How to make a bouquet of kinders with your own hands

A sweet bouquet of kinders is a great gift for children! After all, children are the most avid sweet tooth! We ourselves would not refuse such a bouquet. It is very logical that adults also love chocolate very much.

But if we are talking about a kinder surprise, then there can be no question of logic! Even grown men enjoy buying these amazing chocolate eggs wrapped in foil. They smile at the sight of the funny toys that are inside, not to mention the children’s love for Kinder surprises. However, simply bringing and giving such a kinder to an adult or child is not the maximum joy. This is exactly what we will talk about in our article. How to make bouquet
from kinders?

нежный букет из киндеров для девочки

In fact, it’s absolutely not difficult to do this interesting trick
. So if you have small children in your house, quickly invite them to help you in this such a fun activity.

What is useful for a bouquet of kinders

пошаговая интрукция по изготовлению букетов из киндеров

You will need to take:

• Corrugated paper.

• Kinders.

• Small toys, maybe soft ones.

• Satin ribbon and wire.

• Cling film.

Advice! At your discretion, you can add butterflies, artificial roses or rings. Whatever comes to your mind!

 How to make a bouquet of kinders

как крепить киндер-сюрприз в букете

Let’s move on to step-by-step instructions:

• Wrap the eggs in cling film and twist the tail of the film.

• Cut out petals from paper (you can use two colors) and attach each petal to a kinder to make a flower. The edges can be twisted, making a closed or open bud.

• Wrap the wire with floral tape and secure each toy to the wire. To prevent the wire from being visible on the toy, you can attach a bow on top of the wire.

• Make “skirts” from organza and “put” them on each toy and kinder.

• If everything is ready, then we collect our resulting bouquet.

• By putting a “skirt” on the roses, you can also decorate a bouquet with it.

• Wrap the bouquet in mesh film or paper film and tie with ribbons, which should be twisted at the end with scissors.

Kinder bouquet is ready!

маленький аккуратный букет из киндеров для ребенка

Advice! Instead of Kinder, you can use “Raffaello” and all sorts of other sweets.

Watch a master class on making a bouquet of kinder surprises.