How to make a three-dimensional star with your own hands

A three-dimensional paper star will decorate any children’s room and become part of a garland or Christmas tree. Making a star with your child is fun and rewarding. The materials we need are in each box with accessories for creativity: thick paper, scissors and glue.

There are many templates online that you can use to create a beautiful craft. In this article we will look at popular ideas and detailed instructions for their implementation.

как сделать трехмерную звезду из бумаги

Different options for volumetric stars

There are many options for how to make a three-dimensional star out of paper and where to apply this craft next. You can use paper stars to decorate a table, decorate a wall, make a garland, make Christmas decorations, hang them, or decorate the floor. Stars can be made from plain or multi-colored paper, with a variety of patterns, combine colors, cut out openwork patterns.

звездочка из бумаги своими руками
объемные бумажные звезды

Volume star

We need:

  • glue;
  • tape.
  • scissors;
  • thick paper – 5 sheets;

Now we will make 5 parts of our star, which we will then glue together.

Step 1. If you have a rectangular piece of paper, fold one edge of the sheet and cut off the excess: you will get a square sheet of paper. Let’s solve the piece.

Step 2: Fold both sides of the paper in the center and glue the edges together. We must have a pocket.

Step 3. From the beginning of the pocket, measure 1-1.5 centimeters – put a dot. Draw lines from the point to the corners of the envelope and cut out the piece. The result is an arrow-shaped pocket.

Step 4. Create a gluing point: measure 0.5 cm from the center of the arrow and draw lines parallel to the edges of the arrow. For convenience, we make cuts and fold the place for gluing. On one side of our side, carefully cut the bend with a utility knife. We only have room to glue one side of the piece.

Step 5. Make five blanks. You can not only create a blank from paper, but also cut out a lace pattern with scissors or a curly stapler.

Step 6. Glue our blanks and carefully straighten them. To connect the first and last parts of the star, we thread the thread at the base and tie the parts together. We thread the decorative tape and let the star dry. Our decoration is ready.

объемная звезда из бумаги как сложить

Simple paper star

A cute, simple decoration that’s easy for kids to make. To work you will need:

  • colored paper;
  • glue.
  • scissors;

Step 1. We will need a rectangular piece of paper. Trim the paper so that the edges are jagged. For a classic star you will need 5 teeth.

Step 2: Fold the fan ribbon and glue the ends together. We have star formation

Step 3. We make the second part and fasten it together. We get a beautiful three-dimensional star.

With such crafts you can decorate a holiday table, decorate a wall, make a photo zone for a holiday frame, or use it as a bow on a gift box.

как сделать объемные звезды из бумаги

Small star with curls

We need:

  • square sheets of paper;
  • scissors.
  • glue;

Step 1. Fold our square in half until there is a clear line in the middle. Let’s solve the piece.

Step 2. Fold one edge of the square to the center, fold the second one slightly overlapping and glue it. Fold the piece in half: one end is made of folds, on the other there is a double pocket. Glue it together.

Step 3: Trim the edges of the pockets with scissors. Our piece should look like an arrow. Trim the corners of the base. As a result, we got a piece that looked like a house. You need to make 5-7 such houses.

Step 4. Glue the houses together. Apply glue to the center fold. The more details, the more magnificent our star. The corners of the star can be bent.

Such stars look very beautiful as hanging decorations for a chandelier.

оригами бумажная звезда

Origami star

Origami is the art of folding paper into various shapes. This is a very exciting creative process. Origami is an ancient Chinese art that is still popular today. Using this technique you can make beautiful stars without using glue or scissors.


For this work we will need a square sheet of paper.

Step 1. Fold the sheet horizontally and diagonally on both sides. Let’s solve the piece.

Step 2. Fold the corners towards the center. As a result, we get a small envelope.

Step 3. We will work with our wrapped corners – triangles. We bend the free edge of the triangle towards the bend – the triangles are formed at an angle of 90 degrees. We do this twice every move.

Step 4: Now we need to create the star vertices. To do this, we fold our triangles so that the fold of the previous manipulations coincides with the base of the square. The result is a square with the four vertices of the star sticking out. Fold the piece in half, fixing the fold along two horizontal lines.

Step 5. You need to make a diagonal fold, moving the line a little to the side. To do this, we align our star peaks. Each time, combining different peaks, we make 4 folds. Block the folds well.

Step 5. Start folding the star along the long folds. Where the rays meet, we bend inward. We collect the folds on top and inside one at a time, using a technique that is reminiscent of creating a fan.

Step 6. As a result, we get a blank that resembles a three-dimensional arrow. Place on the surface and press the center to the table. We have an eight-pointed star.

How to use paper stars to decorate your home?

Most often, star decor is associated with the New Year, birthdays or holidays. Today in interior design, stars are often found in household stylizations. This could be several large installations on a fireplace or shelf, or a handful of small elements decorating a wall. Wreaths on a wall, staircase or chandelier look like an interesting solution.

To decorate rooms, stars are made in the color of the overall interior or, conversely, bright accents are added to a monochrome interior.

Sometimes, in order to decorate or refresh the interior, it is not necessary to purchase expensive decorative elements. Making a star out of paper is a simple and fun activity, the result of which will be an original handmade decor.

звездочка из бумаги своими руками