How to make decoupage on cardboard

Today we’ll talk about decoupage on cardboard. You can use special cardboard blanks as objects for decoration. They are sold at a craft store. You can also use interestingly shaped packaging boxes that have been released in everyday life.

Tools and materials for decoupage

To make decoupage on cardboard you will need:

оформление сердца в технике декупаж

1. Scissors: with long blades for cutting paper, nail scissors.

2. Brushes: a wide flat synthetic brush (width 1.5-2 cm) for applying primer, glue, varnish and smoothing decorative elements.

General recommendations: after working with any material, brushes should be washed in a glass of water.

3. Primer: This can be a special decoupage primer for absorbent surfaces. When using a piece of loose cardboard, gesso primer is perfect – it does not cause deformation of the cardboard. Regular acrylic paint, mostly white, also works well. If another color is not provided by the design idea.

4. PVA glue – can be in a jar with a large lid.

5. Decorative 3-layer napkins
with your favorite design or decoupage cards.

дизайнерская карта для декупажа

6. Varnish for fixing – tsapon-varnish or nail polish will do.

7. Jars and containers for glue and primer.

8. A glass of water for washing brushes.

краски и лаки для процедуры декупажа

Preparing a cardboard blank for decoupage

Cardboard blank
, purchased in a store, should be covered with primer with a wide synthetic brush in one layer and allowed to dry completely.

клей пва для проведения декупажа

If a former packaging box is used as a blank, then you must first remove all the stickers, and then apply a layer of primer with a brush. If there is some kind of drawing left on the former packaging box, then you need to prime it with white acrylic paint, if necessary, in two layers. Give each layer time to dry.

декупаж картонной коробки своими руками

There is one more nuance – if the finished product does not need a perfectly smooth surface of the product or you want to have some texture, then the workpiece can be covered with ordinary napkins
. To do this, apply PVA glue to the surface of the workpiece using a wide synthetic brush. Then apply a napkin and smooth it on top with the same brush using glue. During the pasting process, it is necessary to form the future texture, creating folds from a napkin
the right size. At the end, the decoupage on cardboard needs to be dried.

Decoupage on cardboard

When working with decoupage card, cut out the designs you like. There is a technique in which you don’t have to cut out the design, but rather tear off the excess material by hand. This will create the effect of torn edges.

When working with a 3-layer napkin, you need to cut out the elements of the design you like and separate the top colored layer of the napkin.

Carefully grease the cut out element from the front side with PVA glue and carefully transfer it to the workpiece, while leveling it with a brush.

Салфетка в технике декупаж

When working with a napkin, you can apply PVA glue with a wide synthetic brush to the area of ​​the workpiece where you want to stick the design. Then carefully place the napkin on the glue. Then level it with a flat brush using glue.

Repeat these steps with all prepared elements of the drawing. Allow all working layers to dry completely.

The final stage of decoupage

At the last stage, the working surface of the product must be varnished in two layers, allowing each layer to dry completely. The choice of varnish in favor of matte or glossy is made depending on the artistic intent.

инструменты для декупажа на картоне и дереве

How to decoupage a cardboard box and how cardboard is used for decoration, see the videos below.