How to make a paper boat? Instructions for folding a paper boat with your own hands

DIY boat for beginners

A paper boat is an excellent solution if a boy is growing up in your family. Especially if he is interested in marine themes! This craft is very easy to create; you only need paper and 5-7 minutes of free time.

To make this boat you will need the following materials and tools:

  • square colored sheet 15-20 cm;
  • scissors.

Step 1: make the first folds

Cut out a neat square from the sheet. If your sheet is initially square, you can skip this step.

Fold your square in half horizontally.

Expand. Now fold the bottom of the sheet towards the center line.

Also fold the upper part of the sheet towards the center line.

Fold the craft along the center line in the other direction. You should have an accordion-shaped figure with 4 longitudinal folds.

Step 2: Fold the corners. Open one side.

Fold the top left corner towards the center fold.

Also fold the right corner to the central fold, symmetrically to the left.

On the other side, also bend the corners to the middle line.

Step 3: Expand. Now fold the craft in half.

Open it. You have a boat, but you still need to trim it.

To do this, fold the “bow” of the boat on one side towards the central fold. Press the folds well.

The “nose part” on the other side is also folded towards the center line. You should have a hexagon-shaped figure.

Bend the opposite corners of this hexagon symmetrically by approximately 0.5 cm.

Open the craft.

Fold the “side” part on one side towards the central fold. Repeat on the other side.

Press the corners inside the boat well on all four sides. Thanks to this, the lower part of the craft will look very neat.

Open. Align and straighten where required.

Your origami paper boat is ready!

Pirate Sailor for Beginners

Oooh, how kids love these pirate toys. It is better to create such ships from cardboard, because… they turn out to be very massive and are suitable for more than one game. You can store it on a shelf; it would be a shame to put it in water. It’s better to play it more than once.

For example, for this look we will need a sheet of white paper, and no scissors or glue. But with the created ship, you will have to use your imagination a little, decorating it with pirate things.

And this will help, so as not to think about what to draw on it, you can come up with something very beautiful and unusual.

Now we will move on to more complex schemes for creating ships; here we cannot do without the help of your parents. To make ships like this, we need thick paper or cardboard, and a little imagination.

To create this look using this pattern, you need to print it on A4 format, cut it out and trace it onto cardboard. The next one features higher walls on the deck.

Here you can do without printing, just transfer this picture onto the cardboard using a ruler, measuring the dimensions. As shown in the picture above.

What about the design? Of course, this is only your imagination, I will show you several design options to make it easier for you to decide.

As you can see in the picture, the ship is made on thick paper, and later painted. The windows can be cut out leaving small holes, or cut out of colored paper of a different color and glued to the deck. And of course, we don’t forget about our beautiful girls, and we will create a boat design for their dolls.

This work is made of harder cardboard. Such a ship is made more massive in size so that it can accommodate dolls. The sail is made of fabric and attached with a thick thread.

If you have a question about securing the bottom, you can do it like this. Gluing it to paper tape. In my opinion it’s a good decision.

How to make a paper boat? Instructions for folding a paper boat with your own hands

In the prepared bottle, cut out one of the sides, rectangular in shape. We stuff it with polystyrene foam. We stick skewers into it, having previously put on them sails made from a plastic bag or ordinary colored paper.

In general, there are a lot of different ideas for creation, like these pirate ships. The main thing is to get in the right mood and you will get your own original masterpiece. Which will be unlike any other.

Double-pipe paper steamer

Having mastered the simplest model of a paper boat, you can set your sights on assembling a more complex craft. Try folding a three-dimensional steamboat with two pipes to your child’s delight. It’s just as easy to make as the previous model, but in this case you’ll have to stock up on scissors.

Stage 1. You need to cut a square from a sheet of A4 paper. To do this, fold one of the corners diagonally and cut off the excess strip.

Stage 2. Fold the resulting square along the second diagonal, they should intersect exactly in the center of the figure.

Stage 3. Gently bend each corner of the square towards the center.

Stage 4. Turn the resulting square over to the other side. Repeat the manipulation with bending the corners.

5 Stage. Turn the square over again and fold all its corners towards the center for the third time.

Stage 6. Turn the workpiece over. You see 4 pockets on the corners of the square. Reveal two of them, necessarily opposite ones. So the two pipes stated in the description appeared.

7 Stage. Grab the inner corners of the unopened pockets and move them apart – the long-awaited steamer has opened.

This, of course, is not the Titanic: it had as many as 4 pipes, however, one of them was purely decorative. But our two-pipe boat is also capable of withstanding serious sailing. Hurry up, fill the bathtub with water and send him on a journey.

If you put together the craft with your children, allow them to decorate it to their liking before launching the boat. The child will be happy to turn a paper ship into a masterpiece of modern shipbuilding.

A boat made of colored paper

This most popular summer-themed craft can be created not only using the origami technique. This master class features such a bright sailboat!

Required materials:

  • colored semi-cardboard in red, yellow and blue tones;
  • skewer;
  • glue;
  • scissors;
  • ruler;
  • marker;
  • pencil.

Create the frame of a sailboat. To do this, take blue half-cardboard and cut out two identical strips with dimensions of 18 x 2.5 cm. Как сделать кораблик из бумаги: мастер-классы с пошаговыми фото

Using a ruler and pencil, divide each strip into three equal parts. We bend in those places.

Glue the two parts of the boat base together along the sides.

Next we will create a small part of the ship’s deck. We use blue half-cardboard again.

Cut out a small rectangle. We measure 1.5 cm from the sides for gluing.

Bend along vertical lines and glue the part into the middle of the ship between the bases.

Now we will prepare a wooden skewer and two pieces of yellow sheet of different lengths to create sails.

Create small holes in each rectangle. We insert a skewer through them.

Cut out a small square from a red sheet. Glue it to the deck. We make a small hole along the diameter of the wide part of the skewer. We insert it.

Now we cut out a beautiful flag from a red sheet that will flutter in the wind. Use a black marker to highlight the contour lines.

Glue the flag to the highest point of the sailboat.

Using a black marker, we draw in the portholes and other important details on the paper boat.

A wonderful paper boat is ready for sea voyages! On the deck you can place small toys of pirates, sailors and the ship’s captain.

Making an applique – paper boat

Another craft option.

See a detailed master class on paper boat applique here.

Easy option

Making a sailboat is easy, so you can get kids involved in the work. It will be educational and exciting for them. Having mastered the easy technique, they will quickly learn how to fold boats according to complex patterns.

  1. Cut out a square, bend it in half, double again, then diagonally and straighten it.
  2. Next, bend all the corners to the intended middle to make a square.
  3. Next, bend the upper corner to the middle and then bend it again.
  4. Turn the workpiece over to the wrong side and lower the top triangle to the bottom.
  5. Tuck the top left corner inward and fold it back.
  6. Fold the top and bottom corners towards the middle.
  7. Fold the entire workpiece along the central axis, work out the folds and straighten.
  8. The ship with the sail is ready.
парусник из бумаги
Scheme for creating a sailboat from paper

To make the origami sailboat colorful, make it from colored single-sided paper in yellow, green, red, etc.

Boat – a simple diagram for preschoolers

Origami masters offer several ways to make a boat out of paper. A simple option that a preschooler can handle in 10 minutes is given below. For work, prepare a paper square and stationery scissors.

Схема лодки из бумаги.
Scheme of a paper boat.

How to make a paper boat step by step:

  1. Bend the square along the horizontal and vertical axes to obtain work marks. Open it up.
  2. Bring the edges to the horizontal axis on the side opposite the main fold so that it looks like an accordion of 4 parallel lines.
  3. Fold the edges over. Move all corners equally to the central horizontal axis. Then bend the corners again, focusing on the vertical axis.
  4. After folding the workpiece, open it. The result is something like a boat, but without clear lines yet.
  5. To make the boat smoother and more beautiful, bring the bow and stern to the main axis. You will get a hexagon, press all its folds with your finger.
  6. Bend the opposite corners of the hexagon equally, retreating about 5 mm.
  7. Open the workpiece. Bend the sides on both sides towards the main axis.
  8. Run your finger carefully along the inside corners on each side until they become clear, so that the bottom of the boat appears.
  9. Open the finished craft. Straighten the sides if they are wrinkled.

Origami boat

Do you want a boat like this? It’s actually very easy! All you need is a square sheet of paper and 10-12 minutes of free time.

This cute origami is perfect for crafts with children of primary and secondary school age.

Materials and tools:

  • square sheet 15-18 cm;
  • scissors.

Cut out a 4 square from an A sheet of paper.

Fold in half horizontally.

Expand. Fold one half of the sheet to the center fold and open.

Also fold the second half of the sheet towards the center line.

Gently iron the fold, then lift the paper and apply it to the next, third fold. Make a neat bend.

Place the craft vertically.

Fold the top right corner to a vertical crease.

Also fold the upper left corner towards the vertical fold.

Fold the left corner again. Gently press the fold with your fingers.

On the right side, also fold the corner forward one more time.

Change position. Fold the entire bottom edge towards the horizontal center line.

Change position again. Fold the lower right corner to the horizontal center line.

Fold down the entire top part in the origami area where you are currently working.

Turn over to the other side.

Using an accordion fold the paper over the area to be worked twice. You should stop exactly on the center line of your square.

Place the workpiece in front of you so that all the formed bends are at the bottom on the right side.

Fold the upper left corner to the previously made vertical fold.

Also fold the upper right corner towards the vertical fold.

Fold the corner again on the top right side, and again on the top left side.

Change position. On the opposite side, fold the bottom corner to the middle line.

Also fold the top side down towards the middle line.

Fold the entire top part down along the middle line.

Open one side.

Fold the corner symmetrically to the corner at the back of the craft. Return the paper to its place.

On the other side, also open one fold. Fold the second corner symmetrically to the existing corner.

Close the paper. Open the craft in the middle.

DIY origami paper boat is ready!

Ship’s skeleton – operating procedures

For gluing we use hot glue; of course, adults will work with such a tool.

So, parts A, B, C, D, E are parts of the central part of the ship. Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 are “stiffening ribs” and they must be glued perpendicular to the central parts (marked in different colors in the first picture).

The orange bottom piece serves as the base for the entire ship.

Green pieces a, b, c, d – these are the modules that make up the deck of the ship; they are glued on top of everything.

If you have difficulty assembling the model from parts, refer to the first template, which indicates which parts of the ship should be attached where.

Now we move on to the formation of the side part of our vessel. We cut strips 15 mm wide from thinner cardboard. The length of the strips depends on the length of the entire vessel (can be measured from bow to stern).

Each subsequent strip is glued on top of the previous one so that there are no gaps.

We have an almost finished ship: the side part looks so much like old boards!

Using the green template parts a, b and d, we outline the railing (top view, see photo). The width is 15 mm, but they can be made wider or narrower. These parts should be thicker, so we cut out 2 upper and lower parts and glue them together.

Balusters at the railing are small narrow strips measuring 30×5 mm, 3 pieces glued together.

There should be 4 parts of the railing in total: 1 triangular – this is the bow of the ship, two on the sides and 1 in the form of a trapezoid – at the stern of the ship. We fix the railing parts to the frame of the ship with glue.

Paper sailboat – tips for making

  • To print out diagrams of sailboat parts, you can use either a black-and-white or a color printer. This won’t really affect the appearance. If something happens, you can color the sailboat with pencils.
  • The diagrams can be printed on thin cardboard or a sheet of whatman paper. However, if you decide to print the diagrams on photo paper, then your sailboat will be able to float in the water for a while, and then, of course, become limp.
  • Use sharp cutting tools, scissors or a utility knife to cut out parts. Then the parts will have smooth and neat edges.
  • To create curved parts, use a pen or pencil to wrap the paper around it and give it a rounded shape.
  • Make the masts of the sailboat from paper tubes created from paper wrapped around a pencil.
  • When making folds of parts, use a drawing ruler and a sharp sticker. Place a ruler along the bend line, draw a sticker along it so that an indented line remains and bend it.
  • You need to cut and glue the parts sequentially, this will allow you to avoid getting confused when making a sailboat.
  • When gluing parts, try to use a moderate amount of glue.
  • When gluing, use tissues to dry your hands, otherwise dirty fingerprints may appear on the clean paper.

Step-by-step master class

To draw a sailboat step by step, you should start with the hull, then add the spar, rigging and distribute the sails correctly. So, let’s start with the body. The sailboat’s stern is directed to the left, and its wide part will be located to the right. Therefore, on the left we draw a long and narrow board with a notch.

The body shape resembles an inverted trapezoid, but there should be a recess at the top. On the left the stern is narrower, and on the right it is wider, because there will be holds with windows. The border of the right side is drawn with small vertical lines. In its lower part there is a row of windows. There should be four of them. A little higher we make two rows of three windows.

The sailboat has three masts: the first (shortest) has four sails, the middle and tallest – five, and the last – three. All sails are limited at the top by a stick, and at the bottom they dangle freely or are full of stretched stripes. The lower pieces of fabric should be larger, and the upper ones should be the smallest.

Now it’s the turn to add rigging – various ropes, ropes, etc. From the top of the right mast we stretch a network of ropes to the stern, which consist of four vertical and more horizontal ones. We draw exactly the same ladder of ropes symmetrically on the left side of the stern. We lower several ropes from the first and second masts. They form another triangular sail in front.

The last step is to decorate. The sails should be coffee colored, but for realism we add a light brown shadow to the folds and bottom of the fabric. We paint all the wooden parts in brown, but the central part of the body should be highlighted with a lighter shade. We paint all the ropes and ropes in black.

Step-by-step master class on a boat made of paper tubes

This is a completely new level of skill, requiring perseverance, time, and patience. To do this, strips are pre-cut from paper, wound onto a long knitting needle, secured along the edge with glue, dried and covered with stain or varnish. And then the wicker weaving technique is used.

To create a ship similar to the ship from the book “Scarlet Sails”, you need:

  • Make a stencil for the bottom by cutting out a piece of regular paper 29.5 cm long by 7 cm and rounding it on one side like the bow of a ship.
  • Using a stencil, we cut out the base from plastic, transferring the drawing with a pencil. We make two such parts, the second one is a little smaller.
  • Along the contour of the larger workpiece, we make holes with an awl every 1-1.5 cm.
  • Insert ready-made paper tubes into the holes.
  • Fold one tube in half, take it by the corner tube, weave along the contour, tracing the strip alternately in front and behind.
  • Repeat the process, forming two rows of stripes.
  • Then we make a fold. To do this, we bring the protruding tube behind the next one and bend it inward. We do this with the remaining strips of paper
  • Coat the edges with PVA glue, let it dry for a day or two, then cut off the excess edges.
  • We take two tubes, insert one into the other, fold them, wrap them around the corner base, and intertwine them with paper vines using the same technique.
  • If the tubes end before the row is completed, add material by inserting another one into the end of the tube.
  • After weaving the first row, we place the second stencil (smaller in size) inside the craft. It will help maintain the shape of the craft while working. It is convenient to place a limiter (flat box) on the bottom and a small weight on top.
  • We continue weaving. If desired, you can add several rows of a different color and use other techniques. For example, start the tubes not at the first, but at the third base.
  • We attach clothespins through one base and continue weaving over them.
  • We arrange the stern in two rows. To do this, simply bend the vine back and continue weaving
  • Coat it well with glue, let it dry, remove the clothespins – we get a beautiful pass in the weaving.
  • We make a bend from the bow to half of the ship. As we approach the middle, we try to press the tubes down. Near the “stern” we raise the tube higher and continue working.
  • Repeat on the other side.
  • We fix everything with glue, cut off the extra tubes – we get the base of the ship.
  • Take four tubes and move them in different directions. Now we place each tube in turn on the adjacent one – this is a spiral weave for the steering wheel. All that remains is to connect it into a ring and arrange it.
  • We cut out parts for the stern and bow from plastic.
  • We additionally coat the blank with varnish, decorate it with a steering wheel, ladders made from the same tubes, and pieces of red fabric placed on a glue gun with bases made from pieces of tubes.

Method 1. simple paper boat. step by step production.

To solve the problem of how to make a paper boat according to step-by-step instructions, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1. Take a landscape sheet, most often it is in A4 format. This material is denser than regular paper, so the product will have a rigid shape and beautiful appearance. We bend this sheet in the middle along the narrow side.

Step 2. Fold the resulting blank again along the short side. And then we turn it back.

Step 3. We connect the corners at the fold of the folded sheet together.

Step 4. Bend the rectangle upward at the bent corners.

Step 5. We turn the workpiece on the other side and bend another rectangle. We bend the corners of the folded strips on both sides to form a triangle.

лучшая инструкция по складыванию корабля самостоятельно

Step 6. Next, according to the instructions, you need to open the paper blank from the inside and connect the corners. The result should be a square.

Step 7. Bend one of the separate corners up. We perform similar actions with the other angle to form a triangle.

Step 8. Open the bottom again and connect the opposite corners. Now you need to pull the corners at the top of the triangle to open the boat. To do this, one hand takes one bent end, the other takes the second.

Step 9. For stability, you can slightly expand the base of the paper boat. And now the amazing paper ship is ready!

готовый кораблик из бумаги любого размера

Any child can easily make such a boat with his own hands under the supervision and help of adults.

To get a more complete picture, you can watch various videos on how to make a boat out of paper, which contain step-by-step video instructions. But if an adult is involved in making the model, then you can use all kinds of origami schemes.

How to make a beautiful paper boat: tips and reviews

You will get a beautiful boat if you decorate it additionally.

  • What is a ship without a flag? Make a flag out of colored paper and glue it to the boat
Цветные кораблика из бумаги с флагами
Colored paper boats with flags
  • Use felt-tip pens to draw portholes on the sides of the ship, or you can draw passengers in them too
Кораблик из бумаги с иллюминаторами и флагом
Paper boat with portholes and flag
  • If you use single-sided colored paper, your boat will come out very original and beautiful, because… will be partially painted in the selected color
Схема классического кораблика из односторонней цветной бумаги
Scheme of a classic boat made of single-sided colored paper
  • You can come up with some kind of light cargo in the boat, then it can transport it without drowning
  • A sailboat can be installed near a ship using a simple toothpick, and the sailboat itself can be made from anything: pieces of fabric, colored paper with drawings, foil paper, leaves from trees, multi-colored napkins, etc. as much as your imagination allows
Кораблик из газеты с парусами
Newspaper boat with sails