How to refill a cartridge for an HP printer: laser and inkjet

What is needed to refill an inkjet printer

First of all, you need to buy quality ink. If you choose low-quality paint, the pictures will have poor quality. It is best to order ink online, from Chinese sites (where you can find high-quality ink at competitive prices). Another disadvantage of bad paint is that it can dry out. Then the printer will not print individual sections of the image. You have to blow out the cassette, which is a big expense.

After purchasing ink, we will need a syringe. We fill it with paint and pour the mixture into the upper end of the cassette, into the hole under the sticker. The sticker should not be removed as it allows air exchange. If you remove it, paint will constantly flow through the nozzle.

Attention! If you are afraid of getting dirty, you can wear gloves. And if ink gets on the cartridge or printer, it can be removed with a cotton pad soaked in alcohol.


Wersacamm SP-540V:
Грязная работа: Вступление. Заправка струйных картриджей от HP
BigPrinter PJ 3216:

Грязная работа: Вступление. Заправка струйных картриджей от HP

PS: Sorry for the photos are not of the highest quality, in the middle of shooting I remembered that I had not set the white balance and had to bring it to mind in CS4. PPS: At first glance, the topic is completely hackneyed and should already be known to all interested parties, but upon closer examination it turns out that original cartridges from HP are still in demand on the shelves, and no one is immune from employment in an organization where the same HP printers are also used. Also, not so long ago the prices for these cartridges increased quite significantly.

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With my very first computer, I got my first printer in 2005, still the only one HP DeskJet 6543
. As expected, it came with cartridges: black No. 130
volume 21ml
and color No. 134

I went to 10th grade at that time and the complete cartridges lasted me for a whole year, but then the question arose of buying new ones and I learned about their significant cost, bought another set, it didn’t last that long, then another one. But then an opportunity arose from a friend’s sister, and I learned that you can refill cartridges yourself. I took a bottle and a syringe from her to try and refilled it, and I was surprised that everything printed, just like with a new one, and the price was low compared to buying a new cartridge.

Then I bought my first refill kits from InkTec

How to refill a cartridge for an HP printer: laser and inkjet

Oddly enough, my first two sets are black with markings HPI-0005D
and color HPI-0006C
(which I still remember buying for 500 rubles) are not intended for refilling my printer, but there were no problems with either the black or color cartridges, I’ll tell you why later.

Now I want to show you the set with black ink and tell you about it.

How to refill a cartridge for an HP printer: laser and inkjet

Package includes:

-2x20ml bottle of syringe with black ink (alas, I’ve been using them for a long time; you can see them on the package);

– 3ml syringe with 2 special needles;

– polyethylene gloves;

– cartridge stand;

– sticker on the cartridge and instructions.

As we can see, I have already told you about a set compatible with my cartridge No. 130
with marking HPI-6065D
, but in the end it does not differ from the first HPI-0005D both in terms of configuration and print quality
because the ink in these two sets is pigment, which is very important, and the color set includes a larger number of syringes for each color.

You can refill in two ways or with the supplied syringe, counting how many milliliters you poured, or put a needle on a large syringe with paint, it’s even more convenient, there are divisions on the syringe container indicating the volume of paint. And if the cartridge is filled with less than its volume by 1 ml, although I was lucky, my large black cartridge could be filled with the entire large syringe at once.

How to refill a cartridge for an HP printer: laser and inkjet

Now I’ll show you a couple more photos with the included stand for convenient cartridge refilling

How to refill a cartridge for an HP printer: laser and inkjet

There is a hole at the bottom for a syringe to remove excess ink.

How to refill a cartridge for an HP printer: laser and inkjet

Everything is simple with black paint, unlike colored paint. Color ink set HPI-0005D
did a great job of printing images until it ran out. Then I bought 3 colored syringes marked HPI-0002C
, which I later regretted, namely, these inks turned out to be not pigment-based, but water-based, which instantly ruined the cartridge (green, I was an experimenter at that time))

How to refill a cartridge for an HP printer: laser and inkjet

Then it turned out that I found a gold mine, namely, the larger the volume of ink you buy, the more profitable it is.

For example, a standard large syringe with 20 ml of ink, either black or color, cost 70 rubles, when you could get a 100 ml bottle of the same paint for 130 rubles. benefits are obvious.

Ink for 130 rub.

How to refill a cartridge for an HP printer: laser and inkjet
How to refill a cartridge for an HP printer: laser and inkjet

How to refill a cartridge for an HP printer: laser and inkjet

Now I want to talk about the benefits of refilling the cartridge.

Let’s imagine you print a lot of documents at the institute, you have a printer for cartridge No. 130
, and the cartridge currently costs 1250 rubles. and according to my measurements, it can print a pack of paper with black and white text, that is, 500 sheets. We buy a 100ml bottle of refill for 130 rubles. and in my experience, just like the cartridge resource, it is enough for 5 refills, that is, another 2500 sheets can be printed. It turns out that in general you can print with one cartridge: 3000 sheets and this costs 1250 130 = 1380 rubles, I think you can see how profitable it is to refill cartridges.

From personal experience

As a primitive man, I never used a stand for a cartridge, I just took a white sheet of paper, put the cartridge on and by poking in the sticker on the cartridge I found a hole, pierced it with a needle and refilled it (by the way, I also found holes by poking with clean syringes and pierced it when I pulled out the needle, saw what color needed to be poured into this hole) and refilled the syringe; if I poured ink from the cartridge, I took 1 ml of ink back into the syringe, and at the bottom, where the nozzles were, I wiped the leaked ink with a regular cotton pad.

I also want to say that the quality of Korean ink from InkTec is excellent, even when I didn’t print anything from the cartridge all summer, it didn’t leak or dry out, everything was without problems. Also, always rinse the syringes with water, draw it in and pour it out, and so on several times.

The importance of paper

Over the entire period of its existence, the printer has printed 11,000 sheets or 22 packs of 500 sheets of paper.

Paper I used:

Snow Maiden – 11 packs;

ZOOM – 2 packs;

Data Copy Flex – 2 packs;

HP Office – 4 packs;

Ballet Classic – 1 pack;

Sveto Copy – 1 pack;

Canon – 1 pack.

How to refill a cartridge for an HP printer: laser and inkjet
How to refill a cartridge for an HP printer: laser and inkjet
How to refill a cartridge for an HP printer: laser and inkjet
How to refill a cartridge for an HP printer: laser and inkjet
How to refill a cartridge for an HP printer: laser and inkjet
How to refill a cartridge for an HP printer: laser and inkjet
How to refill a cartridge for an HP printer: laser and inkjet

I will also provide a table of characteristics of the brands of papers that I used

How to refill a cartridge for an HP printer: laser and inkjet

Now I’ll tell you in detail about each brand of paper.

The paper that I frankly liked, which I consider the best that I have ever had, is Data Copy Flex
(produced in Sweden), it is very smooth with a good and uniform texture, uniform, the only negative is the price, it is the most expensive. Next in my assessment of paper quality is ZOOM
(made in Finland), the paper is of very good quality, pleasant to the touch and affordable. Now I am completely confident that the Scandinavian countries make the highest quality paper for which they are famous (it’s a pity I didn’t use XEROX made in Finland).

The third place in my ranking is taken by paper Canon Copy
In terms of quality and price it is quite good.

But my experience with our paper is quite interesting.

The very first paper I had was Snegurochka
, the quality of which I noticed has changed over time, before it was not so smooth and better in terms of quality. About the same situation, but a little worse, was with paper Sveto Copy
in 2005, it was of average quality; I came across it with a texture that was rough and rough to the touch, as if it had been cut out with a milling cutter, but a friend got the same brand that was quite decent, even better than Snegurochka. Other types of paper Ballet Classic
, HP Office
, (as Sveto Copy) is made by the International Paper concern and in my purely personal opinion the paper is the same, but the packaging is different and so is the price.

I used to read articles about refilling and this is what I emphasized. If you have a laser printer, don’t skimp on paper, take only class “A”, otherwise the number of cartridge refills will decrease significantly, because paper of a lower class contains more particles and paper dust that affect the cartridge, that is, using high-quality paper will be possible by 1-2 times refill the laser cartridge more.

Now I will show the evolution of packaging of original cartridges and protection of authenticity.

How to refill a cartridge for an HP printer: laser and inkjet

The packaging of the new color, like the black one, has shrunk, I threw it away before this, so I can’t show it.

How to refill a cartridge for an HP printer: laser and inkjet

Original cartridges, as I learned a long time ago, are filled with Dupont ink and are produced judging by the boxes that I had:



Costa Rico,


All colors are made in SINGAPORE (Singapore).

How to refill a cartridge for an HP printer: laser and inkjet
How to refill a cartridge for an HP printer: laser and inkjet

Over time, the protective sticker has also changed

How to refill a cartridge for an HP printer: laser and inkjet

How to refill a cartridge for an HP printer: laser and inkjet
How to refill a cartridge for an HP printer: laser and inkjet

There are no complaints about the quality of all original cartridges, no matter where they were produced there were no problems.

And lastly, I’ll show you a close-up of the syringe and needle for refilling cartridges:

How to refill a cartridge for an HP printer: laser and inkjet
How to refill a cartridge for an HP printer: laser and inkjet

Chip replacement

Most modern cartridges are protected by a special refill. If this is your case, you will need to purchase a replacement chip included with the toner. When replacing it, it is also recommended to lubricate the contacts on the cover with conductive grease.

After this, all that remains is to screw on the second cover with the chip or secure it with a heat gun if cut plastic rivets were used for fastening.

Changing the chip every time is not an optimal solution, as it approximately doubles the cost of replenishment. The best solution would be to flash the printer once, removing the replenishment protection. You can do this yourself, but we strongly advise against doing this for novice users – there is a high risk of completely damaging the printer. It is best to take it to a company that refills the cartridges and pays for the firmware.

Refilling an inkjet printer: step by step

The cartridge is refilled as follows:

  1. First you need to determine what ink you will need. For the device to work properly, the ink must be compatible with the printer.
  2. Clean the print head from dirt.
  3. Take a syringe and fill it with color. Monitor the air content in the syringe, there should not be any there.
  4. We cover the work area with newspapers, which protects it from ink (it is difficult to remove).
  5. We are looking for a hole on the cartridge. We look carefully, the hole is small and is designed specifically for the use of a syringe needle. Usually the hole is under the sticker. We remove the last one, but do not throw it away.
  6. We begin to fill in the ink. Let’s do it slowly.
  7. Return the sticker to its place (this will prevent the paint from leaking).
  8. You can check the operation by printing a test page.

Help! But if the required hole is not there, you can make it yourself. To do this we use a thin drill. We make a small hole and fill it with paint as described above.

If we have a color printer, each container must be filled separately with the required color. Separate syringes should be used for each reservoir.

The process of refilling the cassette does not depend on the printer manufacturer, the algorithm is the same. You can refill the cassette yourself. But special attention must be paid to the number of containers and the required paint. If you are not sure that you can handle it yourself, it is better to take the cartridge to a service center. There is no need to carry the printer itself.

Refilling the color cartridge with ink

In principle, the procedure is no different, except that the color cartridge has 3 of our ink cartridges, each filled with a different color. The printer automatically draws ink and mixes it in the proportion required for printing.

You will need to squeeze out several cubes of red ink (also known as magenta) from one syringe, blue from another, and yellow from a third.

To avoid confusion, please refer to the Ink Set Chart. To avoid accidentally spilling ink on your hands or table, inject the ink very slowly. Most often, 3-4 cubes are enough, but this depends on the printer model and cartridge size.

that’s all! Before starting work, we recommend that you print at least a few sheets of images and texts to ensure that the printing is correct. The refilled cartridge may be dirty at first, especially when printing in color.

How to refill a canon cartridge pg-37, pg-40, pg-46, pg-50, pg-440, pg-510, pg-512, cl-38, cl-41, cl-51, cl- 56, cl-441, cl-446, cl-511, cl-513

Prepare four medical syringes. Fill them with ink. The amount of black ink in the syringe should not exceed 10 ml. Colored ones take 4 ml each.

Attention: Do not refill all cartridges from one syringe, as this will negatively affect the print quality.

Put the syringes and take the clerical (construction) knife. Use it to carefully remove the factory stickers placed on the cartridge covers (if they are still sticky, do not throw them away, but put them aside). Please note that the beginning of the air valve channel is visible from under the sticker. When you stick it back on, do the same.

Now change the knife to an awl or a 1-2 mm drill. Find the air valves in the lid and create small holes in their place. It is through them that the cartridges will be refilled.

Important: Do not make the holes too large, but they should not be narrow either. The fact is that when refilling the cartridge, air will enter, which must exit through the same holes. If it has nowhere to go, it will begin to squeeze ink through the nozzles, which will lead to leakage or failure of the print head. Error P08 may also appear.

Then we take syringes and, one by one, pour the dye into the holes corresponding to the color of the ink.

Please note: PG series cartridges are refilled with black ink. Three-color CL series cartridges are replenished with three types of ink. The magenta ink hole is slightly separate from the other two (closer to the contacts). In the hole to the left of the purple one, you need to pour cyan ink, and into the hole to the right – yellow.

Lower the syringe needle into the hole until it touches the absorbent sponge. Insert the needle into the absorber to a depth of 0.5-1 cm and begin to gently squeeze ink into the cartridge. As soon as you see ink in the hole, stop refilling. Pull the needle out of the sponge and stick it in again, but no more than 1 mm. Draw excess ink into the syringe. If this is not done, ink will leak through the print head nozzles.

Wipe the cartridge cover and reattach the sticker or piece of secure tape. If you bought a filling kit, then special plugs are included with it, you can insert them.

After refilling the cartridges, run their nozzles over a napkin and look at the print. If everything is fine, you will see four thick stripes corresponding to the color of the ink.

In addition, how to install cartridges in a Canon printer, first create a test print of the nozzles. Using your PC, enter the “Printers and Faxes” menu. Select your device model and right-click on it. Next, select “Print Settings” and in the window that opens, go to the “Maintenance” tab.

How to refill an hp cartridge – instructions for different models

How you refill HP ink cartridges at home depends on the type and number, which can usually be identified by the label.

  • Instructions for refilling HP 22 color cartridges
  • Instructions for refilling black cartridges HP 27 and HP 56
  • Instructions for refilling HP 121, 122, 650 cartridges
  • Instructions for refilling HP 123, 652 cartridges
  • Instructions for refilling cartridges HP 10, 11, 70, 72, 82, 84, 85, 88, 727, 940
  • Instructions for refilling cartridges HP 970, 971, 980
  • Instructions for refilling HP 178, 920, 655, 934, 935, 903, 907 cartridges
  • Instructions for refilling HP 711, 950, 951, 933, 932 cartridges
  • Instructions for refilling HP 953, 952, 954, 955, 956 cartridges

By paying a little extra, you can purchase a special refill kit for a specific type of cartridge.

  • Instructions for the HPI-0006C kit for refilling HP 22, 57, 28, 22XL
  • Instructions for the HPI-1061D set for refilling black HP 650, 122
  • Instructions for the HPI-1061C color refill kit HP 650, 122
  • Instructions for the HPI-4060D set for refilling black HP 121, 121XL, 901, 901XL
  • Instructions for the HPI-4060C set for refilling color HP 121, 121XL, 901, 901XL
  • Instructions for the HPI-6065D kit for refilling HP 131, 94, 852, 338
  • Instructions for the HPI-6066C color refill kit HP 134, 135
  • Instructions for the HPI-7018C kit for refilling HP 655, 178, 920

To refill HP cartridges yourself, you need compatible ink for the corresponding cartridge number (we wrote about how to find it out in the corresponding article

Use rubber gloves and wipes when refilling, as the ink is quite difficult to wash off. A syringe with a thin needle is usually required for the filling holes. Otherwise, they will have to be expanded with a stationery knife or drill.

The cartridges have special chips with a built-in digital ink level counter, which does not depend on physical fullness. After refilling the cartridges, you should turn off ink level monitoring so that the printer does not block printing. Typically, this is done by clicking “continue” several times in the print management program on your computer after the message about the empty ink tank appears. We wrote more about resetting chips in the corresponding article
. Also, do not forget that such manipulations lead to loss of warranty on the printing device, so they are performed at your own peril and risk.

According to the manufacturer, HP cartridges with a built-in print head are designed for one full cycle of operation. To extend their life for several refilling cycles, you should be careful and attentive: avoid downtime (print a color test page at least once a week), and also wash the PG as necessary, either using software methods or using a special service fluid

How to refill LED and dot matrix printer?

The only difference between an LED printer and a laser printer is that in the first case, the image is printed on the image drum using LEDs.

In both cases there is light. Refilling is done with powders.

Therefore, the charging scheme is no different from that used for laser devices.

Most LED models print in black and white, but color models are also available.

Therefore, there is no toner in printing mechanisms, but several.

LED models are used for both home and office needs.

They are good at quickly printing large amounts of graphic information.

The matrix device is a type of inkjet printing, but unlike the latter it has a lower print quality.

Today it is almost out of production, as it is the least in demand due to high noise, low speed, poor printing and lack of color.

Refueling using the same technology as the jet.

you also need to turn it off, remove the container, open the sticker with holes and use a syringe to pour black paint into the compartment.

As with other devices, everything must be done as carefully as possible, since it is possible to turn off the device.

Which Canon cartridges can be refilled

If you take an inkjet cartridge and carefully examine it, you will not see in its design any holes, hatches or other elements intended for replenishing the ink. And indeed it is. In fact, all inkjet consumables provided by the original manufacturer are disposable products that must be unconditionally replaced if the ink runs out.

In this regard, you can refill absolutely any inkjet cartridges suitable for Canon printers (monochrome, color, single-color and tri-color). Among them, the most commonly refillable models of Canon cartridges are:

  • Monochrome: PG-37/ PG-40/ PG-46/ PG-50/ PG-440/ PG-445/ PG-510/ PG-512
  • Colored: CL-38/ CL-41/ CL-51/ CL-52/ CL-56/ CL-441/ CL-446/ CL-511/ CL-513

These consumables are one of the most popular today, as they fit many popular models of Canon office equipment. In particular, we are talking about the following MFPs:

  • Canon PIXMA iP1200/ iP1300/ iP1600/ iP1700/ iP1800/ IP1900/ iP2200/ iP2500/ iP6210D/ iP6220D
  • Canon PIXMA MP140/ MP190/ MP210/ MP220/ MP230/ MP240/ MP250/ MP260/ MP270/ MP280/ MP450/ MP460/ MP480
  • Canon Pixma MX320/ MX330
  • Canon PIXMA MG2440/ MG2540/ MG2940
  • Canon PIXMA Ink Efficiency E404/ E464/ E484

To determine if it’s time to refill your cartridges, look at the last prints they created. If they have stripes, gaps, or any color is missing, it means that the level of ink in the cartridges is approaching a critical level. Some MFP models can themselves inform you that there is no ink in the cartridges by displaying the corresponding error code on the printer or PC display.

Cartridges for inkjet printers

Inkjet printer is the second oldest and most widespread. It works many times slower than a laser, but produces very high-quality images with high resolution and excellent color rendition. Therefore, inkjet printers are often chosen for home use and used in offices for printing photographs, brochures, and posters.

An inkjet printer cartridge is a container for liquid ink, ink of one or more colors. According to manufacturers, the cartridge should be completely replaced when the ink runs out. In fact, it is designed to last longer, so you can refill it 2-3 times.

Refilling paint immediately after it has run out will increase the likelihood of a successful refill. The remaining ink will not have time to dry completely and will become an obstacle to the passage of new toner. Therefore, it is better not to delay refueling and do it within 1-2 days.


As we have recently


, there is such a wonderful thing in the world as

. The thing is certainly useful and necessary not only at home, but also in the work of a small advertising studio, by the standards of Moscow and the region. In my case, CISS is used in three cases:

  1. Two regular A4 printers (Epson Stylus C87 and Stylus Photo RX600)
  2. One printer for printing with sublimation ink for subsequent thermal transfer of the image to various surfaces in A3 format (Epson Stylus Photo 1270)
  3. Two large-format printers, also called plotters (Wersacamm SP-540V and BigPrinter PJ 3216)

But this technology also has its disadvantages. One of them: it is not possible to install CISS on printers from HP, due to the design features of their cartridges, namely, the ink reservoir is combined in one container with the so-called “head”. If you have a strong desire, you can, of course, find some poor solutions, but experts strictly do not recommend them.

As a result, users of HP printers have a primordial problem – expensive original (from the manufacturer) cartridges plus permanent envy of owners of printers from Epson, who, by the way, in addition to relatively cheap original cartridges, always had in stock their extremely cheap Chinese analogues .

These sets were from different manufacturers (if you can even call them that :), with different design solutions and, as far as I know, at one time they brought a lot of problems not only to ordinary users, but even to professionals in the field of maintenance and repair office equipment.

Today, after many years have passed since the first refilling of a cartridge from an HP inkjet printer, I want to present to you the most simple and convenient refilling scheme that has been proven over the years. I can say in advance that the whole process of refueling itself takes less time than searching for tools in the corners for this activity 🙂

A set of syringes or jars of paint for refilling the cartridge

The cost of such refills ranges from 120 to 200 rubles, depending on the manufacturer. Each set is suitable for a specific list of printers and manufacturers – you can find your model on the back of the set on the label.

The reason for this lack of versatility is that depending on the type of printer, the ink density may vary: in order not to damage the printer itself and the cartridge, it is better to check their suitability.

If you cannot find a set of syringes, you can purchase printer ink in special jars or bottles.

The cost of such a set also depends on the volume and manufacturer. You will need 4 cans: black paint and a set of colored ones (check with the seller, he should know).

Before purchasing, write down the cartridge numbers – they are written on the case or on the printer itself. These are 2 numbers, most often they come after each other (for example, 46 and 47).

Necessary tools and materials

  • Protective equipment. Rubber gloves are worn to protect the skin. A protective suit or just old clothes are put on over the clothes.
  • Old newspapers or paper. They cover the surface on which refueling will be done.
  • Material supplied. Toner is purchased for refilling laser cartridges and ink for inkjet cartridges.
  • Cleaning products. Remaining ink can be removed with dry cloths or sponges soaked in washing liquid.
  • Syringes. All ink cartridges require a syringe for each color. A minimum of 4 syringes with thin needles with a volume of at least 5 ml is required. You can also fill it with a syringe, but after each dye is poured in, you must very carefully rinse the syringe cavity, plunger and needle.
  • Awl, screwdriver or drill of small diameter. If necessary, tools are used to widen the factory holes in the ink tank to fill the dye.


For refueling we need:

  1. Three twenty syringes (sold at any pharmacy)
  2. 1 liter ink (the brand of ink can be seen in the photographs, and I have been completely satisfied with them for quite some time, but in general you can use any that will be recommended to you at the nearest computer store)
  3. Cartridge (a few more copies may be needed to install it, more on that below)
  4. Hammer
  5. Lint-free disposable wipes (not sold everywhere, so regular ones will do)
  6. Scotch tape
  7. Pepyaka 1 (rivet)
  8. Pepyaka 2 (device for refilling cartridges from the set of 19… illegible year

It is better to carry out all operations by first laying some moisture-proof material. In my case, this is a backing from a self-adhesive film.

Step-by-step instructions

How to properly disassemble the cartridge:

1. After removing the toner cartridge from the laser printer, first open the side cover screw as shown below:

How to refill a cartridge for an HP printer: laser and inkjet

2. Now remove the side cover of the printer cartridge:

How to refill a cartridge for an HP printer: laser and inkjet

3: After removing the outer cover, the next step is to remove the drum. Take it from the white part (gear) and pull it in the indicated direction.

How to refill a cartridge for an HP printer: laser and inkjet

4. This is what the laser cartridge will look like after removing the photoconductor:

5. Now you need to disable the movie as below:

How to refill a cartridge for an HP printer: laser and inkjet

6. Press the rod lightly with a sharp tool, then slide it up and out.

7. The next step is to separate the waste block and ink block, which are connected by pins. So, you need to remove the pins that are on both sides.

How to refill a cartridge for an HP printer: laser and inkjet

8. After pressing the pin from the inside, it’s time to pull it out from the outside, as you can see in the image below.

9. After removing the pins on both sides, remove the spring as shown in the picture:

10. The next step is to separate the two main parts. One part is a trash can and the other is an ink container. Hold the toner as shown in the illustration and separate both parts.

How to refill a cartridge for an HP printer: laser and inkjet

11. A view of some waste ink and a closer look at the spring that must be removed to open the waste ink container.

12. Remove the spring and then remove the plastic cover as shown in the picture:

How to refill a cartridge for an HP printer: laser and inkjet

13. Now remove the waste container screws to separate the cleaning blade, then remove the ink that has collected in this part.

How to refill a cartridge for an HP printer: laser and inkjet

14. Now that you have managed to open it, you must clean the trash can and the cleaning blade part. The cleaning blade should be cleaned with a soft cloth rather than a brush, as the brush may scratch the blade.

15. Next you need to collect part of the trash can. Install the cleaning blade first and then the plastic cover as shown in the picture:

16. Put the plastic cover back in place until it clicks into the groove/groove as shown in the picture:

How to refill a cartridge for an HP printer: laser and inkjet

17. Now return the spring to its position as shown in the figure below.

How to refill a cartridge for an HP printer: laser and inkjet

18. Now you have opened the waste ink container, emptied it, and then closed it. Now the main part begins – refilling the laser printer cartridge. So now let’s take the other part where the ink is. Open it and fill it with ink, then close it and finally take the two parts that were separated earlier.

How to refill a cartridge for an HP printer: laser and inkjet

19. After removing the side cover, you will see a white plastic cover, you need to remove it and add toner powder for the cartridge:

20. Loading the cartridge. Remove the white plastic cap, now you are ready to refill the toner, but remember to “shake the ink bottle before use”. Once you remove the cap from the bottle, you can put on the plastic cap that you usually get with the bottle, or you can ask your dealer for one.

How to refill a cartridge for an HP printer: laser and inkjet

21. Now it’s time to fill and close the lid as shown below:

How to refill a cartridge for an HP printer: laser and inkjet

22. Now you need to connect two blocks namely waste container and ink block as shown below – make sure you align them as shown in the directions given below:

How to refill a cartridge for an HP printer: laser and inkjet

23. The next step is to re-establish the connection on both sides.

24. Now that you have inserted the pins, it is time to insert the roller as shown below:

How to refill a cartridge for an HP printer: laser and inkjet

25. It’s time to return the drum to its place, for example, on the drum locking pin:

26. After reinstalling the drum, install the side cover.

How to refill a cartridge for an HP printer: laser and inkjet

27. Finally, reinsert the spring. Charging of the laser printer is complete.


When refilling, do not touch the wires and protruding contacts on the bottom and front of the printer with your hands.

Oily hands can break the contacts and the printer may not print correctly. Denatured alcohol can fix this.

Also, never insert an overfilled Brother cartridge into the printer system.

This may cause permanent damage to the entire device.

After refueling, you need to make sure that everything is done correctly.

you need to print a few test pages. If you were unable to print the document the first time, try a couple of times.

The ink flow in the printing mechanism can be adjusted after several seals.

It should be remembered that ink must be removed with a special solvent. This is dangerous for the delicate skin of your hands.

It can also ruin your clothes. Be careful and be sure to wear gloves.

Important! The printer must be refilled when it is turned off.

Otherwise, in addition to the fact that things may get dirty, thermal burns, hand injuries and other unpleasant situations may occur.

Print check

To check the quality of the completed filling, you need to print a test page.

  1. Go to “Start”.
  2. Open “Devices and Printers”.
  3. Select your printer from the list and right-click on it.
  4. Select “Printer Properties”. How to refill a cartridge for an HP printer: laser and inkjet
  5. Click “Test Print”. How to refill a cartridge for an HP printer: laser and inkjet

Also in the printer properties, you can go to “Maintenance” and select “Check Nozzles” to print a sample. This is how the quality of monochrome printing is checked. Valid for Canon models.

To check color images, you additionally need to use a selection of test pages to check the brightness and color saturation. Test sheets are downloaded from the Internet.