How to make a bouquet of socks with your own hands

A bouquet of socks is perfect for celebrating February 23rd! Or if you just want to please your man by approaching this with humor. Women often seriously think about a gift for a man. And I definitely want to come up with something original, not simple and interesting. Sometimes the most inexpensive and simple gift can cause a lot of delight. And among these things there may also be socks.

Every lady at least once chose socks as a gift, for her husband, son or friend. And not necessarily on holidays, perhaps on ordinary days. The gift is very necessary and useful, which is almost always required. But before you just give it as a gift in a package, you might think about how to present it in an original way?

красивый букет из носков для женщины

You can make a bouquet of socks with your own hands. It will definitely please the man, as well as the female sex. I have no doubt that it will bring great pleasure to a small child. It is very easy to make, so you will be satisfied during the process.

изготовление букета из черных и белых носков самостоятельно

Details of a bouquet of socks

как свернуть носки для упаковки их в букет

You will need:

• Socks (can be in different colors).

• The rubber bands are thin.

• Cocktail skewers or straws.

• Floral tape.

• Wrapping paper.

• Stapler.

• Scissors.

How to make a bouquet of socks

как сделать розу из мужского носка для букета на подарок

Let’s start with the bouquet:

• We twist the sock at one end, creating a flower shape.

• Use a pin (elastic band) to secure the edge so that the sock does not open up. And so on with each sock.

• “Put” socks on a tube or skewer.

• You can attach small ribbon (fabric) bows to your socks.

• We put it together into a bouquet, wrap it with wrapping paper and tie it with a ribbon.

весенний букет из носков в домашних условиях

The bouquet of socks is ready!

Advice! You can add a pearl in the center of each sock, and add artificial flowers to the bouquet itself, it will be even more beautiful.