How to make a volumetric pyramid – step-by-step instructions

Children usually study geometric shapes in primary school, and to reinforce the material, teachers ask them to build a pyramid at home. They most likely will not cope without the help of their parents. You don’t need any special skills for this, but before you make a pyramid out of paper, you will need to make a scan and think through the main points of gluing.

Why use a pyramid layout?

The craft is considered universal, since it is equally suitable for the development of preschoolers and primary school children. This activity develops children’s fine motor skills, and since the paper diagram is used for production, they also develop imaginative thinking.

пирамидальная развертка для склеивания

When children manage to make something like this on their own, they save the craft and keep it as decoration for their room or work area. They should not be banned, as the pyramid will become another reminder that hard work produces results.

Some, once they have learned how to make a figure with an allowance, use this skill to make gift wrapping or store some small items in it. In order not to disassemble the item every time, a small hole is made inside it, where buttons, beads, jewelry, etc. are then placed.

пирамида связей

How to make a paper pyramid?

It is worth discussing all the main points with your child in advance in order to select suitable materials. Before making a triangle from colored cardboard, determine the purpose of production, talk with the child about what materials are best collected based on this.

Required materials

In order not to be distracted by other issues while working, it is worth preparing all the necessary tools in advance. For gluing, they usually use PVA or a pencil; here, what the child usually uses is repulsive. Additionally, A4 paper or cardboard of any shade, a horizontal sheet, scissors, a pencil, a ruler and an eraser are used.

как сделать треугольник из картона

If a ready-made pyramid layout is used, it is printed in advance. With proper preparation, the child will not be left without work at any stage, in this case he will not lose interest and will not be satisfied.


To make a symmetrical craft, its dimensions are determined in advance. To make a large pyramid, a separate sheet is used for each part; in all other cases, a sheet of cardboard or paper is sufficient.

The cardboard pyramid is constructed in such a way that its width is equal to the length of the square edge. This part is usually left no more than 15 cm.

как сделать пирамиду из бумаги

Drawing up a drawing

If you work out the development of the pyramid in advance, there will be no problems with determining the parameters and symmetry of the sides. The drawing is drawn independently or they work according to a ready-made template. The following points are taken into account:

  • There are 4 squares drawn in advance, all but one are used for the triangle.
  • A center is determined on both sides; two lines are drawn from the base through this point to form the top.
  • In isosceles triangles, the squares are connected to each other by a small notch.
  • At the base there is always a regular polygon of the corresponding height. The dimensions of the vessel are determined independently.

пирамида развернута для склеивания с шаблоном размеров

Regardless of the chosen model and type of pyramid, 0.5-1 cm is added to the edges when cutting out the workpiece, this will simplify the work.

Model assembly

We will go through the entire sequence of actions so that no questions arise during the work:

  1. Decide on the craft option.
  2. Gather the necessary material. In our case, we use thick paper, pencil, scissors, PVA.
  3. Draw a square on the base material and divide it into 9 parts.
  4. Determine the base, then draw a triangle in each suitable square, stepping forward a little for dimensions.
  5. Cut out the template, fold it at the base and where there is extra space.
  6. Glue all the folded pieces together, then connect them together.
  • пирамида, которая открывается
  • развернутую пирамиду приклеить
  • как сделать пирамиду из листа а4
  • пирамида

If ordinary gray material is used (as in our craft), then after gluing and cutting the pyramid is decorated. To do this, use pencils, markers or paints.

Features of different models

Despite the fact that the sequence of actions remains almost the same, when creating figures of different shapes it is necessary to take into account some points.


To make it, one of the presented schemes is used. The easiest way is to print the version you like or draw exactly the same one. In a simpler scheme, the necessary parts are glued and lifted, and in the second case they are folded from the inside along the dotted lines. We pre-coat the blanks with glue. A quadrangular pyramid looks more impressive, so during contests or competitions some people choose this option.

  • пирамидальная развертка
  • развертка треугольной пирамиды


it is assembled in a similar way to the basic version, but a different material is used to create the desired effect. Plain paper will not work, so use a material that imitates the surface of a pyramid. A triangle and a square are cut out on each side (it is located at the base). After this, the dimensions and base are glued so that all the parts are secured.

The Egyptian pyramid requires good glue, since its base consists of three parts. If you do not work carefully, the craft will quickly fall apart.

  • как быстро сделать пирамиду из бумажной схемы
  • как сделать диаграмму пирамиды из бумаги


Non-standard option, as it turns out to be of a non-standard shape. Such pyramids are rarely made, but some children like them. For this purpose, there are models with different types of faces.

  • пирамидальное расположение
  • схема
  • картонная пирамида


Difficulties with it arise only when you try to create your own model. If you use ready-made material, there will be no difficulties. It is worth explaining to the child in advance what exactly will come out of the piece. We attach two models of this craft: the first figure will be more elongated, and the second will be flattened.

  • пирамида из геометрических фигур
  • развертка четырехугольной пирамиды

A paper pyramid is considered a simple and at the same time not very labor-intensive craft, but its manufacture will still require care, perseverance and careful work with basic tools.