How to make a bouquet of sweets with your own hands

Do you want to know how to make a bouquet of sweets with your own hands? Read here! Everyone loves sweets, both adults and children! An excellent option for a gift is sweets, but to make it not only tasty, but also beautiful, decorate it! After all, candy can be turned into a bouquet!Homemade gifts are in fashion at the moment. Real needlewomen create the most unusual and amazing things from ordinary and familiar objects

букет из конфет с мишками

You too can become a real jewelry master. And if you want to surprise your friends with an unusual gift, you can make a candy bouquet. You may spend a couple of evenings, but believe me, it’s worth it, because if you like this activity, then a new hobby is guaranteed for you! This article provides step-by-step instructions
, as well as a link to the video tutorial.

как сделать дерево из конфет на подарок

What to make a candy bouquet from

You will need:

• Corrugated paper for flowers.

• Wooden skewers or toothpicks.

• Special green tape (floral).

• Candies.


• Scissors.

• Glue.

Advice! The best option for candies for beginners is wrapped candies; they are much more convenient to attach. The long end of the wrapper will be easy to attach to the skewer.

First, count how many candy flowers you need. Classically, an odd number is used.

стильный букет из конфет

Prepare the decoration: beads, ribbons, lace, paper, wrapping film. You should never rush, try to do everything very carefully and evenly.

Instructions: how to make a bouquet of sweets?

Букет из искусственных цветов и конфет

Let’s now proceed to the bouquet itself

• Cut out the petals for the flower from corrugated paper. They can simply be round. Various sizes, from small to large petals.

• Wrap the candy in the petal and tape it to the skewer with tape.

• Attach the petals, distributing them evenly over the bud.

• We unbend the petals, giving them a beautiful shape. You can make the rose closed or open.

• It’s worth making several of these roses.

• Collect everything into a bouquet and add decorative decorations in the form of greenery and beads.

• Wrap decorative tape around the skewers to look like branches.

• Wrap the bouquet in film and tie it with a beautiful ribbon.

The bouquet is ready! Twist the ribbon with scissors!

букет из бумаги и конфет на день рождения

Video tutorial on how to make a bouquet of sweets with your own hands
see below.

Bouquet of marmalade

The most delicious and most beautiful bouquet for the eyes is marmalade! It will make everyone happy, and the impressions will remain for a long time! It will bring pleasure to anyone who receives such a gift.

как сделать мармеладный букет своими руками

We need:

• Skewers

• A wide variety of marmalade, Turkish delight, marshmallow, and all sorts of marmalades in the form of flowers, oranges, etc.

• The wrapping paper is brown.

• And a ribbon, maybe a satin one.

• And a wooden inscription: “With love” and the like.

Instructions on how to make a marmalade bouquet

This bouquet is very easy and simple to make.

как сделать цветы из мармелада своими руками для букета

Let’s get started:

• We attach each marmalade to skewers to make it look beautiful you need a lot of marmalade.

• We combine everything into a bouquet and tie it with tape.

• Cut off the sharp ends of the skewers.

• Cut the paper into squares and fold it in half into a triangle. (2 pcs.).

• We wrap each paper around the bouquet, ends up. One on one side, the second on the other. It turns out a bouquet!

• The inscription is attached to the top.

Our delicious marmalade bouquet is ready.

Advice! You can write something beautiful on the bouquet wrapper! Black gel pen or marker.

как сделать мармеладное дерево своими руками

Below watch a video tutorial on how to make a bouquet of marmalade with your own hands.