Ladybug stencil – draw it yourself!

The ladybug is found in all countries of the world. The bright color and cute appearance will not leave anyone indifferent. Insect designs are used in interior design, clothing and garden design. The cute image is also often reflected in children’s crafts. Its features are simple and easy to remember. Therefore, you can draw a ladybug stencil yourself and use it for any product.

картонная божья коровка

How to make a ladybug?

An insect is depicted with any available material. It all depends on the purpose of the craft or design. Plastic bottles, stones, etc. are suitable for the garden. Paper, felt, and cardboard are suitable for children’s crafts and interior design. In children’s creativity, you can use a stencil or template (find a picture on the Internet or make it yourself) or use different application techniques.

Making a ladybug from paper circles:

  1. Cut out a circle and three stripes for the legs from black paper.
  2. Cut out 12 red circles the same size as the black circle.
  3. Fold each circle in half twice to make a quarter.
  4. Glue the sides a little on top. The result is a triangle. We do the same with all the circles.
  5. Glue the halves together. The split part of the halves should be at the bottom, and the narrow glued side should be at the top. Apply glue only to the middle of the quarter.
  6. When all the parts are fastened, open the parts like an accordion button, glue the ends and fasten them so that there are no gaps. The result was a projectile.
  7. Glue three legs onto the black circle. Glue a wide strip to the second layer.
  8. Attach the shell to the black base.
  9. Add details.

божья коровка ручной работы из цветной бумаги

How to make a ladybug stencil with your own hands?

A stencil is a sheet of paper with a cut-out design with which the image can be translated and reproduced.

Ways to create templates:

  1. On paper
  2. We take a ladybug from the Internet or draw it ourselves.
  3. Using a utility knife, cut according to the design. To make it faster, you can fold the pattern in half.
  4. On a sheet of plastic folder
  5. Cut a sheet from a plastic folder.
  6. Take a drawing of a ladybug, fix it with tape on a flat surface and put a plastic sheet on top, fix it in the same way.
  7. Connect the soldering iron and wait until it warms up.
  8. We burn the plastic sheet with a soldering iron along the contour of the design.
  9. Remove all excess from the stencil.

божья коровка шаг за шагом
божья коровка поделки из бумаги

Crafts ladybug in different techniques


We will need: green, red and black sheets, scissors, glue.

  • Fold the red circles in half and attach one half to the black circle slightly obliquely (wings).
  • Cut out two red and one black circles (6 cm), a green leaf (like a tree), small black circles and a 3 cm circle for the head.
  • Glue a black circle and a head (small circle) onto the green leaf.
  • Glue together the parts – circles and antennas.

божья коровка
картонная божья коровка

Ladybug made of plasticine.

Materials: plasticine, stick, modeling board.

  • Add details to the small circles on the shell.
  • Make a ball for the head from black plasticine.
  • Roll out an oval body from red plasticine and add indentation details to indicate the wings.
  • Attach the head and torso.
  • We sculpt the antennae and legs and attach them to the body.
  • Make eyes.

божья коровка
божья коровка ручной работы из цветной бумаги

Quilling technique

In this technique, complex elements – twisted paper strips, are assembled into a ladybug, like a mosaic. The elements are well glued.

божья коровка своими руками
божья коровка шаг за шагом


Knitted items in the shape of a ladybug can have any shape: pillows, toys, rugs, etc. The technique uses different types of knitting. The products are practical and used in everyday life.

божья коровка своими руками
как сделать божью коровку из бумаги


Ladybug is made of beads and fishing line. You get realistic products. Can be used as a brooch, hairpin, etc.

божья коровка

Options for using a stencil

The stencil image can be applied to any surface. In the interior, these can be cabinets, curtains, wallpaper. If the design is being done on fabric or surfaces that need to be washed, it is best to use durable paints such as acrylic.

With its help you can create interesting compositions or focus on objects. You can experiment by combining it with other performance techniques.

божья коровка трафарет

Ladybug is popular among children and adults. Her image is used in interiors, in crafts, and on clothing. A variety of gaming techniques gives free rein to the imagination. Despite the stylization of the image, it is recognizable by its features.