the workpiece until they are aligned at the intended center. As a result, two strips of unused material were formed at the bottom.
  8. The strips must be bent to form a triangle. First, the corners of this strip remaining in free “floating” are bent to the opposite side, repeating the contours of the main triangle. After turning the workpiece over, you need to repeat the operation just performed with the second strip.
  9. You need to open the resulting cap and fold it so that the side fold lines are central. It should look like a rhombus.
  10. The lower (free) corners are folded upward. For the first one, you need to select a height. If the notebook sheet format was chosen as the material, then this corner should be 1 cm below the top of the workpiece. For A-4 paper format, the distance can be selected 1.5-2 cm. The line must be carefully smoothed. The workpiece is turned over; the guideline for bending the second corner is the bottom of the element on the opposite side.
  11. Again you need to move the side and center lines. The result is a rhombus with a “cut off” bottom edge.

How to assemble a paper boat: step-by-step instructions

A flat-bottomed boat made from a square sheet of thick paper is made based on the basic “catamaran” shape. The paper preparation process involves drawing out many working lines. But there are no complex elements in this model, so the process of folding the punt begins immediately.

  1. The square sheet is folded in half. The fold line must be securely smoothed; it will serve as a guide for other actions.
  2. The edges of the sheet are folded towards the center line. The side lines are pressed down.
  3. The resulting rectangle needs to be given the appearance of a candy. To do this, the corners must be turned inward. Their sides should be adjacent to the center line at right angles.
  4. Each resulting triangle is the basis for an acute angle. At the top, the thin corners should also be adjacent to the center line. At the end they separate like the wings of an airplane. First, matching corners are formed on one side, only then counter ones are made, because the diverging ends of the sharp triangles are partially overlapped by the counter ones. These elements need to be beautifully formed.
  5. The joints are the tips of the corners, which must be brought to the center line, and the edges pressed tightly.
  6. You need to take the resulting canoe in your hands and bend it in half on the reverse side. The ship needs to be turned inside out. To do this, the very first folded elements are retracted from the center line in different directions.

A flat-bottomed boat made from a square sheet of thick paper is made based on the basic “catamaran” shape

Having turned the boat inside out, all that remains is to correct the shape of the last folded elements with your fingers.

Classic boat

We offer you the most common paper boat design. It is these sharp-nosed beauties that boldly plow the expanses of spring puddles and streams. Making them is a matter of a couple of minutes. And the pleasure of watching your own creation swim will delight not only the child.

  1. Fold the sheet in half along the wide side. Bend it again along the wide side to mark the middle.

    Origami paper boat: postcard with a boat and a map (10 photos and videos)

  2. Fold the top corners towards the middle of the sheet. Achieve their complete combination.

    Origami paper boat: postcard with a boat and a map (10 photos and videos)

  3. The lower edges of the sheet were left free. Lift them up, each on his own side. Iron the folds.

    Origami paper boat: postcard with a boat and a map (10 photos and videos)

  4. Fold the corners of the strips to form a triangle.

    Origami paper boat: postcard with a boat and a map (10 photos and videos)

  5. As a result of these manipulations, you should end up with a triangular pocket. Stick your hand into it and open it.

    Origami paper boat: postcard with a boat and a map (10 photos and videos)

  6. Grab the middle of the base of the triangle and gently pull in different directions. The corners of the structure will align to form a square.

    Origami paper boat: postcard with a boat and a map (10 photos and videos)

  7. The resulting square is two-layered. Bend each of its parts diagonally to the bottom corner of the square. Again you get a triangle with a pocket inside.

    Origami paper boat: postcard with a boat and a map (10 photos and videos)

  8. Open the resulting pocket as in step 6. You should end up with a multi-layered square.

    Origami paper boat: postcard with a boat and a map (10 photos and videos)

  9. Take it by the upper corners and move them in opposite directions – the boat opens.

    Origami paper boat: postcard with a boat and a map (10 photos and videos)

    Following this step-by-step algorithm, even a schoolchild can assemble an origami boat correctly.

If you take a piece of scrap or colored paper for a craft, your creation will turn out especially bright and beautiful. Or you can make it just white and entrust a small designer to turn an ordinary ship into a masterpiece.

A boat made of colored paper

This most popular summer-themed craft can be created not only using the origami technique. This master class features such a bright sailboat!

Required materials:

  • colored semi-cardboard in red, yellow and blue;
  • skewer;
  • glue;
  • scissors;
  • ruler;
  • marker;
  • pencil.

Create the frame of a sailboat. To do this, take blue half-cardboard and cut out two identical strips with dimensions of 18 x 2.5 cm. Origami paper boat: postcard with a boat and a map (10 photos and videos)

Using a ruler and pencil, divide each strip into three equal parts. We bend in those places.

Glue the two parts of the boat base together along the sides.

Next we will create a small part of the ship’s deck. We use blue half-cardboard again.

Cut out a small rectangle. We measure 1.5 cm from the sides for gluing.

Bend along vertical lines and glue the part into the middle of the ship between the bases.

Now we will prepare a wooden skewer and two pieces of yellow sheet of different lengths to create sails.

Create small holes in each rectangle. We insert a skewer through them.

Cut out a small square from a red sheet. Glue it to the deck. We make a small hole along the diameter of the wide part of the skewer. We insert it.

Now we cut out a beautiful flag from a red sheet that will flutter in the wind. Use a black marker to highlight the contour lines.

Glue the flag to the highest point of the sailboat.

Using a black marker, draw in the portholes and other important details on the paper boat.

A wonderful paper boat is ready for sea voyages! On the deck you can place small toys of pirates, sailors and the ship’s captain.

Making an applique – paper boat

Another craft option.

See a detailed master class on paper boat applique here.

Boat – a simple diagram for preschoolers

Origami masters offer several ways to make a boat out of paper. A simple option that a preschooler can handle in 10 minutes is given below. For work, prepare a paper square and stationery scissors.

Схема лодки из бумаги.
Scheme of a paper boat.

How to make a paper boat step by step:

  1. Bend the square along the horizontal and vertical axes to obtain work marks. Open it up.
  2. Bring the edges to the horizontal axis on the side opposite to the main fold so that it looks like an accordion of 4 parallel lines.
  3. Fold the edges. Move all corners equally to the central horizontal axis. Then bend the corners again, focusing on the vertical axis.
  4. After folding the workpiece, open it. The result is something like a boat, but without clear lines yet.
  5. To make the boat smoother and more beautiful, bring the bow and stern to the main axis. You will get a hexagon, press all its folds with your finger.
  6. Bend the opposite corners of the hexagon equally, retreating about 5 mm.
  7. Open the workpiece. Bend the sides on both sides towards the main axis.
  8. Run your finger carefully along the inside corners on each side until they become clear, so that the bottom of the boat appears.
  9. Open the finished craft. Straighten the sides if they are wrinkled.

Origami boat

Do you want a boat like this? It’s actually very easy! All you need is a square sheet of paper and 10-12 minutes of free time.

This cute origami is perfect for crafts with children of primary and secondary school age.

Materials and tools:

  • square sheet 15-18 cm;
  • scissors.

Cut out a 4 square from an A sheet of paper.

Fold in half horizontally.

Expand. Fold one half of the sheet to the center fold and open.

Also fold the second half of the sheet towards the center line.

Gently iron the fold, then lift the paper and attach it to the next, third fold. Make a neat bend.

Place the craft vertically.

Fold the top right corner to a vertical crease.

Also fold the upper left corner towards the vertical fold.

Fold the left corner again. Gently press the fold with your fingers.

On the right side, also fold the corner forward one more time.

Change position. Fold the entire bottom edge towards the horizontal center line.

Change position again. Fold the lower right corner to the horizontal center line.

Fold down the entire top part in the origami area where you are currently working.

Turn over to the other side.

Using an accordion fold the paper over the area to be worked twice. You should stop exactly on the center line of your square.

Place the workpiece in front of you so that all the formed bends are at the bottom on the right side.

Fold the upper left corner to the previously made vertical fold.

Also fold the upper right corner towards the vertical fold.

Fold the corner again on the top right side, and again on the top left side.


Change position. On the opposite side, fold the bottom corner to the middle line.

Also fold the top side down towards the middle line.

Fold the entire top part down along the middle line.

Open one side.

Fold the corner symmetrically to the corner at the back of the craft. Return the paper to its place.

On the other side, also open one fold. Fold the second corner symmetrically to the existing corner.

Close the paper. Open the craft in the middle.

DIY origami paper boat is ready!

Origami sailboat

To make a ship decorated with two sails, you will need a square sheet of single-sided colored paper. Thanks to just such a sheet, the end result is a ship with sides painted the same color and snow-white sails.

The process of making a sailboat:

  1. First, you need to make bends on the square workpiece vertically and then horizontally. You should end up with a large square, divided by folds into 4 small squares. Now the same action should be done diagonally.

    Как сделать корабли из бумаги своими руками, с парусом. Пошаговая инструкция

  2. Next, you need to place the workpiece in front of you in a diamond shape, the white side up, and bend the “valley” of 2 opposite corners (upper and lower) into triangles towards the center. The result is a design in the form of 2 triangles, on either side of which there are 2 rhombuses.
  3. Then a bend is formed horizontally in the resulting workpiece.
  4. When returning the structure to its original state, it is necessary to simultaneously fold the left rhombus so that its horizontal diagonal moves to a vertical position and then bends inward. Thus, the left diamond should be reshaped into a triangle, fixed by a fold between the upper and lower rectangle.
  5. Now we have a parallelogram with a triangle on the left. Its right corner must be folded with the diagonal of the former rhombus inward. You should get a blank sketched in point 6 of the diagram, which represents 2 triangles – upper and lower, with the upper one consisting of 2 small ones.
  6. The small triangle on the left is a large sail, and the right one needs to be reshaped into a small sail. To do this, it should be bent with a zipper, as shown in paragraphs 6-7 of the diagram.

    Как сделать корабли из бумаги своими руками, с парусом. Пошаговая инструкция

  7. The zipper fold needs to be hidden between the sides of the future sailboat. And below, along an imaginary line, it is necessary to make “mountainous” bends into the structure to form the bottom of the vessel. At the end, the bottom must be carefully straightened so that the sailboat floats better.

Step-by-step master class on a boat made of paper tubes

This is a completely new level of skill, requiring perseverance, time, and patience. To do this, strips are pre-cut from paper, wound onto a long knitting needle, secured along the edge with glue, dried and covered with stain or varnish. And then the wicker weaving technique is used.

To create a ship similar to the ship from the book “Scarlet Sails”, you need:

  • Make a stencil for the bottom by cutting out a piece of regular paper 29.5 cm long by 7 cm and rounding it on one side like the bow of a ship.
  • Using a stencil, we cut out the base from plastic, transferring the drawing with a pencil. We make two such parts, the second one is a little smaller.
  • Along the contour of the larger workpiece, we make holes with an awl every 1-1.5 cm.
  • Insert ready-made paper tubes into the holes.
  • Fold one tube in half, take it by the corner tube, weave along the contour, tracing the strip alternately in front and behind.
  • Repeat the process, forming two rows of stripes.
  • Then we make a bend. To do this, we bring the protruding tube behind the next one and bend it inward. We do this with the remaining strips of paper
  • Coat the edges with PVA glue, let it dry for a day or two, then cut off the excess edges.
  • We take two tubes, insert one into the other, fold them, wrap them around the corner base, and intertwine them with paper vines using the same technique.
  • If the tubes end before the row is completed, add material by inserting another one into the end of the tube.
  • After weaving the first row, we place the second stencil (smaller in size) inside the craft. It will help maintain the shape of the craft while working. It is convenient to place a limiter (flat box) on the bottom and a small weight on top.
  • We continue weaving. If desired, you can add several rows of a different color and use other techniques. For example, start the tubes not at the first, but at the third base.
  • We attach clothespins through one base and continue weaving over them.
  • We arrange the stern in two rows. To do this, simply bend the vine back and continue weaving
  • Coat it well with glue, let it dry, remove the clothespins – we get a beautiful pass in the weaving.
  • We make a bend from the bow to half of the ship. As we approach the middle, we try to press the tubes down. Near the “stern” we raise the tube higher and continue working.
  • Repeat on the other side.
  • We fix everything with glue, cut off the extra tubes – we get the base of the ship.
  • Take four tubes and move them in different directions. Now we place each tube in turn on the adjacent one – this is a spiral weave for the steering wheel. All that remains is to connect it into a ring and arrange it.
  • We cut out parts for the stern and bow from plastic.
  • We additionally coat the blank with varnish, decorate it with a steering wheel, ladders made from the same tubes, and pieces of red fabric placed on a glue gun with bases made from pieces of tubes.

The process of making an origami boat diagram (step 1)

How to make an origami boat? Cut out a square from colored paper.

Вырезаем квадрат
Cut out a square

Fold it in half.

Складываем его пополам
Fold it in half

Fold the square in half again along the middle of the sides (this is necessary to form the lines).

Складываем с одной стороны
Fold on one side

Fold two corners towards the center.

Складываем один уголок
Fold one corner

We press two sharp edges of the workpiece inside.

Загибаем один край 1
Fold one edge 1

Open the blank.

Раскрываем заготовку
Opening the blank

Fold the third corner of the square towards the center.

Складывает третий уголок
Folds the third corner

Fold the third corner up.

Отгибаем третий уголок
Bend the third corner

Fold the blank back.

Складываем обратно заготовку
Fold the blank back

It turns out that the boat is almost ready.

Кораблик почти готов
The ship is almost ready

We bend the sharp bottom of the boat.

Подгибаем острый низ кораблика
Bend the sharp bottom of the boat

Glue the bottom of the boat.

Подклеиваем низ кораблика
Glue the bottom of the boat

The origami paper boat is ready!

Кораблик оригами из бумаги
Origami paper boat