How to make a paper airplane? 13 DIY folding plans for airplanes so they can fly far and high up to 10,000 thousand

Basic rules for modeling

Paper airplanes are more than just a toy for children. In Japan, there is a separate direction of origami for folding various types of paper airplanes – arogami.

World championships in flying paper crafts are held annually. Even a special set of rules for modeling airplanes has been developed.

You can assemble a toy from any piece of paper. But it is worth considering:

  • The thicker the paper, the better the plane will stay in the air.
  • It is best to make an airplane from an A4 sheet of paper.
  • The toy is assembled using the origami technique without the use of improvised materials: glue, paper clips, tape.
  • In order for the craft to stay well in the air, it is necessary to maintain symmetry.
  • The shape of the toy largely plays a role in the flight range.
  • Long, narrow models with short wings fly further and better than large, wide crafts.

5th place – the simplest paper airplane models

At this place there are all the simple models of airplanes that even a child can assemble and which we all assembled in class and let the girls and teachers see. For such tasks, ordinary blunt-nosed airplanes and gliders are quite suitable. Here are 10 of the best easy-to-assemble paper airplanes.

This is the simplest and most popular paper airplane – almost all people know it because they have been collecting it since childhood.

The following aircraft model has a fast and smooth flight. Due to the front supporting wings, the nose does not collapse, providing stabilization, lift and long flight.

Next, let’s try to assemble a paper airplane with large wings – the design is simple and reliable.

Next will be a blunt-nosed aircraft with increased collision resistance.

The fifth one will be assembling a modified plane with a blunt nose. The circuit is simple, but requires careful assembly.

Now I propose to build a good airplane out of paper with nose wings and vertical rear stabilizers. The shape of the wing of such a glider allows you to fly longer in a straight line.

The next plane has a sharp nose and flies rapidly forward. The fins on the wings stabilize and prolong the flight of such a paper fighter.

The following design has good piercing abilities – the craft looks like a space fighter. It seems that it was created to exterminate enemy personnel.

The largest wings are those of the glider, which has a rather ridiculous appearance. But this does not prevent him from flying very long and far.

The amazing design of this airplane makes it look like a space shuttle or a Boeing. He flies not far, but effectively.

Airbus a340-300 custom

This magnificent Airbus A340-300 Custom, “Burkhan”, is the property of a billionaire from the Russian Federation, and was specially commissioned in honor of his father. This is the largest aircraft in the Russian Federation, it is larger than the aircraft of the state president.

This luxurious aircraft can accommodate 375 passengers and is capable of rising to an altitude of 11.5 thousand km. Every detail seems to have been thought through, including the fact that during a long flight passengers will not need to limit themselves in their choice of pastime.

B-2 spirit stealth bomber

The most beautiful military aircraft will also not leave anyone indifferent. The B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber is no exception. The unsurpassed invisible man won the hearts of both adults and children.

American flying unit, the third generation stealth aircraft has been in operation for more than 15 years. Despite the veil of secrecy, information about the technological devices and characteristics of the winged ship appears in the worldwide information field.

The B-2 strategic bomber, a creation of the American military industry, was designed as a flying unit with a reduced likelihood of being detected by enemy anti-aircraft installations. The external appearance of the plane is surprising, it looks like aircraft from a fantastic future, as they depict it to us in films.

The B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber, the most beautiful aircraft among military equipment, looks in the sky like a fast-moving hurricane or a dark fragment of a triangular figure. The profile reveals it to be a true flying saucer, flattened, without a fuselage. The B-2 bomber is equipped with the best remote control auxiliary electronics unit, which is a digital design with quick response components. One cannot but agree that the B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber, even in the photo, is the most beautiful aircraft.

The automatic control of such an invisible device includes 4 computing units and remains operational if two of them fail. The air warning system consists of 20 pressure reading meters that make it invisible.

Paper airplane using origami technique in 5 minutes

For the smallest fidgets there are, of course, simpler instructions, such souvenirs turn out just as good and they fly very well too, depending on how you launch, you may not be able to catch up, it will fly wow 100 meters, you’ll be tired of searching later ).

The most important thing is that you need to make the two sides the same in a mirror image so that they turn out even and then everything will work out exactly.

On one of the forums I spotted a craft called Piranha, and does it look like it’s true? The author also chose red as the color. See how cleverly you can roll up such a miracle. No special skills are required. The most primitive option with a simple model.

It turned out to be a cool thing, my boys really liked it).

By the way, you can get a little creative and give dad a little surprise.

In general, make a craft with your child so that there is something to do with your beloved family, because such work brings you very close together.

Video bonuses

Do you want to get a plane that can not only take off high, but also return back to your hands? Do you think this can’t happen? But you are wrong.

Tireless experimenters have developed a design for an amazing boomerang aircraft.

With it you can show your friends a stunning trick: a launched airplane will obediently fall right into your hands every time. To become known as the master of paper airplanes, check out this video – you will definitely succeed.

It would seem that all the paper airplane samples have already been reviewed and tested in practice, but we still have something to surprise you with. We invite you to watch a video lesson on creating a realistic glider plane.

You don’t even need origami folding skills, you just cut out the outline from paper. This model has excellent flight characteristics, and the whole secret lies in… ordinary plasticine. Watch the video, be surprised and amazed.

Creating various paper airplanes is not only a wonderful activity that allows you to drive away boredom and put away the ubiquitous gadgets. It develops intelligence, accuracy and fine motor skills. That is why it is so useful to include this type of activity in the program of joint leisure with children.

Perhaps the first unsightly model will be your child’s first step towards a serious hobby in aircraft modeling. And it is in your family that a brilliant designer of passenger airliners or new jet fighters will grow up. Anything is possible. There is no point in looking too far into the future, but devoting an hour or two to folding paper airplanes is definitely worth it.

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Instructions for creating a super airplane

To create it you will need an A4 sheet and 3 minutes of your time.

What to do:

  1. Fold the sheet horizontally and straighten it. We need a fold line. After this, bend the corners shown in the picture evenly towards the fold line.

    How to make a paper airplane? 13 DIY folding plans for airplanes so they can fly far and high up to 10,000 thousand

    You should end up with something like this:

    How to make a paper airplane? 13 DIY folding plans for airplanes so they can fly far and high up to 10,000 thousand

  2. Turn over to the other side and fold in half.

    How to make a paper airplane? 13 DIY folding plans for airplanes so they can fly far and high up to 10,000 thousand

  3. Now we bend the folded corners back as shown in the picture below.

    How to make a paper airplane? 13 DIY folding plans for airplanes so they can fly far and high up to 10,000 thousand
    How to make a paper airplane? 13 DIY folding plans for airplanes so they can fly far and high up to 10,000 thousand

  4. Turn the resulting workpiece over and fold along the lines on both edges.

    How to make a paper airplane? 13 DIY folding plans for airplanes so they can fly far and high up to 10,000 thousand
    How to make a paper airplane? 13 DIY folding plans for airplanes so they can fly far and high up to 10,000 thousand
    How to make a paper airplane? 13 DIY folding plans for airplanes so they can fly far and high up to 10,000 thousand

  5. Fold in half. And now all that remains is to shape it along the folds shown in the picture below. How to make a paper airplane? 13 DIY folding plans for airplanes so they can fly far and high up to 10,000 thousand

Important! In order for a plane to fly for a long time, it needs to be launched softly.

How to make an airplane out of paper that flies far up to 100 meters

Everyone wants to make an airplane that will fly at least 100 meters. But an ordinary craft cannot overcome this level. According to Guinness Records, such a plane was able to cover a distance of 69 meters. Of course, if you launch it from the 10th floor, it can fly 300 meters.

Creating crafts is a fun process, so it is recommended to involve your child in this activity.

Manufacturing process

To make this craft, you only need a piece of A4 paper.

First you need to form a corner, for this you need to bend the right side of the sheet to the left edge

It is very important to avoid distortions, otherwise nothing will work. Therefore, all actions must be done carefully

Similarly, form the left corner. As a result, you will get bend lines along which we will continue to make the airplane.

The next stage is very important. You need to bend the right corner to the middle of the left line, as shown in the image. Make sure that your red lines match, only then finally bend the sheet.

The edges must match, so follow the lines as a guide. As a result of the last action, you should get the following:

In the same way you need to bend the corner on the left side. Fold both sides over so you have the same look as the image below.

Now you need to bend the upper part

Pay attention to the drawing, all lines must match.

At the next stage, you need to bend both corners again to the very center.

Bend the workpiece crosswise; before smoothing the line, you need to make sure that the corners match exactly.

Now we begin to form the wings. You need to carefully bend them on each side; pay attention to the drawing of how the nose of the craft should look.

At the finishing stage, you should end up with a neat paper airplane like this.

The entire cooking process takes no more than five minutes. If you followed all the techniques correctly, then such a plane will fly up to 100 meters in length. Now you can test it in action in your nearest park.

How to make a cool paper airplane


After you have learned how to make classic paper layouts, you can try folding something unusual and complex. The Glider airplane will maneuver high and far.

So, how to make a cool paper airplane? Step by step instructions:

1. Take a piece of paper and fold it in half

2. Then open it to its original position and place it with the fold facing up. Fold the corners of the paper inward to create a mark in the middle of the sheet. Now the triangles will be even, and this will help make a layout with good flying qualities

3. Draw a visual line down the center and make a bend at this point. You will get a sharp nose of the product

4. Fold the spout so that it extends a couple of millimeters beyond the edges of the corner bends

5. Fold the product in the center so that the back side is inside

6. Bend the wings – they can be made small or, conversely, hollow. Experiment with the width as you wish. That’s it – the plane is ready

How to make a boomerang plane out of paper, diagram


There is another model of a paper “flying machine” – this is a boomerang. Imagine a product made by yourself that comes back to you after launch.


The diagram and step-by-step instructions will tell you how to make a boomerang plane out of paper:

1. Fold the piece of paper into four times and press on the corner with your finger

2. Bend one half of the paper cut to the center line and push the corner onto the quarter of the paper

3. Fold the sheet inward from the quarter fold to the top corner. You will get a bend in the form of a triangle. Press the edge with your finger

4. Straighten the triangle, and lifting it, put your finger between the resulting parts. This is to ensure that the folds are perfectly even

5. Turn the product over and bend the other side of the triangle inward. Fold the wide end of the paper in the opposite direction

6. Do all this on the other side of the product

7. It turned out to be a “pocket”. Lift the top and fold it so that the edge lies evenly along the length of the paper. Place the corner in the “pocket”. Bend the top corner down

8. Do the above step on the other side of the plane – both sides should look the same

9. Fold the part on the side of the “pocket” upward. Do the same on the other side

10. Open the product and place the leading edge inside. Protruding sections will appear in front – bend them. Remove the rear fin-shaped parts that appeared

11. Turn the product over and fold the front part. Fold in half and iron the folds

12. Make the fuselage piece: Fold one side of the piece down along a line that runs parallel to the center fold. Do the same with the second side

13. Fold a small piece of one and the other wing upward. Unbend the product. It already has a base and flat wings

14. Run your fingers along the front of the wings to create a curve. The plane is ready and can be launched

How to make a paper airplane that flies 1000 meters airplane diagram

Of course, not a single paper airplane can fly a distance of 1 km. The duration and range of the flight depends on many factors: the model of the craft, the symmetry of the folds, weather, terrain, paper quality and others.

Let’s consider a simple model that can fly high and far. This is a supersonic plane. To do it, you need to do the following:

  1. A sheet of paper needs to be folded in half, only along, and not across, as in other cases.
  2. Then unfold it and bend both corners of the sheet towards the line so that the nose becomes sharp.
  3. Now the bow needs to be bent towards the tail.
  4. You need to step back about 1.5 cm from the last fold and bend the nose, as indicated in the diagram.
  5. At the next stage, the workpiece needs to be bent in half lengthwise and wings formed.

To improve aerodynamic properties, it is recommended to bend the edges of the wings so that they point upward.

There is another version of the model, which was developed at the end of the last century by Can Blackburn. Thanks to his design, the aircraft’s flight duration was 30 seconds.

  1. The edges of the A4 sheet should be folded towards the middle, only the corners should not touch each other. There should be about 3 cm between them.
  2. After this, fold 2 cm of the top edge.
  3. Carefully smooth out and repeat the process, only in this case, you need to increase the distance between the corners. Look carefully at the diagram.
  4. This procedure must be repeated approximately 10 times.
  5. Bend the workpiece in half.
  6. Leave 3 cm for the body and bend the wings.
  7. Fold the ends of the wings upward.

Of course, successful models are not always obtained, so practice and experiment.

Classic way

This glider is easy to make. It has good aerodynamic properties, which significantly increase the flight range.

Step-by-step instructions for making a classic glider:

  1. Норвежская модель

    Select a sheet of paper of the desired size and fold it in half.
  2. The corners of the sheet are folded towards the center.
  3. The workpiece is turned over and folded in half again.
  4. The resulting triangle is bent towards the top.
  5. The product is turned over again and its two right edges are folded into the middle.
  6. The same actions are done with the left side of the workpiece.
  7. The resulting product is folded in half.
  8. The airplane’s wings spread and its tail rises.

The best Russian aircraft

And if we take Russian planes, are there any worthwhile models among them?

In the 60s of the last century, there was a boom in passenger aviation in the Soviet Union. It was during this period that the best Soviet aircraft were produced.

In first place is TU – 104. Developed in the middle of the century, it held the title for two years as the first jet passenger aircraft, but quickly disappointed both its creators and passengers.

Too many disasters happened to him. Despite this, he flew domestic airlines until 1979


Second place goes to IL-18. Until 2002, it was used not only by Russian but also by foreign airlines.

Comfortable, economical and roomy, for a long time it was the first airliner of the Soviet Union. Its speed reached 610 km/h


In third place is the TU-114. This is a turbojet airliner with 4 engines. It was used until 1976 and was the only one in Aeroflot’s fleet that was capable of flying all the way to the United States.


TU-134 took fourth place. By the way, it is still in use not only in Russia, but also in a number of foreign countries.

This is explained by the fact that it was modernized many times due to the introduction of newer equipment.


And in fifth place is IL-62. Excellent handling, stability during landing and in flight – all these and many other advantages made it an excellent airliner.

It could accommodate about 186 passengers and had a speed of 850 km/h.


Volumetric cardboard craft

Let’s move on and make a toy out of an ordinary matchbox; it will be voluminous and cute. This is a rather interesting bioplane that will delight anyone; it can be given as a souvenir for the holiday on February 23 or May 9.

We will need:

  • cardboard – 2 sheets
  • PVA glue
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • matchbox

Work steps:

1. Mark two strips on the cardboard with a pencil; their width should be equal to a matchbox.

2. Then use scissors to cut them out. Use these strips to make airplane wings. On another sheet, mark two 1.5 cm wide strips and also cut them to the length of the cardboard.

Move one such thin strip, and cut the second into two parts of 8 cm, remove the rest, it will not be needed. Here’s what you get:

3. Now start assembling. Take a matchbox, bend a long thin strip in half and attach it, glue it to the box.

4. Using two identical strips that are wide like boxes, make wings.

The corners can be rounded; cut them with scissors.

5. Make a tail from one short narrow strip and also round it, glue it inside. And glue the second one on top, make a triangle out of it.

6. Then you can cut out the propeller and glue it.

7. The craft is ready, enjoy your work!

Types and benefits of crafts

Any hand-made item should provide some benefit. Therefore, before you understand how to make a plane that flies for a long time, you need to decide on the usefulness of such a toy. In the case of the airplane, there are several of them at once:

  1. Простой вариант

    Making crafts with your own hands helps develop your child’s fingers.
  2. While working on a paper airplane, your son or daughter shows their imagination, thereby developing creativity and imagination.
  3. Making crafts on your own requires increased concentration from the child. This will help improve his attentiveness and accuracy.
  4. All paper products are absolutely safe and there is no risk that the child will receive any injury.

There are a huge number of ways to make an airplane out of paper. All of them are quite simple and do not require much time and effort. Any type of paper airplane is made from a minimum of materials, and therefore is very profitable from a financial point of view.

Types of paper airplanes:

  1. Схемы создания самолётов

  2. Norwegian airplane.
  3. Spanish model.
  4. Delta.
  5. Gomez model.
  6. Hawkey.
  7. Needley.
  8. Nikki’s little airplane
  9. Model prohibited by the Guinness Book of Records.

Russian Knights

However, one should not assume that performing acrobatic exercises in the air is a skill that has only aesthetic value. The relationship between combat pilots and stunt performers should never be confused with that between hockey players and, say, figure skaters!

No, aerobatics originated as a martial art, and more than once the ability to enter a tailspin and competently get out of it allowed fighter pilots to carry out assigned combat missions. With a beautiful trick you can not only distract the enemy, but also disorient him, approach him from an unexpected direction and deliver a crushing blow from a position that was difficult to even imagine a moment ago!

Airplane games give you the opportunity to try out many maneuvers that only top-class pilots can perform in the air. In our country, the strongest flying group is the “Russian Knights” – a real combat unit that can combine the desire for victory, invincible strength and the ability to create real art.

The coolest planes in the world

The title of cool units is taken by the most expensive, luxurious and comfortable models. At all times, they are used by presidents, stars, and politicians. Such vehicles are prohibitively expensive, sometimes costing millions of dollars. The following list can be given:

  • Falcon 900 Ex. This model costs about 35 million, and the President of Ghana flies on it. The advantage of the vehicle is that it is equipped with hidden fuel tanks and can fly over distances of about 8,000 kilometers. Powerful engines, advanced electronics, speed of about 1000 km/h;
  • IL-96-300 – aircraft of the President of the Russian Federation. It has four turbo engines, security systems, various radars and electronics. The engineers tried to install all the most modern equipment on board. The special model exists in 1 copy. Although there may be more than 250 people on board, usually only the head of state flies there;
  • Airbus A319 belongs to the President of Brazil. On board is a real mini-palace with luxurious seating and entertainment. At the same time, the vehicle consumes fuel very economically and emits a minimum of waste into the air;
  • Doomsday plane. This is what they call a special unit (there are 4 of them in the world) for the US President. This is, perhaps, also the most mysterious aircraft in the world, because nothing is known about its characteristics and interior decoration. Now all that is clear is that it can remain intact during a terrorist attack, nuclear explosion or collision with an asteroid.


There are many more fast, expensive or dangerous planes in this world. However, it is clear that over time there will be even more of them, and the current characteristics are not the limit.

The most expensive plane in the world

Above is the rating of the most expensive private airliners in the world, but if you make a rating based on the cost of aircraft, without sorting them into passenger and military ones, then the B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber will top the Top most expensive aircraft, cost which is equal to 2.2 billion dollars.

Not only is luxurious decoration an important component of the price of an aircraft, but also its technical equipment and capabilities. Initially, it was planned to produce 132 units of such bombers, but then at a meeting of the US Congress it was decided to reduce the batch to 21 units.

This model of military aircraft is equipped with:

  • stealth technologies that allow you to easily maneuver and bypass any enemy defensive systems;
  • conventional and nuclear weapons (80 units of homing missiles and 16 units of nuclear bombs).

The B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber took part in air combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. Back in 1997, its cost was only 737 million US dollars, and the full package of technical and combat equipment was estimated at 929 million conventional units. And today this model of combat airliner is the most expensive aircraft.

The most beautiful airliner in the world

The concept of beauty is quite subjective, but there are generally accepted rules and criteria (successful or unsuccessful combination of colors in the livery, the presence of the golden ratio, originality of the design, font used for the inscription with the name of the airline, etc.) , by which you can judge the beauty of aircraft and create a conditional rating of the most beautiful of them.

The originality of design and avant-garde design on board the aircraft (livery) may not always be to the taste of passengers. Most often, it is the restrained, harmonious design styles of airliners that appeal to them, so a flashy, bright design cannot always guarantee success with passengers.

The most attractive in terms of external design are the aircraft of British Airways and AirFrance. A laconic design style using exclusively national colors and a minimum of decorative elements gives the appearance of the airliners of these two air carriers special attractiveness and elegance.

Also worth highlighting are aircraft with a pleasant and sophisticated design from the SkyTeam alliance. The side is silver in color with a rich blue keel with the alliance emblem – all this is brilliantly simple and very beautiful. The Swiss company is not inferior in the attractiveness of the external design of the aircraft, but judging by the bright and unobtrusive design of the airliners, there are no equals to the aircraft of the air carrier Air Malta, one of which is shown in the photo.

If we are talking about the beauty of an airliner’s interior, then when looking at photos of the most expensive aircraft, we can conclude that each of them is distinguished by its special elegance and luxury, but here, too, everything is purely subjective. Some people like flashy and pompous design, while others like simple and comfortable minimalism and restraint in the interior style.

Make a military plane out of paper


The layout of the “Hawk” model is a little more complicated. But you have already learned how to make simple models, which means you will be able to fold this paper sample.

Step-by-step instructions on how to make a military airplane out of paper:

1. Prepare a piece of paper and place it on the table with the smaller edge facing you

2. Fold along the center line. Fold the top corner. The top of the paper sheet should coincide with the side. Do the same with the second corner element

3. The piece should look like a cross. Press its side elements to the center line of the paper and iron all the formed lines. Fold the upper right corner so that it is flush with the top of the sheet. There should be 1 centimeter left from the fold to the midline. Repeat the same with the other side

4. The result is “horns”, which need to be folded in half, and the excess part of the paper should be folded inside

5. The bottom corner is turned in the opposite direction from you. Make a fold line to the point where the “horns” emerge

6. Fold the airplane in half – it’s ready. Paint it with paints and you will get a real military fighter

Important: You can make other models of military aircraft using the drawings presented below. . Schemes for making paper airplanes


Diagram of a paper airplane that flies 10000000000000 meters

For this flying airplane you only need one sheet of A4 paper. In this case, it is best to make it from the page of a glossy magazine. Then in flight it will look like a real fighter. By the way, not only boys, but also girls will really like this origami.

Fold a sheet of paper in half.

Straighten the sheet and bend first the right, then the left corner, as shown in the figure.

We make a triangle along the folds towards the center.

Repeat the triangle for the other side so that it turns out like this.

Bend the right corner to the left.

Then we lead him to the middle line.

Bend the left corner to the right.

Then we also lead it to the center line, thus forming the wings of the airplane.

We have this figure.

Fold the right fold to the left.

Fold the right corner towards the center.

Repeat similarly for the left side.

It should turn out like this.

Bend the two small upper triangles to the left.

Bend the lower right edge outward.

From the left side we “throw” the upper triangles to the right side.

Fold the bottom left edge outward.

As a result, you should end up with a figure like this. Let’s move on.

Bend the upper right corner to the left.

Take a ruler and mark a point 5.5 cm from the upper corner.

Place the second mark 0.5 cm from the edge. Draw a line between the points.

Place a fold along the pencil line.

We transfer both triangles to the right side and, by analogy, we make a second symmetrical wing.

We get the following figure.

We lay the tail of our paper airplane. We apply the lower right side to the extreme line, as shown in the figure.

We perform similar actions with the left side.

Bend the upper right wing to the left.

We turn the right half of the plane.

Using a pencil, draw three lines, as in the picture.

Bend so that the drawn central line “goes up”.

It should turn out like this.

We carry out similar manipulations with the left side.

Place a mark at a distance of 3.5 cm from the top one.

Bend the nose of the plane.

Fold the figure in half along the center line.

Draw a line.

Fold along the pencil line.

We do the same for the other side.

Fold along the drawn line.

Carefully straighten the nose of the plane.

We smooth out the “back” of our fighter with our fingers.

Mark the line with a pencil.

Bend the tail of the plane along it.

Fold it inward along the fold line.

Bend the tail back and make a cut, as in the picture.

Cut off the triangle.

Bend the tail up again.

Let’s straighten it out.

Lightly coat with glue so that the plane does not “fall apart”.

Schemes of cool paper airplanes

Many people made paper airplanes as children. But few people know more than two ways. With the spread of origami, new interesting options have appeared. You can make a fighter plane, a bomber, a passenger airliner or some kind of fantasy space plane out of paper.

All you need is a piece of paper. Simple diagrams clearly show how you can make a paper airplane in ten different ways. And if you take colored double-sided paper or decorate it yourself, you can get different effects.

Experiment with colored paper, make some drawings or just colored spots on it. And all your planes will turn out completely different. As can be seen from the examples presented, the most interesting paper airplane models are made from double-sided colored paper. Once you’ve made them, you can also add some paint on top. For example, spray from a can.

Circuits that provide fast flight

Do you want to take part in an aircraft model competition? They are easy to arrange at home. Just make high-speed airplanes out of paper and you can set your own records.

Be sure to check out the video master class on creating fast paper airplanes to avoid annoying mistakes and learn from the experience of others.

Step-by-step following our photo instructions is the key to success. A number of general recommendations will also help beginning paper aviation enthusiasts.

  1. To improve flight performance, use only a completely flat sheet of paper. Ideal for regular office printers. Any bruises and folds will repeatedly worsen the aerodynamic properties of the model.
  2. Iron all folds with a ruler to make them clearer.
  3. The sharp nose of the plane increases its speed
    , but at the same time the range decreases

Ready-made crafts can be painted with the children. This exciting activity will allow you to turn a folded piece of paper into a real attack aircraft or an unusual fighter.

Approach creating your models like a science experiment. The speed and ease of assembling origami airplanes allows you to analyze their flight and make the necessary changes to the design.

Study, study and study

To become a real professional, you need to train a lot. When you take the helm for the first time, not only will you not be able to make a Nesterov loop, but it’s unlikely that you will be able to take off and land back at the airfield without outside help! But losing control in the air is terribly dangerous. This is not a lesson in a driving school – before you get off the ground, you need to learn how to control a steel colossus somewhere.

Modern computer simulators play a major role in pilot training. While you have not yet become a cadet, and you just want to try out flying between the clouds, online simulators – flash games about airplanes – are perfect for you. Over time, your skills will grow and you’ll move on to more realistic simulators where you have full cockpit controls at your fingertips.

In short, if you want not only to have fun, but also to acquire invaluable skills, you have come to exactly the right place! Free online games about airplanes are your first step into a bright new life at an unrealistic height. However, flying is not only a respected and prestigious profession, but also an amazing pleasure.

Everyone has their own dream, and who said that if you are made of iron and steel, you cannot dream? Little Dusty is an agricultural aerial sprayer. He devoted many years to selfless work on the Crooked Blades farm. But the kid, not for a minute, did not give up his dream of participating in an air rally, on a par with supersonic aircraft.

As you know, nothing is impossible in the world, especially if you persistently pursue your goal. So Dusty, by chance, managed to take part in the round-the-world race. The whole world watched with bated breath as the little corn grower became an Aviarally legend.

During the race, he will have to make not only enemies who think “that his sports vegetables should be fertilized,” but also friends, love and a lot of fans. Among his friends: Bulldog, Dottie, Chug, Ishani, Rochelle, El Chupacabra and many other wonderful characters. Our section contains the most beautiful and exciting games about airplanes.

You can try yourself in a wide variety of genres: quests, puzzles, object search. You can feel yourself at a bird’s eye view in the games “Sky Pursuit” and “Jet Racers”. We invite our little fans to try themselves in the role of a detective in the games “Secret Missions” and “Find the Differences”. But for lovers of calm and easy games, we are happy to offer bright and colorful puzzles.