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Children’s birthday cards

Making cards for children yourself is not only exciting, but also educational and developmental. Here they will show creative inclinations, imagination, and taste.

Such crafts, made jointly by parents and children, bring people together and allow them to know the children’s desires. In addition, it introduces children to work. Invite the children to make the following greeting cards for friends:

To make it you will need materials:

  1. Scrapbooking paper, wrapping paper and colored paper.
  2. Multi-colored buttons of different sizes – 7–9 pcs.
  3. Wool threads of different colors.
  4. Glue stick.

To make an interesting card:

  1. Make a pattern for the main character – an elephant. Draw this character yourself or use ready-made templates available on the Internet.
  2. Cut out an elephant from scrapbooking paper.
  3. Make a sun out of colored paper.
  4. Glue a page from a notebook or notebook onto a piece of scrapbooking paper. On it, the child can write a message to the recipient.
  5. Glue a sun in the upper right corner of the sheet.
  6. Cut a strip of green paper 3 cm wide along the width of the already glued notebook sheet. Wrap green woolen threads around a fork, remove them, cut them at one end and glue them on the outside to a strip of paper. This is weed. Attach the blank to the postcard. You can make this part entirely from colored paper.
  7. Glue an elephant in the lower right corner.
  8. Glue several woolen threads upward from the elephant’s trunk.
  9. Glue buttons above them.

The postcard is ready. She looks festive and elegant. Making such a present will not cause any difficulties for children. They will find the activity exciting.

Experiment with buttons: make clouds in the sky with button balloons, use satin ribbons to decorate the card.

A simple version of a greeting card that a child can make on his own.

You will need the following materials:

  1. Colored cardboard.
  2. Multi-colored paper.
  3. Glass.
  4. Scissors.
  5. Ribbon.
  6. Glue stick.

To make a beautiful and elegant card, the baby must:

  1. Fold a piece of cardboard in half and cut it. For the postcard you will need ½ sheet of colored cardboard.
  2. Fold several sheets of multi-colored paper in a row and secure it on four sides with paper clips. Attach a glass or coffee cup and circle.
  3. Cut out colorful circles.
  4. Cut thin strips – stems from colored paper.
  5. Glue the stems onto the card, having previously crossed them.
  6. Glue round pieces of multi-colored paper in a random order on top.
  7. Decorate the bouquet with a ribbon and bow.

This is an elegant and simple version of a greeting card that your child will spend a minimum of time making. The blank can be supplemented with colors or designs at your own discretion.

To make it you will need colored cardboard and white paper, a thin satin ribbon to match the base. Tools that will be useful are scissors, a stationery knife and glue.

To make a card like this:

  1. Divide a sheet of colored cardboard in half and draw a knitting needle along this line. Bend the sheet.
  2. Glue a rectangular sheet of white paper on the inside so that there is a colored border of up to 2 cm.
  3. Make a figured pattern that resembles the silhouette of a lady.
  4. Attach it to the top of the sheet, trace with a pencil and cut out.
  5. On the inside of the fold, 3 cm away from the top edge, use a utility knife to make a cut along the width of the satin ribbon. Thread a ribbon into it and tie a bow on the outside.

Handmade greeting cards are a special gift that will be treasured. Each product of this kind is a manifestation of creativity, a special sign of respect and love.

For women

You always want to please your daughter, mother, grandmother, niece, sister, aunt, godmother or just a friend in a special way. Therefore, when making a postcard, it is very important for them to choose the right design concept – first of all, pastel colors and smooth lines. Usually women are given cards with pictures of fresh flowers.

To create a cute applique you will need:

  • cardboard;
  • pink double-sided paper;
  • glue;
  • white scrap sheet;
  • ruler;
  • ribbon in two shades.

First you need to cut out the flowers. Use the provided templates.

Using a ruler, bend the petals of the blanks, as shown in the photo.

The craft is almost ready. All that remains is to cut out the vase and assemble all the elements into one picture.

A very good version of the postcard can be offered to those who are engaged in quilling or are just planning to master this technique.

Ideas with images of ladies’ dresses look very original and creative. To work, you need cardboard, a page from an old unwanted book and decorative elements (ribbons, rhinestones, beads or lace).

For those who know how to work with a stationery knife, we can recommend a stylish postcard design.

Surely, every girl will like a kirigami postcard.

To make such a congratulation, you need to take two-color cardboard.
The work is simple, but meticulous. A simple pencil is used to draw a drawing, for example, a cake or a candle. After this, the tip of a stationery knife is used to extrude the pattern point by point along the contours.

The painting is ready. You can leave it as is or glue a rectangular sheet instead of a background for the holiday inscription – preferably it should be a contrasting color.

There is another original idea. In this card, cut-out elements are combined with plant patterns and inscriptions made with a black gel pen.

Alternatively, you can stick on a lot of hearts.
Or even make a bouquet that uses colorful hearts instead of flowers.

A good design can be achieved if you use a lot of circles and a background of contrasting shades. To get perfectly even circles of the same size, you should use a hole punch.

Another touching and tender idea is butterflies.
Such cards invariably turn out beautiful and sensual.

For men

When creating cards for men, it is better to use calm, even muted shades. Too colorful are only suitable for boys.
The same applies to lines – they should not be aggressive. And, of course, a postcard for your beloved dad, grandfather, husband or uncle should give the impression of a gift into which a lot of effort, time, materials and, of course, soul were invested.

Most men prefer minimalism.
Therefore, a self-sufficient option would be one that uses only a sheet of paper and tape. Geometric shapes are formed from them. By adding stripes to a card, you will make it elegant, but at the same time strict and laconic.

Men prefer universal prints.
Postcards for them usually use a minimum of decor.

Laconic design will always be relevant for a real man.

Another original scheme for a holiday composition based on texts. It is advisable to print the template in advance and draw up the inscriptions using it.

This man’s card essentially consists of many colorful dots printed on paper in a random order. It would seem that there is nothing special about this design. But he looks very festive and elegant.

Scrapbooking techniques can be more than just delicate.
It allows you to create brutal volumetric products.

To decorate such cards, a combination of different shades and textures is used.

What birthday cards you can make with your own hands

Homemade cards that evoke not only tenderness, but also genuine joy, can be made using a variety of decorative little things that come to hand – paper, thread, textile scraps, paints. If they are available, postcard “semi-finished products” – blanks – can be used.

Handmade birthday cards can be divided into several large types:

  • musical;
  • volumetric (“3D”);
  • with a surprise;
  • complex design (“engineering”).

It is considered good form to combine several types of production in one postcard – naturally, without fanaticism.

According to manufacturing technique and materials, greeting cards are divided into:

  • paper – based on appliqué of varying degrees of complexity and texture of the material;
  • fabric – also appliqués, but made of special fabric;
  • embroidery – any available embroidery technique is used (cross stitch, satin stitch, using ribbons and/or beads);
  • rampling and quilling – relatively new techniques in which postcards are created by gluing various small balls, bows, and ovals onto a finished background;
  • molded – a special plastic mass is applied to the finished drawing, on the surface of which the necessary elements are manually drawn.

These technologies for making birthday cards with your own hands are the most popular due to their simplicity and accessibility, as well as the minimum time and financial costs during production. At the same time, despite its simplicity, with the right skill, you can make beautiful happy birthday cards with your own hands with little effort.

3D postcard frame

The card consists of an orange cover and a yellow inner base, which should be slightly smaller than the cover. Therefore, at the first stage, cut 1 cm (or 2 at once) from the wide sides of the cardboard, and you can cut about 2 cm from the narrow sides, preferably with scissors with wavy blades. If there are none, a wavy line can be drawn and then cut out.

Fold the yellow cardstock in half and press the fold firmly.

Straighten the paper and mark the lines that will need to be cut to create a watering can stand and gift box on the card.

Please note that you need to take the fold line running in the middle as a basis. With a stand for a watering can, everything is simple: here you need to draw two parallel lines, with the fold exactly in the middle. But with a gift it’s more complicated. It should not be too voluminous, 1 cm is enough.

Cut these lines with scissors. Although a special stationery knife is more suitable for these purposes.

Turn the cardboard so the front side is facing you and form the cut strips into a coaster and gift. Make a right angle on top of the future box with a gift, press all the joints and the necessary folds, as in the photo.

Fold the orange cardstock in half and glue the yellow one to it. Close the card, press it a little, iron it with your hand and open it.

If everything worked out for you, then consider that the main and most difficult part of a voluminous birthday card has already been done.

Beautiful DIY birthday cards: 100 photos and ideas

Красивые открытки с Днем рождения своими руками

Beautiful examples

You can make not only a gift card with your own hands, but also decorate an envelope for money. In this case, you can use a variety of techniques – origami, kirigami, scrapbooking, trimming and quilling.

As for working materials, they may vary depending on what kind of postcard you want to receive.

A very cute card can be made from decorative tape. Even a small child can handle this easy job.

A very simple card to make, decorated with multi-colored rhinestones. At the same time, she looks very gentle and impressive. You are unlikely to be able to buy something like this in stores, so it will be especially dear to your loved one.

Postcards decorated with all kinds of strings look creative. They put her in a cheerful and sweet mood.

Cards with candles are attractive; you can make them from wrapping paper. The result is very beautiful, and execution does not require much effort.

Continuing the theme of candles, you can create an original black card with a festive print on a fabric base. You can prepare this craft with your child.

Ordinary buttons can be used to make a very cute card. For example, depict on it a little man carrying balls of small buttons in his hands.

Postcards made from craft cardboard look laconic, simple, but at the same time stylish and fun.

Owners of a sewing machine can make a card with decorative stitching. The gift is prepared simply and quickly.

One of the most popular themes for any birthday card is cute flowers.

This card can be made from an ordinary balloon.

Look how wonderful she looks.

Everything ingenious is simple. From multi-colored circles and a regular stick you can put together such a creative postcard. Decorative stitching is done with a simple gel pen.

Ribbons of different colors look discreet and elegant.

If you have ball plasticine at home, you can use it to make colorful ice cream. Believe me, not a single girl will remain indifferent to such decor.

To learn how to make a birthday card with your own hands, watch the following video.

Postcard – “medal”

“Handmade medal cards are great for presenting to your godfather on his birthday, and they only take a couple of tens of minutes to make”

To make one more craft, in addition to the standard set of materials, you will need threads. Hand-made medal cards are great for presenting to your godfather on his birthday, and they only take a couple of tens of minutes to make.

Work begins with the preparation of materials. The background of the finished postcard is selected in accordance with the intended composition and your tastes. It’s not bad, for example, to combine two multi-colored base blanks, one of which is slightly smaller in size than the other. Another option is to attach paper with a pattern to a plain background sheet. A large blank is glued directly to the cardboard base, a small one – to it.

The three-dimensional medal is made from a paper strip folded like an accordion. The technology is widely known – the accordion is tied in the middle, then folded into a ribbed circle, the opposite edges of the paper are glued to each other. The ends of the medal ribbon are also made from scraps of suitable colored paper.

The last stage of making a DIY birthday card for your godfather is assembling all the finished elements into a single whole. As in the previous case, small rhinestones or beads matching the color can be used as additional decorating elements for such a card.

Birthday card for dad

Father is a leader. Therefore, the topic begins with him. When wondering how to make a card for dad’s birthday, you need to be guided by the characteristics of the hero of the occasion:

  • Age;
  • Profession;
  • Hobbies;
  • Branch of the military;
  • Weaknesses from food and drink.

These features will become a hint in decorating. But first you have to do the basics:

  • From the middle of thick blue paper measuring 29.5×20 cm, you need to step back 7 cm to draw fold lines;
  • The lines are bent so that one side protrudes over the other;
  • At a distance of 8 cm from the middle, the extreme bend point of the future collar is measured;
  • On the folded parts of the sheet, the collar is bent so that it does not extend beyond the postcard;
  • Next, the second collar is made;
  • A white sheet of 28×20 cm is folded in half and inserted into the future blue “jacket”;
  • A strip is cut out of the second white sheet to serve as a collar;
  • The collar is glued to the white “shirt”;
  • Red paper measuring 13×13 cm is folded along two diagonals;
  • Two edges are folded towards the center of the red segment, after which the latter are folded in half;
  • The lower corner is bent several times to form a “tie”;
  • The “tie” is glued to the “shirt”;
  • The “jacket” is complemented by a pocket, after which it is framed with two red buttons and a red scarf made from a piece of velvet;
  • The third and fourth white and blue sheets of paper measuring 28×20 are folded in half, after which they are cut several times in the middle (in the area of ​​the folds) to create four end-to-end squares;
  • The sheets are glued to each other and complemented on the sides with paper fans for folding and unfolding congratulations;
  • Through squares are complemented by the word “Dad” from letter segments;

The finished message is ready to be written as a beautiful greeting and decorated with various drawings from newspapers and magazines. After that, it remains to be immersed in a postcard in the form of a suit.

Butterfly card

Do you want to surprise the birthday boy? Give him an unusual folding card in the shape of a butterfly. It is guaranteed to delight the recipient, regardless of whether it is an adult or a child. It will take you about 20 minutes to do everything.

Materials you will need:

  • thin cardboard;
  • a piece of thin wire or string;
  • several beads;
  • double-sided tape;
  • PVA glue.

First of all, let’s make stencils of a large butterfly and a slightly smaller one. Take a sheet of colored cardboard and fold it in half. We will apply the larger of the prepared stencils to the fold so that its upper part protrudes slightly beyond the edge. After cutting, you should have 2 butterflies connected at the upper wings.

Cut out one more large and one small butterfly. It’s a good idea to make the first one from cardboard with a pattern. The main thing here will be to choose a color combination with the main detail.

Next, bend one of the lower wings of the double butterfly upward. The decorative part will subsequently be held on this peculiar leg.

Along the small butterfly, along the middle line, we glue a narrow strip of double-sided tape and “plant” it on the back of a single multi-colored blank.

Let’s repeat the operation, but with a large butterfly, just place the tape across the part. Let’s attach it to the fold we made in advance on the lower wing of the double part.

We will assemble antennae from string, wire and beads and attach them to the butterfly.

As an additional decoration, you can lay out a row of beads along the middle line on the back of the small piece.

Let’s fix the wings. All is ready!

A handmade 3D card is good for both March 8 and birthdays.

Happy birthday cards for women

Happy birthday cards have been in trend for several centuries. Congratulatory messages are a special version of friendly address. A homemade birthday card is not only a form of expressing wishes to the birthday person and warm feelings, but also a special sign of attention.

Women highly value handmade birthday cards. A beautiful birthday card is no less significant a gift for them than perfume or jewelry. Therefore, try to intrigue and please your close friend, mother or sister by giving her such an original gift.

If you are looking for options and patterns that you can use to prepare greeting cards, then pay attention to the options below:

To make these happy birthday cards, you will need:

  1. Two sheets of thick paper (cardboard): one is colored, the other is white.
  2. Multi-colored paper, beautiful pieces of wrapping paper, scrapbooking paper.
  3. Thin ribbons (1.5–2 cm wide).
  4. Glue stick.

Follow these steps:

  1. Fold a sheet of colored A4 paper (red, burgundy, hot pink) in half and cut 1 cm on each side.
  2. Make 3 cuts in the center of the fold in the following sizes: 2 cm, 3 cm and 4 cm.
  3. Unfold the sheet and bend the cut parts inward along the fold.
  4. Glue onto thick white or golden A4 cardboard. The card will receive beautiful contrasting rims.
  5. Cut out rectangles of the following sizes from scrapbooking paper or multi-colored paper: 2×4 cm, 3×6 cm, 4×8 cm. Fold them in half and glue them to each cut part of the card that fits the size.
  6. Decorate the middle box with a beautiful bow made from satin ribbon (optionally from lace).

Decorate the reverse side with sparkles and a beautiful inscription.

To make it you will need:

  1. A sheet of thick cardboard.
  2. Round lace napkin.
  3. Wire 7–8 cm long.
  4. Satin ribbon 1.5 cm wide, 15–20 cm long.
  5. Ready-made satin roses of different colors – 9–11 pcs. You can make them yourself. To do this, you will need multi-colored satin ribbons 1.5–2 cm wide.
  6. Ready-made stamens or beads.
  7. Glue stick.
  8. Glue gun.

To make such a postcard, follow this algorithm of actions:

  1. Determine the middle on an A4 sheet of colored cardboard. Draw a straight line down the center with a knitting needle. This is the fold of a postcard.
  2. Fold the lace napkin into six. Unbend it. Fold one section on both sides, coat with glue and glue on the outside of the card in the center.
  3. Bend one end of the wire so that it resembles the handle of an umbrella. Using a glue gun, attach a ribbon 1.5 cm wide and twice as long as the wire to one edge of the wire. Wrap a makeshift handle.
  4. Coat the handle with glue and glue it to the umbrella.
  5. Glue the roses and stamens in random order so that they look like they are looking out from an umbrella.

Such birthday cards for a friend will sparkle in a special way if you add them with rhinestones, sparkles and various stickers. Don’t forget about the original text of the message.

People often give money for birthdays. Make an original envelope postcard for such a gift.

To make such a present, you will need:

  1. Multi-colored paper.
  2. Wool thread up to 10 cm long.
  3. Glue stick.

Rules for making your own birthday cards

“When making beautiful birthday cards with your own hands, a lot depends on the selection of colors”

There are quite a lot of techniques to give a homemade postcard an original and memorable appearance. The easiest way is to use an unusual, non-traditional base for manufacturing. A non-standard move, for example, would be to use watercolor paper as a background; A drawing stamped on tracing paper with a backing made of bright, “acid” colored decorative paper will look original.

When making beautiful birthday cards with your own hands, a lot depends on the selection of colors. With the right approach, the simplest composition can very well become a highly artistic product!

The main rule is not to overdo it: it is quite enough to use three colors in one card, two bright, contrasting to each other, and one neutral. An unusual, asymmetrical way of folding it will add originality to the craft.

It is preferable to make inscriptions on a postcard in a font that is beautiful to the point of calligraphy, but must be easy to read. When using computer fonts, do not forget that the letters “l” and “p” in many of them are extremely similar and that this can lead to unexpected incidents. The best, festive-looking color for letters is silver or gold.

To make your own birthday card, you can use the scrapbooking technique. In this technique, several background layers are glued layer by layer onto a base made of colored cardboard, each of which contains the necessary decorative elements.

Well, very great opportunities, despite its apparent simplicity, are provided by the paper decoupage technique, in which the top layer of ordinary, for example, napkins is used as an image (drawing). This layer is carefully removed from the “source” and carefully glued onto the postcard base with PVA glue diluted with water.

Simple paper card

To make a paper card for your aunt’s birthday with your own hands, you will need the following tools and materials:

  • colored paper with a beautiful, “festive” texture;
  • scissors and a stationery knife, as well as a simple school compass;
  • PVA glue and some simple double-sided tape;
  • medium-sized beads;
  • artistically attractive ribbon;
  • small wooden stick.

First of all, several circles of different diameters are marked and cut out on colored paper with a compass. Then, using scissors, moving them from the edge of the paper circle to its center, a spiral is cut out – the basis of future flowers. For greater beauty, you can use scissors with curly blades.

Using a wooden stick, which can be an ordinary pencil, the spirals made are twisted from the edge to the central part – a kind of flower is obtained. To prevent it from unwinding, the center of the twisted spiral is fixed with a small drop of glue. It should be taken into account that the splendor of the finished “bud” depends on the density of the twist.

The basis of the postcard will be a rectangle made of cardboard (not packaging, of course!). It needs to be folded in half, and after that you can begin the first “trying on” of the craft. Then a “pot” for the finished flowers is cut out of dark-colored paper, and a small piece of double-sided tape is attached to its underside.

The color background of such a homemade postcard will be a rectangle made of green colored paper – its dimensions are made slightly (1-2 cm) smaller than the dimensions of the cardboard base. The background is glued to the base, then a composition of paper flowers and a pot-vase for them is finally assembled on it.

Homemade painted cards

Making hand-drawn cards is not difficult at all. First you need to prepare cardboard blanks. If you want to create a postcard like those that in the past people sent to each other by mail, then an A4 sheet of paper needs to be cut into 4 parts – this will be the base.

Sheets of cardboard are glued together with PVA glue and placed under a press; any heavy book can be used in this capacity. In this form, the base should lie for at least a day. If you don’t do this, the card will bend and be uneven.

After this, on a sheet of paper you should sketch out the drawing you want to get.

These sketches are transferred to a cardboard blank. The easiest way to draw a picture is with colored pencils or watercolor paint. Small details and tracing are done with a black gel pen.

Drawings can be anything.
For example, for a child or girl you can depict a touching fox cub. Here is the simplest master class on making such a postcard.

You will need watercolor paper. A rectangle 20 cm long and 12 cm wide is drawn on it. The resulting workpiece is cut out and folded in half.

Using a simple pencil, outline the fox’s head; visually it should resemble a concave triangle.
Then the body and tail are drawn in accordance with the diagram in the photo.

Don’t forget to mark the details – ears, eyes, nose, highlight the tip of the tail with color.

Be sure to make a memorable inscription above the fox’s head, for example, “For you, my Fox” (translated from English this means: “For you, my Fox”). This inscription can be replaced with any other one – I Love you or “For you!”

Add a collar to the fox, paint over the face with orange watercolor. Add some yellow notes in the ear area.

The body of the fox is painted orange, and the tail is yellow.
Moreover, the brighter and more saturated the shades are, the more impressive your card will look. Try to ensure that the transition from one color to another is smooth and gradient.

To achieve this, add more water to the junction of the paints.

Circle the inscription in brown.

Wait for the paint to dry and outline the fox with brown color. After this, you can color the nose and eyes; it is best to use a gel pen for this.

Next, let’s work on the inside of the postcard. Here you need to draw an oval and add leaves in a circle. It will contain the text of congratulations.

Outline the oval with brown watercolors; the leaves should be painted green.

This cute painted card is ready! All you have to do is write warm words and hand it to the recipient. You can make a large number of such cards and give them to your family and friends for their birthdays.

However, you can take a simpler route and draw something symbolic in the picture. This could be a cake with candles, flowers or balloons. Alternatively, you can limit yourself to the beautiful inscription “Happy Birthday”.