How to make paper nails for children at home

Joint creativity with children is a great way for family time and activities with loved ones. Making crafts, making costumes for creative evenings or games helps parents and children get closer and find a common language.

The origami technique can be used as a means of making crafts and organizing games for children. Does not require special expenses. Making stickers requires paper and a little patience. This paperwork technique will allow your child to develop fine motor skills. This does not require scissors, which means the risk of injury to the baby is minimal.

оригами бумажные когти

How to make paper claws

The world of the modern child is full of stories about superheroes with magical characteristics or superpowers. Such abilities are reflected in the possession of unusual abilities or the possession of distinctive features, such as extraordinary physical strength or the ability to transform into any type of animal.

Such an attribute of superheroes as claws is inherent in the character of the Marvel universe – Wolverine. To make Wolverine’s claws out of paper, all you need is A4 paper, a ruler or another convenient tool for sanding the paper. It can be a paperweight, a block of wood, metal or plastic. This is especially true for beginners.

Origami. Paper Claws

Using the origami technique, Wolverine’s claws are easy to make. It’s convenient to make the first preparations together with your child. If origami claws are made for all 10 fingers, you will need 10 sheets of A4 paper. The child, together with an adult, can fold all the sheets for the first time, then observe and participate in the process of adding the pieces.

когти для игр своими руками

Using the origami technique is also possible with cardboard, but for beginners it can cause some difficulties, since cardboard is much more difficult to fold.

Children can prepare the simplest crafts themselves.

картонные когти

You need to take several sheets of paper, scissors and electrical tape. Squares of paper are rolled into a cone and secured with masking tape.

детские ногти мк

Using scissors, the resulting cones are cut diagonally so that they fit on each finger.

Stage-by-stage execution

оригами когти

A sheet of paper is folded from the right corner to the opposite one so that there is free space along the edge. You should end up with a triangle. From the remaining free sheet, each corner is folded again to form triangles.

бумажные когти

Then the sheet is folded over 2/3 of the sheet so that the top of the large triangle is free. Then the sheet is turned over with the resulting triangles.

оригами коготь мк

The paper on the right side is folded in the center. The resulting section is folded two more times, then the free corner of the triangle is inserted into the resulting pocket and folded.

коготь оригами пошагово

The resulting flap is where you can place the resulting product on your finger. If desired, they can be painted with varnishes or varnishes.

коготь оригами своими руками

The considered method is the simplest. There are many other ways to make these claws yourself. To make it you will need: paper, scissors, glue or glue gun, pencil.

оригами когти из бумаги МК

If desired, you can use special origami kami paper as a base. It varies in density, size, color: one side is white and the other is colored. Denser – suitable for wet bending techniques. The glove can be considered as a base for the fastener. Claws are glued to it for more secure attachment.

оригами бумажные когти

A triangle is drawn on paper of the same height as the claws are designed for. The width should correspond to the circumference of the fingers. Each finger is measured individually. 5 mm is added to the result obtained, which is used to secure the edges.

как сделать когти росомахи из бумаги

The resulting shape needs to be cut out, projected onto stiff paper and cut out again. Roll the resulting triangle into a cone and glue it. A glue gun is best for this.

You need to try the cone on your fingers, make diagonal marks along which you cut the cone and glue the edges to the inside of the product. They can be worn either on the fingers or glued to the glove. It all depends on the costume and the wishes of the child.

обжора бумажные когти
оригами когти росомахи

Wolverine’s special claw design. You can also make them using origami technique. Their main difference is the length, quantity and fastening between them.

оригами когти росомахи

The technique is quite simple. The sheet of paper is folded in the center rather than folded. We bend the bottom of the sheet so that there is a 5 mm indent in front of the resulting center line. You need to fold the remaining half of the paper like this. We do the same with the upper half of the sheet. Fold like an accordion, starting with a 5mm indentation.

оригами Когти Росомахи своими руками

The outer ends of the rectangle are folded in the center to form a triangle. You can turn it on as many times as you want. To get the sharpest “blade”. When performing work, be sure to properly process the edges. The resulting claws are glued to the base and you can get into the game.

оригами когти росомахи

Girls can also make their nails out of paper. To do this you will need a sheet of paper, office glue, scissors, paint, and glitter if desired.

First you need to take measurements from each nail. Then prepare the templates. You can do your nails in three or four layers. The more layers, the denser the coating. Having prepared all the layers, we proceed to gluing.

бумажные гвозди своими руками

On the same nail plate, the paper template is glued with a nail in the same way as for each subsequent layer. It is advisable to leave them until completely dry and only then coat them with varnish with a fixative.

The hardness of the coating is formed due to multi-layering. You can attach four layers of paper to the nail, which are glued to each other, and due to impregnation with glue, they become harder, and the varnish fixes the nail. Such nails can withstand a noisy children’s game or holiday.

If desired, these nails are covered with sparkles, beads, stars or other decorations.

Variations of paper claws. Photo.

And the paper nails for your superhero are ready.

бумажные когти

They can be used for playing together or organizing children’s activities.

детские бумажные когти

Paper claws are not too sharp and thick, so they are safer.