How to make a paper boat? Step-by-step instructions for folding boats with your own hands diagrams

“light boat”

This is just the name of the model (the shape is light), in fact, parents of preschoolers and primary schoolchildren may have to help their children with folding paper for such a boat.

Make a blank from thick paper and start working according to the algorithm.

  1. Fold the piece in half. Fold the edges of the top and bottom towards the center.
  2. Bend the structure along the horizontal axis and position it with the bent edge facing you.
  3. Turn the corners away from you.
  4. By unscrewing a narrow strip from the top of the model from both sides downwards 2 times, you will get the side of the boat.
  5. Push the bottom part inward and straighten the paper toy with gentle movements.

Passengers (small dolls, little soldiers, sailors, animal figures) can be placed in such a boat and transported from one bank of the stream to the other. This craft is also easy to play with in the bath. To prevent the structure from absorbing water, it is better to use glossy paper.

By the way, if you use a similar pattern to make a boat out of textiles or napkins, you can use them to serve cutlery on the table.
They can also be used instead of a bowl for candy – take advantage of these original ideas when organizing holiday feasts for children.

Paper ship

You can make a boat in different ways step by step. For the first time, it can be made from a landscape sheet or colored paper from a labor kit.

To ensure that the boat does not get wet for a long time and floats well, it is better to take a sheet from an old glossy magazine. If you take colored paper, you can get a finished toy, since the craft will already be painted in some color.

Using a regular toothpick, you can assemble a sailboat, and fabric, foil, cardboard will be useful for the sail.

Test: Guess the song based on the toys

The finished product can be dipped in hot paraffin or wax, and then no water will harm it. A paper boat can be folded in different ways. But you can choose the one you used to collect in childhood.

Its peculiarity is that it will float perfectly on the water, and if you use dense or waterproof material, it can be lowered into the water more than once.

Here’s how to make a paper boat step by step:

Step 1. Taking an ordinary landscape sheet or a sheet from a set of colored paper, lay it out horizontally on the table and fold it in half. Make marks with a pencil along the folded line.

Step 2. Then you need to make such a triangle from the intended line, folding both ends symmetrically.

Step 3. The ends that have formed must be folded and carefully ironed using a ruler.

Step 4. Fold the resulting corners on both sides.

Step 5. After this, you can reveal the resulting template.

Step 6. It turns into a square like this.

Step 7. Now you need to bend the corner from the bottom.

Step 8. Fold it to the base of the triangle and iron it.

Step 9. Do the same on the other side.

Step 10. Now you can start opening the craft.

Step 11. Next, you need to carefully pull both ends.

Step 12. The paper boat is ready.

The design of the resulting toy can be anything you want. For example, you can give the ship a name, make a flag from a piece of red fabric, attaching it with a toothpick or an ordinary wooden stick. Place a sailor figurine in the boat and the crew can set sail.

Thus, making a paper boat is simple, the main thing is to perform all the steps in order. You can make interesting models from cardboard, which should be of good quality and glossy on one side. In the store, gifts are packed in such boxes. Cardboard boats can also be decorated in different ways.

Heart-shaped Christmas tree toy

What are the advantages of origami technique

The process of creating a paper figure is magic, a transformation that happens before a child’s eyes. Origami is so diverse that there are patterns for both kids and adults. In addition, the folding technique requires certain skills and abilities. She develops:

  • perseverance and patience. It is often necessary to ruin several sheets in order to obtain the intended figure;
  • neatness. Paper is a capricious material. She does not allow inaccuracies. It is important to carefully align corners and smooth out folds;
  • ability to concentrate.

Origami offers to improve skills by increasing the complexity of patterns and a large number of intermediate stages. Thus, you can create a boat out of paper in either 5 or 20 steps. At the same time, your fingers become more and more dexterous, you acquire the ability to read diagrams and the ability to clearly follow the designated plan.

Double-decker galley

Basic “catamaran” shape with a full set of working lines. They must be outlined before assembly begins.

  • The square sheet needs to be folded in half and the fold ironed. Straighten, turn over, mark a perpendicular line.
  • By folding the workpiece from corner to corner, diagonal lines are marked.
  • Now the edges of the square must be aligned with the center line. Do the same with the two remaining sides.
  • The last part of the marking is done like this: the corners of the workpiece are aligned in its center, the edges are ironed.

Basic catamaran shape with a full set of working lines

How to assemble a double-decker galley:

  1. The edges are aligned with the center line.
  2. Corners are formed in the upper part (along the folds). During this process, the top of the back layer of paper goes inside the workpiece.
  3. By pulling the corners to the sides, you get something like a mushroom or the letter “T”.
  4. The workpiece is rotated and the second deck is formed.

The resulting “candy” needs to be folded in half with the open edges facing out. The galley is ready.

Twin-pipe steamer

A steamer with two pipes is also simple. It can not only serve as a toy, but also become a good design element in the interior. For a beautiful, presentable model you also need unusual paper. You can immediately take a sheet of a certain color; it should be dense and glossy on at least one side. Manufacturing order:

  • Place a sheet of paper in the shape of a square on a horizontal surface.
  • Fold it along one and the other diagonal to highlight the center.
  • Now you need to bend all the corners to this center. The result is also a square, but smaller than the first one.
  • Turn it with the curved corners onto the table.
  • Repeat the previous procedure – bend the corners to the middle of the workpiece.
  • Turn it over again and repeat this operation again.
  • Then place the figure with the corners up, straighten them at the top and bottom. These will be the ship’s pipes. Pull the other corners to the sides.
  • The product is ready.
  1. Here is a diagram of a paper boat:

Working with paper gives children the opportunity to become familiar with some geometric shapes, and also enriches their vocabulary. With the help of origami, mental activity is activated.

In the course of independently folding toys according to a pattern, the child is forced to correlate visual symbols with explanations and translate all this into the design process.

Thus, his work skills are improved.

History of origami

Folding of various paper figures began in Japan at the beginning of the 8th century. The word “origami” is translated from Japanese as “folded paper.” At that distant time, paper was very expensive and only churches and monasteries used it.

The real art of origami began with the making of cranes. In 1797, the abbot of the Rokan monastery published the book “How to Fold a Thousand Cranes,” which contained a description of the step-by-step folding of 49 types of cranes from paper. Much credit for the development of this art form in the 20th century belongs to Akira Yoshizawa:

  • He had innate teaching abilities. A simple draftsman Akira, who worked at one of the factories, explained to young people the basics of descriptive geometry, folding paper figures.
  • In 1954, the book “The New Art of Origami” was published.
  • On his initiative, a Center for the study of this art was opened in the capital of Japan, where a real set of rules for working with paper was developed, including all designations.

Having lived a long life, this wonderful man gave the world of art 50 thousand models unknown before him, and in total he wrote and published 18 books on origami.

This art appeared in Europe in the 16th century. In monasteries, headdresses were made from fabric without the use of threads or needles. The art of origami was preceded by napkins in the homes of wealthy citizens, folded in interesting ways. With the development of industry, paper figures came to the West. The German teacher Friedrich Froebel made a great contribution to the technique of paper folding.

Russian masters and promoters of paper art are Yuri and Ekaterina Shumakov. Psychologists by profession, they argued that folding toys develops the mobility of the fingers of both hands.

They have released a series of teaching aids and diagrams, and with the help of their step-by-step instructions, making a paper boat is very simple.

From the point of view of doctors, this hobby has a positive effect on the child’s psyche, leading it to harmony and balance.

How to cook zebra with milk without sour cream

If you have run out of fermented milk, I recommend making Zebra with milk. In principle, all the ingredients are the same, only kefir or sour cream is replaced with milk. That’s the whole secret of this recipe. The result is sure to be delicious. Reminds me of a cupcake.

We will need:

Cooking steps:

Step 1.

Mix eggs with granulated sugar and vanilla. Stir with a regular spoon until smooth.

Step 2.

Now add vegetable oil and milk.

Step 3.

Next add flour and baking powder.

Step 4.

Stir the mixture thoroughly. Divide into two parts.

Step 5.

Add cocoa and 1 tbsp milk to one.

Step 6.

Now spread the two parts of the dough into the pan. Start pouring from the middle: a spoonful of white dough, a spoonful of brown dough.

Step 7.

Then decorate the zebra using a stick, as was done in previous recipes.

Step 8.

Bake at 180 degrees for 40 minutes. Good luck!

That’s all for me. I hope you happily remembered the taste of the Soviet pie called Zebra. Have fun discovering and drinking tea! Bye bye.

How to make a two-pipe paper boat

The basic “square” shape is used to make this beautiful, uncomplicated vessel.

  1. A square piece of paper is placed on the table. To further work with it, you need to outline 8 lines. To do this, the sheet is folded in half and the line is smoothed.
  2. The workpiece must be unfolded and folded in half, marking a line perpendicular to the first one.
  3. Having unfolded the sheet again, it is necessary to mark diagonal working lines. To do this, the sheet is folded into a triangle one by one. Each line is carefully ironed. This completes the preparatory stage.
  4. The folds of the outlined lines formed a clear center. It is necessary to bend all four corners to it. The extreme lines are carefully ironed.
  5. The resulting square is flipped over. Its corners also bend towards the central point. The side lines are ironed.
  6. The square turns over again. Its corners converge towards the center. Fold lines are smoothed. This completes the second stage.
  7. All that remains is to form the motor ship. The last time the inverted workpiece is folded in half into a triangle. The extreme corners are taken from inside it. This is how the deck turned out.
  8. From the triangular elements remaining at the top you need to make pipes. To do this, the inner edge of each of the two triangular elements unfolds from the deck side.

The scheme does not provide for this, but you can turn a peaceful boat with two pipes into a military boat using felt-tip pens.

How to make a boat out of paper?

Fold a landscape-size sheet diagonally.

Trim off the excess edge to create a square. Connect the other two opposite corners. Expand the sheet.

Connect each corner to the center.

Make sure that the workpiece is not skewed.

Turn the sheet over. Fold it again, aligning the corners with the middle.

Your square has become smaller.

Turn the workpiece over again and bend the corners in the same way as the first two times.

You now have four small squares with slits on top.

Straighten the two opposite squares by carefully inserting your finger into the hole and giving it a rectangular shape.

Take the inner corners of the other two opposite squares and gently pull in both directions. The two rectangles you made before will be connected. The result was a boat.

As you can see, the boat is larger.

If you want to make a boat the same size as a ship, then make it from half a landscape sheet.

If you want to do something more challenging, try making a flower out of paper. And now, to give your baby endless joy, pour warm water into a basin, carefully lower the boat and ship onto its surface, and let the child imagine that he is a real captain!

How to fold a boat step by step

  1. To make a boat you will need a rectangular sheet of thick paper.
  2. It is better to place the sheet vertically in front of you.
  3. Taking its upper corners, you need to connect them with the opposite lower ones.
  4. Having aligned the upper and lower parts of the sheet, it remains to carefully smooth the fold line.

    Further in the process of work, it will no longer work. This is how we got the blank for work. It is necessary to mark the middle on it.

  5. The workpiece is placed vertically in front of you. Its angles are aligned as in the first case. Having outlined and ironed the additional fold of the workpiece, you need to unfold it.
  6. Now it needs to be placed with the main fold up.
  7. During the preparation process, the stage of marking several guides of the working square was deliberately omitted.

    Slightly lifting the front part of the workpiece above the bottom, it is necessary to form an isosceles triangle by tucking the side elements of the folded sheet into the workpiece until they are aligned at the intended center. As a result, two strips of unused material were formed at the bottom.

  8. The strips must be bent to form a triangle. First, the corners of this strip remaining in free “floating” are bent to the opposite side, repeating the contours of the main triangle. After turning the workpiece over, you need to repeat the operation just performed with the second strip.
  9. You need to open the resulting cap and fold it so that the side fold lines are central. It should look like a rhombus.
  10. The lower (free) corners are bent upward. For the first one, you need to select a height.

    If the notebook sheet format was chosen as the material, then this corner should be 1 cm below the top of the workpiece. For A-4 paper format, the distance can be selected 1.5-2 cm. The line must be carefully smoothed. The workpiece is turned over; the guideline for bending the second corner is the bottom of the element on the opposite side.

  11. Again you need to move the side and center lines. The result is a rhombus with a “cut off” bottom edge.

How to assemble a paper boat: step-by-step instructions

A flat-bottomed boat made from a square sheet of thick paper is made based on the basic “catamaran” shape. The paper preparation process involves drawing out many working lines. But there are no complex elements in this model, so the process of folding the punt begins immediately.

  1. The square sheet is folded in half. The fold line must be securely smoothed; it will serve as a guide for other actions.
  2. The edges of the sheet are folded towards the center line. The side lines are pressed down.
  3. The resulting rectangle needs to be given the appearance of a candy. To do this, the corners must be turned inward. Their sides should be adjacent to the center line at right angles.
  4. Each resulting triangle is the basis for an acute angle. At the top, the thin corners should also be adjacent to the center line. At the end they separate like the wings of an airplane. First, matching corners are formed on one side, only then counter ones are made, because the diverging ends of the sharp triangles are partially overlapped by the counter ones. These elements need to be beautifully formed.
  5. The joints are the tips of the corners, which must be brought to the center line, and the edges pressed tightly.
  6. You need to take the resulting canoe in your hands and bend it in half on the reverse side. The ship needs to be turned inside out. To do this, the very first folded elements are retracted from the center line in different directions.

A flat-bottomed boat made from a square sheet of thick paper is made based on the basic “catamaran” shape

Having turned the boat inside out, all that remains is to correct the shape of the last folded elements with your fingers.

What paper boats can be like

There are several options for creating paper boats:

  • pumps;
  • boat with origami sail;
  • with one pipe;
  • with two pipes;
  • with a sailboat.

In our childhood, we made boats for the game from simple used newspaper. Today we have options for more durable and moisture-resistant paper, but newspaper boats still remain cute and dear to our hearts.


Paper boats can be used for games, for room decoration and for crafts for kindergarten or school.

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For aesthetic purposes, you can use any paper that suits the style:

  • thick cardboard;
  • colored cardboard;
  • corrugated paper or cardboard;
  • printed or colored paper;
  • paper with children’s drawings, inscriptions, and ornaments.

You can also decorate the boat to your taste:

  • inscriptions and drawings;
  • flags, banners;
  • figures of sailors.

If the game takes place under adult supervision, then the boats can be equipped with cake candles or tablet candles; they can be launched into a container of water or a pond in the evening, at dusk. Now let’s take a closer look at how to make paper boats using diagrams and descriptions.


You can make a craft from office paper. This model requires great diligence, since the design has its own characteristics: the bow sides will be closed.

Progress of model formation.

  1. Fold the paper into a square 2 times (4 parts are formed) and unfold.
  2. Bend each corner (4 pieces) equally inwards towards the center. The end result will be a smaller square.
  3. Unfold the layout and fold the corners inward again, only now the top is aligned with the nearest edge. We get a design in which each corner is wrapped 2 times.
  4. Turn the model over and bend the top and a quarter of the bottom towards you.
  5. Hide the resulting corners of the rectangle inside.
  6. Also bend both sharp edges of the canoe inward, and bend the obtuse corners in your direction.
  7. The craft needs to be opened and held by the folds.
  8. Turn it inside out and straighten the bow of the boat.

Even if not the first time, but over time your child will be able to create origami paper boats. It often happens that children succeed more than parents in this skill.

Classic paper boat model

After training on a simple model, they move on to making a more complex version. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Take an A4 sheet and fold it in half (along the long side of the sheet). Unfold with the fold up. Bend the workpiece slightly, marking the middle on the top line. Как сделать кораблик и лодочку из бумаги: детские поделки
  2. Fold the upper left corner towards the middle, with the previously marked middle as a guide. Как сделать кораблик и лодочку из бумаги: детские поделки
  3. A similar action is performed with the right half. Smooth out the folds. Как сделать кораблик и лодочку из бумаги: детские поделки
  4. Fold the resulting rectangle under the triangle upward (along the bottom line of the triangle), and do not touch the lower quadrilateral for now. Как сделать кораблик и лодочку из бумаги: детские поделки
  5. Turn the workpiece over and bend the second rectangle in the same way. Как сделать кораблик и лодочку из бумаги: детские поделки
  6. Secure the sides by bending two corners to the opposite side, as shown in the figure. Как сделать кораблик и лодочку из бумаги: детские поделки
  7. The future paper boat is turned over again and the remaining two corners are fixed.
  8. Open the pocket that has formed inside the model.
  9. “Flatten” the workpiece by connecting its opposite corners.
  10. The free edge of the resulting pocket is turned outward diagonally.
  11. Exactly the same action is performed on the reverse side of the workpiece.
  12. Stretch the free edges to the sides.
  13. The model is ready.

If desired, it can be colored with pencils, gel pens or felt-tip pens. Test the ship in a basin of water or a nearby puddle.

Classic version

Many probably remember how to make the familiar paper boat with their own hands. And for those who have forgotten over time, we invite you to remember.


In order to make it, you need to prepare a sheet of A4 paper, a sheet of newspaper or any rectangular paper. It can be decorated in advance with drawings, ornaments, prints, or the boat can be decorated after it is ready.

The operation scheme is very simple, as in all other options, the main thing is to understand the principle. And when you make a couple of boats, then there will be no need to look at the diagram and description.

Let’s get started:

  1. Bend the rectangular sheet in half.
  2. From the edge where the fold has formed, fold two corners inward towards the center. Iron the folds well.
  3. Fold the bottom parts on both sides up.
  4.  We stretch the boat from the inside, bending it, and put the corners of the lower parts inside. Iron the folds. We received a square.
  5. Now we fold the square in half along the fold line in the center, we get a folded triangle of three parts.
  6. We stick our fingers inside from below and fold the triangle into a square.
  7.  Now let’s pull the corners and arrange the square into a boat with a sailboat in the shape of a triangle inside.
  • There is nothing complicated here; if you practice once or twice, you will immediately remember the sequence of actions and understand the principle of operation.
  • The video below contains a detailed master class on how to make such paper boats with your own hands.
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Such a boat can be of absolutely any size. It all depends on how large the sheet of paper is. The example in the video shows how to make a boat from A4 paper, but for work you can take a larger format or a smaller one.

And we will further consider the next option and the new scheme.

A paper boat is sinking quickly: what is the reason?

Each child makes ships out of paper with one sole purpose – to launch them on the water. After all, you can arrange a real competition with your comrades and find out whose boat will last longer on the water. It’s a lot of fun and helps pass the time.

However, sometimes it happens that the boat sinks too quickly. And then the baby begins to ask adults questions, trying to find out the reason for what is happening. After all, he performed the step-by-step folding of the boat with his own hands correctly.

Sometimes adults themselves are unable to explain this, because they simply do not know the reason. But everything is extremely simple. Because ships sink quickly due to the fact that their design is broken. This happens due to a large number of extra folds. Usually this mistake is made by beginners without experience.

But the more often the child practices, the fewer mistakes he will make and the less folds he will make. As soon as their number can be reduced to a minimum, ships will stop sinking too quickly.

Origami boats

The Eastern art of creating paper figures has firmly entered our lives. There are different origami techniques. They allow you to make figures from modules – individual small parts, and from a single sheet. We will look at step by step how to make origami boats from a single sheet of paper with your own hands with a photo and diagram.

  1. To work, take a rectangular sheet of any format.
  2. Then we do this:
  1. Fold the sheet in half lengthwise and unbend it, ironing the fold well.
  2. Now we bend the edges towards the middle fold and iron them.
  3. Now we bend the top and bottom of the resulting folded rectangle towards the center. Iron the fold well and turn it back.
  4. We bend the lower part of the rectangle towards the middle and unfold the sides so that we get a boat.
  5. Fold the top part into a triangle. See how this is shown in the diagram.


So we got a simple boat with a triangular sailboat. This is a very simple option, it is only suitable for decoration or for playing on land; it will not work to be thrown into a stream or pond.

Now let’s look at how to make paper boats with your own hands with a sailboat in front and a double sail with a photo and a detailed description of the process.

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Ships with pipes

Paper boats, it turns out, can have a pipe or even two pipes. Let’s consider both options.


In order to make a boat with a pipe, take a square sheet of paper and fold it according to the diagram given below. The picture shows how to fold a square to make a ship. You can then decorate it or decorate it with flags.

  • To make a ship with two pipes, also take a square sheet of paper.
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  • Do this:
  1. Fold the square diagonally twice, iron the folds and straighten them.
  2.  Fold each of the four corners toward the center.
  3. Unfold the work and fold the corners towards the center again.
  4. Repeat step 3 again.
  5. Expand the work.
  6. Open two opposite corners, forming the tubes of the boat.
  7. Now fold the workpiece in half lengthwise and unfold the corners.

So simply and quickly we made a boat with two pipes.

Summer sea crafts: simple flat boat – origami

Scheme of an ordinary origami paper boat that can be sailed through puddles, streams, rivers, etc. — in the article “Waterproof boat for children made from waste material.”

And in this article there is a diagram in step-by-step photographs of such a simple flat boat with a sail, which can be used as a separate craft or glued to a cardboard background to make a summer craft on a marine theme: a panel or a postcard with the sea and a boat.

  1. To make this model you will need a square sheet of colored paper.
  2. Fold the square diagonally.
    Как сделать кораблик и лодочку из бумаги: детские поделки
  3. Fold the top corner down towards you.
    Как сделать кораблик и лодочку из бумаги: детские поделки
  4. Turn over to the other side.
    Как сделать кораблик и лодочку из бумаги: детские поделки
  5. In the same way, bend the top corner down towards you.
  6. Fold the right corner up.
    Как сделать кораблик и лодочку из бумаги: детские поделки
  7. Fold up the left corner.
  8. Fold the bottom corner up towards the middle.
  9. Turn over to the other side – a summer sea craft – a boat – is ready!
  • If you bend the bottom corner on the back side of the figure to the side, it will serve as a stand – due to this, the boat will stand stably.

Papier-mâché boat

From paper you can make an almost real boat, a sailboat. To do this, use the papier-mâché technique.

Let’s prepare the material:

  1. Templates for boat and sailboat parts.
  2. Cardboard.
  3. Newsprint.
  4. Thin sticks, skewers for the mast.
  5. Fabric, needles, threads.
  6. PVA glue.
  7. Scissors and pencil.

We make a boat like this:

  1. Print or draw and cut out the boat template yourself.
  2. Glue the template together to get the body of the boat.
  3. Using pieces of newspaper we glue all the folds and the entire body of the boat onto PVA. Let it dry.
  4. We make a mast from skewers or sticks, twisting them together with thread. Glue it to the body of the boat.
  5. Cut out a sailboat from fabric.
  6. It can be decorated with patches and decorative seams.
  7. We attach the sailboat to the mast. It can be made removable by attaching a fastening made of buttons and threads.


You can paint the body with acrylic paint and varnish it, so it will be even more durable.

Stylish, almost real boat is ready. You can put it on a shelf, decorate your interior, play with it at home, and even throw it into a pond. In such a boat you can put sailors, pirates, and any heroes of the game. You can even give it as a souvenir to a friend, dad, or brother for any occasion.

Materials and tools

To practice origami with a child, you need to prepare him for this, take the right approach to organizing the workplace and selecting tools. First of all, you need to choose good paper.

The ideal option would be to purchase a special origami kit, where the paper is already cut into separate pieces. Usually it is white on one side and colored on the other.

There is also colored paper on both sides, as well as paper with ornaments.

  • Office paper, as it does not slip and holds volume.
  • It is acceptable to use sets of colored paper or cardboard for manual labor.
  • Some models require scissors and glue to make. It is best to take a glue stick or thick PVA glue. It is better not to use the aerosol analogue with children.
  • There is also an adhesive mass on sale, it is most interesting for children: a piece is torn off, a ball is rolled out of it and the part is glued. The mass leaves no traces and, if necessary, you can detach any part of the craft.

If a boat or other figurine is made of white paper, the product will have to be painted with gold or silver paint. For non-sized paper, you will need scissors to cut a piece of paper to the desired size. Here you should take care of the child’s safety by choosing age-appropriate models.

If a child does something according to a pattern, he needs to know some symbols. In the methodological literature on working with origami, there are symbols for sketching diagrams.

They, in the form of lines, arrows and signs, show the entire path of manufacturing the product. In addition, it is useful for a novice origamist to know some techniques.

They are usually not commented on in books and manuals, so children need to be introduced to them.

Paper origami step by step ???? step-by-step instructions on how to assemble a boat

  • Home
  • Handicrafts
  • Paper origami step by step ???? step-by-step instructions on how to assemble a boat

Handmade boats for kids are the best gift from parents, because in addition to toys, the child also receives parental attention when creating together.

In order for the young creator to succeed, it is necessary to choose a simple model designed for the child’s age. There are many ways to make a paper boat. Children begin to fold the simplest models in kindergarten, and not all adults can do the basic “catamaran” model.

Do you remember how, when we were children, we made a boat or steamship out of newspaper? The steamboat had a distinctive feature – two pipes, remember? Why not teach your children now how to build a boat, especially since there are simply a lot of opportunities for this. For novice shipbuilders, there are educational pictures, videos and instructions – you can easily figure out step by step what to do and how to do it. And any materials are available in abundance – from colored paper and cardboard to cold porcelain.

DIY boats for kids are the best gift from parents

Origami boat from A4 sheet

Now let’s look at some more diagrams, for example, how to make a real paper steamship yourself easily and quickly.

There is such a diagram, I think it will be a little complicated for beginners, but I’ll show you anyway.

I tried to fold it myself, and this is what came out, it’s great and, in my opinion, not difficult.

The kids decorated it.

Look at the steamer we made before, only its design is a little different. We got two pipes, tu-tu.

By the way, even an ordinary boat can be decorated in an interesting way, take a look, this is like the first option.

You can build a boat with two seats. How? But how, see the step-by-step instructions and repeat. Isn’t it brilliant?

The first one was with a sailboat, and the second one was without it.

Another option caught my eye.

Well, here are all my good and beloved friends! Make a bunch of these creations, play with your children and smile more often. Good luck to everyone and see you again! Bye bye!


The basic shape is a square. Before starting work, you need to make several folds on it and outline working lines.

  • The sheet is folded in half. The folded area is carefully ironed.
  • The workpiece is unfolded and folded in half again so that the next line runs perpendicular to the first.
  • All that remains is to outline the diagonal folds. To do this, the square is folded into a triangle from the corner to the corner. The result should be a division of the large square into 8 triangles.

Basic shape – square

Sailboat folding technology:

  1. The sheet is folded along a diagonal line.
  2. The corners are tucked inwards (along the marked lines). It should look like a square. Inside it are two triangular double elements.
  3. The free corners of the upper squares are folded in half and aligned with the top. This creates a line to which you need to smooth the free corner. The same is done on the reverse side.
  4. Internal double triangles opened. The left one needs to be tucked inside.
  5. The lower (triangular) part is wrapped inside one of the sides of the sailboat.

DIY sailboats

The first version of the sailboat is quite simple to implement. To make such a model, take a square sheet of paper. If you have an A4 sheet, simply fold it from the corner, joining the sides evenly, and trim off the excess rectangle. Lay out the sheet and you will have a square.

Let’s get started:

  1. Fold a square sheet of paper several times lengthwise from corner to corner, ironing the folds, and then straighten it. The diagram shows with a dotted line which lines you need to fold along.
  2. Fold the corners towards the center along the dotted line and bend the left and right.
  3. Do the same with the upper corners.
  4. Expand the craft.
  5. Fold along a diagonal line, form a slide from the fold.
  6. Fold along the diagonal line again. The sailboat is ready and can be set sailing.

Another version of the sailing boat is further on the diagram. To work, you also need a square piece of paper.

Let’s make it even simpler:

  1. Fold the square diagonally twice, iron the folds and unfold.
  2. Fold the right, left and bottom corners towards the center.
  3. Bend the bottom corner down.
  4. Next, fold the workpiece in half and bend the corner.
  5. We get two triangular sailboats of different sizes, we turn the bottom.

Now let’s try to make boats with a pipe and two pipes.

Useful tips

Experts advise introducing children to paper art. Origami, a Japanese art form of folding paper figures, captivates children, having a beneficial effect on their mental development. In addition, it develops imagination and fine motor skills.

The boat can be made from any paper, but if you want to make the process even more interesting and exciting, it is better to take a denser base so that the structure does not sink.
To avoid getting wet so quickly, give preference to glossy paper.

The finished layout can be painted, making it unusual with additional elements, for example, by attaching a burlap sail and so on. It happens that boys turn an ordinary boat into a real ship.

Psychologists recommend making an origami boat not only with boys, but also showing girls how to make a paper floating vessel.

They are also fascinated not only by the process of making such a toy, but also by the process of launching it into the water.

Making boats using the origami technique is a great opportunity to spend time together with children and have a family vacation.
Don’t miss this opportunity and be sure to try to make the models we offer, and then test them on the water.

To learn how you can make origami in the shape of a boat with your own hands, see the following video.

A simple recipe for zebra pie with sour cream in the oven at home

The next option is one of the best, almost everyone knows it too. I’m sure you are familiar with him too. Here, instead of kefir, sour cream is used, and instead of vegetable oil, butter.

We will need:

  • egg – 4 pcs.
  • sugar – 250 g
  • sour cream – 250 g
  • butter – 0.1 kg
  • vanillin – to taste
  • baking soda – 0.5 tsp vinegar to extinguish
  • baking powder – 1 tsp
  • flour – 320 g
  • cocoa powder – 2 tbsp 1-2 tbsp milk to thin the dough

Cooking steps:

Step 1.

Break four eggs into a bowl.

Step 2.

Add sugar and whisk. Add vanilla to taste and sour cream, beat again.

Step 3.

Next, add the butter, first melt it in a water bath.

Step 4.

Suppress the baking soda in a bowl of baking soda. Add slaked soda to the dough, stir.

Step 5.

Mix flour with baking powder and add to egg-butter mixture. Stir with mixer whisks.

Step 6.

Divide the dough into 2 equal parts, add cocoa powder to one and pour in milk so that the dough is not thick.

Now spoon the dough into the mold, alternately a spoonful of white dough and a spoonful of chocolate dough.

Step 7.

Use a stick to make a drawing as shown in the photo.

Step 8.

Bake the pie in the oven, which you have preheated. Set the temperature to 180 degrees. Cooking time: 40 minutes. Check readiness with a skewer; if it is dry, then the cake can be removed from the oven. Bon appetit!

Varieties of paper boats

Children like ship models that are different from each other. Therefore, to create their own flotilla, they make steamships, boats, and pleasure boats. Using the following instructions you can quickly and easily make a steamboat:

  • cut out a square from a sheet of A4 format. To do this, the sheet is bent diagonally. A square is formed, and the excess rectangle is cut off;
  • the square already has one diagonal, but a second one is needed. To do this, connect the opposite corners of the square;
  • one of the corners is bent towards the center of the square;
  • do the same with other angles;
  • turn the workpiece over and bend all four corners to the center;
  • turn the model over again, bend the corners again to the middle of the square;
  • once again turn the future steamer over, open one of the pockets;
  • do the same with the opposite pocket;
  • stretch the unopened corners and get a motor ship.

The main advantage of the resulting model is its stability on water.

Older children who are familiar with symbols can design a boat. Let’s consider the sequence of actions to create it:

  1. Prepare a square from a standard sheet of paper. Bend it in half once (you get a rectangle) and immediately in half again. Carefully smooth out the folds. Unfold the square.
  2. Fold the top and bottom lines to the middle of the square. Get a rectangle.
  3. Without changing the position of the workpiece, 4 corners are bent to its middle.
  4. The two upper and two lower corners are turned towards the center. Iron the folds.
  5. The upper and lower corners of the diamond are brought to the center of the workpiece.
  6. Turn the model inside out.
  7. Another flotilla unit is ready.

A paper boat can become not only a toy, but also an interior item. The sailboat model shown below is suitable for decorating a boy’s room. It is made quickly and is suitable for children of different ages. Algorithm for creating a sailboat:

  • make a square. To do this, bend one of the corners to the opposite side of the sheet and smooth out the fold. Draw the border of the future square and cut off the excess along it.
  • determine the second diagonal on the workpiece. To do this, connect the corners located opposite each other;
  • three corners are folded to the center of the square. It will look like an envelope;
  • bend the lower triangle, directing its apex downwards. At the same time, they retreat from the bottom edge of the envelope by 1 cm;
  • the workpiece is folded in half, bending the central diagonal in the opposite direction;
  • direct the center inward. This is the most difficult point of the scheme. Requires skill and patience;
  • tuck the lower edge of the sailboat, thus forming a support for it;
  • model completed.

Sailboats are made in different sizes and colors, placed on a tray, cabinet, or placed on shelves. The marine interior is ready.

More complex ship designs are being selected for schoolchildren. First-graders cope well with the algorithm for completing a motor ship.

Older children will be able to design a catamaran or motor boat.

The process of creating ships and other paper figures is not possible without the participation of adults. In the early stages of mastering the origami technique, parents and teachers must support their children, help them master new elements, and encourage them. For interested guys, you should select more complex patterns in order to improve your technique and enjoy creating a new model.

Zebra cake according to the classic recipe with Soviet-era kefir

This option is my most faithful and correct. I’ve been baking with it for years now. At the same time, the recipe is simple and easy. Nothing supernatural or difficult. Prepares quickly. I advise everyone to start with this option.

We will need:

  • egg – 4 pcs.
  • granulated sugar – 150 g
  • snowball or kefir – 150 ml
  • vegetable oil – 100 ml
  • baking powder – 10 g
  • flour – 280 g
  • cocoa – 2 tbsp
  • tangerine and orange – optional, zest


Step 1.

Peel the tangerines and oranges, this is what we will need next.

Important! If you don’t like citrus fruits and don’t want to use zest in this cake, you can skip this step.

Step 2.

Grate the orange and tangerine skins on a fine grater. I got about 1-2 tbsp

Step 3.

Break the chicken eggs, use both whites and yolks.

Step 4.

Next, add granulated sugar and stir.

Step 5.

Pour in kefir or snowball. Mix everything well again.

Step 6.

Then add vegetable oil. Stir until smooth.

Step 7.

Then add half of the total amount of flour.

Step 8.

Add baking powder, I used a whole sachet (10 g).

Step 9.

Mix everything well again, add the rest of the flour.

Step 10.

The dough should not be too liquid. You have been given the correct proportions, take exactly as much as prescribed.

Step 11.

Then divide the finished dough into two parts, do it by eye.

Step 12.

Add citrus zest to the first bowl and stir. Add cocoa powder and a couple of tablespoons of milk to the second one, as the dough will thicken due to cocoa. And mix well too.

Step 13.

Next, take your pan and line it with parchment paper. Place a glass in the middle.

You can do without a glass, but I decided to experiment this time.

Step 14.

Alternately start pouring the dough, then white, then chocolate.

Step 15.

Use a stick to make a pattern. Stretch it from the middle to the edges of the line.

Step 16.

Bake the finished pie in a well-heated oven. Set the temperature to 180 degrees, 40 minutes.

Step 16.

Sprinkle the finished cake with powdered sugar. If desired, of course, you can soak it and pour cream over it. But this time I didn’t want to split hairs, but to do just that. Cool the pie and eat with tea. Bon appetit!

Reviews from parents

  • We live by the sea, we go to him almost every day with our son and daughter, we just stand on the shore and look at the ships going by, we dream, we talk. One day I had a desire to make paper boats myself.
    Let’s go ashore, listen to the sound of the surf, cook lunch, eat, make two boats. Alya paints them with paints, and Anton makes sailboats. Then we all attach the sails together and go to launch. The guys are happy and I feel good.
  • This is roughly how our day goes.

    My thirteen-year-old son still loves to play with paper boats; he fell in love with them since childhood when he was at home with his grandmother. My mother spent her entire life in school (she was a primary school teacher) and she and her grandson were always sculpting, cutting, folding something. She taught him how to work with paper.

      DIY thread crafts: interesting and affordable options

    1. He is seriously interested in this, he even writes his own blog on origami, they write to him a lot, asking for advice. Recently I showed you how to make a military cruiser. I’m very glad that he is doing something serious and not sitting on the phone all day like his classmates. Thus, even simple paper boats can affect a person’s fate.
    2. I think that it is very useful to teach your children how to make something with their own hands in order to distract them from the phone, in which they sometimes spend the whole day. I work at a school and see how everyone has fallen into this addiction, even teachers.

      When our son was born, my husband and I immediately decided that we would raise him differently. Now he is three years old. He has a phone: he goes to kindergarten, he needs to keep in touch. But at home we try to read more with him, we put together a construction set.

      And recently we have become interested in boats. This is his favorite game now. We already have a whole collection on our shelf. He tries to do everything himself, then paints them. And recently we wrote a fairy tale about an airship with him, made decorations, and showed him in kindergarten. Everyone liked it.

      Recently, my son’s friends (and they are already 12 years old) surprised me when they saw my daughter and I’s origami-style work. They were simply amazed when they looked at our paper boats.

      That’s right, today’s kids are used to gadgets and don’t notice anything else around them.

      I remember how my three-year-old daughter rejoiced when the little white boats she made with her hands floated in the bathtub, she simply jumped with delight.

      She’s already six now, but she still hasn’t lost interest in boats: according to tradition, we launch our entire “fleet” every spring. All the kids come running, admiring such beauty. We improve them every year and come up with something new.

      I advise parents to pay attention to paper crafts, you will see for yourself how much pleasure you will bring to your child. And it’s not difficult to make a paper boat out of paper, you just need to buy a book on origami, there are many diagrams there.