Is the printer not picking up paper? Let’s eliminate!

Let’s look at all the options if the printer does not pick up paper. There may be quite a few reasons
, we try to consider the most common ones. And, accordingly, formulate solutions so that our printer begins to tighten the paper again correctly

What should I do if the printer does not pick up paper from the tray?

Is the printer not picking up paper? Let's eliminate!

The first thing to do is don’t panic
, calm down so as not to do too much. Try reboot
computer and correct sheets
in the tray (move closer to the entrance). Did not help? Go ahead.

Try to soberly assess where the problem may be. A very common problem lies in a part of the paper tray; a third-party object can get there: a pen, its cap, a pencil or something else. Usually in this case the printer refuses and does not take paper from the tray. You need to: visually inspect the tray for the presence of foreign elements.

If everything is in order there, then it wouldn’t hurt to look inside
printing machine. To do this, turn off
it from the network, open the compartment where the cartridge is stored (look at the prompts located on the surface of the device), carefully pull out the cartridge. We inspect the inside, the tightening unit, where the paper is grabbed, using a roller. If there is no large debris there, then read on.

Another cause of the problem may be contamination of the roller
gripper or braking pad. In this case, the printer may begin to jam the paper or simply not tighten it. Such contamination is usually a consequence of using poor quality paper

or simply ink sticking
, with frequent duplex printing. Ultimately, the rubber of the roller itself can, over time, harden and crack, which will negatively affect the adhesion to the surface of the sheet


What needs to be done? You should wipe the rubber surface of the roller several times with a special agent to restore the rubber
. Good fit “copicliner”
or similar chemicals.

Is the printer not picking up paper? Let's eliminate!

Don’t forget about the master. If nothing has been able to force the machine to accept paper, it would be a good idea to call a specialist.

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