How to make a bouquet of sausage and snacks with your own hands

Sausage bouquet is another delicious bouquet that is perfect for table decoration and will quickly fly away. For such a bouquet we need sausage, sausage and more sausage. You can really help out the hero of the occasion with your gift! After all, it can also be offered to guests. Well, if the bouquet is individual, then it can be combined with any dish.

Ingredients for a sausage bouquet

букет из колбасы для настоящих мужчин

In addition to the sausage you will need:

• Skewers.

• Brown paper wrapper.

• And the threads are dense, wool can be dark red in color.

• Red peppers.

• Sausages of different sizes, 2-3 pcs.

• Greenery for decoration.

If all the ingredients are ready, we can start!

How to make a bouquet of sausage

мужской букет с пивом, колбасой, хлебом и сыром

• Cut 2-3 sausages of different sizes in half. With each we will cut 2-3 slices of thin sausage, this will be for the flowers.

• We will not cut thin sausages the size of a sausage!

• Stick everything into skewers.

• Collecting a bouquet.

• We tie the bouquet with thread.

• Next, let’s move on to the petal! We just roll up the sausage and, let’s say, stick it between the sausages over the entire surface.

• We also stick the greens between the sausages and wrap them in paper, then tie them with thread.

• Our creativity is ready. If the skewers stick out from the wrapper, then cut off the protruding places so that the bouquet does not fall apart and is not pulled out.

Can be served at the table or given to a person. You can also decorate with braided cheese!

Below is a master class on making such a bouquet

How to make a bouquet of beer snacks

Men are not very sentimental about bouquets
! What if the bouquet consists of beer, fish and chips? We are sure that the male sex will be delighted with such a gift! And not only the man, but also his appetite.

раковые закуски к пиву в одном букете для подарка мужчине на праздник

For such a bouquet
you will need:

• Pistachios.

• Scotch tape or glue.

• Corrugated paper.

• Ribbons.

• Skewers.

• Dried fish.

• Transparencies.

• And all sorts of nuts, seeds, etc. in bags.

• You can add beer if desired.

букет из колбасы собранный своими руками

Step-by-step instructions

So, let’s get started:

• To begin, take a pencil and draw 4 parallel stripes along the length of the skewer on the pencil.

• Using glue along the drawn strips, glue the pistachios onto a skewer (2-4 such skewers will be enough).

• We will wrap each package (pack) of what you bought with corrugated paper, making a “skirt,” so to speak, and also attaching it to a skewer.

• We combine everything into a bouquet; you can place beer in the middle of the bouquet.

• Wrap the bouquet in a wrapper and insert pistachio skewers into different sides of the bouquet

• You can also put the cheese braided in a braid, wrapping it in transparent film.

The bouquet is ready! You can choose the contents of the bouquet yourself! Below, watch a video with a detailed description of how to make a bouquet of beer snacks.