How to make a paper pyramid: 15 steps

Why do I presume to claim that it is on these pages that the “truth” about the Egyptian proportion will be described?

Because since 2003 I have been very deeply and passionately immersed in the issues of interaction between the Consciousness of the Pyramids with the Consciousness of Man and with all the Life around us.

I managed not only to learn and understand a lot, but, most importantly, I spent many days, evenings, nights, months studying sacred geometry with a ruler, compass, pencil and calculator in my hands. I still have all the drawings saved. And it’s easier for me, through geometric constructions, to clearly show the relationship of the Egyptian pyramid with the Consciousness of humanity of our type (precisely our type – no longer primitive, but not yet developed to the maximum).

This is precisely the main purpose of the Egyptian proportion – to maintain the dimensionality of space in a certain “range” and to stimulate the consciousness of humanity on planet Earth to evolve in the conditions of this dimensionality.

Perhaps the pyramids in a certain way influence the same dense worlds under planet Earth, which are “based” on a different wavelength of light, and, therefore, have other dimension parameters. I don’t know how much this influence extends into those realities, but I am absolutely sure that in all other worlds around our planet, at points corresponding to the location of “our” pyramids, there will be real Places of Power.

Thought for Answer-Seekers: take a closer look at the Places of Power on our planet – maybe in another dimension, in the same place, an Interesting Something was built?

Let us be extremely attentive and kindly “meticulous” in the matter of choosing proportions for our future pyramid!

When inviting Pyramid Consciousness into your reality, you need to answer two important questions. The first is the choice of proportion. And the second, around which the entire pyramid building “revolves,” is the MOTIVATION of the author-creator. The issue of motivation is the most important one, since it directly or indirectly influences the choice of the proportion of the future pyramid.

But we often cannot and do not know how these two questions can be connected, so our intention to make a pyramid is often based on a simple motivation-goal. In this case, the choice of proportion is based only on the popularity of certain ideas.

This is why pyramid authors so often strive to create pyramids based on the golden ratio, since this is already a kind of “brand”, formed over centuries, and, moreover, a “beautiful-sounding” brand. Who will question the “golden” proportion? She is “Golden”!

Let’s add to this the lack of high-quality information on proportions, a lot of interesting developments (pyramid structures) that are effective in their own way and have their own tasks, as well as thoughtless retellings “at every step” on the Internet that exactly the “golden ratio” lies at the base of the Egyptian pyramids.

It is the widespread nature and constancy of such statements that encourages every Answer-Seeker to believe it. Because there is no alternative, there are no other options for “truth”. Conclusion: what everyone is talking about is the real “truth”.

Sad conclusion…

That is why I have a strong desire to create this resource dedicated to the issues of pyramid building, labyrinths and other ancient technologies, as well as metaphysics, esotericism and, in general, research into the unknown.

Types of pyramids

Classic pyramid (in the proportions of the Cheops pyramid). The base is a square with equal sides b, the sides consist of 4 isosceles triangles with faces a. The height of the pyramid is h. The length of the triangles’ faces is a = h x 1.4945. Base side b = h x 1.57075.

Frame pyramids are made of wire with a diameter of 3-2 mm or from tubes, the diameter of which is selected taking into account the height of the pyramid. They usually have a height of 15-30 cm or more. This design, while maintaining all the properties of the pyramidal shape, additionally makes it possible to reduce weight and material consumption, as well as use its internal volume for various purposes.

Pyramid of I. Milev. With further improvement of the frame design

of the pyramid, the author, in order to eliminate negative anomalies, introduced an additional

element – ​​a vertical antenna with a branched emitter installed on its top.

The Bulgarian pyramid is a hollow model of the Cheops pyramid. The base and edges are made of plastic, and the internal cavity is filled with quartz sand.

Collapsible with a hole – this is another option for a frame pyramid. It is assembled on a base with a round hole made of flat plastic ribs. Moreover, the internal shape of the ribs forms a hemisphere.

A pyramid with a ball is a frame structure made of any conductive material. The base is a square 20×20 cm, height – 12.8 cm, ribs with a diameter of 0.5 cm. The pyramid is equipped with a ball (hollow or solid) made of conductive material.

A ball with a diameter of 8-50 mm is located on the axis of the pyramid and is attached to a wire at the calculated height. The recommended installation location is the highest point in the apartment. Purpose – harmonization of the surrounding space within a radius of 30-40 m, absorption of geomagnetic radiation and neutralization of various anomalies.

“Slavnikov’s bipyramid” consists of two regular pyramids, each with a triangular base (tetrahedron), connected symmetrically to each other by vertices, forming a common vertex. The bipyramid is equipped with an antenna and emitter. The latter is made in the form of two truncated cones, located symmetrically relative to the common vertex.

The orientation of the Bipyramid (functioning modes) in space to the cardinal points is carried out using a “selected edge”. There is an “off” mode – horizontal position of the Bipyramid. The lengths of the ribs and sides of the base are the same size.

Pyramid of A. E. Golod. The height h is 2b. For example, if the height h is 2 m, then the side of the base of the square b is 1 m. The material for making home pyramids can be wood, plywood, plastic, glass and other dielectrics. A prerequisite is the absence of iron nails and other metal fasteners.

For frame pyramids (without filling the edges), in addition to wood and plastic, you can use copper tubes with a diameter selected for the appropriate height. The design of the pyramid is based on the proportion of the Golden Section, that is, the diameters of the balls inscribed in the pyramid form the indicated ratio and determine its structural dimensions.

“Proskuryakov’s Pyramid” (Fig. 12) is a tetrahedral structure that differs from the classic one in the ratio of height and side of the base, as well as other ratios protected by a patent of the Russian Federation. Two pyramids, erected in 1996 in South Korea, have height and base dimensions of 3.75 m and 6×6 m, respectively.

Returning to the analysis of the proportions pi and the golden ratio

Pyramids are based on the Pi proportion. The Golden Ratio is also present in the geometry of the Egyptian pyramids. BUT IT IS SECONDARY. Now you will see this for yourself.

The main “working” formula of a pyramidologist-researcher and a practicing pyramid builder:

The base side of the pyramid is born with the height multiplied by half Pi (1.57075).

For convenience, let’s write it like this: Base = Height * 1.57075

The full formula looks larger:

  • The Height of the Pyramid multiplied by 2Pi is equal to the Perimeter of the Base of the Pyramid (remember from geometry: the circumference of a circle is equal to two radii multiplied by Pi – l=2Pi*R? The roots of this formula are in the Egyptian proportion. About the circle and we’ll talk about the perimeter later, the connection between them is fantastic! 🙂 ).
  • Another approach to the same thing: Two Heights of the Pyramid multiplied by Pi equals the Perimeter of the Base of the Pyramid (this is written less often, but we will now look deeper beyond this formula).
  • Let’s go “beyond”: the two heights of the pyramid are the vertical diagonal of the crystal, which is obtained by doubling the standard pyramids and the one conventionally inverted from below, as if “mirrored” down. In the manifested world this is not required, but on the subtle planes this parameter is relevant. Here begins the analysis of the Geometry of Consciousness of Humanity, and the double pyramid is a geometric reflection of the Crystal of Consciousness. All proportions in any reality are a consequence of the tasks facing a specific type of Consciousness that is immersed (born) in a certain material plane (in our case, this is our beloved “three-dimensional plane”).

Next, don’t be lazy and launch the calculator (every operating system has it: Start Menu / Programs / Accessories / Calculator) and using the formula “a (squared) b (squared) = c (squared)” proceed to calculations.

To make it easier: pyramid edge = height multiplied by 1.4945 (Edge = Height * 1.4945)

For the unit of height, take Unit. This rule applies to all calculations and analyzes in sacred geometry.

The second way is how to make a pyramid out of paper.

This version of the pyramid is a little more complicated than the first, you will need more time and patience. But the result is very unusual.

We will need 4 colored leaves measuring approximately 15 by 15 centimeters.

 1. Take one sheet and place it color side down. Then bend it in half vertically, horizontally and unfold it back.

2. Fold the bottom of the leaf along the center fold line, then unfold it back.

 3. Fold the bottom edge up. The bend location is indicated by a dotted line.

4. It should look like this

5. Fold the resulting figure in half, the approximate location of the fold is indicated in the photo. 5

6. Turn the colored side up.

7. Bend the left and right parts to the center line and bend them back. 7

8. Fold the sheet along the dotted line.

9. Bend another corner in the same way. 11

10. It should look like this. 10

11. Next we need to bend the corner so that points B and C are connected.

12. This is what should happen

13. Bend along the dotted line upward. 14

14. One of the four blanks is ready. 15

15. We do the same with the other three leaves. As a result, we get 4 identical figures. They will be the sides of our pyramid. 16

16. Connect them to each other as shown in the photo. 17


Congratulations, you completed the task. This is how easy it is to make an unusual pyramid model with your own hands.

If you fail to take any step, watch the video carefully and try again.

More paper pyramids

How to make a paper pyramid: 15 steps

From the history of the pyramids

The word pyramid has many meanings. Even in Ancient Greece, the word “pyramis” was used to describe a wheat cake that resembled the shape of the Egyptian pyramids. The word then came to mean the compound term “a monumental structure having a square area at the base with sloping sides meeting at the top.”

The beginning of pyramid geometry was laid in Ancient Egypt and Babylon, although it received its most active development in Ancient Greece. The first to establish what the volume of the pyramid was equal to was Democritus, and Eudoxus of Cnidus proved it all. The ancient Greek mathematician and philosopher Euclid systematized all knowledge about the pyramid in the 12th volume of his “Elements” and derived the first and main definition of the pyramid: a bodily figure that is limited by planes.

Statue of Democritus

Euclid calls the pyramid a solid figure, which is limited by planes, from one plane, i.e., the base and converge at one point, i.e., the apex. This definition was criticized by Heron, who proposed another definition for the geometric figure of a pyramid: it is a figure bounded by triangles that converge at one point and a base, which is a polygon.

The first written interpretation of the term “pyramid” appeared in Europe in 1555. And it had the following meaning: “this is one of the types of the most ancient structures of kings.” With the beginning of the development of science in the 18th century, the pyramid became not only the oldest architectural monument, but also a regular geometric figure with four symmetrical sides.

How is a regular pyramid unfolded?

The basis of the model is a sheet of paper or cardboard. Work begins with a drawing of the pyramid. The figure is presented in expanded form. A flat image on paper corresponds to pre-selected dimensions and parameters. A regular pyramid has a regular polygon as its base and its height passes through its center. Let’s start by making a simple model. In this case, it is a triangular pyramid. Determine the dimensions of the selected figure.

To construct a development of a pyramid, the base of which is a regular triangle, in the center of the sheet, using a ruler and pencil, draw the base of the given dimensions. Next, to each side we draw the side faces of the pyramid – triangles. Now let’s move on to their construction.

We measure the dimensions of the sides of the triangles on the lateral surface with a compass. We place the leg of the compass at the top of the drawn base and make a notch. We repeat the action, moving to the next point of the triangle. The intersection obtained as a result of such actions will determine the vertices of the side faces of the pyramid.

How to make a paper pyramid. step by step instructions

Thanks to the ancient skill of origami, it is possible to recreate almost any figure from paper, including a pyramid. There are several ways to create an ideal figure with clear edges. For those new to this business, there is easy step-by-step advice on how to make a figure out of cardboard. These instructions will be understandable to both adults and children.
Как сделать пирамиду из бумаги. Схема с размерами, пошаговая инструкция с фото

Step-by-step guide on how to glue a cardboard pyramid:

  1. On a piece of paper you need to draw one even square and three triangles. Each side of the square should be approximately 15 cm. The width of the triangle should be the same, and the height should be 27 cm.
  2. Using scissors, cut the blanks not along the contour, but with an indentation of 3-4 mm; in the future, this will be necessary when gluing the figure.
  3. Lubricate all parts with glue, let it dry a little and put all the parts into a single structure.
  4. Allow the craft to dry completely and you can start decorating.

How to decorate a pyramid – anything your imagination can do. For example, you can stick figures on it, wrap it in foil, or paint it with special acrylic paints.

How to make a pyramid out of cardboard for a gift?

We have already offered some options for original gift packaging, now we suggest you make it in the form of a pyramid. In order to make a pyramid at home, you need to prepare the following materials:

  • scissors;
  • stapler;
  • 4 squares of small cardboard;
  • tape;
  • thin ribbon;
  • simple pencil.
  1. Take 4 square cardboards, put one aside immediately, draw triangles on the remaining squares with a simple pencil, then cut them out.
  2. You need to cut out four triangles.
  3. We attach one triangle to each side of the square with the shortest part.
  4. Tape the triangle to the base of the square.
  5. We take three triangles in our hands and glue their sides together so that we get a “house” inside. In this case, we do not glue one of the triangles. It must be deliberately left open so that anything can be placed inside the pyramid.

It’s easier to make a small pyramid if you first print out a pyramid layout on paper.

Then, using a ruler, you need to bend the pyramid along the edges. A ruler will help keep the edges straight.

Next, glue the seam joint with “Moment” glue. If desired, you can make the base of a pyramid for stability.

Another option for creating a pyramid is shown in the following figure: after printing the template, you need to bend the pyramid along the lines, then smear the gluing surface with glue. Creating such a pyramid will take literally a couple of minutes.

If you place a pyramid in a room in a certain area, then it can have a positive impact on the life of the person living in the room. So, for example, if the pyramid is placed in the eastern part of the room, it will help improve health, in the south and southeast – to gain financial well-being, in the west – it serves as a talisman for children, in the southwest – it will improve family relationships.

How to make a pyramid out of cardboard?

You can quickly and easily make a figure out of cardboard with your own hands. You can use any color of paper, but the best color is gold, beige,
Как сделать пирамиду из бумаги. Схема с размерами, пошаговая инструкция с фото

light brown.

To make the product look more realistic, horizontal and vertical lines can be made using a needle on the paper blank.

Thanks to this, the effect of a real mini-pyramid from Giza will be created.

Using the above step-by-step methods, you can create a figure with edges. A cardboard pyramid is made according to the same principle as from plain paper.

But there is a big plus that it can be decorated, for example, with granulated sugar:

  • The product can be covered with completely transparent glue and granulated sugar applied to it. In this way you can create an interesting shining effect.
  • You can also sprinkle the pyramid with sand, having previously coated it with glue. The figure will acquire a realistic effect.

Pyramid treatment

One of the unique remedies is a tetrahedral pyramid, shaped like the pyramids of Cheops, Khafre and other pharaohs. With its energy (not yet fully explained by science), it quite actively stimulates the vital forces of the sick organism.

Treatment with pyramids can be carried out using the following methods:1. Place the patient under a large pyramid. In case of severe and multiple diseases, the patient should use large pyramids for rest – the healing possibilities in them are practically unlimited.

The time spent in them is purely individual, for particularly sensitive patients – no more than 15 minutes. If you are overtired, 30 minutes in the pyramid is enough to restore strength and get rid of discomfort. For migraines and headaches, stand for 30-40 minutes inside the pyramid so that the head is as close to the top as possible. For psoriasis, spend several hours a day inside the pyramid.

2. Place the diseased organ (arm, leg) under the pyramid.

For dislocations and fractures, place the leg (arm) under the pyramid 2 times a day for 30 minutes.

Fractures heal much faster.

3. Charge aluminum foil under the pyramid for a day or more and “bandage it”

to the sore spot for several hours.

For all internal pain, for pain in muscles and joints, externally in the form of a compress you can

use aluminum foil, which is previously charged in a pyramid for 24 hours for

level 1/2 height, using a dielectric stand. Foil charged in this way

is wrapped in a layer of linen and applied to a sore spot or joint. Top

This compress is closed, secured with linen or bandage, and left overnight.

Such compresses are also used for pain in the head, abdomen, chest, limbs, arthritis and

rheumatism. With the help of such compresses, pain usually goes away quite quickly –

are completely gone! The foil should be applied away from the body with the side that was towards the top.

4. Place 1 – 4 pyramids (10-15 cm high) under the bed (without metal) so that at least one is with its peak 2 cm “below” the patient’s navel (towards the legs). They should be oriented to the cardinal points and a session with 4-5 pyramids should last no more than 30-40 minutes with a break of 2 days. Use to improve sleep, to improve the patient’s well-being, and for weakness after surgery and radiation.

5. Place the patient on a chair with a back, and place a pyramid under the chair (north-south orientation is required). Enuresis and hemorrhoids are treated.

6. Charge water in a closed bottle under the pyramid (up to 14 days). Water should be charged in the lower third of the pyramid (conditionally “dead” water) and separately above the lower third (conditionally “living” water). When charging, water should not account for more than 10% of the volume of the pyramid.

“Dead” water acquires antiseptic properties, there are no bacteria in it, and it is excellent for rinsing the throat and mouth, both for the prevention of sore throat and flu, and for alleviating illness. Rinsing the nasal cavity with this water relieves a runny nose and prevents the expansion and spread of infection.

For healing the body, drinking pyramid water or herbal infusions kept for 24 hours inside the pyramid at 2/3 of the height (in the upper part) is very effective. Even a small amount of such water is beneficial to the patient. Drinking “living” water gives energy, prolongs life, helps with diarrhea, dysentery, colitis and rectal cancer, menstrual problems, vomiting, kidney problems, is very effective for food poisoning, headaches (not from pressure), skin problems and skin allergies. For hair loss and dandruff, moisten hair to the roots 2-3 times a day.

7. Pain can be relieved by simply placing the pyramid on the sore spot. But themselves

in this case, you must take a position according to the geomagnetic field of the Earth: head to the north,

legs to the south, in a lying position. The edges of the pyramid must also be accurately oriented

by country of the world.

8. You can also use a set of tiny pyramids. You must bet every one of these

pyramid on a bioactive point recommended for treatment for a specific

disease (this is already from acupuncture). Place pyramids on biologically active points on

time from 20 minutes to 2 hours once a day.

9. The onset of otitis media (inflammation of the middle ear) is cured in one session (about thirty minutes),

apparent rotation of nails in two sessions – a total of three hours,

all signs of food poisoning will disappear in ten minutes if you place the pyramid on your stomach.

The main thing is to capture the very beginning of the disease, it will immediately stop progressing and leave you alone.

There is one important condition for achieving a good result. A person in a pyramid should be calm and relaxed. He must mentally trust the pyramid, believe that it will help him. Only in this case will there be an “attunement” of two energy objects – the pyramid and the human body, then the session will give a positive effect.

Pyramid therapy sessions give good health-improving results: In one and a half months you can get rid of osteochondrosis, acquired twenty-five years ago. With congenital heart disease and angina, you need to learn how to stop an attack at the very beginning, without waiting until the pain becomes severe.

Using the pyramid, you can cure impotence, mastopathy, and even help heal children with leukemia. A person who has been in the pyramid will acquire immunity from many diseases. Vodka, left in it for several hours, can safely treat alcoholism.

Without antibiotics or any other medications, you can cope with sluggish pneumonia in just five sessions. The range of applications for pyramids is very wide and has not yet been fully exhausted. Not all of their healing capabilities are known.

Defining parameters

First of all, let’s determine what the pyramid will be. The development of this figure is the basis for making a three-dimensional figure. Completing the work will require extreme precision. If the drawing is incorrect, it will be impossible to assemble a geometric figure. Let’s say you need to make a model of a regular triangular pyramid.

Any geometric body has certain properties. This figure has a regular polygon as its base, and its vertex is projected into its center. An equilateral triangle was chosen as the base. This condition determines the name. The side edges of the pyramid are triangles, the number of which depends on the polyhedron chosen for the base.

In this case there will be three. It is also important to know the dimensions of all the components that will make up the pyramid. Paper developments are made in accordance with all the data of the geometric figure. The parameters of the future model are agreed upon in advance. The choice of material used depends on these data.

The first way to make a pyramid out of paper.

1. First of all, we make folds with our hands. To do this, bend and straighten the sheet in half, vertically, horizontally and diagonally. The fold lines are marked in the picture with solid thin lines. Then bend the corners towards the center, the fold line is indicated by a dotted line.

2. Place the piece of paper as shown in the photo. Fold the right and left corners towards the top. Dotted lines indicate fold lines. Next, straighten the top corner to make a square.

3. Make folds in the top square along the lines shown in the diagram. We will need them to tuck the corners evenly. Then we tuck these corners inside with our own hands.

 4.  Fold the top corner, then rotate the piece 180 degrees.

5. With this side we do all the same work as described in steps 3 and 4.

6. Let’s get the following detail. Raise the corners to the top

7. Straighten the side corners. Thus we straighten the bottom of our figure. Here we are coming to the end. The paper pyramid is almost ready.

8. Finally, we stroke the edges of the bottom of the pyramid with our hands.

In principle, our pyramid is ready. You can wrap a small gift in it. To do this, you need to make holes in the tops with a hole punch and thread a beautiful rope through it. It will look very beautiful on the Christmas tree.

Pyramid in the proportions of the “golden section”

You can try to create a pyramid based on mathematical knowledge:

  1. The size of the pyramid in accordance with the “golden ratio” is 7.23 cm. From geometry we remember that the golden ratio is 1.618.
  2. We multiply the coefficient by the existing value of 723 mm, we get 117 mm. This should be the length of the base of the pyramid itself. The height is 72 mm.
  3. In accordance with the Pythagorean theorem, we calculate the size of the faces of the triangles of the pyramid. As a result, the pyramid should have a length of 117 mm.
  4. If you multiply 117 by 117, you can get the square of the base, which is needed so that the pyramid is not empty.
  5. Draw all the details on cardboard and cut them out.
  6. Connecting the edges of the triangles.
  7. When attaching the last triangle, you must first lift the structure in a vertical plane, and then glue the remaining triangle.
  8. The corners of the pyramid should be glued evenly and neatly, as this will ensure its stability.

If the pyramid is planned to have a bottom, then it is glued at the very end after all the faces of the triangles are connected to each other and have dried.

You can try to make a large pyramid using a refrigerator box to create it.

  1. The estimated length of the base of the pyramid is 50 cm. You must first draw a diagram of the pyramid on cardboard in accordance with the golden ratio rule.
  2. как сделать пирамиду из картона4

  3. The result is isosceles triangles. It is necessary to dock them together along the side and glue them with tape so that the side of the cardboard with the inscriptions is inside the pyramid.
  4. как сделать пирамиду из картона5

  5. Thus, the pyramid without a base is ready. Additionally, you can cut a square with an edge length of 50 cm. This will allow the pyramid to become more stable.

Treatment rules

One of the very effective methods of therapy is treatment with a pyramid at home, reminiscent of the pyramid of Cheops, Khafre and other pharaohs. To date, this has not yet been explained by science, but such structures quite strongly activate the vital forces of an unhealthy organism.

When using pyramids, the blood composition is quickly restored, pain subsides, and blood pressure normalizes. It has been observed that after several sessions, healing of wounds and fractures, surgical injuries, tumors and complications after radiotherapy is accelerated.

The following methods of influence are used for therapy:

  1. Very often, placing the patient under a large pyramid is used. For multiple and severe illnesses, this method is indispensable, since the healing possibilities of such a design are almost unlimited. The time spent is quite individual. In case of overwork, 30 minutes is sufficient to restore strength and eliminate discomfort. To treat headaches with a pyramid, you will need to stay inside for 30–40 minutes so that the problem area is located as high as possible towards the top. With psoriasis, you need to be inside several times a day.
  2. Only an unhealthy organ (leg, arm) can be placed under the influence. If there is a fracture or dislocation, then for 30 minutes 2 times. It was noted that fractures healed twice as fast.
  3. In addition, you can pre-charge aluminum foil and then bandage it to the affected area of ​​the body for a couple of hours. For pain in muscles, joints and internal ailments, this method is indispensable. To do this, the foil is charged in the pyramid at 1/2 the height for 24 hours. The sheet prepared in this way is wrapped in a layer of linen, and then applied to the sore joint or other place. The top needs to be covered with a bandage and left overnight. Such bandages are effective for pain in the abdomen, head, limbs, chest, rheumatism and arthritis. Using a similar treatment method, most often the patient notices that the pain ends very quickly, and over time the illness stops bothering you altogether.
  4. It is already known how to make a pyramid for treatment; you need to understand what methods of influencing the body still exist. The structure can also be placed under the bed, but without metal. 1–4 pyramids 10–15 cm high are placed so that one of them is below the patient’s navel. The pyramids are located on the cardinal points. The duration of the session should not exceed 30–40 minutes. There should be breaks of several days between them. The pyramid is used to improve sleep and well-being of the patient, as well as during radiation and operations.
  5. Another way to treat with a pyramid is this. The patient sits on a chair with a back, and a structure is installed under it. Enuresis and hemorrhoids are treated in this way. Заряд предметов
  6. To charge water in a closed bottle, keep the container under the pyramid for up to 14 days. The liquid should be located in the lower third (conventionally, “dead” water) or in the upper third (conventionally, “living” water). At the time of charging, the amount of liquid should not exceed 10% of the volume of the structure. “Dead” water has antiseptic properties, bacteria do not multiply in it, and it is remarkably helpful when used to rinse the throat and mouth as a preventive measure for influenza and sore throat, as well as to alleviate an existing disease. To eliminate a runny nose and prevent the spread of infection, rinse your nose with it. Drinking “living” water helps increase energy levels, prolong life, eliminate diarrhea, colitis, dysentery and menstrual problems. This water helps eliminate vomiting, kidney problems, and headaches. It is very effective for food poisoning and various allergies. For dandruff and hair loss, moisten hair to the roots with it 2-3 times a day. For general healing of the body, drinking pyramid water or infusions kept there for 24 hours at a level of 2/3 of the height is very effective. Even a small part of such liquid brings enormous results.
  7. To relieve any type of pain, you can simply place the pyramid on the sore spot. But at the same time, a person must take a position according to the geomagnetic field of the Earth: the head is located to the north, and the legs are to the south, in a lying position. The edges of the structure must be precisely oriented to the cardinal points.
  8. You can use a set of cardboard pyramids. A person should place them on bioactive points and hold them for 20 minutes to 2 hours once a day. When otitis media begins, you can be cured in one session (30 minutes). For therapy, the main thing is to capture the onset of the disease, then it will immediately stop bothering you, much less progressing.

There is one more important condition for obtaining an excellent result. A person located in a pyramid should be relaxed and calm. He is mentally obliged to trust the structure and believe that it will help him.

Only in this case will the “attunement” of several energy objects – the human body and the pyramid – be achieved, and a positive result can be expected from the session.

Any variants of pyramid therapy show excellent health-improving results. Thus, in a month and a half, patients get rid of osteochondrosis acquired 20 or more years ago. With congenital angina and heart disease, you need to learn how to stop attacks in the initial period, without waiting until the pain becomes unbearable.

This therapy is excellent for curing impotence, mastopathy, and also healing children suffering from leukemia.

A person who stayed in the pyramid receives immunity from many diseases. Vodka, which has been in the pyramid for a couple of hours, can treat alcoholism.

Without using antibiotics or other medications, in just 5 sessions, doctors can easily cope with sluggish pneumonia.

The range of uses of pyramids is very large, but not completely exhausted. Not all therapeutic possibilities are known to mankind.

Examples of use

In case of multiple and severe diseases, the patient needs to use large pyramids for treatment, since their possibilities are very multifaceted. The length of stay in such buildings is always purely individual. But there are exceptions for particularly sensitive individuals. Then the time should not exceed 15 minutes.

In case of overwork, 30 minutes is a sufficient recovery dose. During this time, you can completely get rid of discomfort and restore all your vitality.

It is already known how to make a pyramid for treatment yourself, so it should be noted that the range of action of small specimens is also high. The patient lies down on a prepared bed without metal, under which up to 5 pieces of structures ranging from 10–15 cm in height are located along the length of his entire body.

For treatment, it is very good to use not just empty structures, but in combination with the use of pyramidal infusions or water, which must be kept there for 24 hours at level 2/3. Even a minimal amount of such liquid brings considerable benefit to the sick person.

To prepare a pyramidal infusion you need:

  • send medicinal raw materials (herbs) to a jar or vessel;
  • then pour boiling water over everything and close with a nylon lid;
  • then the infusion is sent to the pyramid at the level of 2/3 of the height and infused for 24 hours.

It should be noted that the liquid can remain in the pyramids for quite a long time without loss of quality.

According to reviews, pyramid treatment has a beneficial effect on animals. Owners can build a large structure over the place where their pets are located, or place several small ones nearby. Pyramid water is often used for aquariums, and it is recommended to cover the vessel itself with a small pyramid, but for no more than 24 hours.

In small structures, dull knives and blades are placed at 1/3 of the height for sharpening for a day.

Dimensions of the home pyramid in cm

10 16 13.5 15.7
15 24 20.3 25.5
20 32 27.0 31.4
30 48 40.5 47.1
40 64 54.0 62.8
50 80 67.5 78.5
100 160 135.0 157.0
250 400 337.5 392.3
300 480 405.0 470.8
500 800 675.0 784.6
1000 1600 1350.0 1569.2

It should be remembered that any pyramid must be made by a mentally balanced person, who must have good and bright thoughts during production, and the builder must do this work with his soul.

Properties of pyramids

Egyptologists and researchers of the Egyptian pyramids have found that smaller copies of the Cheops pyramid have healing properties. Thanks to this discovery, it became possible to use various types of pyramids, including frame ones, in health practices.

Some researchers believe that there are certain “pi” and “omega” rays in the pyramid. Pi rays destroy tumor cells, destroy microorganisms, and mummify organic substances. Omega rays heal and rejuvenate the human body.

There are three height zones inside the pyramid. In the lower third of the pyramid (conditionally negative), pathogenic bacteria die and the processes of decay stop. The field of this zone, influencing the molecular structure and energy rhythms of water, endows it with other properties.

It becomes alkaline (pH increases), its electrical conductivity increases. In the middle third, a qualitative transformation of energy into a more “subtle substance” occurs. In the upper third of the pyramid, the energy is already conditionally positive. The acidity of the water in this zone increases (decrease in pH).

The Pyramid in the zone of its activity directly or indirectly corrects the structure of Space, bringing it closer to the state of Harmony. Everything that is in this Space begins to develop in the direction of Harmony. Currently, a large amount of statistical material has been accumulated, revealing the various properties of the pyramids: 1.

The energy of the pyramids has a beneficial effect on the environment, eliminates negative radiation from computers and televisions, reduces the level of radiation, and destroys geopathogenic zones.2. The energy of the pyramids develops clairvoyance, removes damage and other negative energies from the human biofield, has a beneficial effect on the psycho-emotional state of people, and reduces the level of anger in society.3.

Staying inside a pyramid slows down the aging process. There is evidence of a positive effect of the pyramid shape effect on biological blood parameters. Headaches, burns, wounds heal successfully in it. The pyramids can be considered unique regenerators of vitality, from which the human body is “charged.”4.

Water does not freeze in the pyramid at 30 degrees below zero. “Dead water” is formed at the bottom of the pyramid, and “living water” is formed closer to the top. “Living” water promotes cell division, tissue growth in living organisms and wound healing. Hair grows thicker when rinsed, and in some cases the color of gray hair is restored.

“Dead,” on the contrary, inhibits the growth processes of tissues and microorganisms and can be used as an antiseptic.5. The liquid that has been in the pyramid and taken as food has pronounced antitumor and antiviral activity.6.

Liquid and dry medicinal preparations processed in the pyramid help improve immunity.7. Regular or mineral waters, juices, oils, and decoctions of medicinal herbs kept in a pyramid are very effective in treating ulcers, gastritis and other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and genitourinary system in the acute stage.8.

Creams, oils and ointments treated in the focal zone (upper level) will help relieve skin inflammation by inhibiting the activity of harmful bacteria. Everything that is placed at the lower level of the pyramid will promote the healing of small wounds, activating the processes of regeneration of skin tissue cells, having a positive effect on superficial vessels.9.

Meat does not go rotten in the pyramid. Food products improve their taste and their shelf life increases several times.10. The ennobling effect of pyramids on some delicacies has been recorded: coffee, tea, spices, cigarettes, wine, drinks, perfumes, cosmetics, etc.

Wines aged in the lower third of the pyramid “age”, acquiring the taste of being aged. Aging the wine for no more than a week.11. Pyramids promote the acquisition of healing properties by crystals and other substances.12. Dull blades become sharp again.13.

Cut flowers do not wither in pyramidal water for more than 3 weeks.14. Jewelry is well cleaned.15. The viscosity of oil in the fields near the constructed pyramids decreases.16. Pyramids have the properties of increasing the influence of cosmic radiation on plants and improving seed germination.17.

There is an opinion that vodka left overnight in the pyramid does not give a hangover, and brine, which has been in the same place, removes all traces of yesterday’s intemperance in a few minutes.18. The pyramid has the property of mummification (dehydration and sterilization).19.

The word pyramid in different languages ​​of the world

In modern Egypt, “pyramid” is a collective image; each of the pyramids has its own name: the pyramid of Cheops, the pyramid of Khafre, etc. The Egyptians called the pyramid “Mr,” correctly pronounced “mayor.” But the origin of the word “mayor” remains a mystery.

The most famous pyramids are the tombs of the pharaohs of Ancient Egypt, which are shaped like this geometric figure. In the third millennium BC, the Egyptians built step pyramids, which were made of stone blocks; then they were given a geometrically correct shape.

The most famous pyramid is the Pyramid of Cheops, whose height reaches almost 147 m, the only surviving wonder of the world. Inside the pyramids there are burial crypts and corridors and service rooms. The pyramids of the Mayans in Mexico are no less grandiose.

Nowadays you can find a large number of souvenirs in the shape of a pyramid; they are fascinating and seem to contain something mysterious. And we believe that the pyramid will bring health and good luck.

Rubik’s Pyramid

You can make a pyramid yourself by downloading a pyramid layout that you like.

Complex figures: volumetric layouts

Figures of this type are made to gain skills in working with three-dimensional paper products and to teach children the basics of geometry. These models can be used to make original gift wrapping. Sometimes it can be difficult to develop the correct development; it is recommended to have at least a little knowledge of drawing.

But there are ready-made stencils that can be printed from a printer. Layouts are used not only for entertainment purposes, but also for educational purposes. You can clearly show your child what a particular figure looks like. Complex models can be: cube, octahedron, dodecahedron, icosahedron and others.

Before you start drawing a figure, you should imagine it in 3D format, how many faces and dimensions it has.

On a sheet of paper you need to draw edges so that they connect correctly with each other. Each shape has its own specific type of edge. The ribs should also be the same length so that no inconsistencies arise when fastening. If the layout has identical sides, then at the time of drawing you can draw a template and draw the rest of the blanks based on it.
Как сделать пирамиду из бумаги. Схема с размерами, пошаговая инструкция с фото

3D models are important when teaching children: they give students the opportunity to hold the figures in their hands, examine them and better understand the structure. Also, when studying some theorems (Euler), a visual aid is recommended.

Method 3

There are quite a lot of tips on how to make a pyramid out of paper; a certain diagram with dimensions is an integral part of doing origami:

  1. Fold the square sheet so that the corners lie opposite to each other, cut off the excess paper with scissors. In this way you can make an even square.
  2. Fold the workpiece along one diagonal, open it and roll it along the other, and unfold it again. This is how the necessary lines are drawn.
  3. Take the halves of the square and roll it into a triangle in two layers. Fold two corners from the base towards the center. Repeat similarly on the second side of the figure.
  4. Fold the corners towards the center on one side and the other.
  5. Unbend the rhombus on each side, pointing its corners inward.
  6. The pyramid must be bent so that it turns out to be a star with four sides. Take the figure with both hands at different ends and give it a shape.

Gradually giving the object a shape, a pyramid will begin to appear. It is very important to know that at the last stage you need to act carefully, trying not to accidentally tear the craft.

Printable pyramid templates and layouts.

You can print these templates on cardboard, cut them out with your own hands and glue them together. Parts of the figure that are shaded or marked with dark dots must be glued inside. We advise you to smooth the fold lines along the ruler with a blunt object. This will make your model more even.

Четырех стороняя пирамида

Шаблон пирамиды

Unrolling a pyramid is a very quick and easy DIY method. The finished product is reminiscent of the Egyptian wonder of the world.
Развертка пирамиды

You can watch our video lesson on making a figure using a template.

Share with us your ideas for a fun origami activity, and we will be happy to publish them on our website.