How to order cardboard boxes

Greetings! I’ll tell you how to order cardboard boxes for gifts or souvenirs, depending on their purpose and purpose of use. It is logical that cardboard boxes have been considered one of the most popular types of packaging for many decades. They are in demand due to their low price, ease of manufacture, and a wide range of shapes and sizes. However, the production of gift boxes has its own special specifics, since we are talking about the manufacture of packaging. They are not so much practical as stylish, attractive, unusual in appearance and design.

Purpose of cardboard boxes

Today, such boxes are made from a variety of materials: cardboard, wood, leather, plastic and others. Almost all gift boxes have additional finishing
, which is made from elegant materials that create style and mood. It can be silk, velvet, colored paper and much more.

Making a gift box requires not only skillful hands and experience, but also imagination, creativity, and individuality. As a rule, each model is created for specific types of gifts: jewelry, watches, accessories. Therefore, all gift boxes have their own specific shape and size. Externally, we can often determine from the parameters of the box what kind of gift is contained in it.

идеи упаковки подарков в картонные коробки

Earrings or a ring can be hidden in a small square or round box. In a small rectangular one – a watch or bracelet. But unusually shaped packaging can confuse anyone. As a rule, gift boxes of unusual shapes are made to order. In special cases, when they want to emphasize the unusualness of their surprise, people pay special attention to the packaging and order its production in a special workshop.

Premium Cardboard Boxes

Such boxes are distinguished by their individual design and practicality. It’s rare that anyone decides to throw away such a masterpiece
, so they last a long time and are used to store some things or trinkets.

You can order exclusive cardboard boxes with elements made of precious wood, genuine leather, and plastic. They can have the shape of a heart, a star, have a transparent window, and be decorated with appliqués and rhinestones. The internal contents of the boxes are carried out in accordance with the customer’s wishes. There may be several tiers or soft upholstery.

подарочная коробка под бутылку шампанского на заказ

On the lid or inside such boxes you can place a company logo, a monogram of the letters of your beloved woman, or something else. Something that will remind you who gave this original gift. Often such gift boxes perform an advertising function. However, inexpensive souvenirs are included in logo packaging. They are presented to clients, business partners, and potential customers.

How to order a cardboard box design

When you want to order cardboard boxes, your company or director must clearly know what exactly will be in the boxes. The size, shape and design of the packaging depend on this. Therefore, before ordering cardboard boxes, you need to take care of choosing a gift.

ажурная упаковка подарков на праздник

If a company requires custom packaging, then you should also know the required number of copies.

Cost of a cardboard box

If packaging is produced in large quantities, then the cost of each box will be lower, which means the company will be able to save money. The cost of the order may vary depending on customer requests. Exclusive design and the most luxurious materials will significantly increase the price of the gift box.

To reduce costs, you can choose a box from standard options offered by the manufacturer. Then add personality to it with trim or some elements. For example, a company logo, monogram, gift inscription. It turns out that you need to clearly correlate the contents of the packaging with the gift included in it.

An expensive box will look ridiculous with a cheap trinket inside. Simple cardboard packaging, on the contrary, will not correspond to the status of an expensive gift.

Currently, preference is most often given to cardboard boxes. This material is universal, and today packaging of any shape can be made from it. The technologies used for embossing, embossing, lamination, and UV varnishing allow us to produce boxes with a bright, memorable design, which are distinguished not only by their low price, but also by their excellent quality and durability.

красивая коробка с поздравлением и пожеланием

Custom cardboard packaging is made according to a specific layout. This may be a stereotypical option proposed by the manufacturer, or an individual project proposed by the customer himself. Designers help clients choose a box design concept and packaging shape.

The most commonly used options are boxes in the form of a box, casket, tower and other stylish solutions that have nothing in common with the usual packaging for mail or various goods in a store. But in terms of durability and practicality, they are in no way inferior to ordinary containers
, so you can wrap even fairly large and heavy gifts in them without hesitation.

Cardboard box for a holiday gift

Cardboard boxes are most often used as packaging material. They allow you to conveniently place the gift and protect it from external influences. Most often they are ordered by companies for packaging corporate gifts for the New Year and other holidays. The packaging design depends on the occasion for which the gifts are presented.

завязать бант на подарочной коробке можно своими руками

New Year’s holidays are considered the most popular, when gifts are presented on behalf of the company to all employees and their young children, partners and major clients. It is the New Year’s design of gift packaging that creates a festive mood and gives joy to everyone who receives it.

For anyone interested in gift wrapping, boxes with a New Year’s design are offered ready-made. So manufacturers take care of a wide selection of these products in advance. If gifts
are presented by the company on a special occasion, for example, a company anniversary, the opening of a new branch, the presentation of a new brand, then it is impossible to do without individually ordered packaging.

украшение картонной коробки шпагатом своими руками

The design of the boxes must be special, and most often it has an advertising function. The packaging may display a company’s new product, a new brand’s logo, or something else related to an upcoming event. In most cases, special attention is paid to gift wrapping. And there are many demands placed on her.

I want it to be bright and attractive, to protect its contents well from accidental damage, to be comfortable, practical, impeccable and inexpensive. The gift box meets all these requirements. It is quite durable, with an attractive design, comfortable shape and nice interior decoration.

Budget solutions

Those who are interested in such gift wrapping can order it retail or wholesale in specialized stores. The only problem that an organization may encounter when purchasing such boxes is the lack of the required number of packaging copies.

There can be two ways out here. Or choose boxes of the same shape with different designs. Or make a custom order. Of course, the first option is suitable for those who are used to putting things off until the very last moment. The second option speaks more about the solidity of the company and skillful management tactics. About those who do not forget to take care of even such little things as gifts for employees, clients and business partners.

можно заказать картонные коробки на подарок для праздника

When producing promotional gift products, a variety of methods are used to attract the attention of potential customers. This may be an unusual design, non-standard size, or original design. Gifts of non-standard sizes or shapes require special packaging, which is difficult to find ready-made.

The discrepancy between the box and the size of the gift it contains is immediately noticeable.

An item that is too small in a large space or an accessory that is barely squeezed into a fairly narrow space causes discomfort in perception. Therefore, such a gift will not be appreciated. To make a gift harmonious, you need to choose the right packaging for it.

How to order cardboard boxes

You can order cardboard boxes according to your sizes from any company that offers its services for the production of such products. On the company’s website, pay attention to the delivery costs and production times for boxes. Remember that not all companies work with small batches.

можно заказать картонные коробки с логотипом

Consultants will help you decide not only on size and shape. They will select the optimal material, finish, style, external and internal design of the box, based on your budget. This will help to avoid problems and unnecessary hassle before the upcoming holiday or important event.

Cardboard packaging design

The design of the box in which the gift lies is of no small importance. For example, the lid-and-bottom design has a removable top.  This shape is perfect for almost all gifts of large size and strict shape. In turn, the “box” and “pack” options with folding
I lid is more often used for smaller gifts of non-standard shape. It is in such boxes that you can put round or semicircular objects, soft things folded several times, small gifts in the form of sweets, jewelry, and small souvenirs.

“Box” and “pack” are more reliable and convenient, since they completely eliminate the possibility of accidentally opening the box. But a box with a “lid-bottom” design requires additional placement in a gift bag. Or fix the lid with a beautiful ribbon or decorative tape.

When choosing boxes for gifts, it is important to consider how and where the gift will be presented. This will eliminate the risk of opening the container. Also, this will not cause discomfort to a person when opening, inspecting and further carrying it.

All this can be discussed with a consultant of the company that will be involved in the manufacture of packaging or sale of finished products. I hope you understand that ordering cardboard boxes is quite simple, but choosing the right packaging is not easy.

Do you want to know how cardboard packaging is produced at the factory? Watch the video below.