How to make paper at home?

What to do if you don’t have paper at hand, but need to write something down urgently? You can make paper with your own hands!) If seriously, homemade paper can be an interesting and unusual surprise, especially for a loved one. Especially since you can add some multicolored grasses when making it, and this will add an unusual texture to the paper canvas. Today we will tell you how to make paper at home with your own hands from improvised materials.

How do I make paper at home?

We will need the following things and tools for this:

– old newspapers, tissues or other waste paper;

– sieve for sifting flour;

– If you don’t have a flour sieve, you will need a strainer and an unnecessary pan or cup;

– warm water;

– a dry towel;

– Dumpling roller.

All these components are in almost every home, so we can safely proceed to the manufacture of paper at home.

Preparing waste paper

To start making paper yourself, you must first prepare the raw material for its production. The best way to do this is to use old, frayed newspapers, paper tissues or any waste paper with a high pulp content.


Waste paper needs to be prepared – tear it into very small pieces. The size of each piece is preferably not more than 1-2 cm, so that these pieces are easier to soak.

как сделать бумагу своими руками - начнем со старых газет

Soak the resulting pieces of waste paper in warm, clean water. It is best to soak overnight and for at least 1 hour. Paper tissues made of the finest paper can also be soaked for half an hour.

после измельчения надо поместить бумагу в воду

While the raw material is soaking, you can make a frame to wring out excess moisture.

Making a squeeze screen

To do this, take an old homemade metal pot or plastic cup and cut a hole in the bottom of it. The hole should be made so that there is an edge on the inner perimeter of about 2 cm. To this edge later we will attach the mesh.

Чтобы отбрасывать лишнюю воду из бумаги надо сделать сито

Place a metal or plastic mesh with a fine mesh on the bottom of the pot or cup. To prevent the mesh from falling through the hole, you need to cut it to the size of the bottom of the pot.

вставляем сетку в будущее сито

Soak your waste paper in warm water.

Soaking process acceleration

To speed up the process of dissolving waste paper, you can use a blender to shred it. Do not pour all the paper at once, but rather process it in small batches at medium blender speed. As you do so, stir the water and paper mixture until the consistency becomes fluid.

замоченная бумага превращается в однородную массу

Next, pour the resulting pulp into a cup and fill it with warm water. Stir the contents of the tub until the entire mass of the pulp is evenly distributed in the water.

Then we drop the frame with the grid into the cup with the paper pulp and keep it that way until it fills with paper fibers.

забираем бумажную массу на сито

After that, you should move the sieve back and forth to ensure that the pulp is evenly distributed in the layer.

остатки волокон бумаги на сетке

Drying the homemade paper sheet.

Carefully take the sieve out of the bowl and let the water drain off. To speed up, you can dump the water, as you do with pasta or rice. This will get rid of the future paper fibers from the water faster.

Положите сито вверх дном, чтобы обеспечить равномерное просыхание листа бумаги на воздухе. Следите за листом, чтобы он не отвалился, иначе вся работа пойдет на смарку, если лист порвется.как сделать бумагу в домашних условиях показано на рисунке

After 1 hour, place the piece of paper that has not dried to the end on a towel or napkin.

чтобы убрать воду из листа его надо отжать

Cover the paper sheet with a towel on top and roll this sandwich with a rolling pin. This will soak up the excess water in the towel.

отжать из бумаги воду легко с помощью скалки и полотенца

Аккуратно поднимите верхний край полотенца с домашней почти готовой бумаги.почти готовая самодельная бумага после отжатия воды

Peel the paper off with the bottom edge of a towel and set it aside to dry overnight.

бумага, сделанная в домашних условиях имеет рваные края, но выглядит замечательно


After drying, homemade paper is ready and you can write on it with a pen, marker or pencil.

рисовать можно и на самодельной бумаге, а потом ее опять переработать

Tips on making paper

In order to dry the paper sheet faster, you can use a hair dryer, but dry slowly so the paper does not warp.

You can use a sieve to sift the flour, but the bowl for the mush should also choose the appropriate one.

Decorate homemade handmade paper by adding dried herbs, dried flowers, or glitter varnish.

Classes with paper making are very popular with children, so they can be engaged in such creative work even every day. In this case, the child develops fine motor skills and understanding of the physical processes of the world around them.

With a little practice, you can set up a good production of paper, suitable for creativity and crafts. For mass production, of course, do not reach, but for the elements of home decor type of handmade quite useful. If you show ingenuity and use your imagination, you can make unique paper products.

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Warnings and Precautions

Making homemade paper is usually a pretty messy and wet experiment, so think ahead of time about a place where water won’t harm household items or disturb the household.