How to make a paper airplane: 12 best patterns

Step-by-step instructions for a flying toy for beginners

The interesting thing is that almost any plane can fly a sufficient number of meters above the ground, it can be 10,000 or even more than 1,000,000, the most important condition is, depending on what height it will be launched from and whether there will be wind outside and how it blows will pick him up.

If you want your airplane to never fall over, then use this scheme. This toy will show you a uniform and very fast flight. You yourself will be very amazed.

If you like this kind of air transport with large wings, then fold this type of airplane.

You can build it with a blunt nose, there will be no collisions.

Well, if you don’t understand diagrams and instructions at all, then watch this step-by-step video from the YouTube channel:


Although light paper airplanes are believed to fly further than heavy ones, this claim is disputed by Blackburn. Blackburn’s world record-breaking airplane in 1983 was designed on the assumption that the best airplanes have short wings and are “heavy” during the launch phase when a person throws them into the air.

Although longer wings and less weight would seem to help the airplane achieve longer flight times, such a paper airplane cannot be thrown high. According to Blackburn, “to achieve maximum altitude and a good transition to gliding flight, the throw should be made with a deviation from the vertical of no more than 10 degrees.”

Large model

How to make an unusual airplane out of paper

A beautiful flying plane can be not only miniature, but also large in size. It can be made from a sheet of cardboard or thick paper. You will need to start work, as always, by preparing a place for needlework and the necessary tools.

Stages of creating a plane from cardboard with your own hands:

  • Hand fold the cardboard in half lengthwise;
  • Then fold it in half again along a horizontal line;
  • After this, fold the corners so that they touch in the center, but do not intersect;
  • After this, bend them upward;
  • Starting from the middle of the resulting fold, fold the side corners of the cardboard blank;
  • Unfold the folded paper at the top.

The next stages of work will be related to the formation of all the characteristic elements of the future aircraft. Steps: slowly unfold all the corners on the workpiece – you will get triangular workpieces. After this, the upper part of them must be carefully folded in half by the person performing the assembly. It is important to take into account that, according to the rules, this work should begin from the corners located at the bottom of the cardboard or paper.

The next point of assembly is that the side parts should be folded towards the center, not by much – 1-2 cm. After this, the side elements of the aircraft blank should be folded towards the middle of the cardboard sheet – a diamond-shaped base should be obtained. Next, the side parts of the diamonds resulting from all the steps done earlier must be tucked in so as to form a triangle. After this, the airplane model should be folded in half vertically. The following stages of work:

  • Tilt the craft to the left side, bend a parallel line – you get a wing;
  • Repeat this step on the other side;
  • The resulting wings are folded down (right and left).

At the end, the part of the wing that will be movable will need to be folded in the middle on each side. Such a plane, made of cardboard, will be dense, will be able to take off quickly and high, and also perform many different tricks, including those of increased complexity.

Большая модель летающего средства передвижения

Large Flying Vehicle Model

Paper airplanes for children

There are many toys that children love to play with. But there is one toy that has been around for many years and always wins the hearts of children, of course it is paper airplanes! They’re easy to make, they can fly, and they’re a lot of fun!

When a child makes a paper airplane with his own hands, the goal is to make it fly better, faster and higher. Children at school have competitions, they have to try different methods of making them, try new shapes and come up with their own original designs, painting them in all sorts of colors. Here are presented only four collages of the simplest models.

Paper airplane arrow. It’s a classic design that’s super easy to fold and a great option for beginners.

How to make a paper airplane: 12 best patterns

Sea glider
. The model simulates the flight of a seagull. Of course, it is a more complex airplane than the first one, but it flies better. How to make a paper airplane: 12 best patterns

Humming airplane
. This model is ideal for long flights, and on the fly it makes a buzzing sound, like a fly flying. How to make a paper airplane: 12 best patterns

Paper airplane fighter
. Compared to previous options, making such a paper airplane is much more difficult. But this is the fastest model, which makes it one of the favorites among children.

Paper airplane using origami technique in 5 minutes

For the smallest fidgets, there are, of course, simpler instructions, such souvenirs turn out just as good and they fly very well too, depending on how you launch, you may not be able to catch up; they will fly wow 100 meters, you’ll be exhausted looking for them later).

The most important thing is that you need to make the two sides the same in a mirror image so that they turn out even and then everything will definitely work out.

On one of the forums I spotted a craft called Piranha, and does it look like it’s true? The author also chose red as the color. See how cleverly you can roll up such a miracle. No special skills are required. The most primitive option with a simple model.

It turned out to be a cool thing, my boys really liked it).

By the way, you can get a little creative and give dad a little surprise.

In general, make a craft with your child so that there is something to do with your beloved family, because such work brings you very close together.

Cardboard helicopter

The helicopter craft looks impressive. If you plan to collect a whole collection and place all the pieces of equipment on a miniature airfield, such diagrams will be very useful. The voluminous screws hang harmoniously over the beautiful body; such a sight will not leave any child indifferent.

Beer cans also make a good base for a DIY cardboard airplane. When working with them, it is better to ask your parents for help; making holes will be difficult, since the material is quite rough and dense.

There is no need to use glue; all components will be securely fixed in special grooves for each part. The simplified version will be much stronger and more practical. In the event of an unplanned wreck, dents can be easily removed with your fingertips or pliers.

Shade selection

Bright and bold colors go well with a sporty look. When wondering how to make a military aircraft, it is better to pay attention to green or khaki.

Adding brown and gray spots will make the design ideal for military operations in any complex missions.

Several different cars, strikingly different from each other, look very good standing on the airfield. This composition will definitely attract the attention of true connoisseurs of handmade work.

Moving part

In order for a DIY airplane craft to land smoothly, it needs to attach a landing gear. In this version, there should be two wheels. If you plan to land the biplane on water in the future, you can provide removable attachments.

Those intended for such games, imagining, inventing modern additions, will be able to create quite interesting and unusual products. This is how, in a short period of time, a unique technique with enormous possibilities for fun is ready. You can enjoy it to your heart’s content or give it as a gift on February 23 to any man in the family or friend.

Making the fastest planes

To increase the speed characteristics of the future toy, be sure to follow the rules presented below:

  1. The nose of a high-speed aircraft must be sharp. A wide nose impedes flight speed by creating air resistance against it. These are good to use only for constructing gliders.
  2. Its wings should not impede its flight in its sweep. They should be long and narrow.
  3. The paper sheet must be perfectly flat. Any flaws in the sheet can change its flight properties for the worse.
  4. Folds should be made extremely clear. We suggest using an object with a smooth side, such as a ruler or eraser, to iron them.

If you decide to have a flight speed competition with your friends, one of the schemes presented below should definitely suit you.

Delicate execution

Having gained experience while studying design aspects at home in labor education lessons, you can express yourself well and show your abilities in creativity. A cardboard fighter will definitely make any boy stand out from the rest of the class.

While the girls are busy with flowers and animals, you can share your knowledge with your friends and collect a whole collection of colorful models. Communication in a team will have a good effect on the collective team spirit.

You should approach work carefully and carefully. When thinking about how to make a paper airplane, you need to take into account the size and purpose for which it is being designed.

A compact product is suitable for gaming moments, but it is better to send a three-dimensional composition to an exhibition. Well-thought-out details will indicate the coordinated actions of a person and will contribute to a positive assessment of efforts.

Children’s version of an airplane craft

How to make a paper airplane that flies for a long time

Since children love to make various things and toys from cardboard, paper and even from a matchbox they are ready to create incredible flying cars, it will be very interesting for them to fold an airplane that can take off. The assembly diagram, easy and accessible for independent reproduction, can be completed in a few simple steps, even for little ones. All you need to do:

  • Take a thin piece of cardboard or paper from a school notebook if the work is being done for the first time;
  • Make a square out of it, for which you need to fold the bottom part of the sheet and tear off this part along the resulting fold line;
  • Next, fold the resulting square-shaped sheet of thin cardboard in half;
  • Bend the upper edges towards the center of the workpiece;
  • The next step is to bend the resulting paper or cardboard triangle.

After this stage, it is important to remember that the edges of the workpiece are folded back towards the middle, and then the sheet is folded in half. At the end of the work, the corners are carefully bent, which helps to form the wings of the aircraft, without which it will not be able to fly. Also, by using corrugated cardboard in your work, the layout can be improved by creating a spectacular tail or voluminous wings – for a large aircraft this will also be an additional decoration, and for a small one it will be able to stay in the air longer.

If you want to create a real aviation fleet, you can create hangars or an airport out of the box. You can model real routes on a Whatman paper, plotting the departure and arrival points. In order for a self-made cardboard airplane to fly longer, it should be thrown up with reinforcement.

You can come up with many options for games using cardboard aircraft; the main thing is to learn how to assemble them and, if desired, improve them using additional materials.

How to make a paper airplane: 12 best patterns

Airplane in hand

Thus, the answer to the question of how to make a plane that would fly out of cardboard has been found, all that remains is to use your imagination and create an interesting story game or simply put up a craft as a decoration. Many people also make airplanes specifically to create a collection of various civil or military aircraft, so the possibilities open to a person are almost endless.

From paper

The simplest and most accessible method that uses the origami technique. To work, you only need a piece of thick paper and the ability to fold it correctly.

It should be remembered that for good aerodynamics you will need smooth and even paper. Rough paper has poor aerodynamics and streamlining.


To make a wooden airplane, you should choose a suitable model. Wood is an excellent material for such crafts; it is known that the first aircraft were also made from plywood. Such a toy will not fly, but will replicate the visual shape of a fighter.

Beginning craftsmen of primary school age will first have to draw a pattern for the fuselage and wings, which will then need to be cut out of a small block and plywood.

When making such a toy, fathers or older brothers must help the child and take upon themselves the manufacture of airplane elements from wood, since this process requires skills in using tools:

  • with a knife;
  • incisors;
  • grinding devices.

You also need to cut wings, a propeller and a tail from wood. In order for the propeller blades to rotate, you will need to drill a hole inside the propeller for the nail. The wings and tail can be glued using wood glue. In order for the elements of a wooden aircraft to hold firmly, you will need to make fastenings using a tongue-and-groove system, drilling holes for tenons in the fuselage, in the end part of the wings and tail.

You can also cut out round wheels that will need to be put on the axle from an old children’s truck and attach such a chassis to the bottom of the fuselage.

The child can take on the task of coloring a military aircraft craft based on a selected thematic picture.

From a plastic bottle

Crafting an airplane from a bottle will not take much time and will bring pleasure to the child.

To work you will need:

  • bottle of surfactant 0.5 liters;
  • colored paper;
  • double-sided construction tape;
  • pencil;
  • scissors;
  • ruler.

Manufacturing process:

  • make a narrow hole in the top of the bottle for coins in the form of a slit;
  • on paper, draw a fuselage body with a tail according to the size of the bottle in the shape of the Latin letter L and cut out in duplicate;
  • glue the paper outline of the fuselage to the bottle from the sides and glue the two halves of the tail, the slot sealed with paper must be restored by making a cut in the paper at the place of the crack in the plastic;
  • draw two rectangles measuring 10×3 cm on colored paper, cut them out and roll them into a tube, gluing the ends together to make a cylinder;
  • glue the cylinders to the front of the bottle, these will be the aircraft engines and its support;
  • cut out two wings from colored paper and glue them on the sides to the body of the airplane;
  • cut the blades to the size of the cork from cardboard, insert a wire or nail into them, and pierce the cork with it, then you need to screw it onto the neck;
  • cut 6 or 8 circles of blue paper to fit the cork and glue them to the sides as portholes;
  • make a tail and glue it to the tail.

The piggy bank plane is ready.

You can make an airplane from any available materials. To make your creativity work faster, you should watch a video of making a craft airplane from the Internet.

From scrap items

In most cases, seemingly useless things can be very useful in creating a unique and quite interesting toy. There are a large number of options for making a propeller from a plastic bottle. This element looks believable and impressive.

Decorating a model will be a fun activity and will help any boy express himself. At the developmental stage, such manipulations are very important. Familiarity with various geometric shapes at an early age will lay the foundation for further growth in abilities.

You can easily construct an airplane with your own hands from scrap materials. Looking into the pantry and storage boxes, in every home there is a large amount of small items, these could be:

  1.  Wooden clothespin.
  2.  Ice cream sticks.
  3.  Cotton swabs.
  4.  Empty tissue rolls.
  5.  Plastic containers.

If you are lucky enough to find a large box from a refrigerator or TV, you can start planning a three-dimensional structure. Video instructions on how to make a plane out of cardboard with your own hands are available at the end of the article, but you need to get ready for painstaking work.

Each piece will be built separately, and at the final stages, with the help of grooves, the product must be assembled into one whole masterpiece.

Important! Before cutting the box, it is better to ask your parents whether this can be done; if the equipment is under warranty, then such things are prohibited from being disposed of.

Sharp-nose Hawk Fighter

Step-by-step execution scheme

  1. Take a rectangular piece of paper, bend it in half along the larger side and mark the middle.
  1. Bend two corners of the rectangle towards you.
  1. Bend the corners of the figure along the dotted line.
  1. Fold the figure crosswise so that the acute angle is in the middle of the opposite side.
  1. Turn the resulting figure over to the reverse side and form two folds, as shown in the figure. It is very important that the folds are not folded towards the midline, but at a slight angle to it.
  1. We bend the resulting corner towards ourselves and at the same time turn forward the corner, which after all the manipulations will be on the back side of the layout. You should end up with a shape as shown in the picture below.
  1. Bend the figure in half away from you.
  1. Lower the wings of the airplane along the dotted line.
  1. We slightly bend the ends of the wings to obtain the so-called winglets. Then we straighten the wings so that they form a right angle with the fuselage.

Paper fighter is ready!

Gliding Hawk Fighter

Manufacturing instructions:

  1. Take a rectangular piece of paper and mark the middle, folding it in half along the longer side.
  1. Bend the two upper corners of the rectangle inward towards the middle.
  1. Turn the sheet over to the reverse side and fold the folds towards you towards the center line. It is very important that the upper corners do not bend. You should get a figure like this.
  1. Fold the top of the square diagonally towards you.
  1. Fold the resulting figure in half.
  1. We outline the fold as shown in the figure.
  1. We fill the rectangular part of the fuselage of the future airplane inside.
  1. Bend the wings down along the dotted line at a right angle.
  1. The result is a paper airplane! It remains to see how it flies.

Cool glider

A glider is a very cool airplane that is very difficult to make out of paper, but quite possible. A little patience and you will have an original paper airplane.

  • Fold the paper in half and unfold it again;
  • Place the sheet with the fold up, fold the corners inward – you will get a mark in the middle of the sheet;
  • Make a fold in the center of the sheet – you will get a sharp nose of the plane;
  • The nose must be folded so that it protrudes 2-3 mm beyond the edges of the corner bends;
  • Then the paper is folded in the center so that the back side is inside;
  • The wings should be bent – experiment with their width, achieving the optimal result.

Any solution is successful

It doesn’t matter what purpose the cardboard airplane is made for. Its appearance will fit perfectly into the interior of a children’s room, will be a good birthday gift and an effective element for play.

Joint activities, constructing an airplane out of cardboard with your beloved child, will definitely bear fruit in the future. This is a great opportunity to have fun and find out what new things have happened in the young man’s life in recent days. It would be stupid to neglect such valuable moments, and it would be unwise to delay everything until the last moment.

Material for making

The plane can be assembled from any paper rectangle. They can be: printing paper, a newspaper spread, or a notebook sheet. Cardboard is also suitable for work, but if it is not very thick and without a corrugated layer inside.

The main requirement for the material is that it should not be too dense, otherwise more force will be required to make bends.

To make the airplanes brighter and more beautiful, you can use colored paper, or to decorate them after assembly – markers, felt-tip pens, pencils. Paints are completely unsuitable for these purposes, primarily because the paper will warp and the aircraft will lose its aerodynamic properties.

How to knit a hat with knitting needles – a detailed description for beginners, diagrams and photos

DIY military crafts – creative ideas, tips, photo examples

A model that features stable flight

A paper airplane takes off and immediately begins to fall, or instead of a straight path it writes arcs. Are you familiar with this? Even this children’s toy has certain aerodynamic properties. This means that it is the duty of all novice aircraft builders to approach the construction of a paper model with full responsibility.

We invite you to fold another cool airplane. Thanks to its blunt nose and wide deltoid wings, it will not go into a tailspin, but will delight you with a beautiful flight.

How to make a paper airplane: 12 best patterns

Do you want to perfectly master all the intricacies of building this glider? Check out the detailed and accessible video tutorial. After a powerful charge of inspiration, you will definitely want to fold an airplane with your own hands that will flutter like a bird.

Exterior design

The propeller sets aircraft in motion, so it’s impossible without it. To create this spare part, a circle is cut out and eight lines are drawn on it.

Excess material can be easily removed with scissors, and the edges of the blades should be round.

It is important to mark exactly and then the workpiece will turn out perfect. Do not delay and immediately attach the finished component to the front part of the layout.

It’s time to show your imagination; before you make an airplane out of cardboard, you need to decide whether it will be a military or a sports car. Decoration depends on the purpose of the equipment.

Models participating in combat operations are equipped with bright stars on the wings, tail and body, and high-speed models wear different numbers and decals.

Fuselage decoration falls on the shoulders of every young designer. You can apply all your wishes and ideas; the first element that comes across will be arranged in the order that the master wants.

General tips

A paper airplane is a classic origami design. If you are new to this technique, then start with simple models. When you get used to the paper, “feel” it, and your planes acquire excellent smoothness and flightability, then move on to complex models. Before any craft, prepare yourself a few sheets of paper so that you can always start over if something goes wrong.

Never use wrinkled sheets, otherwise the aircraft will not have the desired performance. When making the diagram, make sure that all bends are symmetrical. Also, do not forget to wash your hands thoroughly before the procedure, because dirty stains easily remain on the paper.

Original corn cracker

Your child will definitely like this model, especially if you have a boy. This craft resembles the shape of a real corn plant. You need to purchase red colored paper, green double-sided cardboard, an empty matchbox, sharp scissors, a pencil, and glue.

Let’s start creating:

Cardboard glider

A glider is made from thick cardboard, sushi and ice cream sticks, a rod, and 2 paper clips. You will also need rubber bands, scissors, an eraser, a knife, and Moment glue.

When making drawings, it should be taken into account that the fuselage will be equal to the length of a thin Chinese stick. Having received all the parts, you need to glue them to the glider. A tail is glued to the narrow end of the Chinese stick, and a wing is glued to the wide end.

The bearings are made of eraser and attached to a stick. Having made holes in them, you need to secure the tube. One paperclip hook in the bearing should be stationary, the second should rotate freely. Propeller – from an ice cream stick or find a propeller from an unnecessary toy. Once assembled, you can play!

Practical and convenient

An airplane made of a plastic bottle can easily be turned into an elegant piggy bank and put leftover pocket money there. To do this, a hole is made in the upper part of the fuselage.

Collecting a certain amount is now much more fun and enjoyable, and the capacity allows you to do this even with small coins. The aircraft model can be decorated in a humorous way, add eyes or a mouth, and make it look like your favorite cartoon character.

It’s never too late to develop

Thanks to detailed instructions on how to make an airplane with your own hands, children will discover enormous possibilities for creativity. The process is so exciting that hours of hard work will fly by in an instant.

It cannot be said that all components are very simple and primitive. Aviation technology has quite complex mechanisms. To create one unit, you need to be patient and enlist the support of your parents.

Good table lighting is important for high-quality and fruitful work with small aircraft craft parts. The remaining preparatory stages will concern materials and available tools.

In order to begin the first stages of creating a masterpiece, you need to go through the list and get all the things:

  1.  Thick paper.
  2.  High quality glue.
  3.  A simple pencil.
  4.  Small ruler.
  5.  Scissors.
  6.  Matchbox.

A serious approach to collecting material will be the key to high-quality, hassle-free work on constructing the chosen model, in this case you will get a spectacular biplane.

The distinctive features of the aircraft will be double wings located parallel on both sides of the fuselage. Grandfathers and grandmothers will recognize the model of a corn farmer on a hand-made cardboard airplane, the layout of which roughly resembles the U-2 and AN-2.

Reactive model made from individual paper elements

An interesting shuttle-type spaceship is made from multi-colored paper. Individual colored elements will make the craft brighter.

Prepare 3 square sheets of red, blue, yellow paper. The size is the same.

Step-by-step instructions:

Fold the red square to form a double triangle.

Then, bend the top corners down on each side. Straighten the workpiece, bend the lower corners first upward, then along the intended line – inward.

The yellow square is needed to make the rear part of the plane. All work is similar to the red module.

After the corners are bent down, you need to bend the side ones horizontally and then up. The blue square is the tail. First, similar actions are carried out until a double triangle is formed. Then bend the corners located on the sides inward.

Assembly remains. Red modules are inserted into yellow ones. The part needs to be turned over and the blue modules inserted.

The origami jet plane is ready. You can play! It is so bright that it seems as if an applique was made from multi-colored paper.

Paper plane made of origami

One way to create a plane with your own hands is to assemble it using the origami method. The Japanese technique is not just a way to create cute paper crafts, but also a full-fledged direction in the art of needlework. The classic version of making an aircraft involves using one solid sheet of paper or corrugated cardboard.

To work you will need:

  • A sheet of paper (A 4 format) or medium density cardboard – 1 pc;
  • Markers and pencils (optional) to decorate the finished model.

The paper sheet will be gradually transformed into aircraft elements such as tail, body, wings and tail.

The stages of the upcoming work are as follows:

  1. The sheet should be folded in half (vertically);
  2. Expand the resulting workpiece;
  3. Fold the two upper edges of the paper towards the center of the sheet (do not unfold the workpiece during this action);
  4. Fold the same corners again – you need to ensure that they are connected, but do not intersect on the central fold line (do not unfold the cardboard either);
  5. The next step is to bend the top sides of the workpiece down on the right and left;
  6. At the final stage, you need to raise the left and right parts of the future figurine to form the wings of the flying machine.

The airplane is completely ready to fly.

Самолетик, собранный способом оригами

Airplane assembled using origami method

Airplane from a bottle

Suspended from beautiful ribbons, it will definitely entertain an infant. A very tiny brother or sister will look at him and cry less by adding beads to the hollow space, the figurine will play the role of a rattle.

An airplane that flies for a long time

Every child’s dream is a long-flying airplane. And now we will help you make it a reality. Using the diagram provided, you can fold a model that differs in flight duration. Remember that flight performance is affected by the size of your aircraft.

Excess weight, which means the length of the wings, prevents the plane from flying. That is, a glider must have short, wide wings. Another friend of planning is the absolute symmetry of the model. You need to throw it not forward, but upward. In this case, it will stay in the sky for a long time, smoothly descending from a height.

самолет долгий полет схема сборки

Find answers to the remaining questions and all the subtleties of folding a paper glider in the step-by-step video tutorial.

Supersonic bomber

Folding pattern

  1. Fold the rectangular paper sheet in half along its larger side.
  1. Fold the two upper corners to the middle of the sheet.
  1. We turn the corners into a “valley” along the dotted line. In the origami technique, a “valley” is the process of bending a section of a sheet along a certain line in the “toward” direction.
  1. Fold the resulting figure along the axis of symmetry so that the corners are on the outside. Be sure to make sure that the contours of both halves of the future airplane coincide. How it will fly in the future depends on this.
  1. We bend the wings on both sides of the plane, as shown in the picture.
  1. Make sure that the angle between the airplane’s wing and its fuselage is 90 degrees.
  1. The result is such a fast airplane!

Secrets of mastery

Let’s look at several different ways to make a paper airplane with your children. It is important to know that the range of your paper structure will be affected by several factors:

Working with paper is pleasant and convenient; it can be easily deformed and can take almost any shape. Folding origami yourself can be useful and enjoyable:

Work front

Use a pencil and a ruler to mark the outlines for cutting. Using thin light lines you will need to highlight two identical stripes four centimeters wide.

It is this distance that will ideally hide the matchbox along its structure. Round off the wings at the edges and proceed to the blank for the cargo compartment.

It is made from a long strip bent in half and attached to the middle of the box strictly in the center. It is better not to make mistakes when calculating half, otherwise the biplane will turn out crooked and untidy, and the designer will be disappointed with the result of the paper craft.

When working with PVA, the surface of the table should be covered with oilcloth so that drops do not render the furniture unusable. Having generously lubricated the cabin above and below, the wings are attached.

Now you need to wait a little, the liquid will dry and the elements will set tightly. The appearance takes on the desired shape and becomes similar to a model of an airplane made of cardboard without some components. They will be added in the next steps.