How to make a paper plane that flies 100 meters Instructions

1st place – paper airplane diagram “falcon”

This is probably one of the most beautiful paper airplanes that you can make with your own hands, because it is very similar to the real one. To fold such a long-flying airplane with your own hands, follow the detailed instructions with photos and videos at the end.

1 – take a sheet of medium-weight A4 paper and fold the sheet in half to make a paper airplane.

2 – fold a sheet of paper in half for the longest flying paper airplane.

3 – fold the paper along the edges to make a cool airplane with your own hands.

4 – we also fold the second side of an airplane made from a sheet of paper.

5 – iron the resulting corners of the paper plane in half again.

6 – open each wing of the plane and turn them around.

7 – the photo below shows how to make the wings of a long-flying airplane out of paper for 100 meters.

8 – wrap both corners of the future paper airplane in different directions symmetrically.

9 – bend the outer part of the paper airplane to make it look like in the photo.

10 – we make the same folds on the back side of the airplane paper blank.

11 – next you need to open both parts of the resulting airplane wings.

12 – fold the paper plane to the isosceles angle of the triangle.

13 – along the fold line we roll up the paper airplane structure.

14 – then you need to bend the wings on both sides and align them symmetrically.

15 – follow the same steps according to the instructions for the remaining wings of the paper airplane.

16 – fold the second wing of the paper airplane.

17 – The next step is to fold the wings upward to improve the maneuverability of the paper airplane.

18 – bend the wings up for better stability of the paper airplane.

19 – on the other side we bend the corners on the wings.

20 – the flaps of a finished paper airplane can be bent so that it can fly further than 100 meters.

21 – if your paper plane crashes frequently and its nose becomes bent, fix it with nail polish.

The longest flying aircraft is ready for testing. If you launch it from the 9th floor or higher, it will fly and glide much further than the 100-meter mark. Gusts of wind and rising air currents will help the paper plane rise as high as possible and fly further.

Below is another interesting video on how to assemble a cool airplane similar to the F-15 in origami style. The diagram is complex, so watch carefully.

2nd place – diagram of an airplane made from paper “thunderstorm”

Let’s continue assembling a paper airplane that will fly for a long time according to a highly complex assembly scheme. We will need, as always, a sheet of A4 paper. This can be plain white or colored paper. You can also take sheets from magazines with medium paper thickness.

The first step is to bend the sheet in half. We remind you that depending on how smoothly and symmetrically your plane is assembled, it will fly in exactly the same way. After bending the sheet in half, unbend it and then move on to the second step.

The second step is to bend the corners to the center – on one side and the other. It turns out to be such a preparation.

Third step. The edges of the paper that formed an obtuse angle on the left are correctly bent again along the line of the nose of the aircraft to the right corners of the paper blank. See how it looks in the photo. Straighten the folds of the paper near the nose especially carefully so that everything is symmetrical.

Fourth step. We see a point at the intersection of the bends of the left and right edges of the workpiece. Along the line through this point you need to fold the airplane in half, as shown in the photo. You can check yourself by matching the lines of the central fold. After bending, unbend, turn over and bend in the opposite direction.

Fifth step. Turn the plane over again and fold the sides on the left and right towards the edge of the inner sheet. See photos and videos for more details.

After this, turn the plane over again and bend the nose forward again.

Turn it over again and turn the strip of folded paper towards the tail of the airplane blank.

Sixth step. We bend the plane along the central longitudinal axis. It is convenient to bend the stabilizers on the wings in this position parallel to one and the other side.

Seventh step. We bend the wings to the base. Here you can bend it in different ways and experiment, but it is considered optimal to bend it from the nose to the fender liner.

Everything should fit together smoothly and be symmetrical. Then the paper plane will fly exactly 100 meters or more and not lean left or right.

If the plane is flying downwards, then you need to bend the back of the wings slightly upward. Thus, the flow of oncoming air will lower the tail of the aircraft and raise the nose up.

See below for a detailed video with comments from the author on assembling such a long-flying paper airplane.

3rd place – diagram of an airplane made from paper “hawk”

Now we will assemble another complex aircraft.

First step. Fold the sheet in half exactly in the middle. The quality of the flight will depend on the evenness of the folds. All stages of the aircraft are done in a mirror manner – left and right.

Second step. We bend the left and right sides towards the center.

Third step – once again take the left and right edges of the paper and bend it towards the central axis of the plane.

The fourth step is to bend the sharp end of the workpiece towards the tail. In this case, the bend line of the sheet should pass through the point of intersection of the edges in the middle of the paper craft. Centering is checked by matching the central bend along the long side of the sheet.

Fifth step. We bend the edges of the paper on the left and right again towards the center, as in the photo. It is important here that the inner layer of paper does not bend or form wrinkles.

Sixth step. We grab the outer fold and open it, and then wrap it inward as shown in the photo. We do the same from the other side of the plane. We take the formed pockets and bend them inside out.

Seventh step. The pointed nose needs to be bent in the opposite direction about 1 cm deeper than the logical fold line. Pockets are formed there, which we bend inside the nose from approximately the middle.

Step eight. We also wrap the tip opposite the sharp nose.

Ninth step. We bend the paper airplane wings parallel to the keel. If the wings of your paper craft match, then the base of the airplane is assembled symmetrically.

Tenth step. We bend the edges of the wings parallel to the main axis of symmetry to form flaps. The plane is ready.

A detailed video on how to assemble such an airplane with your own hands from paper is given below.

4th place – paper plane “albatross”

Bend a sheet of A4 paper in half and draw it with your fingernail so that the fold is perfect.

We bend the edges of the paper inward towards the central axis.

After this, we bend the edges at an obtuse angle again towards the center. The edges of the paper should lie symmetrically on the central axis of our craft.

Then we bend the nose of the paper airplane towards the tail and align the centers of symmetry.

Add corner folds so that the left side is parallel to the right side.

We bend it back and bend the sharp nose of the plane back along the flight path. We iron all the seams with our nails.

We bend the wings so that a large area of ​​the wings remains load-bearing. We do everything extremely symmetrically so that the plane can fly further.

At the end we form the tail. In principle, the bend of the tail can be done as in the photo of any size.

We straighten the resulting folds upward so that it ends up in the space between the wings.

We bend the vertical stabilizers upward parallel to the main axis of symmetry of the paper airplane. This is the plane we have – try to fly it quickly.

If you still have any questions about assembling this aircraft, then watch the detailed video with comments.

5th place – the simplest paper airplane models

In this place are located all the simple models of airplanes that even a child can assemble and which we all assembled in class and let the girls and teachers see. For such tasks, ordinary blunt-nosed airplanes and gliders are quite suitable. Here are 10 of the best easy-to-assemble paper airplanes.

This is the simplest and most popular paper airplane – almost all people know it because they have been collecting it since childhood.

The next airplane model has a fast and smooth flight. Due to the front supporting wings, the nose does not collapse, providing stabilization, lift and long flight.

Next, let’s try to assemble a paper airplane with large wings – the design is simple and reliable.

The next one will be a blunt-nosed aircraft with increased collision resistance.

The fifth one will be assembling a modified plane with a blunt nose. The circuit is simple, but requires careful assembly.

Now I propose to assemble a good airplane from paper with nose wings and vertical rear stabilizers. The shape of the wing of such a glider allows you to fly longer in a straight line.

The next plane has a sharp nose and flies rapidly forward. The fins on the wings stabilize and prolong the flight of such a paper fighter.

The following design has good piercing abilities – the craft looks like a space fighter. It seems that it was created to exterminate enemy personnel.

The largest wings are those of the glider, which has a rather ridiculous appearance. But this does not prevent him from flying very long and far.

The amazing design of this airplane makes it look like a space shuttle or a Boeing. He flies not far, but effectively.

Video lesson. simple paper airplane folding scheme

Even the simplest model will fly high and for a long time if it is made according to all the rules. Try following the instructions in the video below and you will see for yourself.

How long have you been making paper airplanes? I’ve been here for a long time and have already tried several options. To be honest, I had a fun time.

Military airplane made of paper video

Each of the presented aircraft models behaves differently in the air, constant training and the number of hours spent in flight will help you!

Share your airplanes with us in the comments and share our article with your friends on social networks! Origami is fun and educational.

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Paper military aircraft diagram

Fold a piece of paper in half, work along the fold line and unfold it again.

Fold in  the top two corners of the plane.

Unfold the work and fold the corners towards the center again.

Did you get the same thing? So you are on the right track.

Turn the craft over and unfold the corners of the spout.

Fold the corner as in the photo.

Fold half of the folded corner upward.

It should turn out like this.

Now we bend the wings of the paper airplane.

Symmetrical wings are the key to a well-flying paper airplane!

The military plane is ready, good luck in battle!

Also watch a video lesson on how to make such an airplane, a master class on the “World of Hobbies” channel.

How to make a paper airplane that flies for a long time

Now let’s move on to the third model of a combat aircraft, designed for long flights and slow, smooth descent. The landing is unhurried and very neat. The pilot of such an aircraft must be experienced. The pilot does not have to be a beginner, because he will perform sharp turns! So, let’s start building a military fighter aircraft out of paper with our own hands!

Classic paper airplane.

“The Craftswoman” recommends starting your acquaintance with origami airplanes with a simple model.

For a sheet of white A4 paper, you need to fold the left and right edges towards the middle.

Unfold the piece of paper. Fold the upper left corner of the plane until it folds in the center. Как сделать самолет из бумаги

Fold the upper right corner in the same way.

Bend the plane as shown in the picture.

Turn the plane around.

The classic paper airplane model is ready.

Thanks to AssistanseTV for the master class on making a classic paper airplane.

Also watch the video tutorial on how to make a simple origami airplane

Paper airplane models

There are two main types of paper airplanes: those that fly for a long time
and which are far Как сделать самолет из бумаги

. Depending on the desired result, you need to select the desired scheme and aircraft model.

For example, if you want your plane to fly far, it should be narrow and long. Such a plane will powerfully cut through the air and its center of gravity will be in the nose.

A plane will fly for a long time if it has large wings. Such a model must have good balance.

It is important to follow the rules for folding a paper airplane:

Paper airplane diagram

Even a child can fold a paper airplane. There are two types of paper diagrams Как сделать самолет из бумаги

A simple diagram is five to six stages of action when creating an airplane.

In complex schemes there are many more such stages.

It is important to know that each of the paper airplane designs affects, firstly, the appearance and model of the airplane, and what is important to know, also influences the characteristics of its flight.

All the paper airplane diagrams presented in our article can be made with your own hands at home, and the materials we need are a sheet of paper, patience and an airplane diagram. Как сделать самолет из бумаги

What to make a paper airplane from? You can fold ordinary newspaper into the craft, and the plane will fly quite well. If the aesthetic side of the craft is also important to you, then you will need pencils, felt-tip pens, watercolors and stickers. Make your own design, it will bring a lot of fun to you and your child during the origami process.

There are a lot of benefits from practicing origami:

  • firstly, the child develops his fingers;
  • secondly, origami develops a child’s imagination and has a positive effect on creativity;
  • thirdly, origami develops attentiveness and organization;