How to make a living bouquet with your own hands

Often, in search of what we can give to our loved ones, we fall into emptiness. And we don’t know what to come up with? We can safely say that a living bouquet is an excellent gift. But if a bouquet of flowers is made with your own hands, then this bouquet is much more pleasant to give, and it will last much longer, right? However, many people think that this matter is very simple, but when you come face to face with it, you will understand that this is a whole art!

History of living flower bouquets

The tradition of going to the altar came to us from Greece. The father was supposed to lead his daughter, who was holding orange branches and ivy, symbolizing happiness and the good of the new family. In Egypt, it is customary to hold a bouquet made with rosemary branches. A bouquet, so modest and beautiful, symbolized a long and rich life for the newlyweds.

свадебный живой букет в руках мужчины

And in our time, on such a solemn and exciting day for every girl, a living bouquet is the most important moment. It will definitely decorate both the bride’s outfit and the ceremony itself, which will be captured in all photographs or video stories. Believe me, you will remember this detail forever.

A bouquet made with your own hands will surprise every guest and will symbolize some kind of happy life built with your own hands. So if you want to make a bouquet for the bride, I will attach a video for you. And in the article we will consider the option of a regular living bouquet.

простой букет из живых роз своими руками

Flowers are a very important part of any celebration! They will decorate anyone and everyone! Everyone loves living bouquets, so it is very important to choose beautiful ones that are suitable for the holiday. If you choose the right combination of colors, you can create amazing bouquets. Therefore, we will quickly begin the composition.

букет из живых гербер своими руками

Preparation for making a living bouquet

You will need:

• Fresh flowers

• Ribbons of different colors.

• Packaging wrapper (film, frame).

• Greenery for decoration.

Important! It is required to select flowers taking into account the taste of the person to whom the bouquet will be presented. It is worth considering even age, gender and appearance. To avoid mistakes in your choice, adhere to the basic rules of floral etiquette.

For men, for example: gladioli, hippeastrum. For women – roses, lilies, tulips. Mature and elderly people can give
carnations. The most classic flowers are gerberas; they suit almost everyone.

красивейший букет из полевых цветов

It is important to choose the colors well, because they must match each other!

Instructions: how to make a living bouquet

To create a parallel bouquet, follow these steps step by step:

  • Think about what your bouquet will be in shape and appearance.
  • Consider decorations.
  • First, count how many colors you need.
  • Large flowers should be placed in the center of the bouquet, decorated with small flowers around.
  • Important! The number of small and large flowers should be approximately the same. But in the end you should end up with an odd number of colors.
  • Use decorative greenery to frame it, and trim the stems of all flowers to the same length.
  • Tie the composition with a ribbon!

Advice! The bouquet will be more beautiful if you first wrap it in transparent film and then tie it with a ribbon. You can twist the ribbons with the sharp end of scissors.

Below watch a video tutorial on how to make your own bouquet of fresh flowers.