International passport of a new sample price, production time

New technologies are involved in our daily life, and where quite recently a paper document was sufficient, digital documents are already necessary. What do you need to get a passport? This question worries those who decided to keep up with the times and release a document containing an electronic storage medium. Let’s just say that there is no urgent need to obtain such a passport. The passport of the old, regular form continues to be valid to this day and is issued by the migration authorities.

Biometric passport

For issuing biometric passports
first of all, you need to collect documents
. A special feature will be the absence of photographs – digital photographs are taken only at migration service offices, and free of charge. In addition, you will have to undergo a fingerprinting procedure, which is mandatory for all citizens over 12 years of age.

The presence of information about your fingerprints and facial image makes the passport biometric. The data will be stored on a chip embedded in a plastic page. In addition to this, the chip contains personal information such as name, date and place of birth.

Amount of fee (duty) for a foreign passport

How much a new international passport costs depends on the age of the citizen. Registration for an adult will cost 3,500 rubles, for children under 14 years old – 1,500. However, prices for government services usually change, so before running to the bank, it is worth checking the information in the office or on the website of the migration service.

загранпаспорт получают после оформления заявления на получение

Before filling out the form, you need to select a form – there are different forms for old and new passports, as well as for adults and children. You should carefully study the rules for filling out the application, despite the fact that they are quite standard: one small mistake can lead to refusal to accept documents. You need to study the sample better to know which column to write what exactly.

What affects the passport production time

There is a regulation according to which document
must be ready within one month if the applicant has arrived at his place of permanent residence. If the applicant does not live in a permanent place of residence and was forced to leave for another city, the law provides for a different period for the readiness of a foreign passport – up to four months.

For urgent processing,
A foreign passport can be produced within three days, but only in the old form and if there are good reasons documented. Urgent issuance of biometric passports is not provided and is impossible due to the peculiarities of their production. The readiness of the passport can be checked on the regional websites of migration services, as well as on the website of government services.