How to make a paper spinner

Today I will show you how to make a paper spinner with your own hands without a bearing. The advantage of such a spinner is that it can be assembled from scrap materials at home.

Materials and tools for making a paper spinner

What materials and tools will we need:

  • cardboard paper – any thick paper from an old magazine from the cover will do, or you can simply glue together several layers of regular paper;
  • glue – any stationery liquid, PVA, Secunda, Monolith and even a glue stick will do;
  • scissors – it is more convenient to use manicure scissors or medium-sized stationery scissors;
  • coins – suitable in denominations of 1, 2, 5 and 10 rubles, however, you can again glue together several coins of 10 kopecks to gain weight for the blades of the paper spinner;
  • marker or felt-tip pen or pencil for marking;
  • paints or nail polish – to add color, style and shine to your paper spinner.

Draw a spinner template

We make a template for the spinner from cardboard using a cap from a plastic bottle or a coin worth 5 rubles. To make everything smooth, trace the lid with a felt-tip pen or marker. To be neat, you can outline with a pencil. It is best to make the spinner triangular – it will be better balanced and look cool.

с чего начать изготовления спиннера из бумаги без подшипника на коленке

After drawing four circles, connect the central circle with the rest of the smooth lines by eye or under the same bottle cap.

маркером рисуем чертеж спиннера

After this, we cut out our blank for the spinner from cardboard paper. Then we trace the finished template on a flat sheet of cardboard and cut out the second side of our paper spinner.

как сделать две части спиннера из бумажного сырья

We will also need four more smaller circles. To do this, you can use a lid with a smaller diameter or a 2 ruble or 1 ruble coin.

подготовим кружочки для улучшения внешнего вида заготовок

We glue 3 coins to the ends of the paper spinner – these can be 1, 2 or 10 rubles. They are needed to give the blades weight and longer torsion.

монетки для спиннера могут быть любого размера

Glue the second half of the cardboard on top.

закрываем заготовку спиннера второй частью картонки

Using nail scissors or an awl, make a hole in the center of the spinner.

надо точно попасть в центр кружочка, чтобы спиннер вращался ровно

Making the axis of rotation of the spinner

Next, cut off approximately 10 mm of the rod from the handle or any other tube that comes to hand. You need to make holes in the spinner itself and in the circles for this tube. These holes should be such that the piece of tube fits in there freely, but does not dangle.

в центр спинера вставляем стержень от гелевой ручки

самостоятельно собрать спиннер из этих деталей нетрудно

The parts for assembling a paper spinner are ready and now all that remains is to decorate it with paints, a marker or nail polish – whoever has what. In this case, the pattern can be created in such a way that when rotated, an interesting pattern is obtained.

красим спиннер красками

Assembling a paper spinner

Let’s move on to assembling the spinner – insert the axle into one circle so that the end of the tube does not stick out on the other side and glue the axle to the paper.

необходимо надежно закрепить пластиковую трубочку с бумажным кружочком

After this, we thread the axle into the spinner and place the second circle on top so that the tube does not stick out.

How to make a paper spinner

ось спиннера нужно приклеить ко второй опоре

After this, glue the remaining two circles, covering the ends of the tube with them so that it is convenient to hold the spinner.

спиннер своими руками изготовить довольно таки легко и дешево

That’s all – a homemade paper spinner without using a bearing is ready. It turned out a little clumsy, but the spinner rotates coolly and can easily serve as a real stress toy.

какой спиннер у нас получился после сборки

To make it easier for you to make a spinner with your own hands using a printer (laser or inkjet), I have prepared several templates for a spinner with an optimal rotation circle diameter of about 8 cm. For convenience, they are all summarized at A4 sheet

You can crop unnecessary pictures of spinners in Paint and print on a printer without changing the scale.

клпиарт черно-белых шаблонов для изготовления спиннера из бумаги в домашних условиях на коленке

набор цветных шаблонов для изготовления спиннера из бумаги самостоятельно

I provide a video on which the article was written and you can make a spinner yourself.

How to make a spinner out of paper with an axis from pushpins

Perhaps you are dissatisfied with the rotation time of a spinner with an axis made of a plastic tube? Then I will tell you how to make a spinner out of paper with a metal axis of rotation, but without using a bearing. On the Internet I found another way to make a spinner axle out of paper with my own hands. To do this, we will need to print any spinner template on thick matte paper. It is advisable to use printer paper with a density of at least 200 g/m2.

It is better not to use glossy paper, because the slip will be worse and the humidity in the air may cause it to warp or sag.

If you don’t have anything to print a template on, then you can make an interesting paper spinner at home without a printer and without a bearing.

To make such a knee spinner, you will need two square sheets of paper measuring 20×20 cm and two ordinary push pins with plastic handles. In this case, we can use the origami technique to make a spinner with our own hands.

How to assemble an origami spinner

Fold a sheet of paper in four along one side, and then in half along the other axis.

как сложить лист бумаги для спиннера

Then you need to make several additions, as in the photo, to get such diamonds.

складываем бумагу для самоделки

как одолеть спиннер из бумаги самостоятельно

оригами для изготовления спиннера в домашних условиях на коленке

спиннер из бумаги - начало инструкции

Then we fold the second sheet so that the tails of the sheet bend in opposite directions relative to the first part.

спиннер из толстой или плотной бумаги лучше держится

поделка спиннер из тонкой бумаги

Now we connect the two resulting paper parts crosswise and place the ends of the parts under each other into the formed pockets.

как собрать спиннер из бумаги посмотрим на фото

быстрый спиннер можно сделать даже из бумаги

инструкция как собрать спиннер из бумаги

занимаемся оригами-спиннером

как сделать спиннер из бумаги дома

The result is a star or a blank for a shuriken spinner. I colored it with a felt-tip pen, and you can use a pen, marker, paint, nail polish and draw an interesting designer pattern.

разукрасить спиннер можно авторскими рисунками

Set the buttons as the axis of rotation of the spinner

In the resulting workpiece, make a hole in the center using a pushpin so that it can easily rotate.

на первом шаге берем две канцелярские кнопки

2 шаг создания оси вращения спиннера

Now take the second pushpin, heat it with a match, lighter or soldering iron and pull out the metal tip from it.

3 шаг создания оси вращения спиннера

используем канцелярскую кнопку для создания оси вращения спиннера

Finally, we assemble our design by placing the plastic part of the second button onto the pointed tip of the first button.

делаем ось спиннера из кнопки

Thus, we were able to assemble a spinner ourselves that spins long enough for a design without a bearing. In addition, it can also be used as a small top.

спиннер из бумаги долго крутится

True, I would not call such a spinner for children, because it contains a sharp tip from a pushpin, which can harm a child. So try, experiment, play and relax with a paper spinner, assembled with your own hands from scrap materials.

In conclusion, I present a video on which this instruction for self-assembling a spinner was written, with the help of which you can make such a toy with your own hands.